Pouring Fire On A Burger

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16. Ruj 2019.



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Komentari 20 509
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If it weren't for you telling me, I would've thought the dog was a large toy dog
Vulpik Prije 3 dana
cool, but, how? the dog was moving and everything.
hla reh Roblox & More
Tracey Hart
Tracey Hart Prije 10 dana
Aw man
dog Prije 12 dana
Doggylordz YT
Doggylordz YT Prije 14 dana
Nova 147 aw man
Masen Stephens
Masen Stephens Prije 22 minuta
There's a lot of people who longboard like that I'm one
Some handsome mustached man
This is too American
it’s Gravitiii
it’s Gravitiii Prije 7 sati
How you like you burgers I like them hot oh really because I like mine on fire
Corn N water
Corn N water Prije 7 sati
the flame thrower really triggered me.
Abby Bee
Abby Bee Prije 7 sati
Tree: takes years and years and years to grow up to a useful and cool tree that also by the way gives oxygen Person: **lights a bunch on fire**
Mario Trujillo
Mario Trujillo Prije 8 sati
That burger looks fire!! 🔥
Gabriel Thornton
Gabriel Thornton Prije 11 sati
For anyone wondering the first 2 shots from Switzerland were Lauterbrunnen and Jungfraujoch
Oscar Guzman
Oscar Guzman Prije 11 sati
1:27 thats illegal but looks like fun.
kingicecreamderp Prije 12 sati
1:31 the ultimate weapon to win wars
Leo Kurtesi
Leo Kurtesi Prije 12 sati
1:30 amazon: wait thats illegal
Kurze Anmerkung
Kurze Anmerkung Prije 13 sati
0:30 how do they film that?
Cold Coffee Gamer
Cold Coffee Gamer Prije 14 sati
0:24 Try not to think of the road burn if he comes off 😣
croisseant Prije 16 sati
I'm angery about the flame thrower.
Tom N
Tom N Prije 17 sati
1:21 Glowing pee!
Ruchi Gupta
Ruchi Gupta Prije 18 sati
1:42 and kids that’s how forest fires are made
Brinette Valorie
Brinette Valorie Prije 19 sati
0:33 That was a close one. Well, not entirely, but still-
Snek Doodle TV
Snek Doodle TV Prije dan
Eva Lopez
Eva Lopez Prije dan
Diver comes face to face to a shark Me:what type of balls do u have??!!
Aristatree05 Prije dan
Pours fire onto burger Me: what the heck?😂
Sheila Uligan
Sheila Uligan Prije dan
THEfOodsNOtHot HUH?????????
Nadine Mclean
Nadine Mclean Prije dan
The trees
Sinan Jauch
Sinan Jauch Prije dan
I live in Switzerland
Laila Melody Dunlop
1:19 nobody: No one: Not a single soul: Me: THATS GOING TO START WILD FIRES 🔥 🤬
chile atómico
chile atómico Prije 2 dana
Appreciate the conversion to km/h❤
Fallen Disc
Fallen Disc Prije 2 dana
1:25 that's how Amazonia burned
Eden Prije 2 dana
1:14 first time I've seen a chip bag filled to the end
That drone is the definition of American military engineering Shooting fire with rock music In the background
Millicent Aker
Millicent Aker Prije 3 dana
My Names Bruce.
Ole Ho
Ole Ho Prije 3 dana
1:39 footage of a drone causing the Amazon fires, 2019 colonized
Alexis Hernandez
Alexis Hernandez Prije 3 dana
Is the sauce hot ;)
Crystal Wolf
Crystal Wolf Prije 3 dana
not gonna lie that flamethrower drone makes me mad
GoobieJones Games
GoobieJones Games Prije 3 dana
*porkapine* - daily does of internet 2019
Chad Manning
Chad Manning Prije 3 dana
That flamethrower is... *lit* 🥁
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee Prije 3 dana
Take that flamethrower drone into a giant crowd and let's see a real video!
JaxZen Prije 3 dana
Ah yes... My favourite sauce... blue flame
Sans burger
Angelo Terrones
Angelo Terrones Prije 3 dana
Just ate that burger hands down the best one I ever had. Doest taste like u imagine it but boy is it good.
Nuggitz Prije 3 dana
Mom: eat the food its not that hot The food: 0:08
Ethan ????????
Ethan ???????? Prije 3 dana
1:29 this is america
Boots Prije 3 dana
1:35 This is how the Amazon Rainforest burned down.
cheesecake_man Prije 3 dana
1:22 Florida man: are you challenging me
JovanPlayz XD
JovanPlayz XD Prije 3 dana
How the amazon really caught fire: Flamethrower drones
Rayan Chaambi
Rayan Chaambi Prije 3 dana
That’s a lot of sause
Aye Lmao
Aye Lmao Prije 4 dana
0:44 Nani?! Kansei dorifto?!
doesAnybodyWonder YT
1:21 this is how the rainforest caught fire
SUNNY SAO Prije 4 dana
How do you pour fire like that
marian taic sandu
marian taic sandu Prije 4 dana
"You can buy a drone with a flame thrower attached to it" Well, boys, we now know how to kill morgz, jake paul and romanian morgz
Itz Me The Homie
Itz Me The Homie Prije 4 dana
And that’s how the amazon rain forest fire is on fire, because of droids :)
gamerboy x101
gamerboy x101 Prije 4 dana
In case you didn’t know you can murder someone with a drone for 1000 dollars
Florida Man
Florida Man Prije 4 dana
Jschlatt's mic 0:40
Sam Ibba
Sam Ibba Prije 4 dana
Wow another way to destroy nature Yay. Just joking XD LOOL
IgniteTheNight T
IgniteTheNight T Prije 5 dana
2:05 that's not a dog that's a fricken adorable bear 🧸
Padmini Prakash
Padmini Prakash Prije 5 dana
1:22 someone did that to Amazon I guess
savage goon
savage goon Prije 5 dana
2:34 when she actually wants to watch the Netflix movie
Yeeter Nation
Yeeter Nation Prije 5 dana
2:22 me trying to get the football out of the sharp plants
Ishmaeel Ahshan
Ishmaeel Ahshan Prije 5 dana
Hows the fu...
Isa Petit
Isa Petit Prije 5 dana
i never wanted a drone so bad
Sarina Camacho
Sarina Camacho Prije 5 dana
This drone is how forest fires are made 😳
I love rice ilikesushi
Now that's how they start wild fires get it it goes wild 😨
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