SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer

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⚠️ [SPOILERS AHEAD] ⚠️ It’s time to step up. Watch the new #SpiderManFarFromHome trailer now and get your tickets today:
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Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.
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6. Svi 2019.



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Komentari 80
Fishy gamer
Fishy gamer Prije 22 sati
The one thing I don’t like is that they revealed the fact MJ knew peter is Spider-Man
vasile morar
vasile morar Prije dan
When are you going to be real I want you to be real please please please please please please please please
vasile morar
vasile morar Prije dan
I love you so much why aren’t you real
vasile morar
vasile morar Prije dan
Do you ever reply to us in comment
vasile morar
vasile morar Prije dan
You have so much likes
vasile morar
vasile morar Prije dan
How do I watch your movie
achwis Prije dan
Spiderman: Homecoming Spiderman: Far from home Spiderman: Stay at home
Poop Butt
Poop Butt Prije dan
Why next iron man
gopi simhadri
gopi simhadri Prije dan
I aM this movie see in TREND SET block buster movie
Alpha Notlse
Alpha Notlse Prije 2 dana
Thank god I watched the movie before i saw the trailer
Abrar Jahin
Abrar Jahin Prije 2 dana
spiderman stay at home
appala mahendhar
appala mahendhar Prije 3 dana
Who is watching this on Tom Hollands birthday
Zenith Productions
Zenith Productions Prije 3 dana
It was cool seeing J.K Simmons at the end of Spider-Man FFH, such nostalgia man
One [Player]
One [Player] Prije 3 dana
Spider-Man - Far From Home (2019) Spider-Man - Stay At Home (2020)
Jijo Joseph
Jijo Joseph Prije 3 dana
Hopefully when spider man gets home there won't be another movie with ' home ' in it
Gohan Editz
Gohan Editz Prije 3 dana
I just really him
ROka CHanNEl
ROka CHanNEl Prije 3 dana
Because he said don't see the trailer until you see endgame. So I did not see the trailer upto now. I promise
jesu ezekiel gabatbat
Justin Y. :Comments Me: 0:15
Kelly Bulnes
Kelly Bulnes Prije 4 dana
Is this after Tony dies? I haven't seen any of Holland's movies yet😣
Aakilyan Kalimuthu
Aakilyan Kalimuthu Prije 5 dana
I’m such a die hard fan of Spider-Man and it’s a coincidence that both the mcu Spider-Man movies came out on my birthday month!!!!!
Sargam Magar
Sargam Magar Prije 5 dana
Sorry but Spiderman:homecoming Spiderman:far from home Spiderman:Lockdown coming Spiderman:Far from lockdown
Chiara Martinez
Chiara Martinez Prije 6 dana
I actually hoped there was more iron man in this movie :/
Israel Galarza
Israel Galarza Prije 6 dana
Love 3.000
Claire Banfield
Claire Banfield Prije 6 dana
Does anyone know where I can rent/watch it for free? Everywhere I look o have to buy it, and I was to watch it so bad!
Wow world
Wow world Prije 7 dana
What if noobmaster69 is loki.
Assassin Charmander
Assassin Charmander Prije 7 dana
Can’t wait for spider-man; the way home
Golden Hawk 13
Golden Hawk 13 Prije 7 dana
Who else came back here a year after the movie to see what an amazing trailer/movie this was? It’s a real shame that the potential Spider-Man 3 movie has been postponed due to this pandemic...I hope it all blows over soon. ✌️🧡
MtheMemer Prije 7 dana
y does mysterio look like alex costa?
Annika Prije 8 dana
Peter:,, Everywhere I go I see his face..." Me: ,, WHY TONY!? WHYYY?!😭💔"
Owen Ling
Owen Ling Prije 8 dana
Spiderman: There's a multiverse!? CW Flash: I know, it's a lot to take in....
yashu yash
yashu yash Prije 8 dana
The whole movie was about without tony stark even bots can become pro😂🤣
Thomas Keller
Thomas Keller Prije 8 dana
next up - Spider Man Homeless
Najib op
Najib op Prije 8 dana
Some people stopped watching this trialer but not me
miguel contreras
miguel contreras Prije 9 dana
Another movie generic of Spiderman really this movie is bad this spider man not is Spiderman uncle Ben, responsibility, real mj real Spiderman
hallo Prije 9 dana
Mmmmm where is the first scene in the film from the trailer
Hirfow Prije 9 dana
They should just change the title to "Iron Boy Junior With Spider Themed Suit 2"
Hwee Heng icekoalaaa
2017: homecoming 2019: far from home 2029: work from home
Kamal Karimov
Kamal Karimov Prije 10 dana
Lord why did you punish me watching such idiotic nonsense! What on earth to diminish drastically SpiderMan fame, courage, bravery, daring valour and gallantry to inferior , lowly unassertive , wimpish, foolish , unintelligent, brainless, mindless, brainless, dull-witted, credulous, gullible DUMBO! Utter Rubbish! This is hideous movie, character ever seen related to HERO! He was Spider -Man was a hero with his witness and fearlessness, spirit, and charm and charisma. Instead replaced wazzock! This horrible mompara made me sick and I could not cope with watching whole film till end. I wanna to puke at this unfortunate twonk! Destruction tragedy shame! This is outrageous! Absolute DISGRACE! Humiliating and degrading Bold Manful Spider Man! Shame on whole film crew and staff of this shabby scenario and rubbish toddler sПИДР - kid!
Gabby Elijah
Gabby Elijah Prije 10 dana
1)You really need to work on your English dude. 2)you sound like your just taking a bunch of trash words you can think of and mixing them together.
Nashaad Egeh
Nashaad Egeh Prije 11 dana
The cup Peter dissed is actually Tom’s IRL besfriend ahha
Jonni plays
Jonni plays Prije 11 dana
Tom holland is best spidey
rahul pandu
rahul pandu Prije 12 dana
whats next....spider-man work from home ?
KvnG King
KvnG King Prije 13 dana
Coronavirus Special: 2017: Spiderman Homecoming 2019: Spiderman Far From Home 2020: Spiderman Stay at Home
JustHomura Prije 13 dana
am i the only one who realized his voice cracked at 2:16 ?..
Maddox Mack
Maddox Mack Prije 13 dana
Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man: Far From Home Spider-Man: Homeless Spider-Man: Apartment
FredomHack Prije 14 dana
Need Backup, who else feels Tony's death is overstaged and forced into the end of endgame?
Green Cuisine
Green Cuisine Prije 14 dana
speder man i saw your marvil game saw you fit ro bo hamer hed
Gabby Elijah
Gabby Elijah Prije 10 dana
work on your grammar kid.
Farheen Tasawer
Farheen Tasawer Prije 14 dana
please reales
Storm Animations
Storm Animations Prije 14 dana
Notice Nick Fury said "Our World" in the trailers but "Your World" in the movie
Ben Davies
Ben Davies Prije 13 dana
Just noticed that. Probably some last minute editing to foreshadow his skrull reveal
Irene and Chris
Irene and Chris Prije 14 dana
Tom Holland warning me about spoilers has to be the most ironic thing ever
paulo cooper
paulo cooper Prije 14 dana
DAMLA BAYBAR Prije 15 dana
you understand multiverses started when Tom is warning for spoilers
Emanuel Aračić
Emanuel Aračić Prije 15 dana
Do you guys know write something else?
Saaliha Mohamed
Saaliha Mohamed Prije 15 dana
2017: Spiderman Homecoming 2019: Spiderman Far from home 2021: Spiderman Stay at Home
Ruben Resende
Ruben Resende Prije 15 dana
“The world needs a new iron man” War Machine: Am I a joke to you?
Electricity Creeper
Electricity Creeper Prije 13 dana
Iron Lad: Yes. Ironheart: Absolutely.
Crusade Man
Crusade Man Prije 13 dana
Tony’s ghost: *”Lol yes”*
Siti Fauziah
Siti Fauziah Prije 15 dana
Bunny the cha and the cha and the
Sriram A
Sriram A Prije 16 dana
This is my favorite Spiderman movie
Poseidon Prije 16 dana
2:27 It happens really fast, but Drax is standing right there
Xd_ Samran
Xd_ Samran Prije 16 dana
the guy who gives spoiler is giving warning for the spoilers life is great
Scramson07 Prije 16 dana
Spiderman 3 is a better movie than Far From Home.
John Wick
John Wick Prije 16 dana
Spider-Man 2 was the best with actor Tobey Maguire, the movies with Tom Halland: Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, are more parodies, why not make both Drama and Action movies, they put in scenarios only parodies.
FAHAD HUSSAIN Prije 16 dana
Nick fury just recruits avengers just to see them dead
PS4FT12 gamer
PS4FT12 gamer Prije 16 dana
Thanks for the warning tom
Deadpool Prije 17 dana
0:14 everywhere I go I see his face **RDJ SCREAMING**
Ashutosh Parbhakar
Ashutosh Parbhakar Prije 18 dana
I feel Spiderman was shown too comic and in a way iron man was shown superior to him .. hurts me as a Spiderman fan
Andreas Bobić
Andreas Bobić Prije 18 dana
Imagine that Spiderman in next movie uses the time iinfinity stone to go in past and saves Gwen who died in amazing spiderman 2
「 MagicalKat543 」
「 MagicalKat543 」 Prije 18 dana
I watched this movie before I watched Endgame
muh uy
muh uy Prije 18 dana
I really dislike omit his opinion
hakachacka Prije 18 dana
Fak jou
hakachacka Prije 18 dana
Fak melih en zijn kankermening stik in je kanker film
Mayank Chaturvedi
Mayank Chaturvedi Prije 18 dana
Crap trailer till date
Austin Adams
Austin Adams Prije 19 dana
SPOILER: This movie was a HOT MESS. So Mysterio was a disgruntled Stark employee with the hopes of achieving what? Oh yeah the writers completely forget to make that up. Then they want you to streeeeeeeetch your imagination so thin by making you believe these students were traveling from one disaster to another with no concern. How were these kids not sent home IMMEDIATELY after the first disaster DEVASTATED that city?!? Also the illusion drones just didn’t sell it. I’ll re-write the movie in one second. Mysterio, with real illusion super powers, claims the pseudo elementals destroyed his Earth. The reality being that the Avengers destroyed his Earth (Kinda hits close to home, right?) He hopes to gain Nick Fury and Peter’s trust so he can steal EDITH which will help him hunt down the remaining Avengers. There’s something eerie about a Villian that can’t harm you but can still manipulate you. Bam! Story fixed! So fucking easy. I can’t fix the stupidly unrealistic “field trip” because honestly you can’t make that believable but I appreciate the attempt at more world representation.
Gabby Elijah
Gabby Elijah Prije 10 dana
Spoiler alert this movie made alot of money .
The Gamer
The Gamer Prije 19 dana
like here for no reason
Richard 1995
Richard 1995 Prije 19 dana
Spider man: far from home Corona: stay at home
E! !
E! ! Prije 21 dan
The Demon
The Demon Prije 21 dan
I watched the far from home movie but not endgame
Movie Mania 3000
Movie Mania 3000 Prije 21 dan
*2017: Spiderman Homecoming* *2019: Spiderman Far From Home* *2020: Spiderman Stay at home*
OBADIAH NGIGI Prije 21 dan
JustADorkyMinecrafter Prije 22 dana
0:55 Me avoiding problems like
Film Toppings
Film Toppings Prije 22 dana
No one: Sony: Let's spoil everything!
The Empress
The Empress Prije 22 dana
guys somebody explain this to me im begging i couldn't find any scene about aunt ay after see peter with suit and "what the fu-" what is her reaction?
Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet Prije 22 dana
Anyone else still wondering what was the point in making that new red, black and white suit? There’s nothing different about it.
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