ryan reynolds effortlessly hilarious interview clips

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he’s so ridiculously funny I had to 🙃

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31. Svi 2021.



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Komentari 3 038
theinquirer13 Prije 11 minuta
I just think it's so funny he has three kids that are all girls. This guy was meant to be a girl dad. Perfect.
Handi Limanto
Handi Limanto Prije sat
it must be fun when you can be your self in every movie character you play.
KrispApplesauce Prije 3 sati
he's such a gem lmaoo
Neil Rischl
Neil Rischl Prije 4 sati
Green Lantern... (I'm sorry) 🤣🤣🤣
Kaden John
Kaden John Prije 7 sati
Carol Jo Martin
Carol Jo Martin Prije 8 sati
He's SO funny!!!
The Almighty Duck
The Almighty Duck Prije 9 sati
the way he talks about his "secret family in Denmark" makes me think he isnt joking
peder simonsson
peder simonsson Prije 11 sati
I'd love to see him in a movie, any movie, co - starring Christop Waltz.
george reason productions
love to watch
Junak Nibir Nath
Junak Nibir Nath Prije 13 sati
Frozen backwards is "The Exorcist" ... 🤣🤣🤣. I just laughed for hours.
Pablo De Bella
Pablo De Bella Prije 15 sati
a natural stand up comic
Miranda Mirs
Miranda Mirs Prije 17 sati
Like this humor
thatguytoby Prije 22 sati
He's just telling the truth to everyone and it works
a flying fish
a flying fish Prije dan
5:11 when you ask someone with a discord account if they have a girlfriend
Goku2770 Prije dan
FoolSt0p Prije dan
"From Vancouver, British Colombia. I love Latin America." Gold
Peter Reijnders
Peter Reijnders Prije dan
The Dutch Government has put someone under hypnosis against his will, because of some weird psychological experiment. They also let him sleep badly en put something in his food so he gets diarrhea. I always wondered why that is never in the news because it must stop immediately.
Lil Breezy
Lil Breezy Prije dan
When he said Sorry for playing green lantern 😂😂😂
Mike Doherty
Mike Doherty Prije dan
I was into it until I saw you with Ellen DG, you are dead to me and my kids now Ryan, bye dude-
creepyvampire Prije dan
his secret family ain't a secret anymore
Alisha Ally
Alisha Ally Prije dan
I couldn't stop laughing for him in red notice 😂😂😂 he's super funny
Caro Serufuli
Caro Serufuli Prije 2 dana
6:00 why does he always feel the need to tease Blake😂😭😭 this the reason they're married i guess
Briana Mills
Briana Mills Prije 2 dana
Casting for Deadpool must’ve been real easy. Like “here, throw on this suit and just go be yourself…”
heyidiot Prije 2 dana
Oh yes, things sound much funnier when you're pretty. Music sounds better too.
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar Prije 2 dana
This is really random, but why does the alpha from teen wolf look sort of like slenderman in a fur-suit
Victor Uwe
Victor Uwe Prije 2 dana
"From British Columbia... oooh I love Latin America" This is so bizarre and random and I laughed way too hard at it
Antti Mäki
Antti Mäki Prije 2 dana
vitun awesome äijä =D
Laura Hernandez
Laura Hernandez Prije 2 dana
It will get you fucked...hilarious
Caroline McQueen
Caroline McQueen Prije 2 dana
trigger warning: j*ke g*llenhal
G H Prije 2 dana
And Ryan and Blake do such great charitable work.
Aarush Arora
Aarush Arora Prije 2 dana
"is it true or is it a silly fact?" dayum no escape at all!
Atul Xess
Atul Xess Prije 2 dana
what if he is actually serious
Fluid Prije 2 dana
"if you replay frozen backwards its a shot for shot remake of the exorsist" I CANT XD
Shadow hadz
Shadow hadz Prije 2 dana
I made a boy on my 1st go by getting my lady to put her butt and legs up against the wall after sex to give the boy sperms a headstart! Lol. It worked! Tip of the day bruv!
bob boby
bob boby Prije 3 dana
i love how i got an aviation ad for this video
PhantomBlazeScythe 19454
I like how he immediately apologizes when his role as green lantern is brought up, as if it's an instinctual reaction
akue Lufi
akue Lufi Prije 3 dana
He is guy
Katy Micheal
Katy Micheal Prije 3 dana
Dr Adamah Spell Caster on youtube, helped me get my husband back. he is a great man
Alexander Choudhury
Alexander Choudhury Prije 3 dana
Ryan Reynolds is funnier on the spot than alot of comedians and comedy actors. Like a lot of them need prepared material to be funny, but Reynolds is just a naturally hilarious person.
kevin harper
kevin harper Prije 3 dana
0:43 i keep trying to figure out why his facial expressions work but i give up. it's magic.
Shaunik Punjabi
Shaunik Punjabi Prije 3 dana
Annette Ayres
Annette Ayres Prije 3 dana
Do Johnny strom fanatic 4, ryan please, 😀🔥🔥🔥
Wee Jim
Wee Jim Prije 3 dana
Ryan Reynolds is such a funny down to Earth bloke. Don’t ever change mate. 👍👍👍
epoh reven seid si
epoh reven seid si Prije 3 dana
Ryan doesn't play Deadpool:,,Deadpool plays Ryan reynolds🤣🤣😂
Mallory Prije 3 dana
Omg he’s so funny
Jonna Kavanagh
Jonna Kavanagh Prije 3 dana
One of my favorite actors. He is one of the absolute best! All his movies are amazing and these interviews are even more amazing.
Himanshi Bajpai
Himanshi Bajpai Prije 3 dana
I just read the channel name and the first thing that came to mind was Bobby... 🥺🥺 It's been so long...
after watching FREE GUY & DEADPOOL i have grown a deeper appreciation for Ryan Reynolds as a actor and he's a blessing that Canada has given the MCU
1 w
1 w Prije 3 dana
Sorry, but Ryan Renolds & the word "hilarious" do NOT belong in the same sentence...regardless of how hard he tries.
Brian T
Brian T Prije 4 dana
So you don't want your kids to go in to show business. No ! "I'm against child abuse!" I wonder how much he knows about child molestation going on in Hollywood.
Pranjal Singh
Pranjal Singh Prije 4 dana
i think he just tells the truth and everybody laughs!
African Sun Productions
This guy is just so funny, and even more important, he's "normal". Great human.
The inShot guy
The inShot guy Prije 4 dana
Sometimes I wonder if the jokes he pulls off in movies are even on the script😂😂
L Prije 4 dana
Amazing dude
KTIF Prije 4 dana
"You don't want your girls to go into show business?" "No, mostly because I am against child abuse" Legendary quote right there. I wish family channels would take his lesson.
Samer Mohamed
Samer Mohamed Prije 4 dana
Is that the guy who played Nials on Frasier on the other side of the couch at 3:35?
lou impell
lou impell Prije 4 dana
Ryan I watch moana all day everyday my friend I feel ya bro
Wordplay Animations
Wordplay Animations Prije 4 dana
Todd Green
Todd Green Prije 4 dana
The end sucked, ads over the faces? Dumb just dumb.
Albert Coppola
Albert Coppola Prije 4 dana
He's no just "the funny man" watch him in Safe House with Denzel Washington..
Alc73 Prije 4 dana
Funny thing is that the airport story about his daughter could be true. My 6 yr old daughter was pulled aside for a secondary check and made to go through a body scanner when were once flying to Florida from Canada. No joke.
Malevolent Ghost
Malevolent Ghost Prije 4 dana
Funnier than most comedians
vic Prije 4 dana
imagine a conversation with ryan reynolds and jennifer lawrence
YouKnowWho Prije 4 dana
"You smell so bad, i can hear it".. WHAT LMAOWOOWJR
Bartheus Prije 4 dana
where is the Deadpool commercial about Vaccine ? I to should be somthing like this " Take a Vaccine even if u die , i dont give a fuck "
Papa Panda
Papa Panda Prije 5 dana
"...and then we had our children and that's when I realized that I Iove GIN" 🤣🤣🤣
Cali Hausherr
Cali Hausherr Prije 5 dana
aydin Prije 5 dana
Mike Lauer
Mike Lauer Prije 5 dana
what does ryan seacrest have on his head?
Livia Rae
Livia Rae Prije 5 dana
2:50 go watch it I’m dying 💀
fightrrrrr Prije 5 dana
Mark ruffalo is a bccch
luciferbo65 Prije 6 dana
Loveeeee this man 😍😍
farah qashou
farah qashou Prije 6 dana
Not it
I WY Prije 6 dana
i want cheerios 👹👹👹
Sheamus P
Sheamus P Prije 6 dana
I dont even drink gin but damn i want to buy his gin
Username Prije 6 dana
"'You're so old, you make dust look like a baby." ouch
Hossein Enayati
Hossein Enayati Prije 7 dana
Is it just me or Ryan Reynolds with beard looks like Tom Hiddleston?
A.A.M. Prije 7 dana
him and Blake are both honestly the full package. smart, funny, kind and super attractive. I really love them and their little family.
bill bynet
bill bynet Prije 7 dana
Nice! Deadpool acting Ryan Reynolds is really good!
Kim Albrecht
Kim Albrecht Prije 7 dana
Omg...Jimmy Fallon is so fake. That laugh is horrendous.
Jessica Paola Grey
Jessica Paola Grey Prije 7 dana
ive actually never met her LMAOOO
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Prije 7 dana
His comedy style reminds me of a drag queen. I hope that’s a good thing because it’s been said about me 😂
chater skater
chater skater Prije 7 dana
Well FCK me Abode Bowes Rm704 - thank you, best send mixers too. Maybe some cold meats, sub, ky, and cheese. Ta Poole you're allowed to come for drinks too, checked with the Boss. Sleep before arrival.
JEBEDIAH8D Prije 7 dana
geez he's super dedicated to any bit he starts
SaLaD Prije 7 dana
David Brydon
David Brydon Prije 8 dana
Is there a version of this without the Fallon clips?
YoungShaka Prije 8 dana
at 6:17 is the best part
Paula Porras
Paula Porras Prije 8 dana
"From Vancouver, British Columbia... Uuuuh I love Latin America" This guy right here...he was born to be Deadpool
Eliott Amd
Eliott Amd Prije 8 dana
"Green lantern" "Sorry"
Jenn D
Jenn D Prije 8 dana
The only person ever that can embody Deadpool because he is more Deadpool then Deadpool and when he apologizes for green lantern lmaooo this man is literally a blessing so hilarious perfect mix of realistic light dark humor love it
debbie Prije 8 dana
He's so naturally funny, I love this man!
Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde Prije 8 dana
I like him better with the full beard. He looks more aggressive.
Eric Schickelgruber aus Linz
Hannah? I can hear you. And Kristin is still occupied on her washing machine missionary?
Commercial Drones Dispatch
This guy reminds me of me. I have 3 daughters and crack myself up half of the time.
Sophie Prije 9 dana
In a weird & nice way his Humor gives him a cute vibe, so likeable
Heidi P
Heidi P Prije 9 dana
Philipp Arnolds
Philipp Arnolds Prije 9 dana
I'm so gay for this man
Paul Prije 9 dana
Nerijus Butkevicius
Nerijus Butkevicius Prije 9 dana
avengers cast roast each other
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