Summer Music Mix 2020 🌴 Best Of Tropical Deep House Music Chill Out Mix By Tropical House #4

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Summer Music Mix 2020 🌴 Best Of Tropical Deep House Music Chill Out Mix By Tropical House #4
#SummerMusicMix #BestOfDeepHouse #HotSummer #SUMMERMIX2020 #SUMMERMUSIC2020
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Datum objavljivanja:


7. Sij 2020.



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Komentari 80
Shelly Cornelius
The song at 29:00 is amazingggggg
Bernd Pohl
Bernd Pohl Prije 2 dana
It's great music 👍
Rosy Gamez
Rosy Gamez Prije 2 dana
Love sung
IZITOPER ru Prije 4 dana
Счастливые люди, кто может позволить себе такой отдых :) Молодцы ребята!
Claude Lecomte
Claude Lecomte Prije 4 dana
Steven Mueller
Steven Mueller Prije 4 dana
artist of the "chainsmokers / halsey - Closer" remix at1 hour, 20 min? Thanks!!
Bill Aikens
Bill Aikens Prije 18 sati
writer and original may be the Chainsmokers but the singer in this Closer song is someone entirely different - You need to listen to the voice!
KNIGHT RADIO Prije 4 dana
I also have a mix channel and i want to be as big als you are!
KNIGHT RADIO Prije 4 dana
Awesome mix!!
kaykay89 Prije 5 dana
1hour 30 title please ? I have a blank
Андрей Низов
Семён Марков
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Armin Cosic
Armin Cosic Prije 9 dana
Very nice, relaxing
liLo Prije 10 dana
Ena Mann
Ena Mann Prije 10 dana
42:24 - the title ?!
Sascha Kaminski
Sascha Kaminski Prije 6 dana
Pascal Junior If i Wouldn´t Know
Francisco jose Constantino
Constantino gosta de tudo
rafO Prije 3 dana
Hilton Prije 12 dana
whats the name of the mix starting on the 24:14 mark?
Ирина Алимпиева
👍отличная музыка !
Kev Lion
Kev Lion Prije 13 dana
Guys, life is too short in fact very short. Live your life like is your last day on our beautiful planet each and every single day.....🦸‍♂️
josef733 Prije 14 dana
Do you even know what deep house is?
Dale Lerwill
Dale Lerwill Prije 14 dana
So sad that the coral reefs are bleached nowadays.. :(
Daniela Lange
Daniela Lange Prije 11 dana
Talent!!! Danke dafür
Izaque Maciel
Izaque Maciel Prije 15 dana
Name 45:00
Izaque Maciel
Izaque Maciel Prije 15 dana
#TrainFromHome Prije 15 dana
Brilliant! In my channel I am placing music for a training playlist. If you like it, I invite you to subscribe. Cheers!
Peter Jirawanich
Peter Jirawanich Prije 15 dana
Thailand is a beautiful country everyone should visit!
Lenny Santino
Lenny Santino Prije 15 dana
Um caso sério com o Replay, kkkkk playlist fodahhh
Ns Songs
Ns Songs Prije 15 dana
Good songs ... people support my channel :)
Yarik Pozitiv
Yarik Pozitiv Prije 15 dana
alejandro mendez
alejandro mendez Prije 16 dana
4:27 what is the name of the song please...
Sergi Morant
Sergi Morant Prije 16 dana
Schnitzel_Stephan Prije 16 dana
This video makes me sad knowing that this summer we will not be on a tropical beach but in our back yards due to corona :(
hermosos lugares Donde Son????
Фиолетовый Клинч
то чувство когда зашол на это видео из за телок
CHAS3 Prije 18 dana
your saving lives out here
A-Jah Johnson
A-Jah Johnson Prije 18 dana
1:06.47 name song please
RUSH GAMES Prije 19 dana
Кто русский лайк
IM1THE2KING3 Prije 19 dana
SPY Bull or Bear this week
fa de
fa de Prije 19 dana
Yeah this NOT Deep House, sounds nice but not even close
Ruben Lezama
Ruben Lezama Prije 19 dana
dima dima
dima dima Prije 19 dana
русские: На 1:14:32 жигули))0
Jasmine Gittens
Jasmine Gittens Prije 19 dana
guessing it's good
alaa Prije 19 dana
alaa Prije 19 dana
Saul G
Saul G Prije 19 dana
im just here for the bitches
Aakriti Ananya
Aakriti Ananya Prije 21 dan
The song track at 1:04:00?
What's name of the 2 song
Çağatay Aksu
Çağatay Aksu Prije 21 dan
What's the name for the Closer Remix at 24:08 ?
Essence B
Essence B Prije 21 dan
Dont get that car caught in the current!
Tacha Channel
Tacha Channel Prije 22 dana
Hello guys, may I ask where are these place and country of the footage?
Angel Love
Angel Love Prije 15 dana
All i know is The Philippines and Thailand.. party mostly are in ASIA or EAST ASIA
Tropical Vibes
Tropical Vibes Prije 22 dana
Really good
Infinity Deep
Infinity Deep Prije 22 dana
its a best track list, what I heard in a the last time
Bosingr Prije 22 dana
I'd like to go to Palau someday.
Zayn Hann
Zayn Hann Prije 22 dana
nice vibe
mehmet emre keskin
mehmet emre keskin Prije 22 dana
Cool video. I invite to my channel!...
Austin Powers
Austin Powers Prije 22 dana
It all sounds the same.
jdjewellpa Prije 20 dana
Siddarth S
Siddarth S Prije 23 dana
Pedro RSV
Pedro RSV Prije 23 dana
0% alcohol 0% drugs 0% violence 100% envy
Salva C B
Salva C B Prije 23 dana
100% money
Monica Andrici
Monica Andrici Prije 23 dana
jason gammash
jason gammash Prije 23 dana
I love nature
iSwaly B
iSwaly B Prije 23 dana
cristhian edit
cristhian edit Prije 23 dana
Nice song
One World Doonya One Country Map , Make New Rules
How many languages do we need for people ? 4 to 10 languages How many universe ? 1 universe. How many planets in World universe ? We need to find out. What is galaxy ? Do human have good planet. Is there more in universe ? Are human hiding universe with blue day sky and black night sky? What is number of people safe ? 1 million minimum or 5 million or 10 million in our planet. Or 1 billion people 10 fingers in universe maximum. People need to work together and find the answers. Abdull Tarzi
Kari Harris
Kari Harris Prije 23 dana
Cale Gray
Cale Gray Prije 23 dana
sorry this music is not for me. too old i guess
H Max
H Max Prije 19 dana
Too old physically or mentally? maybe you were never into dance music or electronic music, so you say are old.....I don't like rap music, is not because I am old is that the music is crap and I don't associate with the lyrics, the drug use, the living in ghettos and their life. Don't like country music that much either, so not liking a music is not because of age.....If one of those beautiful teasing models would invite you over there to spend two weeks, I am pretty sure you would like the music...find a reason to like it,,,you will.
Universal G
Universal G Prije 23 dana
Where is this place? I could use a vacation there right now. LOL!
H Max
H Max Prije 19 dana
I assume you are talking about the first video? There are other countries featured. At the 20 sec mark there's a word that is placed in the screen, did you see it? PALAU. is a country made up of 500 islands is part of the Micronesia region in the western pacific. Maybe you did know that and you just asked to give the video more interest people do that, but anyway somebody may find this comments and learn something.
markodevivo Prije 21 dan
From 18:43 is Croatia
Tacha Channel
Tacha Channel Prije 22 dana
I really want to know as well
Gislene Paixão
Gislene Paixão Prije 23 dana
1:19:04 what's the name of the song, please! Tks
Ozran Mix - OzMix
Ozran Mix - OzMix Prije 23 dana
Check out the best mixes for beaches around the world -
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Mohammed Arshad
Mohammed Arshad Prije 24 dana
Truly amazing..nice piece of edits
Noy Noyakz
Noy Noyakz Prije 24 dana
best songs and amazing view♥♥♥
Noy Noyakz
Noy Noyakz Prije 24 dana
best songs and amazing view♥♥♥
surya paul
surya paul Prije 24 dana
Very nice
Mišo BiH
Mišo BiH Prije 24 dana
I Love Summer
Д-р Радева
Д-р Радева Prije 24 dana
Sholeigh Zion
Sholeigh Zion Prije 24 dana
Herley Carl.
Herley Carl. Prije 24 dana
os coral tudo branqueado... eta papai
lannon F
lannon F Prije 25 dana
This is fire
Mishaho Prije 25 dana
*Looking at this makes me feel happy.*
sphinxbased Prije 25 dana
This is not,s Chillhouse....!!!!!!!!!
Stay Gold
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