Talking to Strangers

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I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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7. Lip 2019.



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Komentari 98 634
Wylie Wizniuk
Wylie Wizniuk Prije 3 sati
i have social anxiety
JA SIGEARS Prije 4 sati
2:42 looks down at my dbz shirt.......
Diyana star
Diyana star Prije 5 sati
Oh wow my friend at school has that book and reads it EVERY DAY AT SCHOOL
Maria Trujillo
Maria Trujillo Prije 5 sati
6:07 I died hahah ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ How?
Glittergirl Glittergirl
7:10 iS ThAt eArTh FLaT??!!!
Monkeybutt Bannana
Monkeybutt Bannana Prije 5 sati
Great animation on the STOP TOUCHING MY SHOULDERS parts!
Lyndsey Schley
Lyndsey Schley Prije 6 sati
According to NYC transit unwritten laws, you always move. You give people as much space as possible. There is so little.
Elektronika Studio
Elektronika Studio Prije 6 sati
Try to ride a filipino jeepney😇
Xander Fishburn
Xander Fishburn Prije 6 sati
Thats why I don't use urinals
Ashley Barnes
Ashley Barnes Prije 6 sati
I think I laughed so much I clicked the share button. How. I do the same thing. Lol
Rickee Russell
Rickee Russell Prije 6 sati
I bought your book
Pecas Thecat
Pecas Thecat Prije 6 sati
Some buddy tell me why they hate me so much at school?!
Noivern Nest
Noivern Nest Prije 8 sati
Stranger:hello James:Hau
Kellfire Gamer
Kellfire Gamer Prije 9 sati
Jaiden animations also tries not to talk to other people she said in a video
Kōrari Horncy
Kōrari Horncy Prije 9 sati
Its so weird to see James draw Jaiden and SomethingelseYT but its weird to Jaiden draw James and SomethingelseYT BUT THEN its weird to see SomethingelseYT draw Jaiden and James... I dunno the point to this comment, But its here and you're reading it... Sooooo
Peppapig Perez
Peppapig Perez Prije 9 sati
Bailey Dahm
Bailey Dahm Prije 9 sati
I love your book so much
ronnie lohr
ronnie lohr Prije 10 sati
ronnie lohr
ronnie lohr Prije 10 sati
Ainsley Culp
Ainsley Culp Prije 10 sati
Don’t ever pause a video 7:25
Ja-Juan Thomas
Ja-Juan Thomas Prije 10 sati
ND Videos
ND Videos Prije 12 sati
James=TheOdd1sOut Jaiden=Jaiden Animations Adam=SomeThingElseYT Alex=It's Alex Clark
Emma Freear
Emma Freear Prije 12 sati
Thor axe/stormbreaker
sisca savanna
sisca savanna Prije 15 sati
I honestly can relate to everything he said 😂
Love osu!
Love osu! Prije 16 sati
So no one gonna talk about the Jojo reference at 3:46 ?
TovenOvideoRPC Prije 18 sati
3:29 some employees be like that tho
thistubeisfucked Prije 18 sati
In that isle/window situation on a bus... YOU FUCKING MOVE OVER YOU PSYCHOPATH!
my_life_ badly_animated
The duck song.....
Robin Rose Acton
Robin Rose Acton Prije 19 sati
how to greet people how
Brappo Prije 19 sati
Not even something like "hello it going" no just "how." Pathetic.
Connorbonnor gaming and blogs Gaming
The name tag is John Doe. aAHHH ROBLOX IS DOOMED!!!!
Racket gacha girl and more
If u fell to ur death how are u still alive XDDDDDDDDD
Xavier Creeper
Xavier Creeper Prije 20 sati
You better put that hammer in a trophy case.
Robert Grubb
Robert Grubb Prije dan
Ive been mistaken for working at places i dont a few times.. And I wasn't even wearing clothes remotely similar to the employees. WTF
ZippyZapik Prije dan
In an arcade i found a guy and asked him that the token was stuck and then he said i dont work here and i was so embrassed and after that i realized he has the dunkin donuts logo at his hat... O.O Ed:Oh yeah forgot tell you i didnt get it out of the arcade machine :p
Icy Cream
Icy Cream Prije dan
Wait wait wait... That's exactly where we got the book Barnes n noble
Icy Cream
Icy Cream Prije dan
I got my brother your book for his birthday he's turning 13 lol. Great job JAMES.
Shandiesel1000 Prije dan
James a Jojo fan?!?! THE JOBROS SHALL SPREAD.
Anders Malmgren
Anders Malmgren Prije dan
2:40 ~ I aM sAd NoW :< ( im a Weeaboo, so ye. )
Bam Marks
Bam Marks Prije dan
The Man of FlipaClip
Betty Villamizar
James:who wears anime shirts in public Me:*looks down at shirt*I'm wearing an anime shirt
Shia Alford
Shia Alford Prije dan
Hey James! I bought your book........and I'm not ashamed
Miles darst
Miles darst Prije dan
Than he waddled away waddle waddle
•Querty Quail•
i had oj the pee made me spit it out in the cup because the pee was funny
rare tuber
rare tuber Prije dan
Ill move seats
Erika Kim
Erika Kim Prije dan
Karri Carroll
Karri Carroll Prije dan
Anumoo is gate!!!!!!!
Your like jaiden
"there's no such thing as strangers. only friends you haven't met yet."
Yaboi Biscuit
Yaboi Biscuit Prije dan
In the uk we have rows of two seats
Jylah Lewis
Jylah Lewis Prije dan
You are stupid
Sup Prije dan
I'm glad I wore my seatbelt I recently got into a car crash and I'm not dead cause I wore my seatbelt.😅
the gacha girl
the gacha girl Prije dan
"That's part of the bus going experience U POOR PERSON " ...uhhh I have an iphone xd
Al3x Sauce
Al3x Sauce Prije 19 sati
the gacha girl
the gacha girl Prije dan
@Al3x Sauce I make my animations with my tablet but I have an iPhone I'm serious
Al3x Sauce
Al3x Sauce Prije dan
Btw, on one of your videos you showed that you're an android soooo
Al3x Sauce
Al3x Sauce Prije dan
You may be poor and still have an iPhone, perhaps you took that joke so seriously because you ARE poor and it hut you owo
Iris Morgan
Iris Morgan Prije dan
Every time I need to ask someone at a store about where to find something I always say *Do you work here?* lol
NickOnMobile YT
NickOnMobile YT Prije dan
3:13 I now know more about my own kind
Ari McCord
Ari McCord Prije dan
May is my b-day month tooooooooooooooooo 😁😁😁🤯❤
Sirius Black
Sirius Black Prije dan
You would love Scandinavia.nobody speeks to anyone you dont sit next to people and most people just browse
TheBlueApe Prije dan
It means there a stranger to you
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