Please STAY FAR AWAY From This Arcade Game

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Today we are continuing the series about strange phenomena in this world! This episode is about an arcade game you should never play...
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10. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 7 321
marleeplaysroblox Prije 3 sati
Rip Alexi 💀
Lord Explosion Murder
This gives me strong maze runner vibes. The whole, kids and teens disappearing after playing this game and then having memories of having to go through these mazes and all, along with the theory of the game being an experiment from the government. This seems too much like maze runner to me, because I'm that all these kids and teens were taken and put in this government experiment where they had to go through a series of mazes in order to escape.
Lord Explosion Murder
But idk this is just me-
Lord Explosion Murder
Tiger Player
Tiger Player Prije 13 sati
Jessie: the men in black suits. Me: men in black?
White_aura 11
White_aura 11 Prije 14 sati
If u guys have ever played flee the facility in Roblox, in the basement of the cabin their is three of these game machines sitting in the dark.
Memes Ok
Memes Ok Prije 16 sati
The bob guy probably had seen a different dimension Even though he was walking forward, left, right, backwards everyone where not knowing. Maybe he did not even sleep at all.
Em The Gamer
Em The Gamer Prije dan
Polybius actually sounds like a cool game I would play with cool shapes and colors, and + , there's no possible way for *ME* to never be sad.
Em The Gamer
Em The Gamer Prije dan
Transit games
Transit games Prije dan
I saw that game when I was in a arcade but I didn’t play it
Lex Ecard GACHA
Lex Ecard GACHA Prije 2 dana
I saw that game before.... nobody played it
judy bassem
judy bassem Prije 3 dana
All of them are going to the upside down 😂
brittney abbruzzese
brittney abbruzzese Prije 3 dana
There is a bar in Providence, RI that is a big arcade and it’s awesome. How weird would it be if there was one there!! 😱😱
WolfieJess Rose
WolfieJess Rose Prije 4 dana
Jessii: Mentions Portland Me : SHOOT WE GOTTA MOVE- CMON CHOP CHOP
Emily Hyatt
Emily Hyatt Prije 4 dana
i have played it
Emily Hyatt
Emily Hyatt Prije 4 dana
i what that shirt it is amazing
Lifeascali Me
Lifeascali Me Prije 4 dana
Playing polybius Man in black: how was your experience Kid:I never played that game Man in black:good Ki
Jisoo’s Pink wig
Jisoo’s Pink wig Prije 4 dana
“There could be phenomenon of anything” My poop is purple
Camila Heaven
Camila Heaven Prije 4 dana
@Jisoo’s Pink wig yep
Jisoo’s Pink wig
Jisoo’s Pink wig Prije 4 dana
Everglow deserved rookie of the year
Camila Heaven
Camila Heaven Prije 4 dana
Jennifer Eagan
Jennifer Eagan Prije 5 dana
Like this if I trick you read more
reaction Man
reaction Man Prije 6 dana
I played that game I did not lose my sad ness I lost my happyness
ツGingerbreadRBLX Prije 6 dana
This game is in flee the facility on roblox if you go underneath the cabin
RobloxLover Prije 6 dana
im a potato
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Prije 6 dana
Oh no, *lets leave*
Lps Purple lemonade
Lps Purple lemonade Prije 6 dana
Hey guys it’s jessi vee and today I’m wearing.......
babis Mouzourakis
babis Mouzourakis Prije 6 dana
You are the other girl that LOVES stranger things
Polybius Watt
Polybius Watt Prije 6 dana
“Ah! Finally! Someone who can pronounce my name correctly! Now, as for the truth about me, here’s what *really* happened. You see, everyone who dared to play my game, got their memories of playing it erased. No one was supposed to remember me.... In any case, that doesn’t matter anymore. That’s the past me. I am now a physical humanoid cyber being who’s part of society, but if anyone dares mess with me, they will ultimately regret doing so. I may be much more caring than I was 38 years ago, but that doesn’t mean that I am no longer dangerous.” Sorry for the little role play, lol. I like doing that when someone creates a video about this urban legend arcade game, ‘cause I like to see if I can get an interesting reaction out of someone or maybe even the creator of said video. ^^;
Goblin Prije 6 dana
**l e m o n d e m o n**
Itz Luna and London
Itz Luna and London Prije 7 dana
I found Polybius in a ROBLOX game :3 I thought is was like one of the old weird games XDDDD
Jake Kilfoy
Jake Kilfoy Prije 7 dana
Board games? NO.
Virgilio Posada
Virgilio Posada Prije 7 dana
I do not like to play in arcades
Virgilio Posada
Virgilio Posada Prije 7 dana
I use to >.<
stephanie holle
stephanie holle Prije 7 dana
I llloooovvvveee jessi's stranger things shirt
Neil Morris
Neil Morris Prije 7 dana
Cabinet man??
Chloe Stevens
Chloe Stevens Prije 7 dana
i believe it's crap
Lightmoondarkness Uzcan
Jessie:Don’t play this arcade game My friend:Goes play the game
Cheesy KUPKAKE CANDY!!! -GamerGirl 2006-
4:15 - 4:25 huh, sounds just like every game
Cobble Destroyer32
Cobble Destroyer32 Prije 8 dana
QantasAirways cu watchdog Rushdie figurative digestion diffing Cousy
Misty Flower 843
Misty Flower 843 Prije 8 dana
Jessi: two men in black suits would come to watch kids play the game Me: Here comes the men in black!😂
M ē l ā n ī e 선잠 }{ 단
In a game inside of a kid platform named Roblox ( oh and the name of that game is flee the facilty ) If you go to the back of the hut or idk how you guys call it , there is a hole crouch thought it and do all the maze you will fall into a another hole there will be three aracdes the two other ones will not have a name the middle arcade’s name will be polybius it’s screen will be full black the backround is a a scary basement with only one light. You can not play it but you can walk around and show your friends.
Palace Kale
Palace Kale Prije 8 dana
My head was hurting as I watching jessie talk about people playing pollyibus and them getting headaches
Bunnies and gaming
Bunnies and gaming Prije 8 dana
If ur in flee the facility go behind the cabin and there should be a vent to crawl through once u reach the end and go down there are three polibyus games 😓
russell rothwell
russell rothwell Prije 8 dana
Wait I know that dangerous carnival game arcade game I mean sorry but I know I’ve seen on a TV show in Kathy’s and played and they got sucked into the game and nine yeah
russell rothwell
russell rothwell Prije 8 dana
Hello hi 😁😁😁
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