Stranger Things 3 Cast Gaten Matarazzo, Joe Keery & Maya Hawke Break Down a Scene | Shot by Shot

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*SPOILER ALERT* Gaten Matarazzo, Joe Keery, and Maya Hawke take us shot by shot through the Russian base scene, in Stranger Things 3.
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Stranger Things 3 Cast Gaten Matarazzo Joe Keery & Maya Hawke Break Down a Scene | Shot by Shot
When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl.


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16. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 4 423
Jaden Heath
Jaden Heath Prije 2 sati
Where the crap is Erica because everyone knows U CAN'T SPELL AMERICA WITHOUT ERICA!!!!!
Score Archive
Score Archive Prije dan
The best trio in my Opinion
honeycoffeelight Prije 2 dana
omg the mother and his son!!
Ricardo Bertuldo
Ricardo Bertuldo Prije 3 dana
bring season 4 already.
Preston Casey
Preston Casey Prije 4 dana
I was asleep during the first part of the Video
아이고! Prije 5 dana
Maya hi Maya hu Maya Hawke Maya haha
James Prije 6 dana
Maya Ray Thurman Hawke daughter of Beatrix "The Bride" Kiddo aka Black Mamba.
Allison Morales
Allison Morales Prije 6 dana
Good job Joe! You saved Maya!
Shirtless Gacha
Shirtless Gacha Prije 6 dana
I hope you are enjoying you little baby Dustin Steve be a good mother!
Dweet Fairfield
Dweet Fairfield Prije 8 dana
Joe mama keery
Shiny Tutorials
Shiny Tutorials Prije 8 dana
Turbat G
Turbat G Prije 8 dana
Imagine being Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s child
Elena Kindt
Elena Kindt Prije 9 dana
I'm Russian, though.
Luciano Teles
Luciano Teles Prije 10 dana
Sariyah Camp
Sariyah Camp Prije 12 dana
Hey where's Erica 🤔
TheMightyIceDragon Prije 13 dana
netflix why didnt you said that this was a spoiler in the FREAKING VIDEO!?!?!??
The Disney Expert Of All Time
Erica swearing gives me anxiety I just imagine her parents in the background like: -.-
Lema R.
Lema R. Prije 14 dana
5:30 what my food in the microwave sees
iAmTheRad Clown
iAmTheRad Clown Prije 15 dana
My favourite person is Joe kerry
That Guy
That Guy Prije 19 dana
If you need a better Russian Consultant, message me😂
Avynera Prije 19 dana
Can we just pause this and look a littlr longer for beautifull Joe's hair?
•Gaby• Prije 20 dana
But... *WHERE’S PRIAH?????*
OWAIS SHAIKH Prije 20 dana
i am waiting
OWAIS SHAIKH Prije 20 dana
ahhh...plzz season 4
The LostBoy
The LostBoy Prije 20 dana
I think 'Stranger Things' is the best seasonal film in Netflix to me. I really like how the story is not focusing on one or two things only till the end, I like how they get their own scenes in different places on different matter but in the end they all comes together to face the same thing.
TheEstrellastar Prije 21 dan
Did Joe and Gaten get their shirts from the same store?
charli Thompson
charli Thompson Prije 22 dana
Wait a minute why is batman and robin here😆
charli Thompson
charli Thompson Prije 22 dana
1 crush= mike 2 crush= billy 3 crush= STEVE
محمد الرويلي
Hi 👋🏻 ,how are you , i am mohammed i am form Saudi Arabia and i need a arabia Translation to understand the video, thanks 🙏 🖤+ i love your video Netflix sooo much 🧡❤️
V5C0_61Rl Prije 26 dana
Maya: “yea huh hUh HUh” 4:38
Sunnyday_sünset Prije 26 dana
I wanna be an actress/singer went I grow up
Jack Ross
Jack Ross Prije 26 dana
2:25 look at the blue box on the left
Maïlys Prije 27 dana
4:47 “Yeah, finally” Maya you killed me😂😭
Sanie Bon
Sanie Bon Prije 27 dana
Me and Gaten have the same pants!!
Sophie Glenn
Sophie Glenn Prije 29 dana
Who’s George
Essence Feature
Essence Feature Prije 29 dana
Roses are red Violets are blue Hoppers not dead You know it *wait*
World Traveler
World Traveler Prije mjesec
Please kick maya hawke out. She is trash.
Crackhead Kourtney
Crackhead Kourtney Prije mjesec
Why didn’t maya just keep her hair the way it was in season 3
Corbin Ator
Corbin Ator Prije mjesec
3:44 ultra Bobby Boucher
Alexa Campbell
Alexa Campbell Prije mjesec
maya's voice is SO soothing
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