Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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11. Lip 2019.

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Komentari 27 880
AnotherWolfGamer Prije 24 minuta
PLOT TWIST The main villain is Dead Hands
SD Loves No One
SD Loves No One Prije 25 minuta
I'm scared......
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards Prije sat
I think that is Demise....!!!!!!
Laura Lindsay
Laura Lindsay Prije sat
Well darn. Now I HAVE to buy a switch. Damn you.
Mr. Gaber
Mr. Gaber Prije sat
Link: yes! I finally killed Ganon! *ganon gets revived* Also Link: Aww shoot, here we go again
TheLoneWanderer Prije 2 sati
Never understood how this franchise is according to some people better than fallout and TES.
JadeToonz Prije 3 sati
Zelda:Wow you defeted ganon Link:... Ganondorfs dead rotten corpse: ♢●♢
Veronica Kittok
Veronica Kittok Prije 3 sati
*crys in Gerudo *
Bakers Prije 4 sati
So it will be the same map and gameplay mechanics ? No thanks i have enough of grinding shrines for hearth containers....
New Kool movies
New Kool movies Prije 4 sati
Etika saw the trailer for the breath of the wild expansion and I’m sad that he didn’t get to see the game come out rest easy
Emmanuel Mboya
Emmanuel Mboya Prije 4 sati
GOD please I hope link will speak this time
Adam AKA Love_Doc.
Adam AKA Love_Doc. Prije 4 sati
Does anyone else notice the castle has legs, if you look closely in the dust when the castle is being lifted you can see mechanical legs
Turtlee Prije 4 sati
Nintendo's seemed to have fun mummifying people lately.
o u r o b o r o s
o u r o b o r o s Prije 5 sati
If there's no Tingle in his game..
szekelydavidkaa Prije 5 sati
Ok, so from now on I will watch this around 5 times a day until the game comes out.
Alyna Nguyen
Alyna Nguyen Prije 5 sati
Zelda: Evil is forever vanquished from Hyrule Ganon: Observe
Crimson Wolf
Crimson Wolf Prije 5 sati
I’m assuming instead of champion abilities, it’s going to be that weird magic hand abilities
L Watson
L Watson Prije 5 sati
I hardly even played breath of the wild but now I want to.
Jetburrito 80804
Jetburrito 80804 Prije 8 sati
Please be on wiiu
DylanDude Prije 4 sati
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Prije 6 sati
The Wii U was discontinued when BOTW came out
Madnard Prije 6 sati
Lmao no
jaeyong choi
jaeyong choi Prije 8 sati
절 하고 갑니다.
DarticianUtopia Prije 8 sati
Idk about all of you but... That didn't PERSONALLY look like Ganon as much as it did a reviving Demise...
DylanDude Prije 4 sati
It has Gerudo symbols on it. It's Ganondorf.
OnePHunnyGuy Prije 9 sati
Zelda: Peace has finally returned to Hyrule. *Literally the next day:* Ganon: Hi.
Mubashar Asghar
Mubashar Asghar Prije 10 sati
Breath of the Phantom💀
Lemon Animations
Lemon Animations Prije 10 sati
Link: Ive killed Ganon! Hyrule is safe! Ganon: I'm about to ruin this dude's whole career
Bjorn Gerrist
Bjorn Gerrist Prije 10 sati
this is ganondorf,, you see that orange emblem on his head? if you looked to ganondorf in other games you see also a emblem on his forehead in the same shape and same side... well by seeing that you already know that it must be ganondorf,, same colourd skin, hair, and the form and shape of the emblem on his forehead.
Bjorn Gerrist
Bjorn Gerrist Prije 2 sati
@Madnard and yess indeed
Madnard Prije 6 sati
He have the triforce of power
Fizzlespark Prije 11 sati
I liked botw because it was nice and simple... This looks creepy af
A Deep Fried Rat 🐀
A Deep Fried Rat 🐀 Prije 12 sati
0:45 that shadow on the wall looks as if that spirit hand was attached to a body
Marco Aurélio Duarte Moreira
Zelda pt_BR
Cereal Boal
Cereal Boal Prije 13 sati
Ganon: *gets undead* Me as link: *OUtStaNdInG MovE*
Madnard Prije 6 sati
You fainted ganon but not ganondorf
Nahuel Romero
Nahuel Romero Prije 14 sati
Pro Ozi Player
Pro Ozi Player Prije 14 sati
When will it release???
Madnard Prije 6 sati
RayrDaRogue Prije 15 sati
Please give me a pseudo-horror free roaming legend of zelda nintendo, I'll give you eighty bucks for it
Tillie Jamie
Tillie Jamie Prije 16 sati
FOUND SOMETHING OUT. If you play it reversed, you can hear "Poor Hyrule, for link has found the bodies"
Madnard Prije 6 sati
God its creepy
Son Goku
Son Goku Prije 16 sati
Meli Pinkston
Meli Pinkston Prije 16 sati
I’m excited
Joe Prije 17 sati
Every Comment On Here: Formatted like this. Tf. Lol.
Madnard Prije 6 sati
You are not in the right video lol
cabbagecat111 Prije 17 sati
1:11 Me: yep sorta already guessed that
Pleb Gaming
Pleb Gaming Prije 18 sati
Isn't this just a teaser though why is everyone so hyped
Madnard Prije 6 sati
Because you dont know how breath of the wild is a REAL great game
HellaHellaHella HEY
HellaHellaHella HEY Prije 19 sati
a sequel to the legend of zelda breath of the wild insert ( working title ) 🤔🤔🤔 name it the legend zelda: beyond the horizon.
kikinash 07
kikinash 07 Prije 19 sati
Pros of BOTW:I've beaten the game so easy its not a challenge Nintendo:hold my beer
Madnard Prije 6 sati
This is not pros, these are speedrunners and tryharders
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon Prije 19 sati
Hmm with the castle at the end coming up from the ground pretty much tells us it will be floating In the sky "AGAIN" from the Skyward Sword adventure. So this is NOT Gannon & will be Demise sadly. Oh & the view count could reach 17mln before July ends.
jonsh_o Prije 19 sati
i hope its demise
jonsh_o Prije 3 sati
@DylanDude i know but i can hope
DylanDude Prije 4 sati
It has Gerudo symbols on it, so it cannot be Demise.
jonsh_o Prije 5 sati
​@Jacob Reynolds i know but i can hope
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Prije 8 sati
It’s kinda obvious that it’s Ganondorf
Elias Rammah
Elias Rammah Prije 19 sati
damn wtf is zelda’s haircut
мистер шулер 55
Very interesting
dragonNINJAdx Prije 19 sati
Damn, I haven't even beaten the first one, nor have I really enjoyed it as a big Zelda fan, but I guess I better keep going and buy a switch for the sequel
Madnard Prije 6 sati
Ah because you play on wii u?
Miguel Prije 19 sati
I've been thinking... Breath of the Wild has had several inspirations from Princess Mononoke. Do you remember Ashitaka's cursed arm? Hmm...
Jenson Orbeta
Jenson Orbeta Prije 20 sati
Me: Just finished the dlc bois! *Watches trailer* Me: Oh shoot here we go again..
Good Toast
Good Toast Prije 20 sati
Link and Zelda: *finally kills ganon after 100 years of terror and suffering* Ganondorf: AlLoW Me To InTrOdUcE MySeLfE
Captain five
Captain five Prije 20 sati
Take my f****** money and give me the game!!!!
wilji1090 Prije 20 sati
So... I know there's a strong possibility that this is still Ganon, but should we also consider the possibility that this is in fact Demise?
DylanDude Prije 3 sati
Gerudo symbols can be seen, confirming it is Ganondorf, not Demise.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Prije 8 sati
Demise said that it would be an incarnation of his own hatred that plagued Link and Zelda for eternity, he was sealed in the Master Sword and his body disintegrated
Machine Gun Korok
Machine Gun Korok Prije 20 sati
You’ve heard of link’s awakening, now get ready for ganon’s awakening
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon Prije 19 sati
lmao nice one!
maurice green
maurice green Prije 21 sat
Dang it, why wont this man just die😫😫
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon Prije 19 sati
fast and furious 9, FF 15?
Stxrrynight Prije 21 sat
Maybe Zelink will actually happen! (I ship so hard^ - ^)
FireSoulReIgnite Prije 21 sat
Ganondorf: P is Priceless, the look upon your faces. E is for Extinction, on your puny races. R for Revolution, witch will be televised. F is for how f*cked you are, allow me to repriiiiiise. * Guardian target locked *
KinG XI Prije 23 sati
Please human Ganon, please human Ganon...
Lucas Espino
Lucas Espino Prije 23 sati
Does anyone think its a scary game couse I just want it to be one part becouse I like legend of zelda and I get scared soooooooooooo........
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon Prije 19 sati
I do.
Lucas Espino
Lucas Espino Prije 23 sati
Ian Darragh
Ian Darragh Prije 23 sati
Link: Locking him in your basement didn't seem to work. Zelda: It sounded like a good idea at the time, alright?
Soviet Union
Soviet Union Prije dan
0:45 Isn't that gannon's shadow?
Square Pants
Square Pants Prije dan
This is the only thing keeping me going 😂
likeAboss Gaming
Zelda: Ganon has given up on reincarnation. *BOTW 2* Ganon: *HEY GUYS, IM AWAKE NOW! WHAT I MISS?*
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon Prije 19 sati
Rafi y mettablock
Its a creepypasta!! This Trailer is so cool!!! 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒
kacper pro gamer
What is it going to be called
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon Prije 19 sati
Beneath the Wild.
Kickin Hawk
Kickin Hawk Prije dan
Just one thing to ask,please return with the temples,i don't want the shrines to go away,just do the shrines, *and* the temples.
Haley Pehle Hill
Okay, a small and crazy hope here, what if Ghirahim returns as well... but as one of the good guys?
Haley Pehle Hill
Haley Pehle Hill Prije 18 sati
Jacob Reynolds actually the game never tells us where Ghirahim came from, for all we know he could have been a weapon for Zelda and got corrupted by malice into the Ghirahim we know so well, if you think about it though... that could actually be partially possible, doubt he was for Zelda though
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Prije 22 sati
Would definitely be interesting but it wouldn’t be possible, he was created by Demise and is pretty much designed to be an evil version of Fi
Killykiller17 /Sadie
Can’t wait!
ZEERIALO Prije dan informational
Juraez Guineapig
Link and Zelda: here we go again..... Ganon: and again and again and again.... oh the memories!
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon Prije 19 sati
TigerNightfall Prije dan
Link and Zelda sitting in a tree k.i.s..., until Ganondorf comes. “Hey guys, miss me!”
HyruleMaster022 Prije dan
Doesn't the music sound like the game over music from Zelda 1?
HyruleMaster022 Prije dan
Mercury Pillis
Mercury Pillis Prije dan
Champions: “we finally fulfilled our duty” Ganon: “hehe ok fam”
Valeria Khegay
Valeria Khegay Prije dan
Wow links voice actor is on point! He got all the lines just right! 😃
Nut Nut
Nut Nut Prije dan
Reminded me of the shadow temple in Ocarina of Time
Flazkes Prije dan
Alien Stories
Alien Stories Prije dan
Every Zelda fan ever: Majoras mask was the most creepy BOTW2: hold my cucu.
French Toast
French Toast Prije dan
was Ganondorf a champion?
Milktraap Prije dan
-kid goes to basement -creepy music in reverse -gross stuff and satan are in it Is BOTW 2 just the binding of Isaac?
Mipha te queremos
Does someone think that an aparition of the three goddesses would be extremely cool?
Diogo Medeiros
Diogo Medeiros Prije dan
Please bring the ocarina of time tunes back! Gerudo Valley and Hyrule Field tunes from that game pleaaaase!!! If you release it as Dlc I promise I will pay for it, please!!!
Rajesh Gupta
Rajesh Gupta Prije dan
Just comment on this video to get likes i am doing
Marco Aurélio Duarte Moreira
Zelda pt_BR
Hilman Satriana
Hilman Satriana Prije dan
so hyped!!! I can't wait
T3R3Z1 PYROP3 Prije dan
man, here I was, like: aw man breath of the wild is pretty good, but wheres all the real spooky stuff zelda games always have? I mean, I guess the blood moon is fine and all, but I wish we had some dead hand level spooks, that would really make this the best zelda game...
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele Prije dan
Every The Legend of Zelda is decent with good animation of the gameplay from Nintendo!!!😯
Monrata Prije dan
Gabon really just pulled a “I’m gonna end this man’s whole career” on Link yikes
barbara canessa
barbara canessa Prije dan
Mateusz Brzezinski
It's darker but I'm still gettin it #nintendo number 1
Math Bacon
Math Bacon Prije dan
It looks so spoopy and cool
Christyandi K
Christyandi K Prije dan
There's random rat in this trailer. There's a random rat which helps ant-man in avengers end game. Link would be present in avengers end game re-run.
Hingle McCringlebarry
Was I the only one who got twilight princess vibes from this.
Pedro Quix#power Up
"Majoras mask 2"
Nxt laggi
Nxt laggi Prije dan
Nice job nintendo, i'm so hyped!!!
HeroGamer 303
HeroGamer 303 Prije dan
Raze328 Prije dan
Well this is gonna be rated M 17 and up
CamGamerr Prije dan
watch the reversed version, it makes more sense
FlandreScarlet Online Gaming
Yaasss please make the game i love this animation :OO
Liakk Does Stuff
Can’t wait for this game to come out in 2025!
Silly Billy
Silly Billy Prije dan
Ugly boys R us
Ugly boys R us Prije dan
There should be co op in this game since Zelda is in free but if there isn’t I still hope its as good as the first one or better
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