SIMPLE DIY MAGIC TRICKS ANYONE CAN DO || Funny Pranks And Magic Tricks by 123 GO!

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Have you ever wanted to perform some mind blowing magic tricks? Now you can learn the secrets and sleights of simple but impressive magic tricks!
These tricks are very powerful and get great reactions. No special equipment is required and the tricks can be done anywhere at anytime.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner you’ll be learning some of these tricks in minutes. But if you think magic tricks are seamless, think again. You know what they say, practice makes perfect!
You can do these tricks at school, on the streets, parties or anywhere you want. Your friends will beg you to perform once they know you do magic!
Good luck!

#hacks #magic #DIY

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10. Lip 2019.



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Komentari 1 510
Gacha noob gang
Gacha noob gang Prije 8 sati
0:19 thats flash paper its a famous magic trick they trun it into someone
Anita Londhe
Anita Londhe Prije 17 sati
Who have the habit of reading comments during the video????👍👍
• Alexandr¡ne_ Gacha •
*harry houdini who?*
Janice Bumanglag
Janice Bumanglag Prije 2 dana
Did anyone see that first one that is the one she turned the paper towel into money did anyone see that she was holding the money in her hand
Stane Murhula
Stane Murhula Prije 2 dana
Mohsin Ansari
Mohsin Ansari Prije 2 dana
I love 123 go
Shannah Finisterre
Shannah Finisterre Prije 5 dana
Anita Kumari
Anita Kumari Prije 7 dana
Genie G
Genie G Prije 9 dana
All vsco girls be like 1:52 save the turtles buy metal straws 😂😂😂😂
Genie G
Genie G Prije 9 dana
Hailie Bruhn yeah 😂😂😂😂
Hailie Bruhn
Hailie Bruhn Prije 9 dana
And than skskskskskskksksksk
ghostbancheedo Prije 12 dana
123 go is awesome!!!
Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor Prije 13 dana
Divya Sharma
Divya Sharma Prije 13 dana
7:13 123go!: what is it a ghost?? me: hey dumb it's the director
Sreehari.K Sreehari.K
Sreehari.K Sreehari.K Prije 15 dana
I don't think Maya should be there reject her she over acts like if you don't want Maya
Master kitten Cool
Master kitten Cool Prije 16 dana
Eric Van Hoesen
Eric Van Hoesen Prije 16 dana
Erika Wallace
Erika Wallace Prije 18 dana
Next time do magic that’s real
Black Star Anja
Black Star Anja Prije 20 dana
Who is even talking in video😂
MA Nayeem
MA Nayeem Prije 22 dana
Who noticed wrong numbering
Ashley H
Ashley H Prije 22 dana
xin huang
xin huang Prije 22 dana
Hghgvu ghi
King DenZ Den the great
Vicky is mia?
Havana Lee
Havana Lee Prije 27 dana
Avi Upadhyaya
Avi Upadhyaya Prije 28 dana
Nice video
Lovelie  PetitFrere
Lovelie PetitFrere Prije 28 dana
Or 123 go silent
Lovelie  PetitFrere
Lovelie PetitFrere Prije 28 dana
I remember 123 go
rainbow unicorn RAINBOW UNICORN
YOU guys ARE sooooo fat
eseleme Pacheco
eseleme Pacheco Prije 28 dana
What I know the magic now
Bill Brennan
Bill Brennan Prije 29 dana
Diana rojas
Diana rojas Prije 29 dana
00:29 I’m sweating like a pig 🐷 Me:You look like Peppa Pig
Lily Ryan
Lily Ryan Prije 29 dana
Ammar Jadalhack
Ammar Jadalhack Prije 29 dana
How are these bloopers tho?
joel lebedev
joel lebedev Prije 29 dana
joel lebedev
joel lebedev Prije 29 dana
Loll123 go 5min
plug1ful Prije 29 dana
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Press The Like Button, It Will Turn Blue.
Leticia Burleson
Leticia Burleson Prije mjesec
Sonia Hussain
Sonia Hussain Prije mjesec
How do you get the dieters 123 go
gokila raja
gokila raja Prije mjesec
If I am not the last magic is from 5 minute crafts and guess who performed it in 5 min crafts vicky Like if you saw that video
JamJam Island
JamJam Island Prije mjesec
123: she almost spit out her punch Me: But she did spit out her punch... didn't she? Like if you noticed 👇
Rohan Guise
Rohan Guise Prije mjesec
Mrs. Woodcock
Mrs. Woodcock Prije mjesec
123 go
keydaliee12 love
keydaliee12 love Prije mjesec
😂 😘 esta bien 😘 gracias por todo
Laiba Ahmed
Laiba Ahmed Prije mjesec
The floating cup idea was originally by my brother 2 years ago.
L Lawliet
L Lawliet Prije mjesec
5:05 You shouldn't eat that much sweet or you'll be Fat and Ugly!
L Lawliet
L Lawliet Prije mjesec
@Roksana Begum It's a joke from Danny Gonzalez.
Roksana Begum
Roksana Begum Prije mjesec
jennifer browne
jennifer browne Prije mjesec
bernard baranda
bernard baranda Prije mjesec
i. Love. 123. Go.
William Locklear
William Locklear Prije mjesec
Pigs can’t sweat 😓🐖🐖
Vladislav Šťastný
Sylvia Marshall
Sylvia Marshall Prije mjesec
If you watch 123 GO 5min or troom troom like here 👇👇👇
ladelyn soriano
ladelyn soriano Prije mjesec
Hey is only Nin fingers
Malika Ahmed Atef Elsayed
Erika Valdivia
Erika Valdivia Prije mjesec
👏👏👏👍😀😊😘🤗😍🤩🙂🦄🍞🏀🏐🎯⛳ i like you.
solis fatima
solis fatima Prije mjesec
Bimi Prije mjesec
your videos 123 go are awesome
Bimi Prije mjesec
123 go i love you
Bimi Prije mjesec
i like your videos from kate
Priscilla Plo Lopez
Priscilla Plo Lopez Prije mjesec
I'm yf
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose Prije mjesec
We're is Vicky and helly??
Chads World
Chads World Prije mjesec
MoonLight Sun Stars
MoonLight Sun Stars Prije mjesec
I love Viki
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