Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller) [Official Music Video]

Summer Walker
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Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller)
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Director: Christine Yuan
Producer: Theodore Cabana
Production Company: Object & Animal
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8. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 6 658
Beverly McFadden
She's over rated...sorry my opinion.
Cee Jay
Cee Jay Prije dan
This album is going to bump even harder 10 years from now 🤩
Dream Robinson
Dream Robinson Prije dan
Jana Liwan
Jana Liwan Prije 2 dana
love it🥰
tawon1984 Prije 2 dana
Destiny’s Child damn time flys! Dope song Summer 🙌
Ronald Kidd
Ronald Kidd Prije 2 dana
Lol stop
Roberto Brown
Roberto Brown Prije 2 dana
Amway Savage
Amway Savage Prije 2 dana
Yes nigga say my name
A Girl
A Girl Prije 2 dana
Sophia Cummings
Sophia Cummings Prije 2 dana
Listien in 1.25
love mystic
love mystic Prije 2 dana
Its crazy that people show her so much love ...she singing destinys child hook but the green girl got crucified for singing Ciara can't leave him alone hook ...this world is stupid ...they all are very talented
tekki tekki
tekki tekki Prije 2 dana
Bryson tiller comin throughgg ughghgh
TheAceProGamer And More Games Also Reacts
Summer Walker new Try this
T Renee
T Renee Prije 2 dana acapella cover playing games
Charlie Carter
Charlie Carter Prije 3 dana
The song is Pregnancy! Simple Ting!
MrEvolving1 Prije 3 dana
She got a nice ass on her
LovinMe60 Prije 3 dana
Wayyyyy to SHORT 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🔥🔥🔥🔥
Miygi Luu
Miygi Luu Prije 4 dana
Shits get played every fucking day in this house you know how you gotta skip 2 ,3 songs to find ya shit nawl everyone of her songs is a fucking hit😇luv u bookie
Andrew Zulu
Andrew Zulu Prije 4 dana
Wish Bryson had a longer verse
NEEX Sanchez
NEEX Sanchez Prije 4 dana
peep my channel for the slowed version with reverb ,, I promise you won't regret it
Armani Delgado
Armani Delgado Prije 4 dana
She look different in this video to me
TheReal Taii
TheReal Taii Prije 4 dana
She have a pretty voice❤️.
Kiana Carignan
Kiana Carignan Prije 4 dana
I love Bryson's part bc he could either be the fuckboi whose been lying OR the good guy she keeps putting in the friend zone
PcannTaan Prije 5 dana
Random but Bryson be giving me major Trevor vibes is it jus me ?? Lol But _SUMMER_ this album still on repeat this😐💣 💅🏾
Tayrohn Brown
Tayrohn Brown Prije 5 dana
Lmao dam i just noticed she had like 6 different dudes in this video that she was playing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Delores Davis
Delores Davis Prije 6 dana
Delores Davis
Delores Davis Prije 6 dana
Ok it's ok
Derli Pereira
Derli Pereira Prije 6 dana
Musicalidade impecável
Tiffany Jones
Tiffany Jones Prije 6 dana
PHIL Prije 7 dana
WE DO ISH Prije 7 dana
Madison Darling
Madison Darling Prije 7 dana
Bryson part was to damn short😩😩😩
Layla Grande
Layla Grande Prije 7 dana
imagine doing it with this song on
HnR Maleone
HnR Maleone Prije 7 dana
Remix this Jacques 🔥🔥🔥
Njabulo Sthe
Njabulo Sthe Prije 7 dana
When Tiller Come Up With 38 second It Like 5 Minutes To Me🔥♥️
XxHoneybeexX 5
XxHoneybeexX 5 Prije 8 dana
Getting Aaliyah vibes from this song. Yes im here for the 100th time lol
Ray_gotti Prije 8 dana
Why didn’t I know there was a video 😭👀
Tyris Worthy
Tyris Worthy Prije 8 dana
She to stiff she need to learn how to entertain great song tho
love mystic
love mystic Prije 2 dana
She has anxiety issues she is working on
That Dude Tyrell
That Dude Tyrell Prije 8 dana
Love It
Chimere Lucas
Chimere Lucas Prije 8 dana
Ur the best dis my fav song my mom love dis song to she turn it up every time and dis will teach the boys I be saying dis to my boyfriend he be like
Danette Golston
Danette Golston Prije 8 dana
Kease The Artist
Kease The Artist Prije 8 dana
I ❤ You Summer Walker -KTA
Um gajo qual quer
Um gajo qual quer Prije 8 dana
This song to me means never play with the games my opinion
It's Marley
It's Marley Prije 9 dana
Obama likes your song.
Fortnite GOAT
Fortnite GOAT Prije 9 dana
You actin kinda shady u ain’t been callin me baby
Angela Bishop
Angela Bishop Prije 9 dana
💕💕💕Outfit 💕💕💕
Medusa Lives
Medusa Lives Prije 9 dana
Imma keep saying this Summer is a gem 😍
t b
t b Prije 9 dana
where she get them lashes from though? i need them
It's mikaa
It's mikaa Prije 10 dana
Who else is here from TikTok ?
Graci .A
Graci .A Prije 9 dana
It's mikaa me
Akeira Jones
Akeira Jones Prije 10 dana
I love her period repping straight outta Ja 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Best Pizzaboy
Best Pizzaboy Prije 10 dana
Chute No Bigode Games
Chute No Bigode Games Prije 10 dana
Muito top o seu canal Summer Walker bora trocar inscrições?... Tenho vídeos muito bacanas no meu canal de Games...
Backarat Tarot
Backarat Tarot Prije 10 dana
Y'all know yall wrong for this 2 minute of Euphoria, it should be illegal for Bryson tiller yo have this small of a contribution😵😍
Lavada Williams
Lavada Williams Prije 10 dana
Show her some love
Kenneth Moore
Kenneth Moore Prije 11 dana
I'm so mad that summer only did this song short... I really feel this song and Tiller verse too hell. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Alot of times when old artist and new artist's dish out EP's like this means that they finna bounce back with a harder joint so we gonna be expecting more from our girl. A good marketing strategy is something Beyonce does us all the time she will make her shii dish out trailers and make videos for the whole album n make us wait til her and Jay-Z set a broadband release for the new single or the new album its self. Who was mad a few years ago they didn't make the whole Bonnie n Clyde movie for sell in the Theaters but showed us the trailer n with that damn trailer that went with the whole album it was just a marketing thing to hold us on enough so she released Lemonade. Summer can use that same strategy n watch how she gon be right up there with Beyonce. More darker females has embrace their beauty n and artistry the game it will get better and advance change as long as everyone in the industry willing to accept the new ones on set.
Keepin Up with lili Tv
Bryson Part thooo🥰🥰
N.D West
N.D West Prije 11 dana
Has she worked with Missy yet? Because that would be off the charts! Oh! Omarion or Timbaland too 🤤🤤
Kenneth Moore
Kenneth Moore Prije 11 dana
Missy for sure she need to work with Sevyn Streeter that shii gon be hot.
J Mckoy
J Mckoy Prije 11 dana
Wish the song was longer...🎵🎵🎵🎶🎼
ndnblack1 Prije 11 dana
I♥️this song! If I had 5 thumbs they'd all be up!
Kevo The Voice
Kevo The Voice Prije 11 dana
Dignified Black Man
Dignified Black Man Prije 11 dana
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