Pouring Fire On A Burger

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16. Ruj 2019.



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Komentari 80
Jiren in your recommendations
If it weren't for you telling me, I would've thought the dog was a large toy dog
Australian Mapping
Australian Mapping Prije 3 dana
Jiren in your recommendations 201
Maryam Aoude
Maryam Aoude Prije 3 dana
Xoyltyツ Prije 4 dana
Jiren in your recommendations I know u
The Wild Radish
The Wild Radish Prije 8 dana
Jiren in your recommendations sry wrong dog
The Wild Radish
The Wild Radish Prije 8 dana
Jiren in your recommendations but he didn’t tell u...
JOE MOM Prije 31 minute
1:36 I think this is how all of the fires happened
HoldMyCola TopGun
We need flamethrower drone to fight the locusts
Xavier Drake
Xavier Drake Prije 2 sati
I just watched the video of you in a zoom call with abunch of youtubers
Mr. Sloth
Mr. Sloth Prije 2 sati
“So you can buy yourself a drone with a flamethrower attached to it” SO THATS HOW FOREST FIRES START!
The drone is probably what started the fire in Australia
The sauce on the burger looks like chariot requiem in jojo
Just a Random user
Just a Random user Prije 5 sati
1:43 this is why animals are DYING
Ozone Prije 6 sati
1:34 Great way to start a wildfire, Dumbass.
Olga Schneider
Olga Schneider Prije 6 sati
Why are they absorbing the soul of the burger?
Miracle Robot
Miracle Robot Prije 6 sati
That longboard one gave me so much anxiety
Naurto Games,Random stuff,and more.
Worst HRvid channel ever
Channel ZeBoi
Channel ZeBoi Prije 7 sati
Starting a forest fire? Eek
Channel ZeBoi
Channel ZeBoi Prije 7 sati
I can’t believe what people would do to get money...
Channel ZeBoi
Channel ZeBoi Prije 7 sati
Don’t burn down trees, grow trees!
Eido Peido
Eido Peido Prije 7 sati
Everybody gangsta until Sharky BOI swims in.
Mohammed Mubarak
Mohammed Mubarak Prije 8 sati
Ok the burger looks cool and all but when u want to eat it here comes the struggle
Luigi Forero
Luigi Forero Prije 8 sati
Robots are taking over they flame throwers :00
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Prije 8 sati
1:11 now thats *dEnse*
a wild weeb
a wild weeb Prije 8 sati
this triggers me so much when you put the fire in the forest like STOP IT GET ALOT OF HELP
Penntie009 Prije 8 sati
Day ? Of quarantine: I’m watching a person pour fire on a burger
adoggo_ Prije 8 sati
Drone: Burns the forest down The person driving the drone: Well that’s good for the environment
Dianne Alexander
Dianne Alexander Prije 8 sati
1:28 only in America
Angel!!!! Prije 9 sati
1:21 aka how forest fires are started But still likes so cool!
😈gillybean👿 Prije 9 sati
Would you like your burger extra hot?
Trevor Prije 9 sati
1:21 That’s another one for apocalypse bingo.
Bryleigh Provost
Bryleigh Provost Prije 9 sati
At 1:21 ummm that is a fire hazard and again WHY WOULD SOMEBODY BUY THAT!? And it can start a forest fire!
ThePPLsPengu1n Prije 9 sati
Drone burns tree MRBEAST AM I A JOKE
Chocobo Koay
Chocobo Koay Prije 9 sati
Parivir's Sun.🇲🇾🏆☀️
Trash UwU
Trash UwU Prije 9 sati
*if I got that burger sauce I would burn down peta*
AMER Prije 9 sati
Dictatorship country president: I want all of them 1:22
Bob Prije 11 sati
Hella repeats in this one
N30Gam1ng2 Prije 11 sati
Gustavo Orsi
Gustavo Orsi Prije 11 sati
Burger on fire 7,9 million people: *Interesting*
H E A R T S & H U G S
H E A R T S & H U G S Prije 11 sati
How tf do you eat the burger
Pochi Prije 12 sati
oh shit I’m hungry now
JaybayJay Prije 13 sati
Isn't that the same place that James Bond Spectre filmed at?
Huy Bảo Ngô
Huy Bảo Ngô Prije 14 sati
Me: can you pour fire? My friend: can you cut water?
Brawly Boy
Brawly Boy Prije 16 sati
Cashier: “How can I help you?” Customer: “Can I have a normal cheeseburger?” Cashier: “Any toppings?” Customer: “Yes.” *“Fire please.”*
77,777 subscribers with 2 videos
The drone flame thrower cause australia to burn
77,777 subscribers with 2 videos
Flaming ghost pepper sauce
Yello Prije 18 sati
This is how Australia forest fire started
Tyron s
Tyron s Prije 19 sati
Me: seeing a flamethrower on a dron Me again: oh thats how the bush fire came from Like of you thought the same as me
Kitty Standard
Kitty Standard Prije 21 sat
But how are they gonna eat the burger now that the bun is sauced😂😂 with knife and fork?
Brittney Pepper :p
Brittney Pepper :p Prije 21 sat
But why? 1:22
Idea Lab
Idea Lab Prije 22 sati
Bruh that guy straight up pet a wild great white
Caffeine DZ
Caffeine DZ Prije 22 sati
How can you pour fire Why would you want fire in your burger How is the fire in the container Why is Flamethrower Drone Legal What
It was me Dio
It was me Dio Prije dan
1:35 and that’s how the amazon burnt down
chaoxi lee
chaoxi lee Prije dan
NCR Veteran Ranger
What kinda dog did that guy lift up
Tamaomao Prije dan
Welcome to the spongebob special: how krabby patties are made.
Exnyy Prije dan
I'll be eating with the fire cuz I'm hella hungry
blox boi
blox boi Prije dan
Spider Man
Spider Man Prije dan
That burning burger's gotta be from NY. If it's flashy, hyped up, useless and expensive, it has to be from NYC.
Elite Agent
Elite Agent Prije dan
Me when I’m first: types first
Plot twist Guy
Plot twist Guy Prije dan
How would you like your burger 2nd degree burn or 3rd degree burn
Lydia Meier
Lydia Meier Prije dan
Yo bro U gotta try this new Burger i found Its *lit*
Darwinian Glitch
1:30 Smokey the bear is disappointed in humanity.
AwesomeCrow 2667
Pours literal fire like it's just water. Young me: IMPOSSIBLE!
HiddnTest Prije dan
I've seen dis b⁴...
k1ller_ b00st3r
k1ller_ b00st3r Prije dan
That drone with a flame thrower could be doomguy's companion.
me_unknown Prije dan
1:21 how 2 start a wildfire
DaBandit_DoesStuff YT
Bruh they don't pure flaming sauce its just that they enchant the burger!!!!
Zak4 2784
Zak4 2784 Prije dan
1:21 i would buy that for home defense 😁😁
William Gomez
William Gomez Prije dan
That look dieeisgusting!’
FelipeGamer Prije dan
Bruh it's chocolate not Flame
Huddy lancer
Huddy lancer Prije dan
1:34 Is how the Amazon rainforest fire started
Chithorix Prije dan
Now imagine putting your hand on that fire... *the hound has left the chat*
Pooh Prije dan
and how do you eat the burger after..?
Your Favourite Crackhead
1:37 the next thing you know, he could start a forest fire
Channel ZeBoi
Channel ZeBoi Prije 7 sati
Yes indeed
Tombish Prije dan
1:11 **t h o m p**
akaRaydar Prije dan
BRICKY BOY Prije dan
How BURNT would u like your burger sir?
AKjay 123
AKjay 123 Prije dan
1:21 now that’s not normal
AKjay 123
AKjay 123 Prije dan
Why is everyone so shocked about fire sauce it’s normal! EDIT: (for me at least)
Ma. Corazon Mabanag
1:55 Great white:sup camera Diver:this thing is enormus
Paulius K.
Paulius K. Prije dan
1:29 thats how wild fires begin
Johny Joestar
Johny Joestar Prije dan
Robber: *breakin in my house* Fire spreading dron: *T POSE*
Jeff Karnell
Jeff Karnell Prije dan
Who doesnt love a little 10-W30 on their burger?
Galaxy_girl 09
Galaxy_girl 09 Prije dan
1:22 how the Australian bushfires started 🔥🔥🔥
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