Sansa vs. Daenerys: Sophie Turner Blames Emilia Clarke for Game of Thrones Coffee Cup-gate

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Sophie Turner clears her name by pointing fingers at co-stars for that coffee cup left in a Game of Thrones scene, teases how painful the finale will be and describes the awkward way she was rigged to fly in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.
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Sansa vs. Daenerys: Sophie Turner Blames Emilia Clarke for Game of Thrones Coffee Cup-gate

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Anshul Saraf
Anshul Saraf Prije 12 minuta
Jimmy is so freaking cheesy man!!!
S M Prije sat
Amazing legs
Treasure Forever
The red jumper 😻😻😻
Veer Singh
Veer Singh Prije 2 sati
This is my favorite l love her so much
A Prije 2 sati
Love sophie, hate sansa.
eli wol
eli wol Prije 2 sati
I Love this girl...
Ankur Chatterjee
Ankur Chatterjee Prije 2 sati
Alright Detective Pikachu 😂😂
amir SMAIL
amir SMAIL Prije 2 sati
Fuck Sansa
Rollingo Prije 3 sati
Or was it Kit Harrington?
Alex Tapisevic
Alex Tapisevic Prije 3 sati
How can someone be so plain and boring... i'm not going to say stupid.. let see how her premature marriage goes...
Irene Kelehan
Irene Kelehan Prije 3 sati
C e y Rfy c
Najur Zee
Najur Zee Prije 4 sati
sad clowns. in a time where more pple have jobs, off welfare and food stamps. the rich hollywood are self consumed with selfes and twiter. Trump is helping us poor to becum mid class. so f.u. HollyRich. & smoch my buda loving back side. SAD JIMMY, ARE SO SHE SAID
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker Prije 4 sati
Sold to the illuminati... left arm
sahand vakilzadeh
sahand vakilzadeh Prije 4 sati
this season of GOT is so bad
Aritam Gaur
Aritam Gaur Prije 4 sati
Biggest movie "dark phonix" Avenger endgame: am i a joke to you
Liri Quack
Liri Quack Prije 4 sati
She's ADORABLEEE omggggggg
Sean Ping
Sean Ping Prije 5 sati
Ugh Game of Groans
J K Prije 7 sati
We're already feeling 10 pain cuz the writing for season 8 is so bad...
Why Me
Why Me Prije 7 sati
5:13 She's trying to warn us about how bad it's gonna be guys!!
Almighty Doflamingo
Almighty Doflamingo Prije 7 sati
Bro I thought it was Sophia Aspen. I’m leaving
zabimaru102011 Prije 8 sati
lets also clear this up, it wasn't a starbucks coffee cup, it was a local coffee house cup in Ireland where they filmed the scene
she s so beutiful and talented also👌👌👌
HorrorHahn Prije 9 sati
At that picture at 1:11 Sophie looks like Jennifer Lawrence and when she talks she sounds like Gwendoline Christie there. Is Sophie Turner adapting too much of her co-stars? That's the real question. :D
theBabyDead Prije 10 sati
Why are they calling everything "gate" these days... It's like how they started saying about EVERYTHING that it 'broke the internet'... So annoying
Charles Partrick
Charles Partrick Prije 11 sati
Joe who?
Victor Akinmade
Victor Akinmade Prije 11 sati
She’s got 0.0 lips
panggop jio
panggop jio Prije 11 sati
Joe Jonas looks like a switch Hitter!
Shock Finger
Shock Finger Prije 13 sati
Don’t watch season 8 it fucking sucks D&D are the laziest writers in the world wtf is this gar bage
Neal Capuchino
Neal Capuchino Prije 14 sati
sit down limie....begeezus women are fine then they gotta tat their bodies with crap turnoff!!!
Sjef S
Sjef S Prije 14 sati
Its a paper joe's coffeecup not starbucks
Samantha Margaret
Samantha Margaret Prije 14 sati
Triangle Tattoo...just saying.
mikehtv Prije 14 sati
"The biggest show game of thrones" *audience claps* "The biggest movie dark Phoenix" *silence*
ken bibi
ken bibi Prije 15 sati
Sold to the illuminati... left arm
Nicholas C
Nicholas C Prije 16 sati
What Maisie skit is she talking about?
The Simple Farmhouse
The Simple Farmhouse Prije 16 sati
Beautiful newlyweds. And she seems like a genuinely nice person.
Rebekah Webb
Rebekah Webb Prije 17 sati
Met Gala outfits were cool but their halloween consumes were iconic.
Richard Methot
Richard Methot Prije 18 sati
jimmy is an idiot
Fernando Ceja
Fernando Ceja Prije 18 sati
Se casó con un Hobbit He got married to a Hobbit
You Tube
You Tube Prije 18 sati
fuck Sansa
Zahir Datoo
Zahir Datoo Prije 19 sati
Prefer red hair
Rahul Kumar Raman
Rahul Kumar Raman Prije 19 sati
Stutter • Allan Scott
This was brilliant..... Well... Starbucks will never need to advertise again 😂👍 Every name of all the main location in Game Of Thrones must be turned into a Coffee at Starbucks. Can I have one Winterfell with double cream, and three King's Landing with no sugar. The Pricks are sweet enough as it is 😔👍
Antreas Karpathakis
Antreas Karpathakis Prije 20 sati
is it only me , or is this interview kind cringy ?
Brian Neary
Brian Neary Prije 20 sati
She's so hot, funny, intelligent, sweet, etc, etc, etc, ec-@#$%&*207-806-9197
Sergio Cuenca
Sergio Cuenca Prije 20 sati
23 years and getting married 😂
Peter Bond
Peter Bond Prije 20 sati
5:18 Another hint from the actors of how bad the 8th season realy is...
VINO9411 Prije 20 sati
Joe Jonas looks like a switch Hitter!
z k
z k Prije 20 sati
She's so ugly Jesus christ
Yolanda Bunn
Yolanda Bunn Prije 20 sati
They look weird in person shot out to their make up team shheesh 😂😂
F Nzi
F Nzi Prije 20 sati
Actually it was in front of John not Daenerys . 😉
Mhmd Gilan
Mhmd Gilan Prije 21 sat
Let’s clear this up☝🏼😂
Cody Call
Cody Call Prije 21 sat
Episode 5 sucked. They could have made it so much more dramatic. That biz itch and her brother lover should have died with their intestines being ripped out or they’re throat cut very slowly. Going to be very disappointed I feel with the last episode.
Shooting Star
Shooting Star Prije 22 sati
Jealous Sansa setting up poor Khaleesi. Making her look like the mad queen by planting the Starbucks cup. I hope Khaleesi takes the remaining Dothraki, Unsullied, and her Dragon back over seas.
Shryce Prije 20 sati
Yeah... she turned out to be a real treacherous bitch in the series... But hey.. girl power all the way !
Carzo Parazzo
Carzo Parazzo Prije 22 sati
I love her, but that men is not for her, I mean his recently husband
Nova Galactic
Nova Galactic Prije 22 sati
"I look like Megamind with bad croch pain."
Zak Ayer
Zak Ayer Prije 22 sati
it was in kits spot lol
Ms.J Prije 23 sati
She lost a lot of weight
marah ab
marah ab Prije 23 sati
She is so much fun Love her
April Mary
April Mary Prije dan
Finally Sansa Is happy!
skulletor Prije dan
DAMN ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SheepenPlays - ROBLOX
Who’s here watching maisie williams saying the major spoiler after watching sophie’s interview
Александр Царев
Это Казахстан?
Karsten Von Fjellheim
Brilliant marketing placement by Starbucks. GoT are getting so much coverage for this; instead of coverage of what a letdown they turned this story into.
homunculus7 Prije dan
Her face when he said The biggest Show in the world Game of Thrones XD!!! Like you can tell she was thinking... Not after this season
ghieth sy
ghieth sy Prije dan
watch now Top 15 Best Game of Thrones Fighters | 2019
Eric Fleener
Eric Fleener Prije dan
Shaun Corrales
Shaun Corrales Prije dan
The Mark Ruffalo joke got me dead
Pandawa Lima
Pandawa Lima Prije dan
She stole my heart from Jennifer Lawrence 😉😄
Foxy Jane
Foxy Jane Prije dan
She rats out on Emilia like Sansa rats out on Dany... 😏
Himanshu Kashyap
0:16 illuminati on her arm?
ermocrate Prije dan
Why the fuck the continue they continue to give publicity to SB and why moderately talented actress get roles due to a popular series.
aqib malik
aqib malik Prije dan
She's like the western kareena Kapoor. 😂🤗❤️
Amina Prije 17 sati
Lol no, Kareena rarely cracks a joke or even a smile
Irene Lalouve
Irene Lalouve Prije dan
why did she become blonde?She had beautiful red hair on the show*also she was one of the most annoying characters on the show but cute on real life
Andy Prije dan
Sophie Turner is extremely hott with blonde hair 😍
Monu blase
Monu blase Prije dan
Nobody observed that the lady has a illuminati sign triangle on her left hand
prateek walia
prateek walia Prije dan
Dany burns Sansa like areys burnt her grandfather..
John Barrueto
John Barrueto Prije dan
Himanshu Pant
Himanshu Pant Prije dan
Who is best Priyanka Chopra or Sophie Turner
Lucero Night
Lucero Night Prije 23 sati
Tess d'Urberville
nick jack
nick jack Prije dan
>”aw you’re cute” >”no I’m not” >”alright pal” Well, at least he took the hint
Diego alejandro Bravo cardona
Very very cool,is beutifull guirld ❤😘😍
Abi Abi
Abi Abi Prije dan
00:47 omg I love her!
I never liked that white haired bitch cerci all day
DeathHazared Prije dan
jimmy was low key hitting on sophie lmaooooo nah i’m playin
toomuchtime Prije dan
I'm I the only one who thinks that the Jonas Brothers are punching way above their league
Max Dembo
Max Dembo Prije 17 sati
toomuchtime just be happy for the lad. He obviously has something about him to get her to marry him. And I couldn’t give two fucks about the jonas brothers.
Adham Prije dan
Imao she is beautiful but silly 😏
infiniteandroid Prije dan
Xitlaly Cruz
Xitlaly Cruz Prije dan
Who'd done it!? Coffee cup edition!
Esteban C
Esteban C Prije dan
Best ad for detective pikachu movie 😂😂
Gabriel Kruger
Gabriel Kruger Prije dan
jus dont like her acting and character
MissTotos Prije dan
Is it crack Jimmy is on? It's crack isn't it..
Brunette Tn
Brunette Tn Prije dan
God she is absolutely gorgeous ...
Ziggy Prije dan
Okay I always knew Joe was going to marry someone with humour since he is a funny guy. Well done Joe👏👏
Apfeltasche 502
Apfeltasche 502 Prije dan
Season 8 Painscale? 10 for sure because they are slaughtering good storylines left and right i love the cast and the first 7 seasons dont get me wrong but season 8 is a mess
Bowyy1 Prije dan
5:18 how did she know...
"The biggest movie, 'Dark Phoenix'."
Viviána Prije dan
It's nice to see that they post the entire interviews now instead of clips.
Viviána Prije dan
She's so beautiful.
Marvin G.
Marvin G. Prije dan
I think I have a new crush
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