Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Why Not?

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Galaxy S10e is a better deal than the S10. And a better deal than the XR. It's a flagship disguised as "premium midrange"
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PJC Prije sat
I was premium Galaxy user up until iPhone XR. I made move because of evil google censorship , lack of privacy & security. I love XR iOS performance and battery life. it’s truly great device but user customization freedom sucks & restrictive. Perfect example is Apple Iwatch , it doesn’t allow data stream for 3rd party music apps such as Pandora etc. In order to stream you must purchase Apple Music which is overpriced crap app. Anyway I’m @ device crossroads & it sucks
Sebastian Koeck
Sebastian Koeck Prije 2 sati
Sh*t Marq that phone. All i want. Thanks for the review.
alto Prije 2 sati
e for entry?
Jeremy Obrien
Jeremy Obrien Prije 2 sati
My friend is giving me a Samsung galaxy s10 for the same price as the s10e I don’t know which one to get can someone help me both phones is brand new sealed, I kinda like the s10e better but I’m not sure which one to get can someone help
Wayne the Xplorer
Wayne the Xplorer Prije 6 sati
Since apple has screwed some customers by not making a smaller iPhone, I have found 5he s10e to be a good replacement for the SE
Marin Gaćina
Marin Gaćina Prije 7 sati
Why does the s10e have much whiter display than the s10(more like dirty white) on the same display settings?
Shaun Beakley
Shaun Beakley Prije 16 sati
S10e or s9
Tech 'n' Tricky
Tech 'n' Tricky Prije 19 sati
I love the sexy edge screen of galaxy S9 rather than s10e's flat screen. Anybody else?
chrizbie Prije 20 sati
So it's the same price as the op7 pro basically
bizmonkey007 Prije 21 sat
It's a nice phone but kind of pointless. Unlike iPhones, most Samsung phones go on sale within months
27539productions Prije 23 sati
Who else is watching with a s10e
Zetaga Prije dan
the e stands for efficialy xD
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez Prije dan
Pseudo flagship?
michael blevins
michael blevins Prije dan
I have the s10 5g and it is the best
Theo Samuelsson
Theo Samuelsson Prije dan
1:16 Thats expensive
Theo Samuelsson
Theo Samuelsson Prije dan
1.16 Thats expensive
MrRusskie99 Prije dan
Goodbye Apple, Been using Apple for more than 10 years, now searching for an android as a new phone and I think I found my top candidate :D
TewPaqs Prije 17 sati
bizmonkey007 The oneplus 7 pro has a motorised front facing camera which can be a risk if you were to drop the phone and the motor gets damaged as well as the fact that the phone is huge and heavy, as big as the s10 plus and heavier than the note 9! Not to mention due to the really good screen you have bad battery life and the ultra wide camera lens on the back is said to have somewhat blurry shots when zoomed in and overall a bad look to the photos taken by it. At the moment you can’t even record videos on the ultra wide camera lens! That may be a problem for some people. I’d say just get the s10e.
bizmonkey007 Prije 21 sat
MrRusskie99 I would buy the OnePlus 7 Pro. It has a fast in-screen fingerprint sensor, a better screen with a 90hz refresh rate, faster storage and software that is incredibly well optimized. Also, OnePlus has a much, much better track record of updates than Samsung. It's $700 and is a steal.
bekir sivri
bekir sivri Prije dan
the flat screen is way too better. edge sucks
Phoenix Prije dan
Should I get the S10e or the S9 plus
Jodi Anderson
Jodi Anderson Prije dan
I cant choose between the s10 or the oneplus pro
Astari Prije dan
I think im really gonna miss the Edge panel features if i switch to this from the S8, is there anyway to add the edge panel app to the S10e?
Astari Prije 14 sati
+dreammyw0w oh ok, great, thanks, imma switch to it then.
dreammyw0w Prije 14 sati
Yes. It's a built-in option and can be turned on easily via settings.
Sujata Singh
Sujata Singh Prije dan
2500 in my country
British Creed
British Creed Prije dan
I think everyone is missing the MAIN point here... The SIZE... it fits better in hand and pocket, many people that would buy the s10 and s10+ wont becuase of the size, regardless if specs are "better"... why can't they make the phones with different sizes??? I have to get the s10e because it is a nice hold... i dont want a ipad in my pocket lol.
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas Prije dan
I saw few videos of people complaining about battery drain and heatup issues. What's your take on this? And also are you using snapdragon or exynos?
Mr.kevin not home
Mr.kevin not home Prije 2 dana
I would get it but to me battery life is everything and that 3100mh for that price doesn't cut it for me so I'll just stick to my one plus 6t for now till the note 10 comes out
dreammyw0w Prije 14 sati
6T is a good phone. Only the camera sucks compares to the S10e. I wouldn't swap to the S10e either, if I were you. But I have to add that the battery isn't that bad to be honest. I can easily make it through the day with 30%-40% left. Charging only takes < 2h.
Moronicsmurf Prije 2 dana
I'm right handed, but i unlock my phone and hold it with my left hand.. who in their right mind navigate it with one and and just thumb.. unless you have freaky spider fingers that are weirdly long... *spiderman?*
Kathy Anderson
Kathy Anderson Prije 2 dana
Thank you. Great video.
Elijah Yu
Elijah Yu Prije 2 dana
I like how u matched baymax's eye with the selfie camera of the s10e
Martin Law
Martin Law Prije 2 dana
I don't see the hole as an issue, especially when compared to an iPhones notch!
Dom Sampays
Dom Sampays Prije 2 dana
A70 or S10e?
Bless Dantes
Bless Dantes Prije 2 dana
That baymax wallpaper tho damn ❤
Sarah Jeung
Sarah Jeung Prije 2 dana
i want this phone just for that wallpaper lmao
Jack Evans Vlogs
Jack Evans Vlogs Prije 2 dana
A Nokia 6.1plus and Samsung A30 are premium phones to me 😂😂
Mr Meh
Mr Meh Prije 2 dana
You're practically reaching the top of the phone if you're going for the power button, you might as well just slide down the notifications down...
The Boss lu
The Boss lu Prije 2 dana
My mom switched to atat and got me and my sister iphone 6s plus and my mom got the samsung 10e
The Ultimate Swamiji
Flagships are 900,000$ got it
ml zz
ml zz Prije 2 dana
S10e is great for one handed use!
Mustache Merlin
Mustache Merlin Prije 3 dana
personally, I would prefer to just not have a selfie camera and get a perfect bezel-less screen instead. Why would I even want a camera dedicated to taking pictures of my ugly mug? Especially if that camera is ruining a perfectly good screen with some dumb hole punch. First company to drop the selfie camera gets my money immediately.
A Little Hair
A Little Hair Prije 3 dana
Who else is watching this on their s10e?
Markhor Prije 3 dana
great review MB
Lomvardos Films Productions
1:15 $900,000 dollars seems quite expensive for a phone
Lomvardos Films Productions
+Jake Thunderbird XD
Jake Thunderbird
Jake Thunderbird Prije 11 sati
Quite a expensive. Not too much though
Brian Really Wants To Win The Gauntlet Joe
6:31 this is so true. Some people are just so stubborn they have to get an iphone
Ben Klassen
Ben Klassen Prije 4 dana
The fragile edge screen on the S10 and S10+ were deal breakers for me. I need a flat, tough screen. I use my phone for work and I'm rough on my phones. I drop every one sooner or later and Otterbox cases plus flat screens=a win for me.
FuturVsionäR Prije 4 dana
"Because they just want another iPhone...."
redrockkicks Prije 4 dana
luxury entry level? lol
Atlantic MVP
Atlantic MVP Prije 5 dana
I prefer Samsung rather than IPhone. But literally everyone at my school has IPhones so I’ll choose iPhone.But I personally prefer Samsung
Andy Wang
Andy Wang Prije 4 dana
Be yourself and bring the s10 and blown their minds
iAmApex 69
iAmApex 69 Prije 5 dana
Roses are red, violets are blue, I HATE ios, so do you!
Prince SKIOM
Prince SKIOM Prije 5 dana
The curved screens are ok but I'd go with the s10e cause it's flat. The only thing bothering me is that all s10's top bezel is skinnier than the bottom, it should be the same size as the side bezels... I'm really picky😂
Warlim Prije 4 dana
yeah it's pretty annoying
Kings2006rm Prije 5 dana
The only problem with this cellphone and is a big problem for me.......... Battery life
Kings2006rm Prije 2 dana
+Tony Guzman talk to the Samsung expert yesterday and this cellphone will get to know the user in the first 30 days Such as trends and apps used and the battery will get better give it 30 days
Tony Guzman
Tony Guzman Prije 2 dana
Kings2006rm it’s not a good battery? I just got my wife this phone 🥺
Chi4GG Prije 5 dana
I'm in Canada and just bought the international version for $700 CAD
Octavio R
Octavio R Prije 5 dana
Can you set something else than samsung pay when you swipe the bottom of the screen up? I’m trying to set up a different app...
Rohit Joshi
Rohit Joshi Prije 5 dana
This or 1+7
BR_blaze Prije 6 dana
This phone is making me switch to android... as much as I love my apple watch IOS on the phone just isn't doing it for me, still sucks to have to abandon my apple watch
Corue Prije 6 dana
Naveen v
Naveen v Prije 6 dana
Wish it had a bigger battery
Rene Navarro
Rene Navarro Prije 6 dana
That Tesla icon app in your phone tho!!!
Adidas Fetus
Adidas Fetus Prije 6 dana
Getting mine brand new for $586 on Amazon :) [unlocked international version]
MichelZelf Prije 6 dana
Premium? mid-range? Let's make it top-range.
jermell frazier
jermell frazier Prije 6 dana
I cant get one video in English to explain snapdragon to me all you americans do is talk about hey i like this phone why dont you explain something for once and do a video on processors seem like americans only talk about apple and Samsung really gay
jermell frazier
jermell frazier Prije 6 dana
Do a video on snapdragon processors i don't know much about them and they dont seem to make a difference very much why don't you do a video about that instead of jst praising high end phones all the time
danny lopez
danny lopez Prije 6 dana
I'm buying this when I finish my child support payments. Lol
WitcherBruce B74
WitcherBruce B74 Prije 6 dana
Can you chose to just not use the finger print reader?
Kasonde Mutale
Kasonde Mutale Prije 7 dana
Just got mine and I love it
Fujin Yumi
Fujin Yumi Prije 7 dana
1:19 how about high range? You have low end, midrange, highrange, and flagship.
Muhammad Aidil
Muhammad Aidil Prije 7 dana
The gesture feature to pull down the notification shades has been on the S8s till S10E just that nobody realised Im using a note9 and it also has it you just gotta look and explore the advance feature in the settings
matthew giddens
matthew giddens Prije 7 dana
You should call the new $750 price point..... Ya ready for it... Premium mediocre.... You're welcome
Kevin Song
Kevin Song Prije 7 dana
Samsung needs a solution for lefties
O Prije 7 dana
I got one it's blue and I will make a video if u guys comment
Luis Rx
Luis Rx Prije 7 dana
The "e" stands for markass brownie 😎😎😂
ms. Renee attitude
ms. Renee attitude Prije 8 dana
Got mys yesterday from gs7.
vostamante bautista
vostamante bautista Prije 8 dana
nobody makes phones with small footprint-all-display screen.solution is already available ie pop up front camera..hope some oem will tap on such idea.please bring back mini series like s3 mini s4 mini and the like
Noctis Kami
Noctis Kami Prije 8 dana
The only reason i choose this one over the other 2 is because the flat display.
Prxjectss OCE
Prxjectss OCE Prije 8 dana
I like this phone because it’s not a edge 👍🏽
chøke Prije 8 dana
Unpopular Opinion: The regular S10 is underrated af
Abhishek Magdum
Abhishek Magdum Prije 8 dana
Hey bro I think there's something wrong with s10s raw photos it's very awful like literally it's faking file size of every photo exact 23.55mb that's crazy so check this with ur s10 please make a video so Samsung fix this with a update thanks for reading peace!✌!
Britteny Evans
Britteny Evans Prije 8 dana
Thank you for being helpful and honest in all your reviews
LopexG Prije 8 dana
E stand for lite
HairoftheDog Prije 9 dana
Markass Brownlee
Wena Guerrero
Wena Guerrero Prije 9 dana
s10e or s10 i need your help guys
Rohan Damodar
Rohan Damodar Prije 9 dana
Mid-Ship 😆
AlexTheDerp Prije 9 dana
does the s10e look just to me like an apple product??
Alec Grinage
Alec Grinage Prije 6 dana
Nope. Apple just looks like an s10
Kraigasm Prije 9 dana
yaaaas flat screeen thank you samsung, the main reason id get the galaxy s10e is because its got a flat screen. I hate the curved displays
Thomas Coster
Thomas Coster Prije 9 dana
Note 8 or S10e?
Brian Potts
Brian Potts Prije 9 dana
Damn you made me want this phone. I've got the s9+ and I just want a smaller phone again. Also looks like a decent upgrade.
Venkat Raman
Venkat Raman Prije 9 dana
Jus bcos Apple's prices are ridiculous... It doesn't mean 750$ isn't premium !!
Keith S.
Keith S. Prije 9 dana
Nine hundred thousand dollars?! :p
Can we Copystrike
Can we Copystrike Prije 9 dana
Just buy a phone any phone and go to sleep already
Ikbal Hussain
Ikbal Hussain Prije 10 dana
I think you could call the segment 'Upper Midrange'
Daniele Gemei
Daniele Gemei Prije 10 dana
Mid-high range
Sham Vignesh
Sham Vignesh Prije 10 dana
You should stop comparing it to the other S10 phones and review it as an individual device
Cricket Man
Cricket Man Prije 10 dana
All the time I was looking at the wallpaper 😅😅😀
Lushan Prije 10 dana
S10e A70 ؟
Zehra Omar
Zehra Omar Prije 10 dana
Tbh i would buy the s10e just because it has no ultra sonic finger print scanner and i don't have to pay a dozen for a screen protector....I'm really clumsy i drop my phone all the time 😅
Chronicles of K. Toyoda
That fingerprint power button on the side is something Sony global phones have been doing for ages & I'm hoping the new Sony Flagship has it too.
GODFEY Prije 10 dana
I love my iphone xs max but i miss having an android back up phone.
wsuptrick Prije 10 dana
Aren’t 1080p screens outdated? Or will be very soon
ItsEli Prije 10 dana
Nah. iPhone XR uses 720p still
jayr122001 Prije 10 dana
Just add $150 and get the s10 its way better
LadiesMan 217
LadiesMan 217 Prije 10 dana
FUCK that wallpaper is good, too bad you can still see that ugly ass chin. Waiting for apple to do their perfection or android companies to stop designing ugly ass phones.
Rahul M. Prathap
Rahul M. Prathap Prije 11 dana
This is the best phone in market at that price.
SkippingLegs Prije 11 dana
I just bought the S10e last Saturday and I'm loving it so far, really like the instant fingerprint reader.
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