Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Why Not?

Marques Brownlee
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Galaxy S10e is a better deal than the S10. And a better deal than the XR. It's a flagship disguised as "premium midrange"
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12. Ožu 2019.



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Komentari 9 137
Urwah Maleque
Urwah Maleque Prije 2 sati
i love how his left eyes literally on the camera
Mohammad Zain
Mohammad Zain Prije 2 sati
Ass10 brownlee
Fellar 031
Fellar 031 Prije 4 sati
Just got the s10e uk version, i checked the capacity of the battery through phone info. It says 3k mAH instead of 3100. Still curious about it and run the accu battery apps and see how much capacity will i have. Then, it's even saying its only 2790 mAH. It feels like samsung just deliberately mention 3100 just for marketing purpose. The reality still 3k just like the device from previous year.
Monkey Robots Inc.
Monkey Robots Inc. Prije 5 sati
great video. fuckin finally samsung. fuck curved displays. NOW i can upgrade....
RandomPerson Prije 6 sati
e stands for electric
Ba-to C.
Ba-to C. Prije 7 sati
now i can watch corn videos with one hand ✋
Bosanski Terminator
Bosanski Terminator Prije 8 sati
Damn this phone is 🔥 but i could never go back on android
joshua mora
joshua mora Prije 8 sati
Nice Dave 2d Vid... Oh wait, didnt I already watch this? Its Marques?? What is happening...
Ben Maier
Ben Maier Prije 8 sati
I am currently using that same Baymax wallpaper on my S10.
panda coco
panda coco Prije 9 sati
If u get a case that covers the power button will it interfere with the fingerprint scanner?
Ejob Benjamin
Ejob Benjamin Prije 10 sati
samsung takes you out of the ecosystem
Labyirnth II
Labyirnth II Prije 11 sati
Sorry if I missed it, but in order to unlock the phone, would I HAVE to use the stupid fingerprint scanner or is that still optional???
Ariel Perez
Ariel Perez Prije 12 sati
Nowadays a 750 bucks smartphone its the "cheaper" version... Why?
Nafis  Zaman
Nafis Zaman Prije 12 sati
Marques, I beg u please try the Xperia 1! I beg thee
Rajwinder Handa
Rajwinder Handa Prije 15 sati
How did you get in red?
Alex N
Alex N Prije 16 sati
Now I want that phone
Darko Belle
Darko Belle Prije 16 sati
Wallpaper clickbait... 😄
mena seven
mena seven Prije 16 sati
I like the Samsung Galaxy S10e SD card slot, headphone jack, beautiful flat screen and wide angle camera.
Club OG
Club OG Prije 17 sati
*When u realize u cant even afford the budget one*
Carlos Valverde
Carlos Valverde Prije 17 sati
I was meant to get an iPhone XR but Samsung did his job and now I will pick this instead of their bigger brothers
Elli Prije 18 sati
Watching this on my prism white S10e! Amazing phone
T Perm
T Perm Prije 18 sati
Would you recommend this over the pixel 3 xl?
Kamaha Prije 18 sati
e is for essential
Greg Weber
Greg Weber Prije 18 sati
Excellent review. Nailed what matters to real people!
Jack Gonsalves
Jack Gonsalves Prije 19 sati
Whos dislike this video. Over a thousand ? Is that samsung disliking? They want everyone buying the flagships
Andy D
Andy D Prije 19 sati
Had my Green S10e a little under a week, and so far I've been very happy - EXCEPT for one thing. The black plastic surround for the screen has already got really rough - it's like it's made from a really soft plastic, so any little touch marks it. The factory screen protector is in perfect condition, as is the rest of the phone, but that black plastic bit looks terrible already. I've never had this problem with any of my Samsungs. My old A8(2018) I use when I'm working on steam trains gets abused, and it hasn't had this problem, and it's also uncased, and pretty much the same size as the S10e. I can't see this S10e being terribly durable, which is a shame.
CyberStorm Tech
CyberStorm Tech Prije 19 sati
Great Vid, I appreciate how you pointed out that it is a better deal.
supergrendel Prije 20 sati
The "e" is supposed to stand for "essentials" from what I gather.
Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson Prije 20 sati
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jmac2050 Prije 20 sati
Black Shark 2
Karl Gibson Taer
Karl Gibson Taer Prije 21 sat
MKBHD , giveway for S10e pls. I really want that phone. I really love your videos. Subscriber from PHILIPPINES!
Malik Bagwala
Malik Bagwala Prije 22 sati
I actually like s10e over s10 cause I prefer smaller phones.
Dial T for Tech
Dial T for Tech Prije 22 sati
I bought this phone yesterday, so disappointed with the camera, going to try and return it, lose money on the restocking fee and just buy a pixel, if mkbhd uses pixel as his daily driver, that says something.
Dial T for Tech
Dial T for Tech Prije 11 sati
edit: tried the gcam and it's better
İlker Ozturk
İlker Ozturk Prije 22 sati
i like the flat screen. Please no more edge type screens.
Monkey Robots Inc.
Monkey Robots Inc. Prije 4 sati
yeah that shit will be looked back as one of the biggest fuckups in human evolution. wtf were they thinking.
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Prije 22 sati
1:13 $900,000 for a phone????
Artemio Perez
Artemio Perez Prije 23 sati
Great work
Naomi Alex
Naomi Alex Prije 23 sati
It bothers how much it looks like an iPhone, it really does.
Ade Rama
Ade Rama Prije dan
I love how it so small.. Really really love it. Loooveee iitt.. Smaalll
Ujjain Sagar
Ujjain Sagar Prije dan
0:58 what the.. how did he do that !!! that was awesome man
Keirnoth Prije dan
10e with the 8GB and 256GB storage is a great middleground to the big boi versions.
MrCrossaa21 Prije dan
E is for essentials
Oky Prije dan
Now Samsung will use that wallpaper in their s10 ads , or Note 10 if it also has a punch-hole camera
Hunter v
Hunter v Prije dan
I got to try this phone out, I think it's beautiful.. It's smaller than a lot of phones with smaller 5" screens!
Al AmIn
Al AmIn Prije dan
what a sexy wallpaper
0 0
0 0 Prije dan
dumb brainless fandroid
0 0
0 0 Prije dan
cause its an android thats why
red wood
red wood Prije dan
..."e" for essential !! 😊
Calamity Prije dan
Miss me with the "tripple cameras" bullshit samsung. Just one camera in the back is enough. I cannot forgive you for not putting an in-display fingerprint scanner though.
Vijay Kale
Vijay Kale Prije dan
I dont think any other phone had the fingerprint reader on the side. Samsung had it on onr of the A series phone
RailFanning & Stuff
Can it update more than one app at time because my S7 edge cannot
Lil Kolenmcy
Lil Kolenmcy Prije dan
The fingerprints on the galaxy s10e is faster than onplus face unlock
Brian Fadol
Brian Fadol Prije dan
Why not call it pseudo-flagships ?
charles moore
charles moore Prije dan
Hands down Marques you give the most honest and informative reviews to me as well as the best as a Samsung user you give great reviews I currently have the S9 plus Xfinity mobile hoping to upgrade to the s10 plus in a month or so
Grant Gallas
Grant Gallas Prije dan
What do you do if you are left handed and hold your phone with your left hand. Then your thumb doesn't rest naturally on the fingerprint reader.
Tu Ru
Tu Ru Prije dan
e stands for effortless. Not in a bad way, just in cheaper way compared to the other models. Its small e anyways.
• Celery.05
• Celery.05 Prije dan
ok so i have an idea for the price range... richboy-bitchboy...
Oscar T
Oscar T Prije dan
Where is the other GalaxyS10 review. Not the +, Not the E just the one in the middle
rolon96 2810
rolon96 2810 Prije dan
Tempted to upgrade to one of these in blue from my iPhone SE.
daniyluppert Prije dan
MKBHD pleeeeease make a short review of the Galaxy Buds 🙏
Patrick Damico
Patrick Damico Prije 23 sati
0 0p p
Solid Snake
Solid Snake Prije dan
I pre ordered S10+ but now I am thinking I should have ordered this. My only reason is that I need bigger battery since I travel quite a bit for work so having bigger battery that I don't have to charge during day helps but I really like the screen size of this and physical finger print sensor
Maksio 08
Maksio 08 Prije dan
0:42 Kearny?? Edit: nevermind
The Entertainer
The Entertainer Prije dan
did anyone else see the Expressions Advert at the end
hector flores
hector flores Prije dan
Could you make a video on the top selling screen protectors for the s10? Theres so much and all the different reviews dont help.
Dino DeNardis
Dino DeNardis Prije dan
Sony Xperia xz3 please Like if want!!!
TheAndySan Archives
Damn, this phone's a steal at that price! I have an s8 that I love, but I think it's a good idea to upgrade soon!
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Prije dan
Rich boi
Jeff Harris
Jeff Harris Prije dan
The s10 design is CRISPY and so are your videos! been watching for years and also thought of starting my own channel but always procrastinated. But i finally started did did my own review inspired by the legend MKBHD on the new S10, if you have any suggestions / feedback for me it would be much appreciated!
Jeff Harris
Jeff Harris Prije dan
+Derek Anbrosie appreciate it!
Derek Anbrosie
Derek Anbrosie Prije dan
Dude right I've wanted to as well but I'd probably be booty in front of a camera lmao I'll check you out tho aha
TripleTapHK Prije dan
No curved edges. SOLD! Those things are so damn annoying. Especially on the larger phones.
NavShay Prije dan
Came here to watch a phone review, left amazed at the quality of the content! Well done 👍🏻
Christian Carter
Watching this on iPhone XR 😂
Mist Passiert
Mist Passiert Prije dan
And it's got a headphone jack... pretty much beats the XR in every aspect.
Parth Menon
Parth Menon Prije dan
So its S10 minus
Roney Desousa
Roney Desousa Prije dan
I ended up picking one up. BestBuy and Samsung's website both are offering $550 credit for the Note 9 so I took that offer up and grabbed the S10e. It's nice to have a capable smaller phone that still has a large display.
Branka Miočević
Mk ._. queen22
Mk ._. queen22 Prije dan
Pink s10e 😍😍😍😍
HardBass Prije dan
900.000 $?
I am so excited that my broke ass would be able to afford it by 2021 !!! Yaayyy ❤️
zieg quantom
zieg quantom Prije 23 sati
The snapdragon 855 is just so powerful that having it 2 years from now still makes sense
Carlos Menendez
Carlos Menendez Prije dan
$900,000? 🤯
PRASANTH M Prije dan
That front camera is ugly... alright.. jus ugly
Peter Lam
Peter Lam Prije dan
Marques, please check out the "accidental touch protection" on the S10/S10+ (It doesnt seem to work, as seen on a lot of posts in reddit and samsung community forum) It may be the cause why the devices have terrible battery life when people have the habit of putting their phone in their pockets, therefore the in-screen fingerprint sensor is constantly sensing fingerprints, whats worse is when people turn on tap to wake AOD or double tap to wake I personally own an S10, and found that the battery lose quicker in my pocket than when im watching youtube You've been my hero in busting tech flaws in public and saving my spendings on a lot of products Keep it up man!
Omkar Shirgaonkar
If you don't need that phone please give me
M Saley
M Saley Prije dan
Where can I get the wallpapers
Vigna Veer
Vigna Veer Prije dan
Whats the display settings recommended for eyes in S10e? Natural or Vivid. RGB = 100%? With Bluelight Filter or without? What was the above settings at the time you recorded this video? Response is much appreciated marques.
Neil Prije dan
"e” stands for “Economy”
Zion.T Butt
Zion.T Butt Prije dan
Watching this on Pocophone f1
Justas Matkevicius
Actually metal rail around camera is green on my s10 prism green :)
TechPion Prije dan
I just watched this video for that wallpaper.. Im serious.
maazaslam biggestfan
the flagships are 900,000 dollars 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Patrick Ren
Patrick Ren Prije dan
5:41, wiping your phone with hoodie, a little too real, lol
Kishore Anand
Kishore Anand Prije dan
Intro music is awesome
Variety World
Variety World Prije dan
How did you get that track?? that was amazing but i didn't get that song's instrumental...
Redwan Rehman
Redwan Rehman Prije dan
This seems to be the best buy!!
chase sanders
chase sanders Prije dan
Also if you work for att that thing is half off right now 🤔
GILLETE32 Prije dan
I'm almost sure the price will go down $100 or $200 in less than a year or maybe 2 phone for the price of one,like usual.
Armedian Prije dan
Midmium Range Phone =D
Urb3nhood Prije dan
This phone ticks all my boxes, except for the location of that power button (I'm left handed and do not have gigantic fingers)
can i have free milk
am i the only one that suffers from scratches on the s10e just by being in a pocket with nothing else in it?
can i have free milk
+Keshav Sharma theres a little bump as if its a protective screen but im not quite sure...
Keshav Sharma
Keshav Sharma Prije dan
can i have free milk You should apply a tempered glass
iMythicize Prije 2 dana
This video made me fall in love with the S10e 😍 Just a few questions, I currently have the S8, would it be worth the upgrade? Also, is there a difference between the Snapdragon and the Exynos model? I live in Europe, so I would get the Exynos model.
Keshav Sharma
Keshav Sharma Prije dan
iMythicize Easy upgrade
Mac deep
Mac deep Prije 2 dana
Lol in India even S10 plus is cheaper than xr.
TS FB Prije 34 minuta
Because s10 plus can take a better picture of bobs and vagene than xr.
Fari Fairis
Fari Fairis Prije 2 dana
3:49 *How do you make a Red background like that?*
Antenox Prije 2 dana
As long as Samsung keeps giving their shitty Bixby into phones, no Samsung phone is worth spending money on.
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