Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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11. Lip 2019.



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Komentari 32 032
MAZZ0Murder Prije 11 minuta
So does Ganon live in Zelda's basement, or does Zelda live in Ganon's attic?
Noxel Prije 2 sati
*spoilers!!* Whats really hiding under Hyrule castle: The biggest korok.
Society through rose tinted goggles
0:51 nope I'm out
Sleepy Ashu
Sleepy Ashu Prije 4 sati
Link really is getting that Sheikah (my spelling is phenomenal) arm isn’t he? 😭
Hyperactive Geek
Hyperactive Geek Prije 4 sati
I really hope they give more emotion and expression to Link's character. In botw he was just this blank slate. I want him to be a mix between SS Link and TP link.
Eric0225 gaming
Eric0225 gaming Prije 4 sati
Heck even link has longer hair than zelda
Imaru Lewis
Imaru Lewis Prije 7 sati
Ok so: -at least semi playable zelda (either atreus and kratos style cooperative attacks or jacob and evie style "toggle to switch character" type deal) -terrifying but more interesting story. -mountable elephants. -zombies. Where do I sign? ✒
Jack Prije 9 sati
So I've just 100% completed botw and I'm so bored now. Gimme some more zelda NOW!
Midday Edgeworth
Midday Edgeworth Prije 11 sati
Ganon never dies (and we like that because he gives us sequels)
Roro Zoro
Roro Zoro Prije 11 sati
I jus wanna roam in a fully restored hyrule smh
MZkiller22 Prije 12 sati
I still cant believe this is happening so soon
saitama lorde do universo
Still a adventure game, right?
Zach Hixson
Zach Hixson Prije 12 sati
I really hope this is to BOTW what Majora's Mask was to Ocarina of Time, or what Twilight Princess was to Wind Waker. Something dark, weird, and wonderful
Scarlet G
Scarlet G Prije 13 sati
Endless memes aside, this game looks pretty cool in my opinion. Can't wait.
skye Prije 13 sati
Gerudo King gonna be a daddy. I mean what
skye Prije 13 sati
I've been watching this same video 6 times and each time I think is a new video teaser but no, it's just the same video.
Noah Sefcik
Noah Sefcik Prije 15 sati
Insane cant wait to play i have finished breath of the wild and the dlc 100 percent
REDACTED Prije 16 sati
Ya know this a actually falls in place with Kirby games with their True Arena Game Mode. You thought you finally killed the boss but no.
Carium Prije 18 sati
Link walks over and picks up Ganondorf's body. Korok: yahaha you've found me I create this joke, but I feel it's worth sharing
コレリス Prije 18 sati
xxstatkid10xx x
xxstatkid10xx x Prije dan
Man you can call me impatient but its only been 3 months. Time is going way slower than I thought. When I heard that Nintendo was releasing the switch I was like ok I can wait, and I did but it did feel like it took a little longer than expected. When I saw this I was like cool and I come back to see this in my recomend saying 3 months ago when it felt like 7. *(But It does feel nice looking back at the comments)*
Cody Mrow
Cody Mrow Prije dan
please fix some issues that the last game had, such as weapon durability
DylanDude Prije 3 sati
The weapons system would not work without it.
Dabi Todoroki
Dabi Todoroki Prije dan
So was the slowly dripping stuff on links switch was ganons cu-
Anoniman Piotr
Anoniman Piotr Prije dan
That's the very same Rat from Endgame.
Louis Reynolds
Louis Reynolds Prije dan
0:30 RIP Mouse, 2019 - 2019
The boss Plays
The boss Plays Prije dan
Me:what another one just like BOTW I must be dreaming
León Arriagada
León Arriagada Prije dan
I demand and I look forward to, finally a kiss from zelda to link
DylanDude Prije 3 sati
We already had that back in Zelda II.
Flameing Scorcher
I need this game now
Links Stuff
Links Stuff Prije dan
I can’t wait to spend countless hours on this game
Shataki Prije dan
Nice horror game Nintendo
ActiveGamerLife Prije dan
I need this game already!
Viktor Van Nauw
Viktor Van Nauw Prije dan
Link; I thought you were deze Ganon: My death was...greatly exaggerates
Grimish Animations
John Chevalier
John Chevalier Prije dan
I need a game with Link, Zelda, Ganon and Ghirahim
Luke Cuasay
Luke Cuasay Prije 2 dana
Wow. Even thumbnail Link is cringing at his own dab...
Pawel Skibinski
Pawel Skibinski Prije 2 dana
Wait what where they doing
-_ Chromazer _-
-_ Chromazer _- Prije 2 dana
Me watch the trailer : TAKE MY MONEY NOW AND GIVE ME THIS GAME !!!!!
Comic Book Guy
Comic Book Guy Prije 2 dana
Estara lista de aqui a 2025?
Heathcliff Lopez
Heathcliff Lopez Prije 2 dana
these comments have me dead. lmao
Rorzor Da warrior
Rorzor Da warrior Prije 2 dana
Link:Ganon is finally dead Ganon:Are you sure about that?
Bishop BW
Bishop BW Prije 2 dana
I want to know who or what is behind the hand reviving Ganon's corpse (0:41). Hopefully something more evil than Ganon himself. Would be nice to expand past Ganon, and gain a more ultimate evil entity.
Cheyenne Pelham
Cheyenne Pelham Prije 2 dana
I would love to see motion controls so if you swing the joy con the sword swings, and if you press zl and raise you're left hand (right if your left handed) you're shield will raise,also if you press zl and zr pull back with left hand and let zr go a arrow will shoot out of you're bow.
Chubbs Prije 2 dana
I want it
Justin Ang
Justin Ang Prije 2 dana
Jesse James Padilla
Jesse James Padilla Prije 2 dana
The sequel to the legend of Zelda breath of the wild is now in development Bruh I barely just bought first game😂
DJ C Gsquad M Ida Octamarilla
I'm Sure the Sequel is REALLY BETTER than first BOTW game.
CCBAZ Prije 2 dana
Why im erect
Γιώργος Γεωργακόπουλος
You know that some people do not have the money to afford the switch so can you please make it available for the Wii u
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Prije 2 dana
The Wii U has been dead for over two years
Wong Yinglung
Wong Yinglung Prije 2 dana
Zelda:Open your eyes Canon:ok
ItsMeii Prije 2 dana
the thing is that Botw 2 wouldn't get released until like 2021 or 2022, and it already feels like its been a year
ForeZone Prije 2 dana
Noah Hocker
Noah Hocker Prije 2 dana
Hope it's better than the first
HLJK Lenny
HLJK Lenny Prije 2 dana
Politically Incorrect
I can't wait no more AAAAAGH
Zyro Zen
Zyro Zen Prije 3 dana
Can this be a possiblity of reviving the champions?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Prije 2 dana
eclipse story universe
So 15 more months until the release date how could I possibly know this Same engine Most likley some of the characters from botw Same enimies with some maybe added So that should speed up the development and it took about 6 months to develop the dlc packs now let's talk about expectations Loosing all stanima peices/heart containers Getting a new power 18 months of development + 2 packs of dlc I doubt the motorcycle is returning because that was DLC and link likes to have yard sales lol Your house hahaha you will have to probably buy a new one or rebuy your house maybe there'll be more houses and I expect more customization Epona will either be amiibo again or there will be a horse you get named epona Better durability on weapons and a repair shop
DaPandoraMan 8
DaPandoraMan 8 Prije 3 dana
Breath Of The Wild 2: Oxygen of the Wilder
Xlaxsauce Prije 3 dana
hope they add lots more to the map since Hyrule should have been able to rebuild and repopulate a bit after the events of the first game.
matthew 27
matthew 27 Prije 3 dana
i loooove it
Rebecca Magana
Rebecca Magana Prije 4 dana
Will he finally talk and thank god there is a new game
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