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Robocalls are a growing problem. If only we could make the FCC care a little bit more about fixing it.
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Komentari 100
xZANZIBARZx Prije 11 minuta
*John Oliver aka NPC King*
brianbirc Prije 4 sati
Damn I thought this was a skit where the squirrel in a suit that used to be funny would not be the puppet that bagged on one of or the best Presidents Of The USA. Not so lucky i find out. Just 100% puppet of the monopoly owned MSM to take down the Constitutional Republic USA ! Sad and pathetic ! Makes me want to hunt squirrels and send them to him. I need to find out when squirrels are in season and hope I get some that carry bubonic plague I heard and read about. After I find out how to not get it collecting and mailing them in case one has it. What's worse that robocalls ? The Squirrel puppet skid mark in Americas shorts and the like. PS Those that agree with be refrain from contact or being to close to him in case I get one with that infection I do not know how to verify so ???
Javier Avendaño
Javier Avendaño Prije 5 sati
John Oliver is not the hero the FCC wants, but the hero the FCC needs
mountain boy
mountain boy Prije 12 sati
13:09 might be the best reaction of all time. If there could be a gif with sound, i hope this could be one of them
Mike Price
Mike Price Prije 16 sati
Argonanth Prije dan
... People actually answer their phones when it's not from a number they know? The only time I even pick up is from numbers I know, and that's because I know if they are calling me it's important otherwise they would text. If a company needs to contact me they can email or send me a letter and I'll call them back when I have time.
Mediatech492 Prije dan
I don't care who you are or why you're calling, if you use a robot to call me it had better be R2-D2 or I am hanging up.
Raymond Nonya
Raymond Nonya Prije 2 dana
when I talk to the IRS or credit card people I ask them if they have running water and took a shower :-)
Logikael Impakt Senzory Overload
I'm amazed that "T2T" isn't more popular. I've been using "Text 2 Talk" as a basis for establishing legitimacy since 2008.. I find it to be the laziest if not the most effective of countermeasures.
v5red Prije 2 dana
Sooo given that Some More News covered this in December and this take on it was very similar with some of the same sources, I wonder how many people watch the HRvid channel Some More News.
Mel H.
Mel H. Prije dan
I have some more news for you, robo calls have been around for decades and are in heavy use every election cycle. Interesting, huh?
Enlil The Prince
Enlil The Prince Prije 3 dana
John Oliver is my new superhero lol
Privacy Valued
Privacy Valued Prije 3 dana
348 W 57th Street #301, New York, NY 10019.
Joslyn Mott
Joslyn Mott Prije 3 dana
I love messing with scam callers. Let me rephrase that: I love saying things like "I hope your children die of cholera in your arms, which considering that you live in India is a legitimate threat, and the last thing they say before they float off into the eather are 'daddy, I don't love you.'" Or, "mommy, I don't love you," I don't want to sound sexist. I have a few others in my arsenal that are so Hiroshima-level devastating I can't say them here. I love making scammers cry. So far, I'm up to four people crying. What can I say, I enjoy messing with scammers because my life is pathetic and making some poor sap on the other side of the world who lives in abject poverty cry gets me sexually aroused. Also, fuck Ashit Pie.
Cameron Prije 3 dana
Anyone here after the FCC gave mobile carriers a sleuth of ways to manage robocalls?
Sietse Van Overstraeten
this man is great
user unknown
user unknown Prije 4 dana
that is why for the last several years I don't ever pickup a phone I don't know and google every incoming one to see if it was anything important to call back. So congrats, robo calls effectively destroyed part of the essential service.
kwayneg7 Prije 4 dana
Real people don't call me anymore. 100% robot calls. I think Its great. I don't even have to talk. I just let the phone ring and scan the voice mail. How do I sleep at night? Like a dolphin.
Rosa Lopez
Rosa Lopez Prije 4 dana
I literally received a robo call while watching this on my phone. They have started to call me from numbers starting with my area code so I can pick up.
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
Nintendo is my only friend oh
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
But so dose a rack and pinion
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
And I'm getting tired
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
Pi 3.475 no I don't know pi dose rx alot
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
I'm not a cop
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
What color is charly
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
The green ???
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
But I'm still Jeremy Patrick Peter Calnan
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
A mutha f#@$ grandpa
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
And this is a message from your local MFG
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
Or straight forward
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
At a target
Jeremy Calnan
Jeremy Calnan Prije 4 dana
Krinis Prije 4 dana
The address is 348 W 57th Street, #301, New York, NY 10019 You're welcome, FCC
Sqwizzy Prije 4 dana
6:23 My water came out of my fucking nose I was laughing so hard
TheAmbientUniverse Prije 5 dana
You know what I've done for the past 15 years to alleviate the situation? Haven't answered my phone.
Syfer Polski
Syfer Polski Prije 5 dana
John Oliver - the hero we don't deserve, but have
Mckenzie Arden
Mckenzie Arden Prije 5 dana
Fuck Ajit Pai. He’s a scum bag.
icyninja51 Prije 5 dana
I get constant robocalls in Chinese like every other day
visionsofpromise Prije 6 dana
Gord Davison
Gord Davison Prije 6 dana
What I'd like to ask is: Why the fuck ain't John Oliver in the White House? His humour shows reason and the satire shows intelligence, something that is seemingly missing from that place...
Mel H.
Mel H. Prije dan
I think you said yourself, he's too smart for that. : )
Gord Davison
Gord Davison Prije 6 dana
The thing to do with robo calls is to waste their time. Try to get a person on the line then start to waste time. I did this multiple times with the people from Mumbai, India who for some reason wanted to clean my ducks in Brampton Canada. Like I do have pigs and cows so why only y ducks? It's confusing. But if you waste their time, when it costs them money,, like when you actually get a human on line then they will stop calling you and at the same time you get to punish them.
R T Prije 7 dana
R T Prije 7 dana
this is how you handle them
Sean D
Sean D Prije 7 dana
And now this. Some Americans thinks it is smart to connect the locks and cameras on their house to their phone and internet.
FastLikeUNO Prije 7 dana
IMPORTANT NOTE: The IRS will NEVER call nor email you. If you messed up they will physically mail you a letter.
Dusty Trails
Dusty Trails Prije 7 dana
I'd be surprised if Wells Fargo wasn't one.
Spiderus Prije 8 dana
A Shit Pai
Jonathan Palmer
Jonathan Palmer Prije 8 dana
I have t mobile and they block so many of them for me automatically. Its beautiful.
Rhiannon Soto
Rhiannon Soto Prije 8 dana
Guess whaaaaaaaaaat, I'm not a robot. A robooooooot.🎶🎶🎵🎶🎵
mamitaro24 Prije 8 dana
I hate the one with Chinese robocall. I don’t even understand Chinese but they left voice mail. So I asked my Chinese friend what they are saying. They said “your visa is expired I will help process the paper work. Pay me money” and the other one is “wells fargo trying to help you pay bills and debt.” I don’t have debt or Wells Fargo account. So I kept ignoring but damn they kept calling me. Chinese robocall is the most annoying one because they call from either (800) or outside of the US!
Willy Beamish
Willy Beamish Prije 8 dana
Ahshit Pie is fucking horrible, and he's there because the fuckfaces in this country put Donald Trump in the white house.
Phillip Riggins
Phillip Riggins Prije 9 dana
Great video, thanks for posting this video. I'm to the point where I won't even answer my phone anymore
Rob G
Rob G Prije 9 dana
So much better than all that horseshit Trump bashing you've been doing lately... keep it up and please try to avoid getting too political.
sean callahan
sean callahan Prije 9 dana
I think Biden may be close to Goober. So we may get that next
Axe Capital
Axe Capital Prije 9 dana
Well,there must be an easy solution , we don’t have them in Europe:-)
Karen Bear
Karen Bear Prije 9 dana
@10:02 , thats the type of fucking call we have been getting !, but a medicaid health insurance scam call........
Karen Bear
Karen Bear Prije 9 dana
WE HAVE BEEN GETTING F**king ROBO CALLS EVERY FUCKING DAY , and adding our number on the fucking .gov site does not work , fuck, i yelled at one today , it felt great, made the fucker stutter and shit, next time that fucker calls, i going to make him feel like he shit his pants,
Julia Day
Julia Day Prije 10 dana
His robocall voice reminds me of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Mister Argenr
Mister Argenr Prije 10 dana
Seeing the greatest innovation in communications of the early 20th century and the eventual foundation for the 'net gradually get turned into a vehicle for nuisances and scams is a particularly hard-hitting little slice of hellworld.
Joe Morales
Joe Morales Prije 10 dana
Cpt. X
Cpt. X Prije 10 dana
Wow, never knew it was so big there!
tom quigley
tom quigley Prije 10 dana
I wonder if the officials in-charge of the fcc are in a securely locked building?
Justin Long
Justin Long Prije 10 dana
Wow, the guy who ended net neutrality doesn't give a shit about robo calls
ned kelly
ned kelly Prije 11 dana
What would have really been kickass would have been if Oliver could make every audience member's phone ring by pressing the button.
ned kelly
ned kelly Prije 11 dana
The one thing that would eliminate robocalls would be to somehow make it a "hate crime" to have a robot make a robocall. Then the lberals would find some way to stop them in about 5 minutes. Hell, if we could get about a dozen folks from the minority communities to say "racism" about robocalls, the calls would be gone the same day.
CrimePhoenix 27
CrimePhoenix 27 Prije 11 dana
Thank god all registered company numbers in Denmark has to display the country code too, so as long as it says +45 in front of a phone number, and you don't expect a call from a company, there is a 99% chance that you can safely ignore the call...
Brendon Tan
Brendon Tan Prije 11 dana
Has anyone fpund the address yet?
zombievampire95 Prije 11 dana
Why was the stamp rant tangent too real.. 🤣
sailingbrewer Prije 11 dana
How's your robocaller going
Abby Is Watching
Abby Is Watching Prije 11 dana
John Oliver's legal department picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. Again. 💖👏
K V Prije 11 dana
Pai = useless
DodgeThis 82
DodgeThis 82 Prije 12 dana
10:46 "(LAUGHS)" Gave me freaking chills.
Insanity _Attacks
Insanity _Attacks Prije 12 dana
Every time I get a robo call I stick my face really close to the mic and breathe really heavily into it.
Nicolas A. Winter
Nicolas A. Winter Prije 12 dana
Brian McCullough
Brian McCullough Prije 12 dana
Somehow the endings to this show are inspiring
Phil Morgan
Phil Morgan Prije 12 dana
I actually got a flippin' spam call in the middle of watching this.
Aakarsh Darla
Aakarsh Darla Prije 13 dana
John has definitely being strong armed by the Trump administration given the fact that the Muller report video which it is now not available in this channel. I think this worthless topic substitute for the real truth you wanted to talk about. Now we have it even John Oliver who we thought would not be touched and was savage has been silenced.
Balazs Mehes
Balazs Mehes Prije 12 dana
the Mueller report video is still there pal, just checked, relax
Team VLCN Prije 13 dana
I refuse to answer any calls that I do not recognize or it's not in my contacts list.
America Woke
America Woke Prije 14 dana
Yup. Criminals don't giveafuuuck about no "Do-Not-Call" list. 'specially when they're cloning phone numbers, in a temporary location and will be gone before cops arrive, or are calling from across the pond in India--the 'new Nigeria.' (Bitch, you're name ain't 'Andy!')
wonthematch ontheface
wonthematch ontheface Prije 14 dana
the address is actually there. 348W-57th street ,NY, 10019
Matt F
Matt F Prije 14 dana
I just don’t get the profit model with these calls, especially the pre recorded ones, I’ve waited and tried to get a real person so I can talk outrageous shit to them, and usually it’s just a recorded message, then hangs up, if you call the number back it’s not available, so they are randomly generating numbers that show up on the caller ID, so am I missing where the person who called is making money off this? Or do they just like to bother people?
KendrixTermina Prije 14 dana
gotta love the big red buttons tho what an art
KendrixTermina Prije 14 dana
Like spam mail for your phone? Woe the united states id dystopian. If we had that over here id just put my phone on mute 24/7 but I realize that parents or businesspeople cant do that
dns.denis dnse
dns.denis dnse Prije 14 dana
Hi John, I've been watching and enjoying your shows for a very long time now. I suppose my message will be lost among other comments, but...if i might get lucky, and someone will read...I wanted to ask you something: I am doing a recap of your shows on HBO and i got to sez 3 ep 2-abortions- and there were some discussed law inforcements regarding this topic in several states. My question is...What happened? Did they pass? And adiacent did they impact the population? Did you notice a significant change? What i wanted to it possible to have, from time to time, a recap and current status on some of the topics you have discussed?for example, Brazil elections? And soo many other topics that were very interesting and funny(of course) debated in your show. You already coverred in full Brexit and that is one topic that remains to be discussed. But , in my country stupid , shitty things happen and we don t have a John Oliver:( to ,at least TRY to point us on the absurdity of some questionable passing laws and analfabetical "guvernours" that we have. I wanted to ask you for this "update" , hopping , praying , that if America can surpass its nonsense, maybe some of us-the little people- still have a hope. Or i will just lay here and watch everything burn:)))
Jeffrey pressman
Jeffrey pressman Prije 14 dana
I think he forgot you have to buy 20 stamps from Walgreens!
Asad Jaleel
Asad Jaleel Prije 14 dana
I found the address! Hey Ajit Bhai, if you want it, find me on HRvid.
Erin Prije 14 dana
This is why no one answers their phone, checks voice mails 25% of the time, and only text. Texting is the way to get the best results in my line of work when calling doesn't work. Even when they are the one with the problem and I am trying to help them. lol
Vanessa V
Vanessa V Prije 15 dana
Are you flirting with a federal officer?
Irishslag Prije 15 dana
John Oliver for president!!!!!!!!!
Xerexes Mondavi
Xerexes Mondavi Prije 16 dana
The Enemy Within. AT & T, Verizon, like Robocalls and do nothing to prevent them because it's profitable for them
Mitch M
Mitch M Prije 16 dana
Chaotic neutral
lerd herlix
lerd herlix Prije 17 dana
i think it's funny when i get calls about needing to fix a problem with my Chase card i don't have Chase
lareponse42 Prije 17 dana
10:42 SLIP DE BAIN !!! (this means "swimming trunks") (only French nerds will notice this)
Lutz Herting
Lutz Herting Prije 17 dana
Meanwhile, in Germany, we had a different approach to that problem: - Step 1 : Making that Robocall bullshit illegal in the first place - Step 2 : Not thinking about it anymore
Shabadoo Shabadoo
+mjmoughtin They don't make it illegal because due to the frequency of the crime 90% of the police force would have to be investigating robo calls at all times and then they wouldn't have any authority to stop them anyways because they all come from india.
K Petrov
K Petrov Prije 3 dana
this is such a great idea, make a law and then criminals will stop calling !
Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace Prije 3 dana
mjmoughtin you know, I would really like to know more about where you are from and what you do, you seem to be the most reasonable person in the comment section
Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace Prije 3 dana
mjmoughtin politicians have as much political will as their constituents demand, if people make their voice heard action will be taken or a politician will find themselves out of a job And the idea that some laws won’t work here is less based on how physically large the country is and more based in how fragmented the government is Our constitution was designed to limit the federal governments authority, crimes are more likely to be tried in a state court than a federal court here Honestly, you seem likely a reasonable person and I’m sorry if I come across as rude, I’m just sick of always seeing comments on various forums(i.e reddit, HRvid, etc) that imply that America (and Americans) is/are somehow incompetent (some are of course) and I blame ignorance, ignorance of how our country truly works and a distinct lack in desire to learn Having said that, I wish more of my own countrymen would not only learn how their government functions but also how major governments in the world function, such as the EU and the UN
Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace Prije 3 dana
Kathrin Fuchs I pointed out the robocalls that I most often received, I very rarely receive spam calls, I maybe receive a singular spam call once every few months-I would suspect most of those complaints at the FTC are more in the vein of that unfortunate soul who received 20 calls in a day from a legit company As to your second point-automation is a thing and has been for pretty much forever, jobs will be lost as sectors die out-that’s just how the free market works-as jobs die out in one sector, growth is inevitably expected in another sector as innovation creates new sectors
JZ Prije 17 dana
I wished that robocalling fcc was real.
Costa Govan
Costa Govan Prije 17 dana
Legit my phone started ringing when he pushed the button 😂
jeremy kowkabany
jeremy kowkabany Prije 17 dana
Did anyone else find the address in Moby Dick?
FireMage127 Prije 17 dana
Humanity has peaked today
stone spicher
stone spicher Prije 18 dana
2019: I’ve had so many scam and spam calls
A Human Being
A Human Being Prije 18 dana
a lawsuit against..... ME? good thing I dont...... CARE!
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