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Instrumental by Homage


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10. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 16 809
Cold Ones
Cold Ones Prije 3 mjeseci
Like Pewdie's hat? You can get it at WWW.SHIRTZ.COOL/FLOWER using code 'COLDONES' for 10% Off. Like anything else we're wearing? You can shop it all at WWW.SHIRTZ.COOL/COLDONES, for the same Discount. Thanks for watching, and a special thanks to Felix for his company (and for flying all the way to Australia to be on our Show.)
Synth Prije 2 dana
And that’s a great price!
A Ghost.
A Ghost. Prije mjesec
Spread the ads out more dingas
Nate Walters
Nate Walters Prije mjesec
i gotta shave my balls now
Nelson Hoyle
Nelson Hoyle Prije mjesec
Ryan lex
Ryan lex Prije mjesec
The fat host is bad yo
Captain Ahab
Captain Ahab Prije 14 sati
Wow I used to hate this guy's shit but he's got a pretty similar personality to me, weird shit
Garp Prije dan
Chad's no homo, pewds is good-looking enough that he HAD to comment. It's like how dudes KNOW they have no chance, but they'll pay a super hot chick a compliment, almost out of compulsion
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson Prije dan
Felix is an alcoholic, no wonder he plays Minecraft now ...
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson Prije dan
This is garbage, original content...
Unkown9er Prije 3 dana
Little did they know Minecraft was the next thing...
TheLoneStarRanger Prije 3 dana
My favorite part is 24:47 haven't laughed so hard in my life
SpongeLord Prije 3 dana
The only people who make honey ads bearable
c0st0m Prije 4 dana
listened to entire podcast while mining in minecraft, was pretty great thank you.
Ashlyn Weakley
Ashlyn Weakley Prije 4 dana
I can’t believe he sent PewDiePie a picture of his balls!! Can I send one?!🤳🏻⁉️
Baer 5000
Baer 5000 Prije 7 dana
Looks autistic
Avoyde Prije 7 dana
the best podcast to date.
kevin chavez
kevin chavez Prije 8 dana
Does anyone know the book of Buddhism that Felix is talking about at 39:20? Want to read it!
Chrisalex Cabrera
Chrisalex Cabrera Prije 8 dana
that family mart part got me
Joshua Montion
Joshua Montion Prije 8 dana
whys pewdiepie being a cunt
Pat Soares
Pat Soares Prije 8 dana
Nobody gonna talk about the forgotten hero falconloverxxxXxxXxx the man who turned into a giraffe
PinkCoffee Prije 9 dana
I made a funny edit of this video on my channel if yall want to show some love on it
Coward Prije 10 dana
he really shaved his legs
Combat Cucumber
Combat Cucumber Prije 10 dana
Ah pewdiepie. The man who sniffs peoples drinks
requiema liabatyd
requiema liabatyd Prije 10 dana
Logo should be blue color since its cold
WagWan Pivv Ting
WagWan Pivv Ting Prije 10 dana
“I don’t want pewdiepie sniffing my whiskey” - maxmoefoe 2019
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson Prije dan
Luke Sokol
Luke Sokol Prije 3 dana
*“Sniff my whiskey, please!”* - maxmoefoe 2019
Matt Groen
Matt Groen Prije 10 dana
1:35:45 slick editing meme, btw
PinkCoffee Prije 11 dana
Ill make an edit of this video on my channel next :D
PinkCoffee Prije 9 dana
Update : Made the video on my channel if you want to check it out! :D
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Prije 12 dana
GameDime Prije 12 dana
This podcast is fire.
Big Richo
Big Richo Prije 13 dana
Am I the only one that knows Pewdiepie and Maxmoefoe used to make gaming videos together
R H Prije 14 dana
Luke Warm, take out the "ones" sounds better . you're welcome
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno Prije 14 dana
First 5 minutes and max is yelling with PewDiePie
Michael Estie
Michael Estie Prije 14 dana
For historians the next was minecraft
Blunt Tip
Blunt Tip Prije 15 dana
Man they got LIT in here. Why isn’t anyone pointing this out? Holy shit, like an hour in they’re so fricking lit.
Sneakysodathief Prije 15 dana
watched the whole thing so akward lol and they got so shitfaced
bon appetittie
bon appetittie Prije 15 dana
chad bit annoying in this
Milan Prije 16 dana
From getting a butt tattoo of Felix to actualy talking to him
Big Boot Bob
Big Boot Bob Prije 17 dana
I want oneyplays and anyone of the co hosts on that show to do one of these lol this channel is great. Came here after the supermega cast with these guys
Born Yesterday
Born Yesterday Prije 18 dana
This man should Die
Jowen0wen Prije 18 dana
Get elon musk on cold ones
Jarno Setä
Jarno Setä Prije 18 dana
i just saw this and i dont have time to watch this.. if i dont see pewdieman bro fist chads ass tattoo im gonna be mad. see you when my job ends
XzgamingzX Prije 19 dana
23:31 your whalecum
CrazyChicken Prije 19 dana
I like 3:05
CrazyChicken Prije 19 dana
2:03 😈
bananas iroini
bananas iroini Prije 19 dana
why is pewds on mdma those pupils are lit
bananas iroini
bananas iroini Prije 19 dana
he is so awkward
Iron Tyse
Iron Tyse Prije 19 dana
LMFAO 24:47
Gwen King
Gwen King Prije 19 dana
Pewds makes fun of Max for making pokemon videos, then proceeds to become a Minecraft channel
robert p
robert p Prije 20 dana
1 like= 1 support for me to grow some balls and to shave my balls
Rizianel Vt
Rizianel Vt Prije 20 dana
The lofi hip hop playlist playing in the back must be so chill
Brndn Prije 20 dana
I miss the BroKen podcast
Ice Note
Ice Note Prije 20 dana
Pewds is on here lmao. Didnt he take down a cold ones video due to copyright?
Brndn Prije 20 dana
I wish they asked pewdiepie why happened to cry
Brndn Prije 20 dana
I’ve shaved my balls while they weren’t tight and it wasn’t that bad
gecks mcgee
gecks mcgee Prije 4 dana
Not my president
Mr Biomaster
Mr Biomaster Prije 14 dana
You just squeeze them until they get full and you are good man
M J Prije 20 dana
They should’ve done this a month later when his Minecraft series blew up.
SydVaughn Prije 21 dan
the blacks are clipping with whatever LUT you're using
scuzzy shaniqua
scuzzy shaniqua Prije 21 dan
is pewds trippin nuts or what??
WinterMxxn Prije 21 dan
i love the chilled cow playing in the background
Matthebonn vonbon
Matthebonn vonbon Prije 21 dan
This was great until you started talking about your dogs and I was reminded that my cat died 2 months ago. Super bummed out now
House of leaves
House of leaves Prije 21 dan
Dont be presured to get an editor Max! I have alot of respect for you for editing your own stuff. It's your content so nobody knows better than you what the video should be like. Don't let them take away your creative style just becsuse everyone else is doing it.
Leon Torres Arguello
I used to constantly keep my balls shaved, it has been more than 7 years since the last time I had sex, I do not really see the point anymore cant find the motivation, I did also stop drinking and doing drugs and got into treatment for my mental illness, never been so stable as of now and yet life feels emptier than ever, there is no point to anything, no motivation just a huge void, I am a dead man walking.
deleted Prije 21 dan
Did you find anything else that could fill that gap like ex.... Me: Ecstacy
Kasper Kankkunen
Kasper Kankkunen Prije 21 dan
Why this one has over 2,5k dislikes?
elLocodelsubte Prije 21 dan
max is in love haha
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