Rafa Nadal vs Sam Querrey Wimbledon 2019 quarter-final highlights

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10. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 549
Isa Sala
Isa Sala Prije 5 dana
Vamos Rafa!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Maverick Prije 5 dana
Crushed by Federer
Nur Sharmil Aqamar Safeei
High Yoda
High Yoda Prije 5 dana
boring slow court
Josh Prije 6 dana
So here's what will happen. Nadal will beat Roger today. Novak unfortunately will beat Nadal on Sunday. It's all rather predictable.
Josh Prije 4 dana
@ilike Tennis not trash but slightly wrong
ilike Tennis
ilike Tennis Prije 4 dana
Wow your predictions are trash.
KheyKhey8 Prije 6 dana
Job van der Peijl
Job van der Peijl Prije 6 dana
Me: Nadal smiled twice in this match! Nadal: itisunbelievable no?
Jeremy Alan
Jeremy Alan Prije 6 dana
brutal tennis. he may be the fave against Rog.
Mateo Velázquez
Mateo Velázquez Prije 6 dana
Vamos Rafa !
Illuminati Music Inc. NUEVO VIDEO!!!
Illuminati Music Inc. NUEVO VIDEO!!!
Illuminati Music Inc. NUEVO VIDEO!!!
Challenge: 100 subs without a video
Vamos Rafa!! 🇪🇸
Hamza Ejaz
Hamza Ejaz Prije 6 dana
Where is the pic in the highlights that is shown in the thumbnail??? 🤔
Kirito 2295
Kirito 2295 Prije 6 dana
No one: Nadal: MmmAAA!!
rizwan rz7
rizwan rz7 Prije 6 dana
nadal is getting better
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
Too good, but Fed will beat him
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia Prije 6 dana
Monster player.
FiloAus Prije 6 dana
Lol 😂 people are complaining about the highlights is too short, I have a HRvid channel and is not easy to edit and at same time do it quick.
Nelson Ogar
Nelson Ogar Prije 6 dana
wow the highlights are so long keep up the good work
Isidro Vellosillo Rosello
Court 1 ? Patetic
Story Teller - Baby Sleep Music
Nadal's game is very solid. An epic semi-final awaits!
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men Prije 6 dana
great …….
Martin Petrov
Martin Petrov Prije 6 dana
Fed fans are going to cry! It's either now against Rafa or later against Djoko.
REBS76 Prije 6 dana
If Rafa wins that semi finals against Fed, Wimbledon will have a 30 second highlight of that match
Rob Ong
Rob Ong Prije 6 dana
Wow. Longest highlights I've ever seen. Good job.
Onur Bilgen
Onur Bilgen Prije 6 dana
Can u shorthen this?
rokkanaliz 09
rokkanaliz 09 Prije 6 dana
In terms of tennis quality and level, I think that he is the best this year. He is my favorite of this wimbledon i pick him over Federer in the semi and just in front of Novak.
Bouba Madrid
Bouba Madrid Prije 6 dana
Vamos Rafa
Juan Martínez
Juan Martínez Prije 6 dana
Escandaloso el nivel de Nadal!
루이스 Prije 6 dana
Video is too long to watch all. I don't want to waste my time here. Please make it less than 1 minute.
Bülent Kaya
Bülent Kaya Prije 6 dana
sfsfewrewsdafs Prije 6 dana
i did not see anything special in nadal in this match.... he shall not be any match for federer if fed plays like he did against nishi last three sets
ab Prije 6 dana
get your eyes checked then
James Sutter
James Sutter Prije 6 dana
nadal seems to be in a little bit better form than federer and djokovic
Manoffriendship Prije 6 dana
He beat a 6'8 guy...incredible
Abhishek Burly
Abhishek Burly Prije 6 dana
Too ez for Nadal. not at all a worthy opponent. come the semifinal
Vicente Bosch Ferrandis
Vamos rafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nadallllllll eres mi idolo
We want the 2008 fist-pump back.
leo10 GOAT
leo10 GOAT Prije 6 dana
Nadal is the only unlucky player at wimby... Always gets the tough and usual players.. however just like last wimbledon he played great nd will continue so.. Nadal GS no 19.
kirank777 Prije 6 dana
I think we should give wimbledon a time violation warning for giving highlights for less than 10 mins. The highlights are done before rafa took the balls,pulled his underwear and did his other routines and got a time violation before he served
man bat
man bat Prije 6 dana
Hope he annihilates Frauderer in the semis. The Swiss clown and his fans are a joke to the sport.
Akshay Deshmukh
Akshay Deshmukh Prije 6 dana
Even advertisements are longer than this ... :-)
thonyvides Prije 6 dana
Rafa had the hardest draw out of the big 3, yet he still managed to reach the semis. Hope he wins the title.
KozakDuf Prije 7 dana
He was playing this good at AO2019 as well, we all know what happened in the finals
agradina Prije 7 dana
this querrey is probably the worst semifinalist ever in wimbledon.
Phú Nguyễn Đức
Vamos RAFA!!
vinod kumar
vinod kumar Prije 7 dana
Hello Wimbledon pls rename as highlights as minilights
forve sone
forve sone Prije 7 dana
rafa just like a fighter
Crashing Golf Carts!
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