Protesters March Across NYC Following Decision in Breonna Taylor's Killing by Cops | NBC New York

NBC New York
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Demonstrators packed a New York City plaza Wednesday night to protest a Kentucky grand jury’s decision not to indict any police officers for the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor.

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23. Ruj 2020.



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Komentari 100
StalinTheMan0fSteel Prije 3 sati
This is the real BLM.
ChsCam Fortnite god
ChsCam Fortnite god Prije 3 sati
This is getting crazy man
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Eric Gregory
Eric Gregory Prije 3 sati
This is just too much. It was a terrible mistake, however her boyfriend shot an officer and didn't get jail time. Glad I'm on vacation in Florida right now. These violent protests and the looting that we have had in Manhattan are repulsive already. Get a life!
Brielle Dean
Brielle Dean Prije 3 sati
Also he did go to jail but was released because the police were not doing their job properly
Brielle Dean
Brielle Dean Prije 3 sati
The officer didn’t die though and he shot at them because they did not make it known they were police officers her boyfriend thought they were intruders
The Resources
The Resources Prije 3 sati
Atkins Caused this
Jar Jar
Jar Jar Prije 3 sati
For the love of god, stop calling them protesters. They are rioters not “peaceful protesters”.
paycho Jay
paycho Jay Prije 3 sati
She was a drug dealer. All the left agenda and bullshit lies were proven in court. She was also caught in 2010 with a dead body which was found in her rental car
Brielle Dean
Brielle Dean Prije 3 sati
She was not a drug dealer she was a paramedic she was a front line worker during the pandemic what you said is absolutely not true idk where you get your facts from
The Rain Piano
The Rain Piano Prije 3 sati
Btw why this video has so many dislikes. I mean they are just reading news.
Jar Jar
Jar Jar Prije 3 sati
Yeah they are reporting but it’s the fact that they keep calling the rioters “peaceful protesters”. They aren’t peaceful and it’s obvious, they act like we’re are to dumb to notice.
Christian Arce
Christian Arce Prije 3 sati
Don’t blame them. Blame the government and racist cops💯💯💯 simple
Brielle Dean
Brielle Dean Prije 3 sati
Wolferine Prije 3 sati
Are people really this stupid or are they brainwashed?
Donna Troy
Donna Troy Prije 3 sati
I dare y’all to watch the New York Times special on her case. I dare you.
BiGmAcAtTaCk1991 Prije 3 sati
Look at all of these uneducated morons 😂😂. Thanks for ensuring Trump 2020 losers.
Michael hernandez
Michael hernandez Prije 4 sati
But remember, Corona virus “DOES NOT” transfer if you are protesting.
Queen Strong
Queen Strong Prije 4 sati
They admitted that the police were shot? least there's that...
Tom Sutton
Tom Sutton Prije 4 sati
Idiots & low information individuals. Shame on the MSM for not repeating the truth over & over. How’s the Soros pay checks ?
AMODEUS316 Prije 4 sati
Truth: The Democrat Party is… …the party of Slavery …the party of Segregation …the party of Jim Crow laws …the party of the Ku Klux Klan …the party of Lynching …the party that put the Japanese in Camps …the party that reignited the Klan in the 20’s It was not until our First Republican President was elected that Slaves were made free…that first Republican…Abraham Lincoln. It is time for America to wake up and see the Democrat Party for what it is.
Nate Gardner
Nate Gardner Prije 4 sati
Isn't it funny how all these libtards are angry about blacks getting shot and yet nothing changes or is ever gonna change 😂😂
Bobby G
Bobby G Prije 4 sati
If only they took two seconds out of their day to do a quick Google search. They would know just how f**king stupid they all look "The police are hateful and bigoted, so im going to fire bomb them while holding factually incorrect signs!" Oh the irony
jonathan smith
jonathan smith Prije 4 sati
I heard most were yelling we want second stimulus checks lol
jonathan smith
jonathan smith Prije 4 sati
Funny these people think this shit changes things
Vandelay Industries
Vandelay Industries Prije 4 sati
These people protesting are useful idiots and nothing more. They don’t realize they are being emotionally manipulated by a Marxist organization that doesn’t care about facts but advancing their agenda. They don’t really care about black lives and helping improve the black community.
Roxanna Alcalá
Roxanna Alcalá Prije 4 sati
America Headed for a Race War Civil War War against police. My friends, welcome to the N.W.O
Nacho Her
Nacho Her Prije 4 sati
Dont mind me. Im just here to drop dislike and leave. BYE!
Hans Slane
Hans Slane Prije 4 sati
Protestors unleash their anger while forgeting case facts or criminal law. Angry thoughts and bad behavior only attracts more of the same. People really become stupid when in a group of people.
imao Prije 4 sati
Democrates : we support these peaceful protesters Le peacuful beings* kill numerous cops ,loot markets ,set houses on fire Le covid: these smart ass bitches ,shit eater broke my record 😡
Patterson Scratchers
I have a idea, roll Some tanks down the street and run them over. They can’t do shit
YUSA Suupz
YUSA Suupz Prije 4 sati
Remember folks, this is Trump's America
GrandTheftNatto o
GrandTheftNatto o Prije 4 sati
Imagine supporting the 2nd amendment yet whining when 3 plainclothes oinkers break into A home and get shot at. THE 2ND AMENDMENT WAS MEANT FOR DEFENSE AGAINST THE STATE!
Nathan Hasenbalg
Nathan Hasenbalg Prije 5 sati
Michael Surowicz
Michael Surowicz Prije 5 sati
There's a lesson here......don't date drug dealers.
Red Markers
Red Markers Prije 5 sati
Breonna was all like 😎 before she died she played that game man sry.
Marcus Wilkins
Marcus Wilkins Prije 5 sati
According to Louisville Postmaster, no LPD ever spoke to them, and the investigators that did where told ,there's no evidence of any packages sent to or from Ms.Tayler to Jamarcus in January. 💯
Red Markers
Red Markers Prije 5 sati
Breona Taylor gettin it on with multiple ex’s and guys! ussually it’s the dude’s with all the ex’s and baby mommas she was livin large in her drug life obviously still dealing with them all like a top dog dude it’s true man😎
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf Prije 5 sati
Delight yourself in the Lord 📖 and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4 And no good thing will he withhold from those who diligently seek him 📖 Psalms 84:11. We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity. 1 John 2:17 Visual Bible movies 🎥, And Audio Bible NKJV On HRvid
IMJP4 Prije 5 sati
Bunch of ignorant people!!! the facts!!
Marcus Wilkins
Marcus Wilkins Prije 5 sati
One of Breonna Taylor's killers mattingly stated in support of his co-defendants; "Regardless of the outcome... I know we did the legal, moral and ethical thing that night. It's sad how the good guys are demonized, and the criminals are canonized." Criminal must still be a code word for Black . 100% REMORSELESS.
yeah NO
yeah NO Prije 5 sati
RIP Tony Tinpa and Daniel Shaver your voices will never be heard
The Journeymen
The Journeymen Prije 6 sati
Turn these protest into a reality TV game show the more protesters you plow down the more money you win🤣
James Robert
James Robert Prije 5 sati
No Reparations No Peace 🔥🌪🔥⚡️🛸
The Nemesis
The Nemesis Prije 6 sati
What are they protesting for? Justice was served. The cops didn't murder her, it was a unfortunate byproduct of defending themselves from her bf shooting first. Open and shut case. They could skin the officers alive and the outrage mob would still be rioting.
MoD PR Prije 6 sati
The family is promised 12million dollars political handout for raising such a nice drug dealer girlfriend EMT. MSM conveniently forgets to mention that she lost her EMT license a long time ago when one young man from their circle found himself dead in her rental car.
james fisher
james fisher Prije 6 sati
Breaking now at 11, protesters upset that temperatures drop as we head into fall. Arson, looting, and murder to follow in the mostly peaceful protests.
Andres Santos
Andres Santos Prije 6 sati
Just shoot them already
Jason Creech
Jason Creech Prije 6 sati
Mostly peaceful,
angry shawn R
angry shawn R Prije 6 sati
I suppose if you gonna do criminal activity and your partner uses u as a shield after firing at police. You will have the same outcome. Where is the outrage over all the kids killed from criminal activity?where is the outraged and wanting for people to take notice of all the black on black killings..and of course you would know the outcome. Its law!! I wonder how all this people are going to feel one day when they figure out being used by the democrats for tbere agenda..its really sad how many people can be manipulate by there emotions.
angry shawn R
angry shawn R Prije 6 sati
@James Robert who is racist?
James Robert
James Robert Prije 6 sati
hey you racist piece of shit Federal States of America no matter WHO wins.... message!
James Robert
James Robert Prije 6 sati
Federal States of America no matter WHO wins..... message!
Esteban Bedoya
Esteban Bedoya Prije 6 sati
Lets face it these rioters are just practicing for black friday. They are gonna kill it.
MoD PR Prije 5 sati
Cyber Monday will be happy if they do away with that Black Friday Critter ...
James Lyback
James Lyback Prije 6 sati
Why is you not listen. We be NY edjucated. Free Breanna! Free Breanna!
MoD PR Prije 5 sati
she should have freed herself a long time ago, this Twitter boyfriend kept mooching off of her then used her big body as human shield to absorb bullets. The other one kept using her as carrier pigeon and did not even like her enough to put five babies into her that she so desired. He was deadbeat dad to another one.
Ballsacksaswinging Prije 6 sati
They say Florida is full of morons. I have to disagree. I live in Florida and none of this crap is going on in Florida. When you have facts and you’re still rioting. I’ll take the weirdos in Florida over this crap any day. Guy charges a cop with a knife and you still loot and riot. That’s beyond dumb! Guy naked in the street with Covid spitting on cops dies. Says he’s gonna shoot everybody in the house of the cop gives him his gun. You still loot and riot. These morons fail to realize that it’s what you do that puts you in the situations. Don’t have a boyfriend selling drugs, and this wouldn’t happen. Don’t do PCP and run down the middle of the road naked, then this wouldn’t happen. Don’t try passing of counterfeit money and resisting the cops arrest and this wouldn’t happen. Don’t go over to your ex girlfriends house sexually assault her. Listen to cops that have guns pointed at you and don’t reach for something in your car and this wouldn’t happen. When you have neighbor saying they heard cops say this is the cops open the door we have a warrant. And you still shoot at cops and your girlfriend dies that’s on you, you scum bag. Got a love the thumbs down to like ratio.
MoD PR Prije 5 sati
boyfriend who kept mooching off of her for months used her as a human shield to protect his precious self. She lost her EMT license four years ago when one of their buddies found himself dead in her rental car. She probably just wanted to be in health care anyway to be close to medical drugs. How many like her are still around medical drug cabinets? ExBoyfriend used her as a carrier pigeon but he put babies into other women although this one wanted FIVE ... at least those FIVE unborn babies were spared this kind of life ... then again, the 12 million dollars promised to the family for raising such an outstanding citizen could be put to good use.
Jagged Prije 6 sati
I hope this extends to ps5 release day. I missed out on a preorder. So I'll protest for BLM on that day.
MoD PR Prije 5 sati
Burn Loot Murder?
Natalie Hill
Natalie Hill Prije 7 sati
ya damn right we’re angry, i’d be at that protest right now if i could
MoD PR Prije 5 sati
@EldensGarden for not arresting her when one of her gang buddies found himself dead in her rental car. They could have saved her life.
EldensGarden Prije 6 sati
What do you think the cops should charged with? 1st degree murder?
Pete Medin
Pete Medin Prije 7 sati
Here comes the COVID again
MoD PR Prije 5 sati
those Grandmas and Grandpas must go so these brave warriors can take over their government subsidized apartments and social security check related bank accounts.
くお Prije 7 sati
BLM 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😉😉😉
Ę.Ž. FęTTy Currillo
Kenneth Krimmel
Kenneth Krimmel Prije 7 sati
Good time for a change not later now.
Irene Kuenning
Irene Kuenning Prije 7 sati
These are rioters not protestors. How dare they shit police officers cause throwing guys like two year olds. Police people are not entitled to die cause somebody shoots at them. This is not outrageous. How you rioters are acting is outrageous! 😵🤯😡
Astro Kickz
Astro Kickz Prije 7 sati
As we begin the holidays...
Darren Irishman
Darren Irishman Prije 7 sati
Maximum imprisonment for these felons, looting arson and beating cops there must be retaliation on the scum
Johnny Doe
Johnny Doe Prije 8 sati
Why does he say Louisville
J M Prije 8 sati
The dislikes show you how Americans view the protesters 👎
srfsnw08 Prije 8 sati
Protesters...Translation: Rioters
Kasper The dawn
Kasper The dawn Prije 8 sati
Subscribe to the channel Kasper the dawn thanks
Zoey Prije 8 sati
America is a failed state. This country is irredeemably racist. Evil.
EldensGarden Prije 6 sati
What do you feel needs to be done? There must be some things you believe should be done in terms of policy to fix the racist issues?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Prije 8 sati
These idiots don't realize what they're doing. They believe the bullcrap on mainstream news, along with the provided spin, then go out and riot, loot, shoot, and destroy. Who are the real animals ruining this country? These people and others like them. Martial law is already starting, our rights are being stripped away one by one, and soon we will have the communist country the radical left wants.
Syarif Hidayat
Syarif Hidayat Prije 8 sati
Totally looter demo
libra8a Prije 8 sati
They should be protesting her boyfriend getting her killed. Bottom line, if he didn't shoot at police Breanna would be alive.
MoD PR Prije 5 sati
two boyfriends. The other one who kept using her as carrier pigeon also deserves some of the 12 million dollars promised to her family for raising such an outstanding EMT angel, practically a doctor. How many more are in health care still for easy access to drug cabinets?
Video game vids
Video game vids Prije 8 sati
eh he shot at the cops. one of them got hit in the leg. the house was a drug address. what you expect ?
MultiRycerz Prije 8 sati
I am from Poland, far away from Kentucky, and even I know that Breona's house was used by a narcotic mob associated with her ex and her current bf, the cops had a warrant to enter the house and there were gunshots at the police officers.
bit byte
bit byte Prije 8 sati
This is what happens when wrong happens for a very very long period of time. It comes out as volcano.
ari d tommo
ari d tommo Prije 9 sati
America being as peaceful as Islam
James Odhiambo
James Odhiambo Prije 9 sati
Some patients bring CORONAVIRUS to KENYA
Philosophy Junkies
Philosophy Junkies Prije 9 sati
Please dislike the video on your way out.
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson Prije 9 sati
Black lives matter is a domestic terrorist organization
Ghost K
Ghost K Prije 9 sati
Let's be honest, they where going to loot and riot either way
Jenny White
Jenny White Prije 9 sati
Breonna Taylor is somewhere right now afraid for all people, especially our spectacular people of color, who are all at risk. I am hating America right now. WTH?
Vicky on ice
Vicky on ice Prije 9 sati
no offense but am not surprised
Mia S.
Mia S. Prije 9 sati
Soro’s plan of racial war coming along just fine. The breakdown of society in progress.
Yesenia Pulido Juarez
Wow fail on the cops
ogKUSHMAN kush
ogKUSHMAN kush Prije 9 sati
Making me a BLM.🥪✌🏼🥓🥬
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Prije 9 sati
It feels like 1991 again.
Edward mac
Edward mac Prije 9 sati
Her boyfriends fault pissed at him.....but firing into a home blindly from outside is bullshit...this isnt the old west...but again...cops only shot after being shot at.
Jygo Gaming
Jygo Gaming Prije 9 sati
USA is a third world country Trump 2020
D* Strong
D* Strong Prije 9 sati
How many fires and looting has to happen before a riot becomes "somewhat violent?" I'm sure the people shot during these peaceful demonstrations are feeling the love.
JP Prije 9 sati
Her boyfriend shooting at police without confirming
tigerfist1126 Prije 9 sati
The bullets were meant for Breonna Taylor Boyfriend not her . The Boyfriend move out of the way and the Bullets hit Breonna Taylor instead . Killing Breonna Taylor .
Mr. Waste
Mr. Waste Prije 10 sati
This is bull shit the cops did the right thing, someone is shooting at you. You not going to shot back?
Pedro Oliveros
Pedro Oliveros Prije 10 sati
This is the reason i seldom watch the news.
Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire Prije 10 sati
N Prije 10 sati
The amount of dislikes on this video is shocking and disgusting. We must stand with our Americans in fighting for justice and equal rights. Goes to show how profoundly ignorant GOP members are, truly scary.
Person People
Person People Prije 10 sati
Totally a shame, those 3 policeman 👮‍♂️ should have been arrested and charged for murder of ms.taylor death.if this was a white woman 👩‍🦳 they most likely would have been charged, Totally 100% sad,GOD bless ms.taylor family 👪 my prayers 🙏 goes to her boyfriend also, he must going a lot seeing his 💘 being killed by cops and dying in his arms, rest in peace ✌ ms.taylor. To all the protesters, please be safe and do NO harm.
Frosty Tha snowman
Frosty Tha snowman Prije 9 sati
Person People you think they would be charged if she was white? Seriously...🤦🏽‍♂️
Ghost K
Ghost K Prije 9 sati
You do k ow that her boyfriend did confirm that he started shooting first when he heard them knock and announce that they where the police, right?
a j
a j Prije 10 sati
funny that lemurs behave better in the wild
Michael Powers
Michael Powers Prije 10 sati
Current rioting is not about “systemic racism.” The recent targeting and destruction of statues is simply a prelude to destroying America’s system of government. The statues are simply symbols. The real targets are the Constitution and the fundamental principles underlying the founding.
winter32842 Prije 10 sati
Here my take and I try to be neutral, fair and objective. Breonna Taylor's death is tragedy and it should not happen. However, I agree with grand jury for not charging the police officers (they had proper no-knock search warrant and they had the right to fire back after being shot by her boyfriend). Her boyfriend had the right to fire back under "stand your ground law" if he thought someone was breaking in. Here is fault in the system that needs to be changed: no-knock warrant and stand your ground are contradictory and should not allowed at the same time. Second, I stand for legalizing drugs (also prostitution and other crimes that hurts no one and is between consenting adults). Drug related crimes should not warrant extreme measure such as no-knock warrant. In my opinion, the biggest fault in the system is someone should not lose their life due to suspicion of drug-related crime with no knock warrant.
Sargon Chlimon
Sargon Chlimon Prije 10 sati
Fake news
G Solorio
G Solorio Prije 10 sati
Oh great here we go again
slowmopoke Prije 10 sati
The MSM is the enemy of the people
Duchess Prije 10 sati
Didn't she have a dead body in her trunk?
nemo bush
nemo bush Prije 10 sati
Why don't they protest her ignorant drug dealing criminal boyfriend that got her killed? .. ignorance
Lone Maus
Lone Maus Prije 10 sati
Lol it’s gonna be funny when trump wins again
Ghost K
Ghost K Prije 9 sati
It's not going to be funny. It's going to be amazing and awesome
Charlie c
Charlie c Prije 10 sati
Mostly peaceful 😂😂😂😂😂 these people are insane
White Warrior
White Warrior Prije 10 sati
Democrapper leadership at its best !! This is what America 🇺🇸 would look like if creepy Joe won election!! Democrappers agenda is New world order!! Communism!!!