Skip & Shannon react to the Patriots signing Cam Newton | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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The Cam Newton watch is finally over. The former MVP and number one overall pick has agreed to a 1-year contract with the Patriots that is low risk and high reward for New England. Cam reportedly passed his physical and is cleared to play after recovering from foot and shoulder injuries. The veteran quarterback is also reportedly quote, “hungrier than ever.” Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the Patriots signing Cam.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip & Shannon react to the Patriots signing Cam Newton | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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29. Lip 2020.



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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Is Cam Newton a good fit for the Patriots?
M Bagley
M Bagley Prije 20 sati
Mhm that’s cool man! Not a pats fan but happy for him hope he kills the game until he sees the Steelers lol
Jason Lesperance
Jason Lesperance Prije 20 sati
Pats built there offense to protect Tom Brady, if Cam is working things out he will be protected and possibly gets some momentum going imo. Go Pats!!!
Brandon Saunders
@stebo5562 not always
Lloyd Lee
Lloyd Lee Prije dan
@Eaglzphan 666666
stebo5562 Prije dan
Good players are always a good fit
Jr Reyes
Jr Reyes Prije 8 sati
Im excited to see the new scheme they play
TFOF Gaming
TFOF Gaming Prije 8 sati
Last I checked, WRs didn't cost him his one SB shot, it was jumping away from a fumble. He's not that great and I see this changing nothing for him, similarly to Brady and Gronk in TB.
xMtF54x Prije 9 sati
Sorry boys and girls cam washed up
Marshun Powell
Marshun Powell Prije 9 sati
I think cam gone have a great year 💯🤷🏽‍♂️
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Prije 10 sati
Cam the Sham will take a dive..first game IF he even plays. A total feaud
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Prije 10 sati
Cam is good at doin nothing with something
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Prije 10 sati
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Prije 10 sati
LOL..Cam will never get a fodder..a born loser..remember Chad Johnson and many others..he will never
Keevin Tamplin
Keevin Tamplin Prije 10 sati
Glad Cam got signed, but will somebody please talk to him about his clothes??? Geeeeezzzusss...
sfphunter Prije 11 sati
The other angle with Bill riding Tom: When you ride your best guy like that, nobody else in the room can complain when it's their turn.
jizzleman chronic smoke
I hear you drip
Olesoul7 Reese
Olesoul7 Reese Prije 12 sati
He should’ve left 3 yrs ago even Bill can’t turn that around.
Harry Iglesias
Harry Iglesias Prije 15 sati
wtf did shannon spill on his jacket?
Mitsi Grabblerberg
Mitsi Grabblerberg Prije 15 sati
Belichick doesn’t miss yall, if he says Cam is good to go then I expect him to be Comeback Player of the Year at least
Rem Mys
Rem Mys Prije 16 sati
Yeah sound's right.
Yahdarak Yahsharala
Yahdarak Yahsharala Prije 17 sati
Acts 5:29-31 King James Version (KJV) 29 Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. 30 The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree. 31 Him hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins. All Praises
James Pease
James Pease Prije 17 sati
God this is so much better than listen to Stephen A Smith. Max Kellerman is great just like these two because they speak with facts and understand the sport on another level. Stephen A just speaks on feelings and emotions and it really bothers me.
john spiecha
john spiecha Prije 17 sati
Died for the cause but not diving for the fumble !! Oh snap !!
Mario Betita
Mario Betita Prije 18 sati
Maybe Russell Wilson? So much disrespect Skip. He definitely better than your boy Dak and he's probably better than Arod and Brees today. Give the man his due.
Sassypineapple Prije 18 sati
Does skip look tired in this video or is it just me? I know he does a lot of work for the show, but still.
mmuspmdiv Prije 18 sati
Shannon's face when Skip asked to double the bet lol :)
BBBYpsi Prije 19 sati
Patriots had a few years ago Vince Wolfack over 10 years ago Ty Law
BBBYpsi Prije 19 sati
Cannot wait to see how bad Cam passes in windy,cold & snowy weather in Foxboro. He has never had to play in cold weather.
Texaspoon Tappa
Texaspoon Tappa Prije 19 sati
Also Benjamin Watson at tight end. If he can get a quicker first step, he’ll be a huge deep threat
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Prije 19 sati
Cam is gonna be dangerous in New England
34Packardphaeton Prije 20 sati
Ordinarily, I would wish Cam Newton well. .. But when I saw him, wearing a hat INSIDE a building, maybe during a press conference, I decided then and there... that he violates the American expectation that a man takes off his hat in certain situations: it's expected decorum. And for Newton to not do so, he is OFFENDING American culture... and I, for one, have no tolerance for rudeness and impoliteness.
Stanley Jointer II
Stanley Jointer II Prije 20 sati
Wait until Cam Newton gets a taste of Boston "hospitality". "He won't be around next year" (pph)
tiffani smith
tiffani smith Prije 20 sati
"Died on the cross" SHANON you know better!
Ethan Suli
Ethan Suli Prije 21 sat
Jaboki Meyers will ball out this season
Emmanuel Ani
Emmanuel Ani Prije 21 sat
Another goof by Shannon. Yes, Chandler Jones used to grab a lot of sacks, but if you looked at his sack rate from game to game while on the Patriots, you would see that he would grab like four sacks against Miami one sack against a stretch a really good teams, three and a half sacks against the bills and then one and a half sacks over the rest of the games. He was a bulk collector of Saks versus the bad teams while on the Pats
Emmanuel Ani
Emmanuel Ani Prije 21 sat
Ironically, Shannon Sharpe actually made a goof. Most of cams throws from 2015 onwards were short passes. And he hit almost 70% of them if I'm not incorrect.
Aaron Medina
Aaron Medina Prije 22 sati
Great signing by the Patriots, very little capital for one year, if it works it further solidifies Bill’s legacy. If not, they cut bait and possibly get a good spot in the draft and get their next QB.
Max La Paz
Max La Paz Prije 22 sati
These guys forget the Patriots have young guys who are hungry. They have another reclamation project (Marqise Lee), who will return to his Pro bowl form. N'Keal will ball out this year, and don't sleep on Jakobi Meyers.
mj. rock
mj. rock Prije 22 sati
there will be no season, at least not for the fans.
tyga z
tyga z Prije 23 sati
Patriot waste of time
Lonnie Knight
Lonnie Knight Prije 23 sati
They gave him the min though 😐🙁
Walter Henry
Walter Henry Prije 23 sati
Mac Banks
Mac Banks Prije 23 sati
It’s too bad the Pats still don’t have any depth. Cam seemed like he already peaked. His play style goes against Bill’s style. Bucs still look better but I doubt much people are trembling because Pats signed him. They still got a lot of work to do.
roy ashman
roy ashman Prije 23 sati
I like Newton.. i expect big things this year from him..Surely Wilson has taken more hits he gets sacked 30 times a season , how he has not missed a game i dont know!!!
Erik S.uperPatriot
Erik S.uperPatriot Prije 23 sati
Damiere Bird is currently the fastest WR on the Patriots. You’re all sleeping on N’Keal Harry. That’s fine. He’s a big possession WR & I’m betting right now. He has the most TD’s out of all the WR’s
Drew Earthling
Drew Earthling Prije 23 sati
I want Stidham to beat him out sooo bad.
Travis Simpkins
Travis Simpkins Prije dan
Pats are no stranger to controversy. Pats vs Ravens Super Bowl 2021 Pats 27-21
Rene Avalos
Rene Avalos Prije dan
Skip don’t race bait this situation cause Belichick has always had to deal with all types of skin colors no cap🧢
TonyHamilton Ck
TonyHamilton Ck Prije dan
Shannon lk looks like lebrons older brother
Steven Inmon
Steven Inmon Prije dan
Howsthere gonna be a covid 19 season????
David Green
David Green Prije dan
I cant wait to see Newton pouting on the sidelines....gonna take great pleasure in it...
David Green
David Green Prije dan
You've seen the best of Brady. You've seen the best of Newton. Not even close. Cam is deuce...and his book has already been written in ink...
Stephan Downing
Stephan Downing Prije dan
Case equals one thousand dollars allegedly!🤣
Bradley Stanton
Bradley Stanton Prije dan
Patriots vs Buccaneers Super Bowl
gnquijada Prije dan
Can Cam take BBs talk!? lol Tom thrived by that, and he had higher expectations than BB could ever.tear.him.from.
plyzwthsqrlz Prije dan
I don't like it when people act like Stidham sucks balls without him playing any meaningful snaps. Nobody said anything when Cassel, Hoyer, Garoppolo, and Brissett filled in. I also remember nobody giving Tom Brady a chance to unseat Drew Bledsoe in 2001, except Belichick. You'd think by now they'd learn not to doubt signal callers that Bill has. I wonder what they'll say if Stidham beats out Cam
jedidethfreak Prije dan
Are we really suggesting that Bill Belichek needs to treat his black players differently than his white players specifically because of their race?
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Prije dan
What language is the guy with the glasses speaking? Wubba wooba
wontunow Prije dan
Goodbye NFL
Patrick Wright
Patrick Wright Prije dan
Sharpe you are so wrong, cam is one of if not the best short passer in the league over the last 4 years
Extendow Prije dan
Every video I watch here just makes me hate David Tepper more.
Brad Shubitowski
SKIIIIP I hear it even before the video starts
Darth Quiverous
Darth Quiverous Prije dan
Can't stand Molly. Moderator isn't needed here. I love listening to Shannon
GiftVader Prije dan
That quick game should be deadly up there. True RPO’s with tempo
Jonathan Peck
Jonathan Peck Prije dan
Cams body started breaking down when he went vegan
Cavemantero Prije dan
gd it skieeeup Cam is a grown successful man...he can stand up for himself...dont think he needs coddling because of his skin tone
Neil Erskine
Neil Erskine Prije dan
Shannon, How is Cam Newton's signing different than the former Denver QB - Joe Flacco? Joe Flacco is making more than Cam Newton coming off of an injury that he went to Denver with and Aggravated again by the 3rd game.
Micah Muma
Micah Muma Prije dan
Is the NFL ready for Superman Returns ....
BozMan Prije dan
This goes to show how much better of a game super bowl 50 would’ve been had the Broncos not beaten the Pats in the AFC championship
Henry O
Henry O Prije dan
The Pats offense will be more versatile with cam Newton. Tom Brady throws 15 screens and 12 slants a game. Come on now
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris Prije dan
It’s funny how the moderator didn’t mention how much money he made but they would bring up other peoples contract
The Angry Sports Chat
I STILL can't believe it.
Jonathan Eva
Jonathan Eva Prije dan
Cam is perfect because that D is ready. Although don't be fooled, they won't resign him the next year. They will run him into the ground.
Wrangle McDangle
what shannon said about cam being a "push the ball down the field" qb is patently false. bret koleman made a great video on how the panthers correctly utilized cam (by spreading the offense and marching down the field with quick passes and lots of runs) and that the patriots are the perfect spot for a qb like cam. when you remove his pass attempts that were 20+ yards (less than 8% of his attempts) he's in the conversation for highest completion percentage
Junglist Maroon
Junglist Maroon Prije dan
CAM NEWTON ; following the footsteps of a true patriot,CRISPUS ATTUCKS. What! 🤷🏿
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Prije dan
Cam can't fill a sixth of one of Brady's cleats.
Ra Prije dan
Let us not forget that defense wins championships. Which team has the better defense?
General Raam
General Raam Prije dan
Not worried at all, No weapons bad o line and a washed up qb who’s been injured and is a shell of his former self Buffalo 10-6, 11-5 wins the division easy
celester walker
celester walker Prije dan
Cases of what?
Joseph Guard
Joseph Guard Prije dan
Brady went to the Bucs, Jameis went to the Saints, Teddy went to the Panthers, Cam went to the Patriots. It was a whole CYCLE
Darrall Shamar Williams
16:31 🤨🤔🍆
James Welty
James Welty Prije dan
To everyone angry about Cam getting the league minimum, he is playing back from serious injury in a "prove it year" laden with incentives. It's a time to reset his value while playing for one of the greatest coaches, who built a solid o-line for a less mobile Tom Brady. Newton won't be asked to run so much as move the pocket for better throws. Newton's mobility will also be used to create mismatches and deceptions the Pats otherwise won't be able to. The Pats were way too predictable last year, and this will help. Cam will just have to prove that he is 85% of his mobility left, the rest is just making the right call between throwing and running.
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva Prije dan
Pats made a good decision. There may be questions about Cam Newton, but this dude's talent and resume speak for itself. It's just a damn shame that it took THIS long for him to get signed. The Panthers should be arrested for abandonment and reckless endangerment for what they've done to this man in recent years.
Casper Noble
Casper Noble Prije dan
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