PEOPLE VS FOOD CHALLENGE || Try To Eat In 1 Second! Fastest Speed Eating By 123 GO! CHALLENGE

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Have you ever competed in a speed-eating competition?
Or perhaps you’re just a speedy eater in general - hey, no judgement!
Why not gather your friends and hold your own speed eating competition!
Just be sure to have lots of water handy, and maybe a pale, you know, just in case things get out of hand.
Share this video with your friends and challenge them to a contest! And don’t forget to subscribe to 123 GO! CHALLENGE’s HRvid page for more awesome videos like this one!
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30. Srp 2020.



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Komentari 60
Aratrika Das
Aratrika Das Prije sat
Emily so better
Sheniqua Kemper
Sheniqua Kemper Prije sat
Sheniqua Kemper
Sheniqua Kemper Prije sat
Caisha Cadey
Caisha Cadey Prije sat
Adytia prasetya Prasetia putra
Hajmathulla Cc
Hajmathulla Cc Prije sat
It is so fun!
Flyy Girl Banks
Flyy Girl Banks Prije sat
You don't use water for hot peppers you use milk
mpyrke Prije sat
Mercy Meda
Mercy Meda Prije sat
I like this because I wish I would eat it too but I can’t I don’t get special 🥘
s Ring
s Ring Prije 2 sati
Poor Emily
MEHAK VLOGS Prije 2 sati
Eating with hands is not gross we are indians we eat rice and dals with hands and you are very selfish 123 GO! CHALLENGE
CHI HUN WONG Prije 2 sati
Won’t they get full?
Mayansy Elsayed
Mayansy Elsayed Prije 2 sati
Unicorn gamer HP
Unicorn gamer HP Prije 2 sati
The red girl is so a cheater I hate your channel
anuja vr
anuja vr Prije 3 sati
Cece LiLy
Cece LiLy Prije 4 sati
123 Go!
Rinkoo Patel
Rinkoo Patel Prije 4 sati
I think Kate is totally winning
Cleiar is so cheater😵😵😵🤮🤮🧒🤮🤮😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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imelda dara neng neng
Ganti bahasa nya jadi bahasa Indonesia aku mohon kepada mu 123 go 😍😍😍😍😍
George Khawam
George Khawam Prije 4 sati
Bad luck
Shining Gurung
Shining Gurung Prije 4 sati
Taste Red taste
Nandy Naranbat
Nandy Naranbat Prije 4 sati
She doesn’t LIKE sushi 🍣?!
ASHISH JANI Prije 5 sati
who eats pizza by rolling it????????????????????//????????????????????????/
Siri Hegde
Siri Hegde Prije 2 sati
Not me
ASHISH JANI Prije 5 sati
bhai teekha lage to flowervase ka paani kon peeta hai???????????????????????
Siti Munawaroh
Siti Munawaroh Prije 5 sati
Eman Rwandzy
Eman Rwandzy Prije 6 sati
Siri Hegde
Siri Hegde Prije 6 sati
This video is so funny
زلزال fg
زلزال fg Prije 6 sati
طيبهلو. م .
Natsuki fan ?¿
Natsuki fan ?¿ Prije 7 sati
Jesus made us with no time so do not play with food.
nagaraju nagaraju
nagaraju nagaraju Prije 7 sati
That looks very very spicy🥵🤬🙀👏
Siri Hegde
Siri Hegde Prije 2 sati
Yeah that does very spicy
Avika Ramanda
Avika Ramanda Prije 7 sati
Yang bahasa iDonesia dong
Romela Engganda8
Romela Engganda8 Prije 7 sati
Ilove 123 go
Siri Hegde
Siri Hegde Prije 2 sati
Me too
Aenas Maeid
Aenas Maeid Prije 7 sati
ليش اجنبي 😢😢
indian rock fun
indian rock fun Prije 8 sati
Inside that there is a carrot 🥕
Riza Joy Rebay
Riza Joy Rebay Prije 8 sati
tha yellow dress is dum
Alex Playes Games
Alex Playes Games Prije 9 sati
Cassi Avedillo
Cassi Avedillo Prije 9 sati
Claires a cheater emilys nice couse she didnt cheat
Cassi Avedillo
Cassi Avedillo Prije 9 sati
Mufseera Fayas
Mufseera Fayas Prije 9 sati
Jessy Thomson
Jessy Thomson Prije 10 sati
I like Clare
shraddha dwevedi
shraddha dwevedi Prije 10 sati
It is roseted by triggered insane
Максим Арсе
Максим Арсе Prije 10 sati
Winnielyn Balanay
Winnielyn Balanay Prije 11 sati
Nice girls ,, they've so faster t eat
takura mangwiro
takura mangwiro Prije 11 sati
Cool 💗
Oppo Phone
Oppo Phone Prije 11 sati
I love the video 😂😂😄😀
Siri Hegde
Siri Hegde Prije 2 sati
Me too
AFREEN JAMAL Prije 11 sati
Triggered please rost this video
Elina K
Elina K Prije 12 sati
Mizanur Rahman
Mizanur Rahman Prije 13 sati
She mosh it
Brenda de Luna
Brenda de Luna Prije 15 sati
Olivia Rosas
Olivia Rosas Prije 16 sati
Annabelle Serna
Annabelle Serna Prije 17 sati
Maybe make a new video about fire virses lava
deirdre08 Prije 18 sati
7:04 cheater
Arnold Gallmam
Arnold Gallmam Prije 19 sati
Everyone and whoever you are just say I love you want to go challenge
Michael Kimber
Michael Kimber Prije 20 sati
Good claler
Izzy Bear
Izzy Bear Prije 21 sat
I want pizza now
Izzy Bear
Izzy Bear Prije 21 sat
hindia santur
hindia santur Prije 22 sati
Why can't you go like 😤😫😩🤧
hindia santur
hindia santur Prije 22 sati
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