Robocalls: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Robocalls are a growing problem. If only we could make the FCC care a little bit more about fixing it.
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11. Ožu 2019.



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Komentari 12 081
bugxmusic Prije sat
Not living in the US: Ive literally never heard about this. Sounds fucked up
STS Tech
STS Tech Prije 4 sati
That's so disturbing!
๏ςՇ๏г๏к รยรђเ
Idjit Pai's such a transparent mealy mouthed lil shit weasel who I've no doubt would sell his own grandma if the price was right. I'm betting it wouldn't even be triple digits.
Zach Jones
Zach Jones Prije 5 sati
If there's one thing I can agree with John with, it's that Ajit Pai is a goober.
Linda Freeman
Linda Freeman Prije 5 sati
Tell your love ones to get the app hiya it is free and it works for scams god bless
Angelina Cruz
Angelina Cruz Prije 5 sati
"What's the point of calling someone 20 times a day?" - it's like texting my lover 20 times in a row, out of desperation for a booty call.
David Fu
David Fu Prije 6 sati
Should've used this for the bagpipe music:
Rosario Longoria
Rosario Longoria Prije 6 sati
Omg..I LOVE JOHN!!😮😮😮😘😘😘😊😮😮
LiK Prije 7 sati
LMAO, dat ending
vermafam Prije 7 sati
So you mean to say my social security was not hacked? And I did not have to give them $5000. And Ajit got a cut in it? O! Darn Oliver, why did you not tell me that sooner? And what about all the Hilton free bookings I got? Nooooooo!
Natalee  Steele
Natalee Steele Prije 7 sati
I Love John So Much
s Bee
s Bee Prije 8 sati
for some reason giant body parts give me nightmares, but otherwise great show!
Laylah Ghweir
Laylah Ghweir Prije 8 sati
It should be said that I have no fucking idea how to mail things. No joke, im in high school and i've never had to mail anything in my life. how tf
TheOutsiderOW Prije 9 sati
I got a robocall while watching this
Ben Krauss
Ben Krauss Prije 9 sati
16:56 the address is 348 W 57th Street, #301 New York, NY 10019. You're welcome.
frottery Prije 11 sati
Remember in the Corporate Consolidation bit ( where you said that pressing a button on TV is dangerous, because you could put anything underneath/in response to it? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Bera Ozer
Bera Ozer Prije 11 sati
He’s now a national hero😂
Joshua Weickum
Joshua Weickum Prije 11 sati
I f@#$ing love that guy!
Assembler Productions
Assembler Productions Prije 12 sati
348 W. 57th Street, #301, New York, NY 10019
pinetarsoap Prije 12 sati
I get calls to get an extended warranty for my vehicle.... I drive a old beat up 1968 Ford pickup. Sounds great to me!!
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke Prije 13 sati
John Oliver is an American GEM!
Riley Tan
Riley Tan Prije 13 sati
I was very excited to get a call saying that my bank could lower my mortgage payment. Except for the fact I’m in middle school.
Captain Bunny
Captain Bunny Prije 14 sati
I get so many of these that I don't answer numbers I don't know. I've missed actual calls before because I won't answer if I don't recognize a number or the location it is from. It's always "Katie on a recorded line" or something about my Medicare health benefits that I don't have. I'm on the Do Not Call list and it doesn't matter. I also get calls from spoofed numbers usually with the same first three digits. Called back a couple of times. One lady cursed me out, called me a bitch and hung up. Another was really understanding and I explained that someone probably spoofed her number because she hadn't actually called.
Anca Creanga
Anca Creanga Prije 14 sati
That dance he does while he says Johnny acting up again at 7:50 kills me
Coleholio Prije 14 sati
Literally got one watching this
Jeff Kim
Jeff Kim Prije 15 sati
I got a robocall while watching this.
Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis Prije 15 sati
If you simply made every caller pay a nickel to every person called, non-targeted calls would be dramatically reduced. White lists could be institute so you didn't have to pay your mother to call... likewise businesses could opt out.
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy Prije 17 sati
Dragos Fotache
Dragos Fotache Prije 17 sati
Haha it's the current year guy!
c a t
c a t Prije 17 sati
Ajit Pai's face. Oh my god. It literally spells 'PUNCH ME WITH THE POWER OF A THOUSAND SUNS'
M Goodey
M Goodey Prije 17 sati
Dude, you can buy stamps online and they'll be delivered to your house. If you didn't buy some of the Mr. Rogers stamps, shame on you.
John W
John W Prije 17 sati
I literally started crying laughing so hard!! John's face after the robot call with the reporter had me dying!!!LMAO!
Johny G
Johny G Prije 17 sati
One of my favorite episodes!! Maybe it should have been a middle finger!!
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Prije 18 sati
My girlfriend's brother got a robocall telling him that she and I had been abducted threatening to kill us.
Sarah Roddey
Sarah Roddey Prije 18 sati
America needs more people with John Oliver’s balls and ability to not gaf
Buick Debaron
Buick Debaron Prije 18 sati
Wasn't Tom Wheeler the original Wolf in the Henhouse on this show?
Buick Debaron
Buick Debaron Prije 19 sati
Tip: If you get a robocall, try pressing 2 on the keypad. I did that to all the ones I was getting and they have let up quite a bit
SlipperyMooseCakes Prije 19 sati
If you have T-mobile and type in #662# it will automatically block calls that would show up as "Scam Likely". It isn't perfect but it helps. Oh and it's free.
emeralddarkness Prije 19 sati
The guy asking if the caller was a robot was real aggrivating because I've worked in a lot of call centers and have had a lot of people assume I'm a robot. Normally I just laugh it off and assume that just means I sound professional but let me tell you it gets real aggrivating when someone won't drop it.
0 13
0 13 Prije 20 sati
This is why I don’t answer numbers not in my contacts
nalyeone Prije 20 sati
Found the address in the Moby Dick chapter :D
Montgomery Burns
Montgomery Burns Prije 21 sat
I think my "blocked contact" list has exceeded 2,000. I've been using an app that catches about 80% of robo/scam calls. And yeah, I pay 99 cents a month for it. It doubles as a health-app because it keeps the big vein in my head from exploding. Mr. Oliver strikes again with brilliance.
borot man
borot man Prije 23 sati
Hey, you'd all tell me you're not robots, right?
Holly Rey
Holly Rey Prije dan
*laughs* I AM a real person :)
John Timmons
John Timmons Prije dan
Doesn’t make the joke any less funny, but I actually did find the P.O. Box number pretty easily
Bahjo Mohamed
Bahjo Mohamed Prije dan
I find John Oliver handsome and weird and funny all at once
michael phelps
michael phelps Prije dan
Lol shes a robot aahhhh ruuun!!
MrMoooCow4 Prije dan
I lost a ton of respect for the show, forced or not, for the Michael Jackson comments. If the writers aren't researching enough to know there is a defendable argument for his innocence then what else are they researching poorly and toting as fact to their viewers?
Cory Riesen
Cory Riesen Prije dan
if you call them like that you just take up their lines keeping out the general public just saying
Gorgon Gorbon
Gorgon Gorbon Prije dan
I just got one of these thoubn
Isaac Clodfelter
Golly I sure do hate me some Ajit Pai.
mattomynameo Prije dan
I usually answer and attempt to get a human on the other hand, and then I say something to the effective of "Help me I'm bleeding, please send help, I don't know how to stop the bleeding, there's so much blood, please help me." And that usually freaks them out enough so that they hang up.
Gothic Mom
Gothic Mom Prije dan
Man, I wish that calling the FCC about robo calls was that easy lol
Dennis Belanger
Dennis Belanger Prije dan
the FCC chair is in on the support of the robocalls.
Dennis Belanger
Dennis Belanger Prije dan
I sued a creditor and won!!!! they called even after i told them to call my attorney and to not call me.
shoot your art
shoot your art Prije dan
Capitalism fucks up every means of communication we have, and we can't get it together to just pass a goddamn law that stops it. Junk mail. Email spam. robocalls. Pathetic.
John Yousif
John Yousif Prije dan
I love how he isn't just hilarious, he always takes immediate action to fix the problem he addresses. I wish someone like him would run for president. Someone with a sense of humor would be real with the public. Donald Trump already broke the now any celebrity can do it. Why not someone we trust? You can literally do your same job from a position of power. Imagine how funny the State of the Union would be. But I guess you'd have to be a natural born citizen though? there's ways around that
Ans Aesol
Ans Aesol Prije dan
Thanks for an intelligent analysis and action.
Unlovable Short Kid
I got a spoof call from my number
A Murphy
A Murphy Prije dan
this show is actually pretty good when hes not just bashing right wing politics
Rimu N
Rimu N Prije dan
The robo calls have my soul dying. I at least have been able to just allow my contact list to call me. The do not call registry does not work. I am now getting calls from Eastern Europe as long as many other US companies.
poppy p.
poppy p. Prije dan
please... stop the number spoofing... i haven’t been able to take my fucking phone off do not disturb since 2017
inick2005i Prije dan
"Block this caller" is my jam
Dylan S
Dylan S Prije dan
the part about not wanting to mail had me weezing in laughter, it is literally me down to those spooky mailboxes in NYC
Ryan Keen
Ryan Keen Prije dan
About Face: Veterans Against the War Formerly Iraq Veterans Against the War
CJ Cook
CJ Cook Prije dan
It doesn't matter when you pause, John Oliver is always making a face. :P
Lark Forest
Lark Forest Prije dan
John Oliver is such a Chaotic Neutral
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis Prije dan
Can you imagine how wild the staff parties for Susan Collins must be? That crew definitely knows how to get fucked up.
ROBERTS R Overfield
Well played good sir.
RoboCallWall RoboCallWall
They are using technology and the only answer today is to fight them with technology.
Verdugo Prije dan
Andrea Clemente
Andrea Clemente Prije dan
Facia da merda
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas Prije dan
Well damn... That stamp bit was freakishly on the nose.
Happy Ford
Happy Ford Prije dan
True about Wells Fargo.. They kept calling my daughter relentlessly.
SRG Zach Attack
SRG Zach Attack Prije dan
I get at least one a day
C D Prije dan
Where can I sign up to be robocalled by John Oliver? It would be like a good bedtime story.
sarnlest Prije dan
I got a robocall 4 minutes into watching this...
Honey Dubey
Honey Dubey Prije dan
Shane Sanders
Shane Sanders Prije dan
I literally received a robo-call while watching this.
Sharon Mullins
Sharon Mullins Prije dan
Your show is the best! Humor incredible!
transplant Prije dan
If you still get robocalled, you're doing something wrong. The actual issue isn't that big of an issue if you've been alive less than 300 years. As Oliver just showed, you can actually have a lot of fun with telephone scammers. For instance: Call-forwarding. I'm not suggesting anyone actually do this... However, you could set up a voip number. Spam every phone list that's likely to get you robocalled. When the calls start coming in, automate your call forwarding to redirect the calls to Ajit Pai and your local representatives. We can think bigger than one call every ninety minutes.
KK Foto
KK Foto Prije 7 sati
@transplant If only it were so simple.
Griffox Prije 16 sati
This is cool and funny in theory, but the calls always come from different numbers. I can block every number that ever robocalls me and still get the same number of robocalls every day. I've even had the calls look like I am calling myself. If it was just a matter of fucking with the phone number the calls were coming from, this wouldn't even be an issue. We'd all have moved on with our lives and had a good laugh.
Rebecca Lohfert Boas
This has never happened to any of my family.. perks of living in Denmark
ArachCobra Prije dan
That's right, John, give 'em a taste of their own medicine.
Mitchell Ware
Mitchell Ware Prije dan
The Landmower Man ending.
Riebenzahl -
Riebenzahl - Prije dan
Two questions: Did it work? Why is this not an issue in europe?
MakiPcr Prije dan
Capital One customer service employee here! The company got worried enough to tell us about it (here in Costa Rica, and Manila, and everywhere)
R Painter
R Painter Prije dan
If I know it's a scam call I will sometimes answer the call, wait for a human to get on the phone and blow a very shrill whistle, but I'm thinking about getting an airhorn.
Lorna Nunez
Lorna Nunez Prije dan
I try that shit. And my calls increase. Same people different numbers. So i can have a stroke any day. T mobil send me a text every month to pay my bill. From the murgae. Am on speed. Dial for every thing these ass hole selling. And thay turn off my phone 12 pm. On due date. No reminder text. Gready mother fuckers..
Joey brajkovich
Joey brajkovich Prije dan
Literally got two rob calls while watching this video....
Krista Star
Krista Star Prije dan
Yes!! This made my day.
M. Tom
M. Tom Prije dan
Orange man bad
D R Prije dan
FYI, that "I AM a real person" phone call is indeed a robot. There have been crude AI based robo-callers for years with large vocabularies that can "respond".
Josh Boyle
Josh Boyle Prije dan
This is journalism. Fox, CNN, everyone - this is what journalism should look like. You identify an issue. You investigate that issue. You report on that issue in great detail. Obviously they're doing this with humor here but at the center of it is actually really good journalism.
Ray McFarland
Ray McFarland Prije dan
I got a robocall while watching this
m b
m b Prije dan
The goober line killed me
Julia Wang
Julia Wang Prije dan
Got a robocall while watching this
cpMetis Prije dan
My favorite ones were about my credit card and car warranty, when I was 10 and had neither.
Prije dan
Here is a quote from John Oliver calling for the harassment of another talk show host. MSNBC article dated today. "I would argue that Tucker is actually a good example of an internet pile-on being merited," Oliver said. Karma is a strong ally for the righteous.
TheMoezilla Prije dan
You could of just avoided the middle man and went straight to Last Week Tonight's HRvid channel, video is there for everyone to watch.
BestServedCold Prije dan
I got a robocall in the middle of watching this video
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