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10. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 15 474
Anything4views Prije 7 dana
Like Pewdie's hat? You can get it at WWW.SHIRTZ.COOL/FLOWER using code 'COLDONES' for 10% Off. Like anything else we're wearing? You can shop it all at WWW.SHIRTZ.COOL/COLDONES, for the same Discount. Thanks for watching, and a special thanks to Felix for his company (and for flying all the way to Australia to be on our Show.)
mental Prije 2 minuta
The editing is legendary
Lord fartamor
Lord fartamor Prije 16 sati
Mghool4ever Prije dan
mashallah alhamdulillah inshallah better
Spacegrass Prije 2 dana
@10K Subscribers With Some Videos Youre not funny
Clever North
Clever North Prije 21 minute
lmao i fucking know that lofi stream you're listening to
Heh Prije 2 sati
This makes me... very happy.
Aaron Jenkins
Aaron Jenkins Prije 3 sati
I don’t like to use the word cringe but man some parts of this video are hard to watch, theres a lot of tension and it’s awkward Pewdiepie is probably never doing something like this again lol
sì sì
sì sì Prije 4 sati
Pewdiepie: don't make autistic jokes Also pewdiepie: you autistic prick Lmao
Danny PT
Danny PT Prije 4 sati
Very Nice
GrizzlyStevens Prije 4 sati
Bring makemebad35 on the show. The OG of HRvidrs.
Eduardo Granillo ͡ ᴥ͡
Do the talk about Chad's tatoo?
Sai Wee Layut
Sai Wee Layut Prije 5 sati
This podcast move too much
Colt Peddie
Colt Peddie Prije 5 sati
1:25:26 What an amazing laugh
Adam Kwarren
Adam Kwarren Prije 5 sati
They skimmed over Felix’s ass hair thing too quick.
Connzoh Prije 5 sati
pewdiepie is fucking dope
Fri Dasis
Fri Dasis Prije 6 sati
Ice is crying
Tyler CSM
Tyler CSM Prije 7 sati
Chad stream on HRvid u fucking dickwad
Nhung Nguyễn
Nhung Nguyễn Prije 7 sati
This is just painful to watch. The amount of awkwardness is unbearable. I’m a big fan of Pewdiepie myself and would love him to share more about himself. Also, I get why he chose to do an episode with these guys cause he wanted to help them get some views. However, this must have been a horrible experience for him joining by such inexperienced hosts. It’s just the most normal thing ever that he dissed them here and there during the video. Talking over themselves, straying from the questions,... I mean what can we expect from a new podcast, really? For them to be as professional as a proper one? Maybe that’s too much to ask but I think Felix deserves better than this mess.
Calum Doyle
Calum Doyle Prije 9 sati
I used to watch Cold Ones all the time but missed quite a few. I found this episode and wondered why I stopped watching for so long, then about halfway through I realised... its the fuckin, endless, repetitive, elevator music in the background. Its honestly such quality content otherwise but I cant hear a word youre saying coz my mind is trying so hard to pretend it cant hear the same jingle repeat every four seconds. I get why you need some ambience but christ, mix it up a bit maybe, I can hear it in my sleep..
GyRoThesia Prije 9 sati
They should talk about glasshead.
xheartbreak_hotel Prije 9 sati
is felix on MDMA his eyes are mad 😂😂
LiesNPies Prije 10 sati
13:11 got me so fucking good
CT Movies
CT Movies Prije 10 sati
Not gonna lie but Pewds seemd kinda like an asshole in this podcast I know that he was just joking around but at some moments it just did not hit the mark That style better suits him when he is making a solo vid for his audience
megannoah13311 Prije 10 sati
Cr1tikal next
Jed Sawyer
Jed Sawyer Prije 10 sati
I could be wrong but im pretty sure nikka whiskey is made in hokkaido.
cxTyler Prije 11 sati
Ice Poseidon next!
strange n sticky
strange n sticky Prije 11 sati
I think Pewdiepie genuinely disliked being there
Thrill96 Prije 11 sati
fucking best video on youtube hands down
Daniel Newton
Daniel Newton Prije 11 sati
And now he is a Minecraft HRvidr.
Anonymous #1
Anonymous #1 Prije 12 sati
Ol' nic
Ol' nic Prije 12 sati
oh yes that lofi hiphop youtube in the background ma boi's
Tony Maw
Tony Maw Prije 12 sati
NFKRZ, zuckles, George, faceless , edubz
B Raw
B Raw Prije 12 sati
I think PewDiePie might be a closeted alcoholic.
nintendokings Prije 12 sati
What’s the beat from??
TheRealRaman Prije 12 sati
AEG Damian
AEG Damian Prije 12 sati
Yo get faceless on cold ones
FallOutWookiee Prije 13 sati
Taking a Shot: 2:17 *Expectation* 4:32 *Reality*
MGLBRT Prije 13 sati
But like fr can we get fridays with pewdiepie
Brendan Hoover
Brendan Hoover Prije 14 sati
pewdiepie I am absolutely loving just being able to sit down and watch you chill. Super laid back feel and makes for very easy watching. I'd love to see you on other podcasts as well
Mick Shadows
Mick Shadows Prije 14 sati
Does anyone know where to get the shirt Max is wearing?
Another AvatarLover
Another AvatarLover Prije 14 sati
Dang, *so Felix actually did a collab for once _(in quite a while_)*
TaShi Prije 14 sati
i just watched this whole thing and its 4:20am fuck
Daniel O'Donnell
Daniel O'Donnell Prije 15 sati
Will your content change...MINECRAFT
Alex Frt
Alex Frt Prije 15 sati
1:20:54 He likes Bald and bankrupt! Good choice!
Cihan Seren
Cihan Seren Prije 15 sati
1:34:01 you can see Sive unpixeled. Use 0.25 speed and pause
Connor Bailie
Connor Bailie Prije 15 sati
Bro get joji on the podcast
Shiggly Prije 16 sati
Imagine that one of these guys has a PewDiePie tattoo on his ass.
Gio_wenilenipaniyeni Prije 16 sati
1:06:01 is that Rusty Cage in the background?
Marra Moore
Marra Moore Prije 16 sati
please go on hot ones😭
Josh Aylwin
Josh Aylwin Prije 16 sati
felix is so composed compared to these aussies
Brand Off
Brand Off Prije 16 sati
legendary. definitely one of the best cold ones. i think the only thing that can top this is if all of the cancer crew got back together for a cold ones.
Hyptex Prije 16 sati
I skipped anytime Anything4Views spoke
James Christopher Cirujano
Watched this video because I saw in a comment that blad and bankrupt was mentioned here. Around 1:21:00 guys.
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