Robocalls: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Robocalls are a growing problem. If only we could make the FCC care a little bit more about fixing it.
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11. Ožu 2019.



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Komentari 13 096
Richie Schneider
Richie Schneider Prije 8 sati
Does John Oliver not know about ATM's (Automated Teller Machine, NOT Ass To Mouth) or do none of the ones he's used sell stamps??? Also I think they made a mistake with the address in the Moby Dick chapter. It says 348 W 57th street, but on Google Maps I can only find a 347 and a 350.
mountain boy
mountain boy Prije 20 sati
13:10 this reaction is vital
Seyun Park
Seyun Park Prije 21 sat
I found this in the text: The address is 348 W 57rh Street, #301, New York NY, 10019, which is a UPS store.
Bboops23 Prije dan
John Oliver is expressing every New Yorker's hatred of going to mail stuff
# BiTPoJLoM Prije 3 dana
Ali Epstein
Ali Epstein Prije 3 dana
“You like that business daddy” 😂
Du da
Du da Prije 3 dana
3:20 one of the tasks for my at my work is supervising a call center that uses robo calls and I'm actually really grad that in Germany, you're blocked from calling someone more than 3 times a day as a company. Of course, the US won't put up such a law as limiting restrictions of any kind is apparantly better than caring for the greater good.
Aaditya Chandrasekhar
348 W 57th street, #301 New York NY 10019 ( If anyone was wondering what the address is )
Travissaur Prije 4 dana
Anyone know if the calls to the FCC are still happening? Or did they shut that down quickly?
Trinitrotoluene Monomania
faisal ashfaq
faisal ashfaq Prije 4 dana
In India, we have a simple approach. if the number is unknown, i am gonna let it ring till the company cease make calls.
Krucifer 420
Krucifer 420 Prije 4 dana
I lost it when he revealed the bigger hand
KingSkyLord Prije 6 dana
16:57 The street is "348 W 57th Street, #301, New York, NY 10019"
Mickey McGowan
Mickey McGowan Prije 6 dana
1:31 %60? Were some of those complaint calls robo calls
Mickey McGowan
Mickey McGowan Prije 6 dana
I dont pay for calling anymore.
Jennie Kelly
Jennie Kelly Prije 6 dana
This man is TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!
such doge
such doge Prije 7 dana
couldn't you do calls at random intervals between 10 minutes and 4 hours so that they had no idea which calls were from John
Team VLCN Prije 7 dana
Why is having a Tea Salon called Neverland a problem?
Evil Ramsey
Evil Ramsey Prije 7 dana
That is the most "Mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore," moments I've seen in a while. Dig it.
Ryan Limpert
Ryan Limpert Prije 7 dana
If you really did this, you are my hero.
tyler kinley
tyler kinley Prije 7 dana
Let's just kill the bastards. Seriously. All this violence in America, and we can't manage to dead the pricks that most deserve it?
ysa :P
ysa :P Prije 7 dana
The prop guys at LastWeekTonight have one of the most amazing jobs
Michael McNulty
Michael McNulty Prije 8 dana
This is the best segment he's ever done.
Andrew Oh
Andrew Oh Prije 8 dana
basically i liked pranking robocalls and hacker tech support since i was umm 7 years old. what a community i live in
Ultra Vires
Ultra Vires Prije 8 dana
Every time I watch one of this episodes, I am happy to live in Europe.
Winged BluJ
Winged BluJ Prije 5 dana
But then it hits you, Article 13 and Brexit is just making things worse for everyone there too.
Alan Granger
Alan Granger Prije 9 dana
Don't put your number on the Internet
Anthony Brookes
Anthony Brookes Prije 10 dana
348W 57th Street #301 New York, NY 10019
Alpin Art
Alpin Art Prije 10 dana
just tell the companies that they're wasting money
jordi haskerkehrer
jordi haskerkehrer Prije 11 dana
348 W 57th. Street, #301, New York, NY 10019 yalls
Weekend Vlogs
Weekend Vlogs Prije 11 dana
I just answer if there is no decline then hang up because obviously they are telling fake tea because they ain’t my friend
Jeremy Ma
Jeremy Ma Prije 12 dana
John Oliver made it too easy for the FCC to stop John Oliver's robocalls. It doesn't even take a minute to find the address in the scrolling text.
Anna Rook
Anna Rook Prije 12 dana
lol I got a robocall while I was watching this
Claire Kim
Claire Kim Prije 12 dana
I got a robocall right after watching this video about robocalls. Thanks Mr oliver
Brianna Ramirez
Brianna Ramirez Prije 13 dana
Hey i get calls on my phone but when i answer the person who calls me it's silent and hangs up and it's everry day
Emily P
Emily P Prije 13 dana
I get spam calls from the Chinese embassy to inform me that my Visa is expiring...... I'm a New Zealander.
Ark1265 Plus
Ark1265 Plus Prije 13 dana
10:02 ...Oh sorry, I'm just leaving this gem here.
topherh33 Prije 13 dana
hmmm an Indian man doesn't want to stop robocalls? Why is this not a surprise?
jkjk00222 Prije 14 dana check this out if you hate these scams
Kamikazu08 Prije 14 dana
Oh hey, I just went to that tea salon - Neverland, yesterday. Lol.
Paula Brown
Paula Brown Prije 14 dana
OMG. 😂. Thank you for turning the f....g table!!! Hahahaha!!! John Oliver GENIUS!!!
Sonya Maddox
Sonya Maddox Prije 16 dana
Justin Updyke
Justin Updyke Prije 16 dana
Nah, I don't answer anybody i dot have in my contacts list.
Lilycheese4 Prije 16 dana
I got three robocalls from the same number while watching this.
Stenny Thomas
Stenny Thomas Prije 19 dana
Who else received a robocall WHILST watching this??
Delar Original
Delar Original Prije 19 dana
I want to buy T-Mobile immediately! BUY T-MOBILE NOW!
thespoonlord Prije 19 dana
living in 2019 i can confirm that 95% of calls i recieve are robocalls, and half of them are silent
Celena Oxley
Celena Oxley Prije 19 dana
Awuondo L.
Awuondo L. Prije 20 dana
A part of me thinks that the increase was by the anti robocall apps to make people pay for/download the apps... Create a problem,or make a problem worse,then make people pay to have you solve the problem.
NFSHeld Prije 20 dana
Hah! What were the chances... I paused the video at a random moment while Moby Dick was scrolling through and the address was right there on the screen, like right in the center of it. It is Don't you think it is time to do something instead of scrolling through comments on a HRvid video?
odibex Prije 21 dan
hey what was the Neverland joke about? i didn't get it 🙁
odibex Prije 21 dan
I just watched Glengarry Glen Ross it's incredible, all this stuff used to be done by skilled professionals. like these guys, this is pretty stupid, Mitchell & Webb:
G Elder
G Elder Prije 21 dan
If it wasn’t for robo calls I wouldn’t get any calls at all
Polite Cat
Polite Cat Prije 21 dan
you can thank india for the majority of these robocalls
Brian Angel
Brian Angel Prije 22 dana
9:55 - Now that's some CREEPY Ai !!!
Cherry Coffrin
Cherry Coffrin Prije 22 dana
I have noticed here the last few months that I am not getting as many robocalls. Used to get several a day, now I may get one a month. Something has changed.
John Call
John Call Prije 23 dana
Hey Kelly Ann Conway, can you say the words “I am not a robot”
legendhero 45
legendhero 45 Prije 24 dana
Thank you for the video! All of you friends are super awesome! Oh, moments in that video are sad.
lato649 Prije 25 dana
This was literally an episode on the Simpsons, and Homer lost in court. haha
Munif A.
Munif A. Prije 26 dana
It's already past that point. I get one IRL call a day. I get 1-2 scam calls a day.
Blacksun388 Prije 26 dana
Yesterday the HOR passed anti-robocall legislation through with almost a unanimous 429-3 vote. Let's see how the Senate votes.
Samuel Leblanc
Samuel Leblanc Prije 27 dana
Play robot recalls to calm down.
Brenyatta Prije 28 dana
Did anybody else actually look for the hidden address?
Rain Delay
Rain Delay Prije 28 dana
My God, this man and his team can put up a show...
RandomDroppings Prije 28 dana
Go here - in thirty days, 95% of the shit will stop.
Steven Miller
Steven Miller Prije 29 dana
Very funny and sad how very little actual knowledge he has about the Postal Service.
Steven Miller
Steven Miller Prije 29 dana
P.S. They need it in WRITING and the subject about robocalls is WHY they need the actual signature in the mail.
Jason Coomer
Jason Coomer Prije 29 dana
Andrew Jackson killed the banks,i guess that still triggers the International Bankers that pull the Owls puppet strings...
catlover12670 Prije mjesec
For anyone who's curious, the address is 348W 57th Street, #301 Ney York NY 10019.
The Intelligent Gamer
“I GOT YOU BUSINESS DADDY!” I love how the people funding him aren’t even safe from him
Jithin Jacob
Jithin Jacob Prije mjesec
I love his disses on AT&T
Rita Gaston
Rita Gaston Prije mjesec
You’re really funny enough without the bad taste / profanity
Justin Burns
Justin Burns Prije mjesec
Rita Gaston shut the fuck up
Misterkingdom Prije mjesec
He's such a troll lmao
lucaboden Prije mjesec
I am against Death Penalty, but for Death Penalty for serial rapists, serial child molestors, murderers, and Robocallers.
Stephanie Halim
Stephanie Halim Prije mjesec
Whar is the actual prop budget for this show
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy Prije mjesec
*D O Y O U L I K E T H A T , B U S I N E S S D A D D Y ?*
Kelli Eisenberg
Kelli Eisenberg Prije mjesec
I got a robocall while watching this video LOL
Daniel Wallach
Daniel Wallach Prije mjesec
I still think if more people would answer calls and waste the scammers time, it would stop being cost effective. They thrive because the naive and uneducated (and sometimes infirm) are the one's that answer the calls and they are the one's that fall for the scams.
Jonathan Wulf
Jonathan Wulf Prije mjesec
I live in Germany and never got a robocall ever in my life. Sometimes just making something illegal works, simple as that.
Simon Shallow Grave
Simon Shallow Grave Prije mjesec
*Phone rings* John Oliver: Oh no I just got a Robocall. Phone:(In Robotic voice) Beep Boop Hello my name is Robo. I am calling from the year 2,300 A.D. to warn you. If you are receiving this call that means you are in grave danger. Please check your surroundings. Check if it's past the year 1999 A.D and if there is food still existing. If the answer to both of these questions is yes that means you are stuck in the Matrix and I advise you to attempt to break out. Thank you. John Oliver:.......That's a new one. I hope someone gets the reference.
geoff dearth
geoff dearth Prije mjesec
I received a call that there was some warrant out for my arrest but since I have more than a grain of common sense I simply ignored it.
The PO From Hell
The PO From Hell Prije mjesec
I, a Canadian, get robocalls fucking constantly.
Kein Islam Kein Problem
I, a german, never get robocalls for they are illegal in the first place. I pity you.
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