Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

Dolan Twins
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We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles
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17. Ruj 2019.



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Komentari 13 208
Javiii Prije 5 sati
Why the giving me white chicks vibes 🤣
Maya Jackson
Maya Jackson Prije 5 sati
I’m sorry but all those bags look the same
Ryan Conner
Ryan Conner Prije 5 sati
Why do they look like Queen Latifah
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Prije 5 sati
Fucking fagits
CEDL4072 Prije 5 sati
I'd still tap that 😎
Strangula Prije 5 sati
I love both of the videos. I'm living for another collab between you 3.
Michelle Tanner
Michelle Tanner Prije 5 sati
Now I can’t tell who’s Ethan or Grayson. Only by voice
Michy Rodriguez
Michy Rodriguez Prije 5 sati
I cant tell them apart im scared 😂❤️
Ashley Blackwood
Ashley Blackwood Prije 5 sati
one of those bags could pay for my college tuition
desiree vargas
desiree vargas Prije 5 sati
Omg the twins look fucking gorgeous wtf
Natasha Solorio
Natasha Solorio Prije 5 sati
“It’s really loud”- Ethan quote I will never forget
Shane Dunner
Shane Dunner Prije 5 sati
Why tf is every body just switching to be gay like what the fuck?!
WOLFQUEEN Prije 5 sati
I like my plain cheap normal life .
Valeria Ricardez
Valeria Ricardez Prije 5 sati
Omg they look awesome
TIffany De Alwis
TIffany De Alwis Prije 5 sati
This is white chicks remade
Katie Dutton
Katie Dutton Prije 5 sati
Why does Ethan look like thanos at 11:47
César Charles
César Charles Prije 5 sati
I hate that they pretend they are poor
Taylor Simone
Taylor Simone Prije 5 sati
Shook that they didn't start the video with *"What's up guys? We're back!"*
Jessica J.
Jessica J. Prije 5 sati
Wow they look fucking beautiful 🤣 no joke!!!
zoe d
zoe d Prije 5 sati
lmao the moans when they were taking off the makeup... they're asking for the edits
Qυҽҽɳ B
Qυҽҽɳ B Prije 5 sati
I legit couldn’t tell which twin was which sometimes during this vid 😂
Francisco Castillo
Francisco Castillo Prije 5 sati
OMG getting dressed and makeup on is all fun and stuff, but once you take that make up off BEST FEELING EVER!
Eleni Salas
Eleni Salas Prije 5 sati
8:31 mood
Victoria Plays
Victoria Plays Prije 5 sati
what happend to you guys and james :(
Donovan Prije 5 sati
They looked exhausted at the end
Nayeli&0 K
Nayeli&0 K Prije 5 sati
On the road to 10 subs any help would be appreciated Lol
Michelle Cano
Michelle Cano Prije 5 sati
I cant believe jeffree made me watch a dolan twins video.....
Keira Lydon
Keira Lydon Prije 5 sati
Dude wtf why are the Dolan Twins hotter than me as girls? I want a refund lol
Becky Acosta
Becky Acosta Prije 5 sati
Sister squad stocks dropped to zero
Grace 3
Grace 3 Prije 5 sati
Ur kidding he just spent my college tuition casually
• daiii •
• daiii • Prije 5 sati
9:24 I keep staring at how Jeffrees trying to push back his hair
Kiara Ward
Kiara Ward Prije 5 sati
Normal Dude Hair 😂
Sylvia Garcia
Sylvia Garcia Prije 5 sati
That was cute... Loved it..
Grace Boucher
Grace Boucher Prije 5 sati
Well of course he had to transform into jeffree. You think he’s just gonna show you his true alien form out of the gate?
Elena O
Elena O Prije 5 sati
That body though. 😍
Toby Zheng
Toby Zheng Prije 5 sati
Mom: omg that’s amazing. Dolan Twins: You have triplets now! Mom: what
Cedeno Breanna
Cedeno Breanna Prije 5 sati
Who else misses the sister squad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Zo- Landdd
Zo- Landdd Prije 5 sati
Y’all gay
Julia Sandoval
Julia Sandoval Prije 5 sati
No one: Kris Jenner: 27:15
Vrinda Gagat
Vrinda Gagat Prije 5 sati
#2ontrending The power of dolan twins😎
TOASTY BOi Prije 5 sati
When they did the revel I was actually scared....3 Jeffree Stars is nightmare fuel for me XD I don't know why but it is.
Lohit Nambiar
Lohit Nambiar Prije 5 sati
The sister squad who?????! I only the STAR SQUAD!!!!!
Rajasree C
Rajasree C Prije 5 sati
Ethan fixing his hair is a mood
Besabeauty Prije 5 sati
Am I the only one who sees Ricky Dillon in the back?
Samantha Beugen
Samantha Beugen Prije 5 sati
Nate’s reaction is iconic
Erika morata
Erika morata Prije 5 sati
4:36 bitch what the fuck! lmao that meme is so me right now hahahahahaa
Leeanne Loewer
Leeanne Loewer Prije 5 sati
Did his chain that got blurred say cunt?😂😂😂
Addison Malone
Addison Malone Prije 5 sati
Omg I could not tell the difference between the Dolan Twins when they were Jeffery star
Maria Jose
Maria Jose Prije 5 sati
jefree: using metal straws saving the planet also jefree: leaving them home and using plastic straws at taco bell
FAITH MARTIN Prije 5 sati
What about James
César Charles
César Charles Prije 5 sati
Jefree is so gentle , you can see it
Carebear Stone
Carebear Stone Prije 5 sati
When they’re all prettier girls than I am
Lorrie Blanks
Lorrie Blanks Prije 5 sati
You guys are so pretty 😍
Natasha Doubnova
Natasha Doubnova Prije 5 sati
why tf yall look like jojo characters with the gowns I-
Junie A
Junie A Prije 5 sati
Jeffree eats candy all day! 🤣🤣🤣
DJ Dal
DJ Dal Prije 5 sati
ok I love you guys
Brooke McDowell
Brooke McDowell Prije 5 sati
I couldn’t tell who was Ethan and who was Grayson in this video 😂 I could only tell by there voices
Olivia Hutchison
Olivia Hutchison Prije 5 sati
Okay white chicks work
Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller Prije 5 sati
LMFAOOOO the kid dancing in the window went to my high school 😂😂
ItsDeja Prije 5 sati
Ummm White Chicks who💀💀
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