Simple Animations in Procreate Tutorial

Brad Colbow
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Procreate has added some cool new features in their latest Procreate 4.3 update. In this tutorial I'm going to walk through how you can make simple animated gifs in the app.
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29. Tra 2019.



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Komentari 242
Firepaw 727
Firepaw 727 Prije dan
Does it work with procreate pocket?
Keegan Hyde
Keegan Hyde Prije 5 dana
I don’t know how to save the animation to my camera roll 😤
SoggyCereal Playz
SoggyCereal Playz Prije 9 dana
I just wish I could make full animations.... I've been working on an animation meme for so long and I might just have to leave it there :(
Jeff21 Prije 9 dana
When u have unlimited layers 😖
FlipaClip Animated
FlipaClip Animated Prije 11 dana
Too complicated for my apps
Batata Mama
Batata Mama Prije 11 dana
How do I save and upload it or share it?? Every time I try posting it on Instagram or sending it to a friend, it just shows the first frame and thinks it’s a photo.. how do I get it to play and stay in high resolution?
remaas Ali
remaas Ali Prije 17 dana
Ohhhhh the whole time i was creating layers as frames and it turned out the layers are frames lol soo complicated but didnt know about grouping
Elisabeth F
Elisabeth F Prije 19 dana
Very nice thanks for the explainations :) !
Nyakuu Prije 27 dana
I’m on an ipad✌🏽
Cubixxx Forged
Cubixxx Forged Prije mjesec
How to copy and paste
Keola Nakanishi
Keola Nakanishi Prije mjesec
How do I watch it I-
Turd Burglar
Turd Burglar Prije mjesec
You can also turn on animation assist on canvas, it makes it easier :)
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White Prije 17 dana
Not everyone has that, because its a newer version and not all iPads can update to get it :)
The Colvin Bros
The Colvin Bros Prije mjesec
How do you type the word so that you could write on it without it showing in the animation
Kill me now you dingus
Thx for making this the exporting thing at the beginning really helped me
Pebblespeck Prije mjesec
I've figured out how to animate and export and such but the frame rate won't let me drop below 15 frames per second.. Anyone know how I can fix this? Am I doing anything wrong?
i hate you
i hate you Prije mjesec
What is your canvas size
Samantha BlueWolf
Samantha BlueWolf Prije mjesec
How to add audio...?
FlAmiNgO _
FlAmiNgO _ Prije mjesec
Can you do animation of a small iPad?
Ruston DX
Ruston DX Prije mjesec
Procreate will rule over adobe someday....
Sjimon Prije mjesec
hello, can you please make a video on how to make a loop like make it look clean and stuff like that with procreate :)
Pirate Pie
Pirate Pie Prije mjesec
But procreate is 10$ for me, why is it 13$ in the description
Ezz Ahmed
Ezz Ahmed Prije mjesec
Awesome video! I wanna know can I add more than one animation in one canvas ? I mean having more than one and every one with its own animation speed and settings ? Please let me know and thanks again for this video
Marine Prije mjesec
I’m stick : where do you click to put a layer as a background ? ☹️
Marine Prije 22 dana
@UnicornPlayz - Gacha I finally found how to do this but thanks a lot for your message ❤
UnicornPlayz - Gacha
UnicornPlayz - Gacha Prije 22 dana
Marine you should put animation assist on, and press on one of the frames (preferably the first or last) and you will be given the option. Hope this helps 🏳️‍🌈❤️
khalifmathiskm Prije mjesec
It’s actually pronounced as Jif
BLTJE Prije mjesec
your iPad is upside down
SPD Crispo
SPD Crispo Prije mjesec
What is the name of the app??
Da Goat Gamer
Da Goat Gamer Prije mjesec
PicklesTheWolf Prije mjesec
bruh 😂😂
Chanel Jayasundera
Chanel Jayasundera Prije mjesec
I don’t have procreate gang where u at?
Strawberries N’ Peaches
the mask doesnt work help
Megan Matarese
Megan Matarese Prije 2 mjeseci
I know I’m late compared to the time this video was released but still this helped me so much with the app and for today an awesome Christmas Day treat. Thank you
Yi Faye Tan
Yi Faye Tan Prije 2 mjeseci
Does this work for other animation types ??? Eg if I want to make a animated yt vid will this work ??
Licaat A
Licaat A Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait so like as soon as u go to procreate, it already has the feature to animate? Like you don’t need to go on any animate mode or anything?
yannick BLLNS
yannick BLLNS Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s on auto but you have this setting called: animation assist and then you get like a scroll bar on the bottom to have a better workflow for making animations
Rumaysa Ahmed
Rumaysa Ahmed Prije 2 mjeseci
Licaat A Actions<Canvas<Animate Assist
Rumaysa Ahmed
Rumaysa Ahmed Prije 2 mjeseci
Licaat A I believe you have to go to canvas and toggle it on
Osmond Wong
Osmond Wong Prije 2 mjeseci
(i am not sure about before when the video was made but) now you don’t have to duplicate to hold longer, animation assistance let you decide how many frames one layer stay
Kate! Prije 2 mjeseci
Thanks Brad! great vid
Mike D
Mike D Prije 2 mjeseci
Is there an optimal size to layer number ratio?
Dan Ortiz
Dan Ortiz Prije 2 mjeseci
Great Video. Thank you for taking the time to create this. This is a game-changer in my opinion, Procreate did it right from the looks of it. Still keeping their simple Ui and gestures but adding animation.
Jax Hope
Jax Hope Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't have an animated gif thingy on my procreate?
Charlie wong
Charlie wong Prije 2 mjeseci
This is really useful and clear! Lovely! Thank you!
Belén Mustaine
Belén Mustaine Prije 2 mjeseci
Very easy, thank u so much
quicky be
quicky be Prije 2 mjeseci
Wich procreate is this ?
Mo Bamba
Mo Bamba Prije 2 mjeseci
The first part I’m all familiar with but when it gets to the background part I’m very confused😅does anyone understand how to make the background appear across all layers? Love this video though !
Angie facepainting
Angie facepainting Prije 2 mjeseci
It's just a layer at the bottom and the visibility is always on. The layers that are on top just have the text/leaves so they are transparent everywhere else, meaning they show the background layer.
Joy Ed San Juan
Joy Ed San Juan Prije 2 mjeseci
How about for example I want to reshuffle the order per layers that I want in animation, how can I do that?
Evan MB
Evan MB Prije 3 mjeseci
i can’t even find the settings?
Rob Prije 3 mjeseci
I would love to see some character rigging tools like DUIK for the ipad pro.... where you can ease key frames and IK and FK animate characters.... I know the ipad pro is capable of doing this basically... who agrees? anyone willing to participate in a petition ?
Nicole Schmidlin
Nicole Schmidlin Prije 3 mjeseci
I didn't search for a how to do animation video but yk maybe I'll do an animation now
Andy Ed
Andy Ed Prije 3 mjeseci
Why in Procreate tutorials do they show PS adverts ? Kind taking the Micky . . .
Panacotto Prije 3 mjeseci
Help please, I dont have this options in Procreate
etyie dard
etyie dard Prije 4 mjeseci
kuiyibo campos
kuiyibo campos Prije 4 mjeseci
Gran video, felicidades.
Kev & Marcel
Kev & Marcel Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh no this is super inconvenient for animation 😫
Finlay Mcfall
Finlay Mcfall Prije 4 mjeseci
And I’m still doing a bouncy ball flip book
Sue M
Sue M Prije 4 mjeseci
Can you export this to a program that will allow you to add sound?
Lizbey Chan
Lizbey Chan Prije 4 mjeseci
Whenever I click the animated gif thing it only shows the layers that are shown and it doesn’t do the cool animation thing. Am I doing something wrong?
drawer -
drawer - Prije 4 mjeseci
Because it only animates the layers that are shown on tour screen
drawer -
drawer - Prije 4 mjeseci
Did you have all layers selected? Like all layers have that little checkmark?
indecisive clock
indecisive clock Prije 4 mjeseci
I respect you and everything you do but this certain video sucks at explaining things
Paolo Ilustre
Paolo Ilustre Prije 4 mjeseci
I have been looking at your videos for a while now and I think it’s time for me to hit that subscribe and bell button. 😎
NADExSUPREME Prije 4 mjeseci
i doubt that the 2018ipad can hold these much layers for animation, A reason to buy pro over 9.7in? or not i also have a old pc its enough for Photoshop and things , i just want a device that i can use whenever without going to the desk starting my pc connecting stuff loading times, animation is not a huge deal for its just maybe in future i wanna try , i can do it on my pc tho i haven't used 9.7 personally so i also doubt that is it gonna b small for like resting palm and drawing
Inksansgirl 24
Inksansgirl 24 Prije 5 mjeseci
I have the same tablet, pencil and app ty for the tutorial!
kuo hero
kuo hero Prije 5 mjeseci
Thanks god i bought it for my ipad and gave it to my best i dont use it because im on iphone
Sasha Xiang
Sasha Xiang Prije 6 mjeseci
Can I do it with iPad Air?
Mei Yui
Mei Yui Prije 6 mjeseci
I can’t have more than 19 layers, what I do?
Megan Garnett
Megan Garnett Prije 6 mjeseci
Mei Yui change your document size. Larger document size = fewer layers
Jennifer Blonde Bunny
Jennifer Blonde Bunny Prije 6 mjeseci
Thanks! I didn’t even know this was possible, I just searched it just in cas?