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15. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 4 725
Joe Barrass
Joe Barrass Prije 58 minuta
good vid
James Khallwell
James Khallwell Prije 17 sati
Why do they call it reverse hide and seek instead of sardines ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Chouda04 Prije 17 sati
Like if you’re here after JJ won the fight.
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Prije dan
I feel bad for vik
leon kinghorn
leon kinghorn Prije dan
Hamish Campbell
Hamish Campbell Prije dan
BTW the game is called Sardines
Zachary J Bowman
Half way through the vid and Vik already lost
Zyterx Prije dan
Another one please these are so entertaining especially toby hiding and escaping
11:54 sticky Vicky was teased
Zain Ali
Zain Ali Prije dan
13:34 ksi looks so lost like wtf is happening I went to sleep Wake up and all the guys are just laying around me
ChidsR Prije dan
whos watching this after the fight? 👇🏽
Jj beat Logan
Ray Aviation
Ray Aviation Prije 2 dana
JJ Pronunciation of We speak no Americano
AMaree W
AMaree W Prije 2 dana
What song was Jj trying to sing at 0:17???
Colt Prije 3 dana
17:55 Vik: "I feel dumb." Well because you were practically looking straight at them and still walked off, yeah you kinda are mate.
Francisco Fuentes
Francisco Fuentes Prije 3 dana
I learned this game watching peppa pig
Jiya Patel
Jiya Patel Prije 3 dana
lmao they made a sticky vicky reference
Aye Man
Aye Man Prije 5 dana
Nobody: JJ: Bababaniggararo
Daniel L33t
Daniel L33t Prije 5 dana
As a punishment for losing a challenge someone should read fanfic
Dom FTS Prije 5 dana
Tobi teased the 20,000 holiday trip video, him and Harry said sticky Vicky...
flo A
flo A Prije 5 dana
Is it me or did the sidemen become actual celebrities now? Theres been fans lurking and screaming in the background in every recent video now
Ryan Xander
Ryan Xander Prije 6 dana
11:52 wait, sticky vicky? did they record this AFTER the holiday abroad?
SAHAR Z Prije 4 dana
They weren’t done editing it when this vid was filmed
Bailey Andrews
Bailey Andrews Prije 6 dana
20mins of vik being blind 😂
Bailey Andrews
Bailey Andrews Prije 6 dana
20mins of vik being blind 😂
Aeusud Prije 7 dana
Nobody: Villains in kid movies: 2:00
Nathan McAllister
Nathan McAllister Prije 7 dana
ÆceLIFE Prije 7 dana
Vikk is acc so shit at hide and seek
Tobey lack vlogs
Tobey lack vlogs Prije 9 dana
This in adventure Island at South end right? Next to the longest pier in the world. I went there couple years ago, it was great. Btw I love u guys and your content. Team ksi
ByronCenz Studio
ByronCenz Studio Prije 9 dana
When you rematch it after the vacation video, you finally know what “Sticky Vicky” they are talking about @11:52
ttv dig bick
ttv dig bick Prije 9 dana
Y tf was Ethan the only 1 who went down fast
Emily Smith
Emily Smith Prije 9 dana
The crooked house used to be so much more creepy. If u know u know
A Douglas
A Douglas Prije 9 dana
The tick on harrys picture pissed me off cause its smaller than the others
SAHAR Z Prije 4 dana
A Douglas lol is it?
Shantaya Fairclough
Shantaya Fairclough Prije 10 dana
JJ:It’s a bit cold ooooh
Madhav Solanki
Madhav Solanki Prije 11 dana
11:51 well now we know where that's from lol
KID SLAYER Prije 11 dana
Hidden seek tig
Nikki Galaxy
Nikki Galaxy Prije 11 dana
i love the fact they just let jj sleep
Dillon George
Dillon George Prije 11 dana
11:53 abroad holiday 😂
HAZZA 16 Prije 12 dana
11:53 that was a lil spoiler for 200 vs 20k
greg m
greg m Prije 12 dana
11:54 sticky vicky
Yung_ Kamzzz
Yung_ Kamzzz Prije 12 dana
I could’ve been in the video I can hear myself in the back round
Spartan Son
Spartan Son Prije 12 dana
S T I C K Y. V I C K Y!
-0Chocolate Milk0-
-0Chocolate Milk0- Prije 13 dana
Love these videos can u do more please this is how many people do to 👇🏻
Atte Manninen
Atte Manninen Prije 13 dana
Who is your favorite dude in sidemen mine is probably jj
Chimaera Prije 14 dana
11:50 you bastards
T4DHG Prije 15 dana
I genuinely thought this was the hide and seek video, reversed, and I still clicked
Unknownn Josee
Unknownn Josee Prije 15 dana
11:52 this was a hint
Jose Navarrete
Jose Navarrete Prije 15 dana
Anyone notice tobi and harry say sticky Vicky ?????
Timothy Lim
Timothy Lim Prije 15 dana
Where's the 2min outro?
Wasa james
Wasa james Prije 16 dana
sidemen and click should do a collab
Darrien Wild
Darrien Wild Prije 16 dana
Sticky Vicky
Joseph Vernon
Joseph Vernon Prije 16 dana
I have no idea what was going on in this video 😕
Cant relate
Cant relate Prije 17 dana
"JJ is a big guy, he can't fit in small crevices." - Simon 2K19
Lexter Lien
Lexter Lien Prije 17 dana
Still baffles me how they were able to stretch a 14 minute video to a 27 minute video.
Ruari Thompson
Ruari Thompson Prije 17 dana
Sidemen you guys should totally play hide and sike inside an airport that seems to be a good place to play hide and seek
Ruari Thompson
Ruari Thompson Prije 17 dana
Please can someone reply
Ruari Thompson
Ruari Thompson Prije 17 dana
Plus Airport is really big and massive not all sidemen could ever find one other playing hide and seek in the airport
VlaxiouZ Prije 18 dana
Logbear Pope
Logbear Pope Prije 18 dana
Who else wants to see Vik shave an eyebrow
Blaze Gvidas YT
Blaze Gvidas YT Prije 18 dana
Just stop bullying Vik, poor Vikstar123
Judin Alex
Judin Alex Prije 18 dana
what song is ksi trying to sing
officialhellfire Prije 18 dana
Vik came last just like him with kids
Yes Okay
Yes Okay Prije 14 dana
Pug Life
Pug Life Prije 19 dana
Vik got abused😂