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BashBlox SFM & MORE
2:10 forgot to blur the cuss
Jaime LgBitchT
Jaime LgBitchT Prije 2 dana
As a 5'7 female teen going onto 5'8 I personally dream of growing to 6'+ so that I can pick up my future lover and carry them around like a princess
kingismail254 Prije 3 dana
Scorbunny Flames
Scorbunny Flames Prije 4 dana
0:57 that only a theory
Zheep-x Prije 4 dana
Honestly, screw 7:51
Hk Po
Hk Po Prije 6 dana
I wanna hear u say cleo
sabin playz
sabin playz Prije 6 dana
I hate stairs and stand up comedy Because im lazy
sabin playz
sabin playz Prije 6 dana
Infinite’s Corner
Infinite’s Corner Prije 6 dana
That’s a code for I’m lonely
a slight error has occured.
Some of these should be in r/wooosh.
jeboyBART Prije 10 dana
2:52 did you just say “jif”
Ray Playz
Ray Playz Prije 10 dana
This Videos Thumbnail: **Exists** Me: *Ahhhh, Math* edit: *Shut Up Girl, Spider-man Is Better Then You*
mediocre midget
mediocre midget Prije 11 dana
J i f
sharpee Prije 11 dana
TheOnlyWeabo Prije 12 dana
1:57 and If Its a girl call it ditto
Xxsnipersheepx7 ‘
Xxsnipersheepx7 ‘ Prije 13 dana
Gio... why... just why did you say jif instead of gif
Teoman Kamadan
Teoman Kamadan Prije 14 dana
I love pokemon
Yusuf Ege Özmen
Yusuf Ege Özmen Prije 14 dana
Did you just fucking say "jif"? Disliked.
Why Are You Looking At This
Why did I get five trump campaign ads on this lmao
ThatSuperMarketGuy Prije 14 dana
I've been gmomed about 63 times now
Digi Prije 14 dana
3:13 I just watched the lion King remake, and I'm here to say, puns were missed. Just mufasa next time
Little ElⱥŇⱥ
Little ElⱥŇⱥ Prije 16 dana
Day 9 of asking for a r/breadstapledtotrees
Forest of Secrets
Forest of Secrets Prije 16 dana
you. pronouced maeve wrong. it an an irish name, anglized from of maebh. the last e is not pronounced, so its pronkunced mayv how dare you do this to me
- AboodGamingYT -
- AboodGamingYT - Prije 16 dana
So I’m watching this video in my room. Nothing strange, right? *nope.* I just watched a spider go up and down on the same web for 5 minutes in the background.
Finn8145 Prije 16 dana
5:30 best joke ever!!!!
I hate names
I hate names Prije 17 dana
Jelly beans taste like shit
Timothy Ali
Timothy Ali Prije 17 dana
7:27 r/woosh
Zoe Zitur
Zoe Zitur Prije 18 dana
I to have lost faif in you.
Luna Galaxy
Luna Galaxy Prije 19 dana
All pokemon fans be like: youre dead to me woman
Luther Brown
Luther Brown Prije 19 dana
One small step for meme.....
maiz playz bas
maiz playz bas Prije 20 dana
7:21 i tried this as well, on my crush, and he said screw you back, so ive lost faith in liking him now
matthew warburton
matthew warburton Prije 20 dana
Did he just say gif because its pronounced gif
Bonnie Sim
Bonnie Sim Prije 20 dana
5:28 is probably my favorite one yet lmaooo
Julia Muchowska
Julia Muchowska Prije 21 dan
Its how YOU doin
Edvard HB
Edvard HB Prije 21 dan
More tinder videos so funny 😊😊😂😂
Jevil Jevil
Jevil Jevil Prije 23 dana
6:49 Me and the boys dating some hot chicks.
i am a book
i am a book Prije 23 dana
redditor: *swipes right on everyone while looking for something good to post*
áine hoye
áine hoye Prije 23 dana
im not trying to correct you, but “ Maeve” is pronounced “May-V”. i just thought i would say, and im not being mean on anything lol
NOMASAN Prije 23 dana
These vids make me want to install tinder. but my wife doesn‘t want me to. Any help? Only idea i have is divorce
Payton Sherrill
Payton Sherrill Prije 26 dana
I love how some of these can also be in r/woooosh.
ibishu pigeon.
ibishu pigeon. Prije 27 dana
Why does gio keep forgetting to blur out the swears!
Gamey Gaming
Gamey Gaming Prije 27 dana
3:57 X-D He started on my birthday
Martin the rogue
Martin the rogue Prije 27 dana
You...said jif....
Alex K
Alex K Prije 27 dana
Day 3 of helping MadBoiXD get GioFilms make an r/breadstapledtotrees video
- Prije 27 dana
2:12 i thought you censored every swear word?
Donut Cake Cats
Donut Cake Cats Prije 27 dana
8:47 that escalated quickly
Kassidee X Jack 4 life
Beck Sholakis
Beck Sholakis Prije 27 dana
day 2 of wanting r/breadstapeledtotrees
Tbutter Randomness
Tbutter Randomness Prije 27 dana
1:27 you should’ve said I thought tinder was for picking up girls, not picking ON them
PlanB Gacha
PlanB Gacha Prije 28 dana
Great White shark mating calls can be heard from- SHARK TANK
Rodents of RANDOMNESS Prije 28 dana
If anyone sees this, I’m giving free subs. Like subscribers, not sandwiches. (Lol that was a really bad joke). But if you want one, just tell me. Sincerely, another small HRvidr
SharkTooth Prije 28 dana
Day 1 of commenting on GioFilms' videos till he makes a r/breadstapledtotrees video.
The Cringe Master 69
The Cringe Master 69 Prije 28 dana
5:39 thats my mom’s roomate lmao
Ashton Giertz
Ashton Giertz Prije 28 dana
6:00 maybe she's actually a musician
Comic Luigi
Comic Luigi Prije 29 dana
No way man I'm keeping my Jelly beans AND my virginity
FLM 02
FLM 02 Prije 29 dana
When someone with your name is in the video and you internally freak out for a moment...
Rtas Vadum
Rtas Vadum Prije mjesec
2:02 You uncultured swine!
Sami Seppänen
Sami Seppänen Prije mjesec
Nice video.
Alterra Prije mjesec
Long range scans indicate that this biome houses several leviathan class life forms. These apex predators specialise in luring it’s prey in with an appealing exterior and roasting them.
Account Abandoned
Account Abandoned Prije mjesec
oh i get it. he hates stairs and stand up comedy because he's in a wheel chair. it took me a while to get the meaning behind such a multi-layered joke about social economics and current political happenings such as the trade tarrifs with china. Such joke, much laugh. wow.
D.X. Cactus
D.X. Cactus Prije mjesec
what is r/tinder
Gaming Wraith
Gaming Wraith Prije mjesec
people in wheelchair can’t
ThemustywaterMellon Prije mjesec
Corrpod DX
Corrpod DX Prije mjesec
the crazy gamer AAH4258942
3:08 if the earth was flat I'd push that dumb bitch right off
the ultimate otaku
the ultimate otaku Prije mjesec
2:51 did he say jif when it's pronounced Gif
thereactiondude Prije mjesec
can you link your background music please
Masterzoroark 666
Masterzoroark 666 Prije mjesec
8:14 Yeah, you have the range but great white shark gets even more booty than you with your Tinder and probably is less desperate
Milo Gacha Life
Milo Gacha Life Prije mjesec
I have a random idea but I'm to young to do it, I want someone to make a tinder profile and name it Moto Moto, you can see where I'm going in this, the description will be , "look out, I think Moto Moto likes you" and then you change the profile picture to Moto Moto, and then message randome people " I like em big, I like em chunky" and so on. Lol
Triggs Prije mjesec
I love how some HRvidrs makes sure to extend their videos to 10 minutes long
Carissa Knapp
Carissa Knapp Prije mjesec
Gio! My boyfriend and I love your videos... BUT WHERE WAS THE FART?!? #bringbackthefart
no one
no one Prije mjesec
Faith Brosier
Faith Brosier Prije mjesec
That Faith thing threw me off. 😂
Mefit Prije mjesec
5 ads? Ye right I'm outta here
deku is ok
deku is ok Prije mjesec
You thought it would be your favorite HRvidr Gio BUT It WAS I, *DIO!*
my boy
my boy Prije mjesec
Am I the only one who keeps getting gnomed in every video?
Chyzzle Prije mjesec
3:37 "May vee" lmfao
MrKillerMoth 44
MrKillerMoth 44 Prije mjesec
Me and the boys pretending to be one guy
Gejmrovec Banán
Gejmrovec Banán Prije mjesec
what is the back music???
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