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For this weeks #SidemenSunday we put together our own Sidemen Sports Day!
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:


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14. Tra 2019.

sidemensidemen sunday#sidemensundaysidemen sports day



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Komentari 6 387
jessie x
jessie x Prije 10 sati
I love vikk🤤
The Demond plays His games
f harry
Taylor VR
Taylor VR Prije dan
vikk > all the other sidemen
Sahil Pathan
Sahil Pathan Prije dan
Vik is responsible for his abuse, he needs to change his personality.
Ayy Frog
Ayy Frog Prije dan
Vikk: “gets injured” JJ: lizard.
Jeanette Kazarian
JJ just makes these videos unenjoyable
Garry Hurst
Garry Hurst Prije dan
Garry Hurst
Garry Hurst Prije dan
I hate vikk
Mary DeMuth
Mary DeMuth Prije dan
josh looks way too happy when hes catching eggs 17:51 and 17:55
Tuure Vaaras
Tuure Vaaras Prije dan
how does harry always ruin everything
Taylor VR
Taylor VR Prije dan
Tuure Vaaras aw i love harry ;(
Jimm Kakapooli
Jimm Kakapooli Prije 2 dana
viks a beuty idk y he gets bullied
Jhonatan Ventura
Jhonatan Ventura Prije 2 dana
Josh tries so hard to bully vik but it ain’t even funny
Lane Messer
Lane Messer Prije 2 dana
Blue team! Blue team! Blue team! Blue team! Blue team!
Nyte Maloni
Nyte Maloni Prije 2 dana
That big mouth is so rude 🦍
Jenko 05
Jenko 05 Prije 2 dana
Ayy he got pick last.... AYYYYYYYYUYYY
IAm GeekMania
IAm GeekMania Prije 2 dana
Josh the type of guy to wear a red shirt and still get a red bib
wrestling cave
wrestling cave Prije 2 dana
Vik got bullied so bad in this
Mk17 Gunman
Mk17 Gunman Prije 2 dana
Every single comment is Vik abuse
RockyJames121 Prije 2 dana
7:42 oooofff Vikk wanted to handshake
DuruBoy___ Prije 3 dana
Everyone in the comments is jus on JJ’s nuts abt Vikk
Samuel Prije 3 dana
I see so many retards in the comments saying to stop bullying vikk guys relies it’s just banter man so many people taking it so seriously
jose antonio malipot
Lol this comment is 80% of feeling bad for vik 20% random
Anisa Ali
Anisa Ali Prije 3 dana
Has anyone noticed that whenever the Sidemen do one of these videos, JJ and Ethan are always in the same team, no matter what they're doing?
George William DINNAN
RIP for vik💩💩🖕🏻🖕🏻🧖‍♂️🗿❗️❓🚷
Vriz za
Vriz za Prije 4 dana
bloods vs crips
Polar Prije 4 dana
Everyone go to vikk's channel and sub. #stopvikkabuse
Nekoda Loughlin
Nekoda Loughlin Prije 4 dana
TheRealBT Prije 4 dana
Jj: calls vik fat Ethan: I see this as an absolute win
Mya Fewell
Mya Fewell Prije 4 dana
JJ, Stop bullying Vikk it’s not funny anymore
Kevin Paul
Kevin Paul Prije 4 dana
Comments 97% : Stop Vikk Abuse 3%: Simon: *RED TEAM RED TEAM RED TEAM*
angered rat
angered rat Prije 5 dana
8:27 important moment
Moe Rasoul
Moe Rasoul Prije 5 dana
MY HAYKEN Prije 5 dana
All the comments with “stop bullying Vikk” get so many likes so I’m gonna right one: “stop bullying vikk” I actually feel bad for vikk
Brayden Coles
Brayden Coles Prije 6 dana
Petition to kick Ethan out of the sidemen
IzNahteen Prije 7 dana
*1st Event is the sac race* *defok*
MustafaGaming Prije 8 dana
Harry and Simon are byblos😂
Phyllis Moir
Phyllis Moir Prije 8 dana
What song 10:25
Jordan Sreng Keo
Jordan Sreng Keo Prije 8 dana
Why does JJ hate Vik?
Måster Angēł
Måster Angēł Prije 8 dana
Harry 15:06 "we got em the b*tches have no grip"😂😂
Диас ЭТО Я
Диас ЭТО Я Prije 8 dana
What is the song name at 10:20
XxWTG456xX Prije 9 dana
17:57 😂😂😂
Eric Prije 9 dana
jesus i can't be the only one that is glad vik is being bullied, he's so annoying
Adeiye Olomola
Adeiye Olomola Prije 9 dana
Zerkaa should be disqualified
Adeiye Olomola
Adeiye Olomola Prije 9 dana
Thomas Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy Prije 9 dana
Josh folded like a deck chair haha
Thomas Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy Prije 9 dana
The amount I cringed at vik in this was unbelievable haha
TheGamingbro2017 Bala
Stopbullingvikk bc I’m Indian and he is my bro
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