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11. Ruj 2020.



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Komentari 100
Girrafiti Prije 9 minuta
Does Ksi face not annoy people just looking at it the ugly bastard
Monkey .D Uzumaki
Monkey .D Uzumaki Prije 36 minuta
Dude when jj does the african accent in a song with a jumpy rhythm fking perfect
Christian Flores
Christian Flores Prije 4 sati
Aye they stole my goat 0:43
Reflex_ unitary
Reflex_ unitary Prije 4 sati
Fabien Destin
Fabien Destin Prije 8 sati
Nobody: Nobody at all: Logan Paul/Jake Paul fans 👎
Ellie J
Ellie J Prije 12 sati
Ibf anyone?
-O O
-O O Prije 17 sati
Young T and bugsey- again Simba Copied the flow
piujb [opkn
piujb [opkn Prije 17 sati
what u think
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Prije 5 sati
Swear down i head dis song before. Is this sampled
LOLKINGAMER805 .-. Prije 18 sati
Who’s better: Like: S1mba Comment: Jake Paul
Christian Flores
Christian Flores Prije 4 sati
XD Prije 19 sati
Who makes better music? Like: ksi Ignore: Jake Paul
darren lowe
darren lowe Prije 22 sati
Alternative title: babatunde and s1mba get waved for 2 mins
Buzzy Prije 22 sati
This song is a viibe
Jay KingReaper
Jay KingReaper Prije 22 sati
The people who unliked is jake paul fans
MTChannel Prije 23 sati
Noizy insta story send me here.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Prije dan
oooof this is cold 🥶
Janani Edwards
Janani Edwards Prije dan
I hear this on kiss fm 247 at work 😂
noizy OTR mbreti
Like who is here to noizy😍🔥🔥
ToxicGass Prije dan
Babatunde has evolved
Shannon Traynor
Shannon Traynor Prije dan
You can see JJ's confidence improving through his songs
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Prije dan
heads up if you did not under stand)
Visualizer Prije dan
song sound better in 1.25 speed
Christian Flores
Christian Flores Prije 5 sati
*_You have to, take a deep breath. and allow the music to flow through you. Revel in it, allow yourself to awe. When you play , allow the music to break your heart with its beauty_*
Actoid Mlaxatea
Actoid Mlaxatea Prije dan
Why is there a goat there?
DJ Mpilez
DJ Mpilez Prije dan
Syrus Prije dan
Swear down i head dis song before. Is this sampled
Koba Yashi
Koba Yashi Prije dan
i'll keep listening this song every hour man.....
Darren Roehit
Darren Roehit Prije dan
ssb gogeta
ssb gogeta Prije dan
The 3.6 dislikes are the Jake Paul haters disliking and reporting the video 😂
Dwayne Major
Dwayne Major Prije dan
S1mba can literally make any face expression 😂😂😂
Aero Prije dan
How good with this song be with Ramz or swarmz singing ksis verse 😳
Galbi Prije dan
that accent did not do it for me
BÖB_88 Prije dan
KSI: gets on GRM Daily *Everyone liked that*
Gavin Croos
Gavin Croos Prije dan
this goes hard
samuel alemayehu
2:05 what "PP's" mean is that they are PATEK PHILIPPE and it takes up to 9 months to make one PATEK PHILIPPE and also the ROLEXtakes 1 year to make one watch. ( just a heads up if you did not under stand)
samuel alemayehu
samuel alemayehu Prije 21 sat
@The Beast google it mate
The Beast
The Beast Prije 21 sat
Your wrong a rolex takes 40-60 hours
CrackShotM16 Prije dan
I literally can barely understand what ksi is saying
WWAB Prije dan
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Prije dan
Vibeeeeee! Come onnnnnnn!!! 🔥
T Shirin
T Shirin Prije dan
Jamaican KSI is back !!!!
Zadule Prije dan
Ryan2007PL Prije 2 dana
joe watts
joe watts Prije 2 dana
UNRULYWINI - BAD THINGS best most wavy up coming artist from LC you won’t be disappointed
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Prije dan
Dont lie you've listen to this more than 1 time
Ash Prije 2 dana
Yasss 🔥🔥🔥 bangs
Sino Gamess
Sino Gamess Prije 2 dana
The 6.3k dislikes are jake paul fans
Gunther Prije 2 dana
underrated banger
Acrobatic Nonce
Acrobatic Nonce Prije 2 dana
idk when jj said sparklers it just hit different
Vasudev Sudeep
Vasudev Sudeep Prije 2 dana
S1mba has a special voice.. his voice relaxes me so much it makes me wanna sleep.. like those chill relaxing sounds.. not sarcastic btw you haters
Y.A.Y Prije dan
Command 1738
Command 1738 Prije 2 dana
Bilbo Bagings
Bilbo Bagings Prije 2 dana
Ngl ksi is sick but when it gets to his bit I just turn it off lol
J. B.
J. B. Prije 2 dana
JJ's part is my favourite lol
CimannonApple Prije 2 dana
ksi said fuck it n got a better younger brother 😂
Micah Scott
Micah Scott Prije 2 dana
This song hits different on FULL VOLUME
Keoni Amidi
Keoni Amidi Prije 7 sati
Me turns volume up
Itz Solarr
Itz Solarr Prije 17 sati
Hits different with headphones
Charlie Linton
Charlie Linton Prije dan
Harshies Music
Harshies Music Prije dan
I agree 😌✨😳
Kyarisiima Ishmael
Kyarisiima Ishmael Prije 2 dana
I know
GamingWithRay Prije 2 dana
How y'all let jake get more views
AB10 Prije dan
music dosent count on youtube views, it counts only on streams and loose has more streams than 23
Nicolai Roskifte
Nicolai Roskifte Prije 2 dana
S1mba ft Babatunde
HASANJAMAL 7860 Prije 2 dana
Dont lie you've listen to this more than 1 time
asdf lkjh
asdf lkjh Prije 2 dana
0:43 look its ksi and s1mba
ArchieJB Prije 2 dana
This was a flop
Aidan H
Aidan H Prije 2 dana
wrd, it's a shame
マイケルMichael Prije 2 dana
Erm no hate but why did Jake get in trouble for throwing a party during COVID for a music video and why isn’t jj getting hate for basically the same thing like I’m a KSI fan I just kinda feel it’s a bit unfair
マイケルMichael Prije 2 dana
Juicy Lemon - Brawl Stars ah okay fair enough sorry don’t know much about COVID in England
Juicy Lemon - Brawl Stars
Uk covid is controlled now , it's safe there you can go outside without fasemasks and all that bs
Itz Solarr
Itz Solarr Prije 2 dana
Who makes better music Like = mute button Comment = jake paul
Luke Masamvi
Luke Masamvi Prije 2 dana
🇿🇼 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 well done young two top 20 UK singles.
Little_ Wiggy
Little_ Wiggy Prije 2 dana
Me actually liking the glasses
Roda Kayad
Roda Kayad Prije 2 dana
jj says his loyal to his girl 1:49
anonymous games
anonymous games Prije 2 dana
I don't like this one too much. Ksi has done better verses.
Avinay Bhattarai
Lee Jinxter
Lee Jinxter Prije 2 dana
Just realised that Jin and juice bar is copied from snoop
1001 Random
1001 Random Prije 2 dana
Subscribe to me please
Luka Brankovic
Luka Brankovic Prije 2 dana
This just shows how much JJ can start someones career
DANG BRUH Prije 2 dana
Lmao! They acting like there is not a deadly virus going around.
lou Prije dan
J. B. im surprised i have people agreeing with me. everyone else are so easily scared
lou Prije dan
Juicy Lemon - Brawl Stars exactly only old people are dying with it, they mostly have other deceases as well so it isn’t actually that bad
Juicy Lemon - Brawl Stars
@J. B. true tho old niggas have better chance dying cause they body is not built for viruses and shi
J. B.
J. B. Prije 2 dana
@Juicy Lemon - Brawl Stars Yeah young people or even people under 40 wont easily die but it does cause a lot of problems that are not necessarily deadly buy they are harmful. Also if you/family/friends or someone you have met in general speak to an older person then they have a pretty good chance of dying.
Juicy Lemon - Brawl Stars
@DANG BRUH it's not deadly . My mans been getting that covid and no one has died from it. Stop gassing it most covid cases are just false
Connor Glyptis
Connor Glyptis Prije 2 dana
Next feature got to be chunkz 🔥🔥
Michael Burke
Michael Burke Prije 2 dana
Theese dude have skepta to thank for breaking the waves...ndubz also tinchy stryder so on
random ting
random ting Prije 3 dana
ngl jj should make more music with artist like jme, tobi and s1mba
Gladiator 24
Gladiator 24 Prije 3 dana
2:32 scooby laugh
Red Sus
Red Sus Prije 3 dana
Hello my friends, I ask for your help in commencing the third great siege of HRvid. Just change name and profile picture, our main line will be red sus. Thank you for listening
Nikola Demic
Nikola Demic Prije 3 dana
if ksi uploaded it on his main channel it would have alot more veiws
BB Bart
BB Bart Prije 3 dana
Who will win Like:KSI Dislike Jake Paul's videos:Jake Paul
J deKock
J deKock Prije 3 dana
aye 4 milli
ItzTimrs_ Prije 3 dana
trying to find the comment that says "1:48 TF!! That's my sister"
The Pumpkin
The Pumpkin Prije 3 dana
Did you know that from 6.3k dislikes one of them is from jake paul ?
Michelle Russelburg
Michelle Russelburg Prije 3 dana
2:07 he says long long and some weird noise did anyone else notice that lol
d Prije 2 dana
It’s kmt search it
Joshua Scovill
Joshua Scovill Prije 2 dana
I mean probably millions of people noticed it just didn't feel the need to mention it...
Ak Amara
Ak Amara Prije 3 dana
OTric Prije 3 dana
Get rid of the O in loose and that’s what Logan Paul did
J deKock
J deKock Prije 3 dana
Omar Elsharqawy
Omar Elsharqawy Prije 3 dana
so hardddd
Osa Benjamin
Osa Benjamin Prije 3 dana
Chris Prije 3 dana
Ksi verse isn’t it who agrees?
Drake Prije 2 dana
@Callmedeeds that's your own opinion. I disagree HEAVILY
Callmedeeds Prije 2 dana
Not my style of music, but its still a good verse you have to acknowledge even if you dont like it
EddieTheGhettie Prije 2 dana
It wasn’t even KSI🤦🏽 it was Babatunde
Vaibhav T
Vaibhav T Prije 3 dana
He's trying different styles But this is not my type of music
Drake Prije 3 dana
You won't get a lotta likes tho
Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams Prije 3 dana
Mom:where the hell are you coming back from? JJ:I don't wanna talk too much Dad:JJ what says the time? JJ:Dad I don't f****** know,am just feeling loose right now.
kevi n
kevi n Prije 3 dana
KSI is so much better than jj they look similar..
Bongoman Prije 2 dana
Overused and not funny
Ruth Wambui Kinuthia
way better than logan paul
Ruth Wambui Kinuthia
makes good music but his beard tho
kacp3r3kfh4 4
kacp3r3kfh4 4 Prije 3 dana
Can someone please tell me what glasses jj's wearing ?
STW Jack
STW Jack Prije 3 dana
this song do be think tho
wolfie_viperx Prije 3 dana
when jj wears glasses there you know he is going to sing in a Jamaican accent
Raman Sabau
Raman Sabau Prije 3 dana
S1mba and babatunde having fun,after covid
Evan and Jac
Evan and Jac Prije 3 dana
KSI gave them AIDS
TXM_ TT Prije 3 dana
Why dose this guy look like chunks
Boiszeez Prije 3 dana
This had to go on ksi’s channel the views would be 🔥
Pelesane Prije 4 dana
The bandana just evolved into a whole ass outfit.
IA3 Prije 4 dana
Babatunde wasting that wotha
IA3 Prije 4 dana
Imagine from playing fifa to getting ur song in a game of fifa🤯 this will be sick
Stephen D
Stephen D Prije 4 dana
Gibby Gibson
Gibby Gibson Prije 4 dana
1:43 how ksi walks into Simons room😂
Gibby Gibson
Gibby Gibson Prije 2 dana
Joshua Scovill Tbh I don’t give a single fuck 😂
Joshua Scovill
Joshua Scovill Prije 2 dana
Markus Antonov
Markus Antonov Prije 4 dana
*This beat hits harder than my dad's belt*
lou Prije 2 dana
*haven’t heard that one before*
La .٩٠
La .٩٠ Prije 2 dana
tl;dr Prije 4 dana
Pov: you've found 10 comments saying "pov: you're looking for the comment that says "that's literally my sister at 1:48""
Cirus Prije 2 dana
Harley Prije 3 dana
Laith Mardini
Laith Mardini Prije 4 dana
so insiprational
Will Wallis
Will Wallis Prije 4 dana
Man said pee pee im ded 🤬
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