Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Official Reveal Trailer

EA Star Wars
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Cal Kestis-one of the last surviving members of the Jedi Order after the purge of Order 66-is now a Padawan on the run. Experience this all-new single-player Star Wars™ story from Respawn Entertainment and EA Star Wars on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this holiday season, 15 November 2019.
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action-adventure game set after Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith™. Develop your Force abilities, hone your lightsaber techniques, and explore the ancient mysteries of a long-lost civilization-all while staying one step ahead of the Empire and its deadly Inquisitors.
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13. Tra 2019.



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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars Prije 11 dana
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
Nick Noodle
Nick Noodle Prije 5 dana
This a release date
Titan Smash Games
Titan Smash Games Prije 7 dana
For the love of everything holy I hope you all learned from the BF2 launch fiasco and know the only ok micro transactions is cosmetic items you know are what you are getting. Not P2W not loot boxes not battle passes and ESPECIALLY not P2P even after we already payed you for the game
Shamrock Shanks
Shamrock Shanks Prije 7 dana
Single player no money grabber schemes right?
Reed Carless
Reed Carless Prije 8 dana
Shit game
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards Prije 8 dana
Are you going to ship an ENTIRE game this time? Or are we going to be $60 dollar beta testers and microtransaction guinea pigs AGAIN? Sorry EA... I can't trust you anymore.
Remon Jaov
Remon Jaov Prije sat
Trust no-one, unless they're a a black lady, because that appeals to the widest social demographic we can reach in a two minute trailer.
Czech Paratrooper
Yeah, kinda pushing leftist propaganda again!
jester0646 Prije sat
That enemy looks like starkiller from the dark side ending of Force unleashed.
Czech Paratrooper
It isn't!
x Flame x
x Flame x Prije sat
In bf2 u should make when ever a lightsaber hero does a jump attack it deflects the laser bolts
Mr Dekon
Mr Dekon Prije 2 sati
I don't know why people still hates EA because off battlefront 2 loot crate system when EA listened to the fans and changed it a long time ago
Czech Paratrooper
Are you trolling or meaning that seriously? They obviously did not listen!
Jolt 51100
Jolt 51100 Prije 2 sati
You better to don't do a paytowin EA. Be careful at your ass
Harman K
Harman K Prije 2 sati
Booooh bring back starkiller
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper Prije 2 sati
Non Canon sadly!
andrew cullen
andrew cullen Prije 2 sati
EA has lost all customer confidence. At this point it would be best if Disney just bought EA so they could gut the company
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper Prije 2 sati
Disney is shitting on fans and customers aswell
Paul Cornejo
Paul Cornejo Prije 2 sati
Also, I know its EA but its respawn. I trust them and i heard they're part of the development. Most of the DLC on titanfall 2 was free Except for the skins and shit but the big DLCs, free. So please trust Respawn. If we EA gets their greedy little hands on their minds then fuck 'em.
Paul Cornejo
Paul Cornejo Prije 3 sati
some how this looks better than the movie. Plus i heard you can't kill kids. damn. i'm still on board tho.
a highwayman enforcer
the scariest thing about this is jerome valeska is playing the main guy
100Miles Gh0st
100Miles Gh0st Prije 3 sati
7 months why release the trailer so early
Taylor Schon
Taylor Schon Prije 3 sati
I want it to be good… Can Lucasfilm and ea salvage what is left after the last Jedi awful?
Benny The Bunny
Benny The Bunny Prije 3 sati
Cameron Monaghen - First the Joker now the Jedi :D
Theresa Dalmare
Theresa Dalmare Prije 3 sati
What concern me most is the fact that in ps store you can pre order this game already, how am i supposed to buy a full price game based just on a trailer? Whatever, EA, you wish!!!
Jerry The Mouse
Jerry The Mouse Prije 3 sati
I’ll wait 1 week till I trust EA
Andrew Velonis
Andrew Velonis Prije 4 sati
I was wondering what the hell I was watching, I should have read the comments first
James Valentine
James Valentine Prije 4 sati
So where do I pay my £10 pay to watch?
zadegets faded
zadegets faded Prije 4 sati
oh great I get to play as a white guy again... when will video games learn we want to play as ourselves... you guys have the technology for face scanning it should legit be an option for every game now
weed Prije 5 sati
The protagonist looks so generic
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper Prije 2 sati
Because he is white? Huh, libtard?
Sir Paperbag
Sir Paperbag Prije 5 sati
EA: *N O B O D Y W A N T S S I N G L E P L A Y E R G A M E S A N Y M O R E* Everyone: Uh, okay. You're wrong. EA: ... EA: ... EA: Yeh you right.
Mattius08 Prije 5 sati
With EA on the label my expectations are low. I hope they don't screw this game up because I love star wars.
Satanic Kev
Satanic Kev Prije 6 sati
Get through first mission EA - Pay 120 dollars for the rest of the game
How much do you want to bet this fucker will be littered with micro-transactions, dlc and the option to go to the store from any menu in the game to the most expensive stuff first?
Tobias Engel
Tobias Engel Prije 6 sati
Whatever happened to Kreias teachings of don’t trust the force, think for yourself?
Django Pt
Django Pt Prije 6 sati
Can't wait but I expected multiplayer as well, since Jedi Outcast and Academy included and was ton of fun! Servers are still running..
Paolo Santamarianova
Please be free roaming.
Sir Slappywag
Sir Slappywag Prije 6 sati
This is shit, seems more like a movie trailer than any real game trailer... oh how the mighty have fallen...
John Smith
John Smith Prije 7 sati
Get the fuck over it, retards, all EA is going to do is publish this game - they didn't fucking make it themselves. Just like Disney publishes STAR WARS movies, even though they're still made by fucking Lucasfilm. *It's NOT THAT HARD to get that through your fucking skull.*
Usul Muhadiv
Usul Muhadiv Prije 7 sati
don't fucked up... again...
szczery jerry
szczery jerry Prije 7 sati
I love EA™ games
niss nis
niss nis Prije 7 sati
15$ to shoot. 10$to unlock jumping.
szczery jerry
szczery jerry Prije 7 sati
EA™ nice job
kekenemation Prije 7 sati
EA shops to the game.
Lol Xd
Lol Xd Prije 7 sati
All these fucking critics and stupid people complaining it’s a typical white dude just fuck off. Was there a white male in Star Wars battlefront 2 no so why are they saying that it’s the same everytime ? Honestly and then women complaining that they can’t play as a women even thought the person in charge of this project is a women 🤷🏽‍♂️
Crude Rude
Crude Rude Prije 8 sati
Anything made after 2012 is fanfiction, people! The true saga is in the Expanded Universe (NOT calling it "Legends").
Crude Rude
Crude Rude Prije sat
+Czech Paratrooper Absolutely!
Czech Paratrooper
+Crude Rude Like I said literaly anything over the new canon!
Crude Rude
Crude Rude Prije sat
+Czech Paratrooper They can make up anything they want. I want them to go to planet Earth and work at Burger King in the next movie. I'll take that too!
Czech Paratrooper
+Crude Rude Whatewer! I take Palpatine returning as a clone over any characters from Ep. 7 to 9
Crude Rude
Crude Rude Prije sat
+Czech Paratrooper That's what Disney calls it so they can declare their fan fiction "Canon". It's BS, I refuse the term, it's called "Expanded Universe" and it's FREAKING CANON! Wookiepedia needs to relabel it "Expanded Universe" and rename the "Canon" section, "Disney Timeline" or some BS (Or better yet, DELETE IT) it has no reason to be on Wookiepedia.
Slug Tripping
Slug Tripping Prije 8 sati
EA is not smart they should just let the studios develop the game with no interference
Slug Tripping
Slug Tripping Prije 8 sati
Our 3rd starwars game since the deal back in 2012...
Xtriker1 Prije 8 sati
Why are people hating on this already? Why are people still hating on EA Battlefront 2? Its a great game and it keeps getting updates. Maybe in the first days there was the loot box controversy but they fixed that pretty quickly.
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu Prije 7 sati
Jeffrey Ducharme
Jeffrey Ducharme Prije 9 sati
I wonder if this has anything to do with 1313 from way back when. Heard another company grabbed it and planned to do something with what was already there 🤔
Limbo Slam
Limbo Slam Prije 10 sati
If Luke ever met this guy in canon, would space and time break apart? Because the Joker meeting his older self sounds dangerous.
Bird Enthusiast
Bird Enthusiast Prije 10 sati
oh boy i can't wait for this to be a disappointment :)
Hercules Mare
Hercules Mare Prije 11 sati
please don't screw this up EA.
하핳 Prije 11 sati
Hello I'm Korean teenager I love star wars and star wars battlefront 2 my favorite game. but my English ability is not good. So when i play story mod i don't understand. please translate this new game in Korean with star wars battlefront 2
Kerim Gürsu
Kerim Gürsu Prije 11 sati
Hello there!
dan Prije 11 sati
not a good idea slapping the EA logo on the game title lol.
Choke Prije 11 sati
Wait a White male lead character?! Maybe they won't go Woke and get broke.
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper Prije 2 sati
You think? You haven't seen the quota black wamen in the trailer?
bepis boy
bepis boy Prije 11 sati
Just wanna remind everyone that Respawn made Titanfall and Apex. Both games owned by EA. Minimal publisher interference in both. Don't bandwagon with buzzword terms like "microtransactions", "pay to win", and "DLC". Look into it yourself. People still think Battlefront 2 is pay to win and relies on lootboxes because they're too lazy to look into it themselves. Research, folks.
Devin Heath
Devin Heath Prije 11 sati
They did say to trust no one so I guess we shouldn't trust EA
Lisiasty wojownik lasu dawgardu poszukujący kuzni przeznaczenia
EA logo? i have a bad feeling about this
B3-FPV Prije 11 sati
EA! They need to start taking pride in there work they no longer make “arts” as there name suggests. If EA where a human it would be a depressed shell of a once happy nerdy human being. EA have ruined there reputation there devs should be treated as f**cking God’s, they ooze pride and talent then electronic farts come along and just ruin it all! EA should do the right thing and just quit there useless we don’t need them! We need the talent that work for then, there the life and soul of the company maybe the developers should boycott them before they loose their passion and pride!
Midul Arman
Midul Arman Prije 11 sati
No one: EA: we’ve found another way to fuck up a great franchise
Bluenochian Prije 12 sati
EA started to clean their bad reputation with Respawn Entertainment, I hope they don't ruin the game's release date again as they did with Titanfall 2...
Ian Christie
Ian Christie Prije 12 sati
how many game franchise's has EA taken over only to completely destroy... Answer, too many. Why didn't biowear get the star wars game rights!!!
Akmal Tjan
Akmal Tjan Prije 12 sati
Never trust EA
The Engineer
The Engineer Prije 13 sati
Wait a sec I know this game So EA will take $60 dollar from me Never watch a trailer from EA
Xtriker1 Prije 8 sati
Zivin Prije 13 sati
Guys remember: This is EA we're talking about. I looked at the price for the pre-order. It is $70. $70 for a game that is just single player. Yeah ok no bye EA thanks for the Trailer that actually doesn't really show anything but the basic bare bones of the plot and the opening cinematic to the first mission or two. Bye.
Carl Giuliano
Carl Giuliano Prije 13 sati
Preorder now, $9.99 to actually receive 1/3 of the game. EA Charge for everything!
Carl Giuliano
Carl Giuliano Prije 13 sati
How long can I watch the trailer before micro transactions?
TheSoarc Prije 13 sati
shit its from ea.. maybe i buy when its 5€
Chicken Fingers
Chicken Fingers Prije 13 sati
Heard there was no micro transactions, no multiplayer, or any of that, if they completely finish the game and not have like 49 shitty DLCs it might be good, but I’m not getting high hopes, it is by EA
Frederik Nielsen
Frederik Nielsen Prije 13 sati
Oh my god look at that. EA is breaking their feminist pact by featuringa a male protagonist! Biggots!
Czech Paratrooper
Czech Paratrooper Prije 2 sati
And Wow he is white! Nice!
Eric Ross
Eric Ross Prije 13 sati
Terrible trailer. Nothing new, nothing exciting. Corny voice acting. Guarantee this is a garbage game
Zack Harper
Zack Harper Prije 14 sati
...sothey stole the avengers theme music for this trailer great disney lol
I like eggs
I like eggs Prije 14 sati
this cartoon sucs
Mathieu Belzile
Mathieu Belzile Prije 14 sati
hey, it's the guy from Gotham / Shameless !
HC C Prije 14 sati
Can't wait to see how EA fucks it up this time. Seriously, I drool over SW games but I just don't trust Electronic Farts anymore. Prediction time: Pre-ordering bonus content No playtesting (Major Day One Bugs) Star Wars Force Unleashed Remake Clone Pathetic Storyline Flat characters If one of these becomes true, then Anthem will be the last game I buy from EA
Former Government Human #4937
Force unleashed 7 looks good.
Demetria Thomas
Demetria Thomas Prije 14 sati
I can't wait for this to get canceled! EA is always there to let us down.
Anakin80042 Fury
Anakin80042 Fury Prije 14 sati
It’s a star wars game... Me: UwU Made by EA... Me: OwO But it’s actually made by Respawn Me: 0o0
flof Prije 15 sati
cant wait for another loot box simulator battle royale game wow, ea youre such a good company not
flof Prije 8 sati
+bepis boy Avoiding my question it seems or you just may be as dense as i think you are... you said "This is clearly single player" to which i replied "Is that not what ea said with the previous star wars?" you osmium skulled dingus.
bepis boy
bepis boy Prije 9 sati
+flof EA made no such claims that BF2 would be free of microtransactions. And it's a multiplayer game, where that kind of thing has a bigger impact. You're suggesting that a single player game will have Battle Royale and microtransactions, which almost never happens to SP games in the first place. EA has made an official statement that there will be no microtransactions and it's a single player story driven game. Why the hell would they throw BR in there?
flof Prije 10 sati
​+bepis boy Is that not what ea said with the previous star wars? Tell it true or you're dense. I await your reply you nugget shoe nostril hair posterior faced hot cross bun. Roasted.
bepis boy
bepis boy Prije 11 sati
Are you dense? This is clearly a single player game. Get off the bandwagon
Kush God
Kush God Prije 15 sati
Better not be asking 60$ for. Story.. I'm not paying for. A 60$ movie lol
Jimbo Jones
Jimbo Jones Prije 15 sati
check it out a "new" "star wars" "game", check out that "footage"! The "game" "engine" "renders" "insane" "fidelity". "gameplay" looks "intense".
N English
N English Prije 15 sati
So tired and played out.
zaandarbrow Prije 15 sati
Last Jedi: Let the past die Fallen Order: Accept the past
RE4PER Prije 16 sati
Ronin Prije 13 sati
EA aCtUaLLy HaS a BrEttY GuD TrAcK ReCoRd, Y'All NiGGaS JuSt HaTerZ. PlEaSe UpBoAt My LeDDiT AcCoUnT oN GaMiNg CiRcLeJeRk. LeL DeM CDPR FaNbOiSe, AmIrItE My EuPhOrIc GaMiNg GuRuS?
Mason Kauv
Mason Kauv Prije 16 sati
Cameron Monaghan. Great actor.
_ƤƤ S҉σuᎮ ジ
_ƤƤ S҉σuᎮ ジ Prije 16 sati
How much yall wanna bet you are gonna have to pay for the story
bepis boy
bepis boy Prije 10 sati
Yeah, typically you have to pay for games
dorpth Prije 16 sati
Execute Order $66 day one DLC
ThePuneShlanker Prije 16 sati
Looks kinda cool, but it’ll probably suck
Herpy Depth
Herpy Depth Prije 16 sati
I don’t trust EA but I hope they make it like a Star Wars Mirrors Edge
SyxToes Prije 17 sati
Don't worry EA if its a good game it will do good. If its trash its trash, not because MC is white. Fuck liberals
SyxToes Prije 17 sati
Everyone who isn't a soy milk drinking snow flake. *Like this video* show EA some love for finally puttin their foot down against *Anti-White* BS.
Calvin Orosa
Calvin Orosa Prije 17 sati
Dylan Saunders
Dylan Saunders Prije 17 sati
Is this a game?
Mr Wiggins
Mr Wiggins Prije 18 sati
man, these are some salty boys commenting on this. Guess what you don't have to buy.
HorribleHarry Prije 18 sati
how about more pro empire games. the rebels are just a bunch of terrorists.
JLinkshufflez Prije 18 sati
It should be illegal for EA to continue making star wars games
Meamcraft Prije 18 sati
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!I’V WANTED A GAME LIKE THIS FOREVER AND NOW IT’S HERE!COME ON EA DON’T MESS THIS UP!!!!But I’m going to wait until I see ACTUAL GAMEPLAY!I’m going to watch angry joes review on it and then if it’s good buy it.
Winged Hamster
Winged Hamster Prije 18 sati
please don't fuck this up EA
Alfredo Jimenez
Alfredo Jimenez Prije 18 sati
Que bueno un sobreviviente padawan ojala que se convierta un Gran Jedi mejor que Ray .
conworldus Prije 19 sati
Just make a movie instead. This feels like more like a movie trailer.
Alex Person
Alex Person Prije 19 sati
god I hope his is good. the star wars franchise really needs this to be good after the recent movies and games
Layk35 Prije 19 sati
1:48 They included shatterpoint. That's interesting
Mr. GoodBoi805
Mr. GoodBoi805 Prije 19 sati
Looks awesome, but dont forget that this IS EA, so im expecting its gon a suck
Zebedee Swanson
Zebedee Swanson Prije 19 sati
this looks dope. wish I had both money and a pc good enough to run it.
Randy Vidale
Randy Vidale Prije 19 sati
Is it coming out for ps5 ???????
Levi Huerta
Levi Huerta Prije 19 sati
EA, please don't let us down again. This looks so good! DON'T MAKE MY HYPE BE FOR NOTHING!
Michael Piretti
Michael Piretti Prije 19 sati
This is the music from adventures this is sooo fake 😂
Lord Cancer
Lord Cancer Prije 20 sati
Its got an EA logo? Automatic dislike.
Jrgamer Tv
Jrgamer Tv Prije 20 sati
I’m a master at star wars
Beginning of The Great Jedi Purge
'Before The Dark Times'
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