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There is nothing more satisfying than a plunger trick shot! Trust us.. try it!
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3. Lip 2019.



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Komentari 34 503
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore Prije 6 sati
This is how much times they had to restart
Gold Cube
Gold Cube Prije 7 sati
0:01 when you have gym class at shcool
Caleb Kirby
Caleb Kirby Prije 8 sati
ocd at five plunger thingy 2 inbetween 2 inbetween 2 inbetween 2 inbetween 3 inbetween
Diego Arpi
Diego Arpi Prije 8 sati
Spike Gamz212
Spike Gamz212 Prije 13 sati
I think dude perfect has run out of ideas
Anna Atkinson
Anna Atkinson Prije 14 sati
Do a plunger trick shots 2
Martim Figueiredo
Martim Figueiredo Prije 18 sati
Waiting for toilet paper shorts 😂😂😂
Star Platinum
Star Platinum Prije 21 sat
Is that difficult
Vincent Tran
Vincent Tran Prije dan
Question: how do you like them apples. Answer:I like them roasted
Omar Delawar
Omar Delawar Prije dan
This video made me wonder - why doesn't Mario throw plungers? That would've been more fitting than those fireballs.
Maureen Amerling
Hey dude perfect I just started a HRvid channel I got inspirered me Maureen Amerling please subribe
rage master
rage master Prije dan
I just ..... wut
Khanh Nguyen Phi
Imagine throwing and sticking 2 plungers together "Dude, PERFECT"
Its Bob 4 Life
Its Bob 4 Life Prije dan
Watch this video if u like grown men scream about plungers
Max Vixman
Max Vixman Prije 2 dana
Wow, they can literally throw anything
Itsuxtosuk Prije 2 dana
I wanna impress my crush Me:
Rebecca Ramirez
Rebecca Ramirez Prije 2 dana
How many toilets do u need
RBboy_YT Prije 2 dana
Mario should watch this 😂
Linc HD
Linc HD Prije 2 dana
Song: born for this Me:you were born to throw plungers
Kim Grzywacz
Kim Grzywacz Prije 2 dana
You should plunger trickshots 2
Bernar 930
Bernar 930 Prije 2 dana
2016 water bottles 2019 plungers 2020 tomahawks??
The Dark Soul Cinder
Kid:Mom I want a plunger. Mom: why because I saw dude perfect throw it at a wall and I want to try it
Vinu Vasu
Vinu Vasu Prije 2 dana
the person who came out of the gate is chad
noorjehan khan
noorjehan khan Prije 2 dana
Next video: Knife Trick Shots
Xindwey Prije 2 dana
хоть я и Русский но Dude Perfect крутой канал
lolimtrash-_- Prije dan
If only I could read this
Douchebag Bart
Douchebag Bart Prije 2 dana
Knife trickshots
Jessie Choy
Jessie Choy Prije 3 dana
Music so intense, while a grown man is throwing toilet plungers
Z3d Da g4mar
Z3d Da g4mar Prije 3 dana
Plunger trick shot Song : born for this Hmmm DP were born for plungers Meh
Ty Guerra
Ty Guerra Prije 3 dana
0:37 how is that a trick shot
Roger Baltayan
Roger Baltayan Prije 3 dana
Came. To. My. Hawa
Matthew Beast212
Matthew Beast212 Prije 3 dana
Must be running out of idea’s Plungers really
Shruti Agrawal
Shruti Agrawal Prije 3 dana
This guy will walk around the Earth and come behind the target 😂3:06
Lasagne McWhoppers
Lasagne McWhoppers Prije 4 dana
The sport squash
Lasagne McWhoppers
Lasagne McWhoppers Prije 4 dana
Do squash tRick shots
Juan Torres
Juan Torres Prije 4 dana
His face when he put plunger out of expensive tv 🤣🤣3:59
Daniel Atmaja
Daniel Atmaja Prije 4 dana
apa aku boleh ikut
Emil Bohner
Emil Bohner Prije 4 dana
Running out of ideas
Kelly Stewart
Kelly Stewart Prije 4 dana
Your not great at all
Mommy Foot
Mommy Foot Prije 4 dana
Ryan Bracken did this 2 years ago
Beasty Bacon
Beasty Bacon Prije 4 dana
0:45 wasn't a trick shot
Beasty Bacon
Beasty Bacon Prije 4 dana
Some of those weren't trick shots
Jacob Christiansen
Jacob Christiansen Prije 4 dana
The five shots were all evenly spread out but one
Chotimatul Ulya
Chotimatul Ulya Prije 4 dana
Gopro trick shot
Kumaraguru Ramasamy
Kumaraguru Ramasamy Prije 4 dana
I like this video because of the song. And how can you do this very perfectly
I hate liberals
I hate liberals Prije 5 dana
None of these take skill
Noon Sun
Noon Sun Prije 5 dana
Imagine if they we’re used plungers
Jo Francis
Jo Francis Prije 5 dana
Storm0p7 Prije 5 dana
Who else have subed to THE SCORE and money run low
Lily Bisht
Lily Bisht Prije 5 dana
Plz also create behind the scenes
Ibnu Channel 13
Ibnu Channel 13 Prije 5 dana
2:10 break the glass😂😂🤣 and 3:48 the tv ----> (#&$?!:";$&)🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂
Dave Apoel
Dave Apoel Prije 5 dana
I think the front flip sticky won....!
Leah Tiktok
Leah Tiktok Prije 5 dana
At first I thought it was on the camera the plunger but it was on glass
Keefe Ng
Keefe Ng Prije 5 dana
All the shots that they make is always not first try
Z3d Da g4mar
Z3d Da g4mar Prije 3 dana
محمود خيرى
محمود خيرى Prije 5 dana
فى حد عربى هنا
moon penguin13
moon penguin13 Prije 6 dana
2:46 I thought it was going 2 B panda lol
Steve Rossi
Steve Rossi Prije 6 dana
Devon Plette
Devon Plette Prije 6 dana
Obviously they were born for throwing plungers!
Tri Stil
Tri Stil Prije 6 dana
GrK_ MagnetiK
GrK_ MagnetiK Prije 6 dana
0:23 how I put stickers in my lego sets
Anderson Davis
Anderson Davis Prije 6 dana
Not a fan of the edited in sounds
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