Representing The USA in Saudi Arabia "How we Got There"

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We are fishing in the Red Sea International Fishing Tournament and staying at the Bay La Sun Hotel and Marina.
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10. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 1 548
James Gonzalez Herrera
James Gonzalez Herrera Prije 7 minuta
Lmfao you derp it at the lot lmfaoo. First time ever seeing you fall man, thanks for sharing its makes me that much comfortable.
Tim Jepson
Tim Jepson Prije 25 minuta
1 and half years in Saudia... hope you took your snorkeling gear .
Vince Veloce
Vince Veloce Prije 32 minuta
Where are the videos of the fishing tournament in Saudi Arabia? I've been eagerly waiting?
Michael B
Michael B Prije sat
its more of the same and if dont stop with the everglades seasoning each time... it gets boring, it's like me sprinkling Tony Chachera's on everything
Michael B
Michael B Prije 2 sati
I'm totally here for your family content and values, but not so much for your catch clean and cooks because it the same recipe each time... everglades... i love seeing you break down an animal but now i watch to see how you interact with people not how you cook
silvy7717 Prije 2 sati
Hope you still have a pulse!!
FADED JAGER Prije 2 sati
The best gift you can give to someone is your time because you're giving them something you can never get back
christopher roy
christopher roy Prije 3 sati
Will I be able to watch you guys on tv
cwoarl Prije 3 sati
Where in the world is Robert Arrington!!!!!!!!!
Susanne Myers
Susanne Myers Prije 4 sati
Where are you? Lights out don’t work. You OK?
BATTZ Prije 4 sati
please make a catch clean cook on marlin
Brian Mcdonald
Brian Mcdonald Prije 4 sati
Been a week now we need updates! Hope y'all did well! 💪🏼💯
Omar Moore
Omar Moore Prije 5 sati
Im sick of waiting deer meat shit. Its been a week
Omar Moore
Omar Moore Prije 5 sati
This nigga been back upload some videos shawty
Marinachica !
Marinachica ! Prije 6 sati
Hahahahaha how'd y'all like that move
Marinachica !
Marinachica ! Prije 6 sati
Lol everyone freaking out but if y'all followed his Instagram you would see his daily updates!
jordan buco
jordan buco Prije 7 sati
a week had past but still no update. I pray everything is fine and you're enjoying your stay in saudi
Takin’ It
Takin’ It Prije 8 sati
Hope rob is ok, looking forward to some videos from the trip.
Robert Dietz
Robert Dietz Prije 8 sati
We are supporting you Rob (DMF Team USA). I am itching for a new video as well, but give rob a break he has been in Saudi Arabia and probably has not yet had a chance to edit. I am sure the wait will be worth it.
Robert Dietz
Robert Dietz Prije 8 sati
DMFD that is
Holden Conley
Holden Conley Prije 8 sati
i wish i was able to fish with you even tho im 12 :l
Eric Beeman
Eric Beeman Prije 9 sati
Hey Robert arrington you should try an ocotupos catch clean and cook if there's any around Florida
Granly Rodriguez
Granly Rodriguez Prije 9 sati
New video please please
SilverFox489 Prije 10 sati
DMFD representing USA with a 2nd place finish in the trolling division!
More videos to come! Fish on!🎣🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
5 days and no updates?
bill bright
bill bright Prije 13 sati
jj reno78
jj reno78 Prije 13 sati
I pray every thing is ok with Deer Mom and DMFD haven't heard anything for a while ! Miss you all.
Twila Perry
Twila Perry Prije 13 sati
Hi, I just love your video's! I sell outdoor equiment for fishing, hunting and camping. I was wondering if i sent you one of my unusual products and a fee you would try it on one of your videos? Thanks and keep up the good work! I can be reached at or Thanks Again!
Hummingbird West
Hummingbird West Prije 14 sati
Blue Gabe or Sara, or Robert! Give us a report of how Robert is doing in Saudi Arabia. I can't find any information about a fishing tournament there - either on youbube or the internet. Just let us know that everything is okay. Anybody else concerned?
scott dunsing
scott dunsing Prije 14 sati
Where are the other videos
A Kirby
A Kirby Prije 16 sati
So... I finally found the tournament website online. Contained within the Rules of Conduct, I found this: "Invitations of local or international Media (Print, TV, Radio), and the publication of any pictures, videos, news or information through any social media channel (HRvid, Facebook, 5 ﺎﮭﻋﺍﻮﻧﺍ ﺔﻓﺎﻛ ﻰﻠﻋ ﻡﻼﻋﻹﺍ ﻞﺋﺎﺳﻭ ﺓﻮﻋﺩ ﻊﻨﻤﯾ ﺮﺸﻧ ﻊﻨﻤﯾ ﺎﻤﻛ (ﺔﯿﻋﺍﺫﺇ ﻭﺃ ﺓﺰﻔﻠﺘﻣ ﻭﺃ ﺔﻋﻮﺒﻄﻣ) ﺕﺎﻣﻮﻠﻌﻣ ﻭﺃ ﺭﺎﺒﺧﺃ ﻭﺃ ﻮﯾﺪﯿﻓ ﻊﻃﺎﻘﻣ ﻭﺃ ﺭﻮﺻ ﻱﺃ ﻞﺻﺍﻮﺘﻟﺍ ﻊﻗﺍﻮﻣ ﻭﺃ ﻡﻼﻋﻻﺍ ﻞﺋﺎﺳﻭ ﺮﺒﻋ ، ﻡﺍﺮﺠﺘﺴﻧﺍ ، ﻙﻮﺑ ﺲﯿﻓ، ﺏﻮﯿﺗﻮﯾ) ﺔﯿﻋﺎﻤﺘﺟﻹﺍ Instagram, Twitter, etc...) or any other means are not allowed unless ECA's prior written approval is obtained." On that note, I did find someone in another post who said the team #TeamUSA took 2nd place! Even if he can't post any footage of the tournament, it would be nice (Rob) if you would post a short update letting fans know you are back on US soil? Peace!
allenruth1 Prije 16 sati
Goodluck robert and team USA..keep safe and God bless!!!
Shaun Kent
Shaun Kent Prije 17 sati
I saw that u met john brooks somewhere
Kareem Linjawi
Kareem Linjawi Prije 18 sati
The DMFD team were a class act, real gentlemen! The fish were not really on the bite so all the teams had to work hard. We were proud to compete against a number of international teams of pro fishermen from all over the globe. Looking forward to the follow up videos and working together in the future. Team Reel Karizzma
mohammed almasoudi
mohammed almasoudi Prije 18 sati
He went and never come back
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan Prije 18 sati
Nice sir i m ur friend frm Saudi Arabia
Tee Taala
Tee Taala Prije 22 sati
Come on hanging for next vid
Six Figure
Six Figure Prije 22 sati
Welcome to Saudi bro
Richard Joson
Richard Joson Prije 23 sati
Been 6 days already :/ What’s happening rob?
Troy Garcia
Troy Garcia Prije dan
Tighten that drag, sharpen those points and get ready to set that hook!!!! Good luck to you guys!!!! Dmfdusa!
Smart Kids
Smart Kids Prije dan
That's just to get more views for next video just like avatar 2 hasn't come out
Joseph Kool
Joseph Kool Prije dan
Robert hasn't posted a video in almost a week. I hope he isn't in a Saudi prison for smuggling pork into the country.
علوووش علووش
OMG 😂😂😂😂😂
William Alloway
William Alloway Prije dan
wndzman Prije dan
congratulations on 1.7 million subs!!
Lasandra Barney
Lasandra Barney Prije dan
Rob where are you I need more videos from this trip 😊😊😊..... Been staring at my notification for the past couple of days lol
try moree
try moree Prije dan
Yo DeerMeat you ok in Saudi Arabia? Do I need to contact the Marines??
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez Prije dan
Video update!!
David Star
David Star Prije dan
Did something happen to you or your family? We're concerned brother,🙄
and i oop-
and i oop- Prije 13 sati
Nathaniel Johnson WHATT?!?! shut ur frkn rumors up ok?!?! we like americans
David Star
David Star Prije 14 sati
@Nathaniel Johnson Looks like they are ok just couldn't post anything
Nathaniel Johnson
Nathaniel Johnson Prije 14 sati
I'm worried also David. I have been to the middle East and they do not like Americans. His American flag gear is a fed flag overseas. I am praying for a safe return.
lwarren74 Prije dan
annnnd sliding into West Marine, Robert Arrington...SAFE!
Cleveland Thomas
Hey Robert where is part 2 of this video its been 5 days
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