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Tattoo artists react to tattoos from PewDiePie, Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, Elijah Daniel, and Monami Frost.
Which HRvidr do you think has the best tattoos? Let us know in the comments!
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Komentari 100
Max Harpel
Max Harpel Prije 2 sati
Monami Frost 💙 my babe
buhleyr keen
buhleyr keen Prije 2 sati
"I thought he's gonna get a shit tattoo like his personality." SLAMMEDDD
JAPETHEONE Prije 3 sati
"Shes beautiful. shes covered.. she can go anywhere she wants" what.
David Arriaga
David Arriaga Prije 4 sati
Elijah Daniel is actually gay btw.
Mackenzie Cernuska
Mackenzie Cernuska Prije 4 sati
“Kirk Cobain Jesus”
A D Prije 5 sati
Lol "WTF IS A HRvidR... Someone that just youtubes?"
Rivka Van Breugel
Rivka Van Breugel Prije 5 sati
Did that bitch really just say 'what is a youtuber'
황노을 Prije 6 sati
I feel like you should reveal the names of the people after the artists have critiqued the tattoos because a lot of them shit on a tattoo because they don't like the person...
Puppycakez Prije 9 sati
And some of the people talking shit are professionals with really shitty tattoos, lol.
Mr. Small
Mr. Small Prije 11 sati
Alexis Vaatete is Ricardo Milos
Lord of Cinder
Lord of Cinder Prije 13 sati
9:51, what a tatted up Jennifer Lawrence would look like 😜
Mei Kaila
Mei Kaila Prije 15 sati
"What the fuck is a HRvidr"?..i died
Young Sean
Young Sean Prije 17 sati
"What the fuck is a HRvidr? A person who HRvids" LMAO how stupid can people be
wrarmatei Prije 17 sati
That one artist's brutal black shit. so striking and awesome.
Marie Ba
Marie Ba Prije 18 sati
Monami Frost even has her breasts tattooed! Her recent Instagram post breastfeeding shows it clearly. Wow. That’s pain. Lol
Aroha Dobson
Aroha Dobson Prije 19 sati
Who's the maori?
Luna Chan
Luna Chan Prije 19 sati
Why do all these people live under a rock? And why so much edge?
AZCaveMan Prije 20 sati
Hutch has a few pretty cool tattoos, also. But he's not as famous I guess so no love lol
Angelleeee Prije 20 sati
“What the f*** is a HRvidr” 😂😂😂
Zach Prije 22 sati
Pony Lawson is a great name
BigWave Prije 22 sati
The height on that dudes hair for the little amount there is somethin else
Mr.Mister Prije 23 sati
Face tattoos are just not that cool.
i smell like beef
0:55 really sent me lmaoo
LexusVIP 400
LexusVIP 400 Prije dan
Jake Paul is saying the Earth is Flat, Dinosours never existed, and that true knowledge is locked away from the public. It's a cry out to humanity! (Just a theory 😂)
KCunlimitedEATS Prije dan
That blonde lady has a side boob sticking out. She is not wearing a bra.
hero in
hero in Prije 19 sati
....and your point is..??
Allie Shipley
Allie Shipley Prije dan
I have a tatoo
Allie Cat
Allie Cat Prije dan
They are complimenting JAKE PAUL!!!
hue keven
hue keven Prije dan
I liked how sone of the tatoo artist talked shit about jake paul
jason hawthorne
jason hawthorne Prije dan
New Zealand guy talking about the moanmi tattoo
courtneylove's MACcompact
Jeffree wins hands down. Even tho Kat sucks as a human.
...oh honey....!
Nailah Washington
I love all the hair colors. I would love to see all of your body ink. You're all tatted up.
fataxel Prije dan
this is one of their most watched video pbecause pewds is in the thumbnail
Amaya Garcia
Amaya Garcia Prije dan
Lalo 😍
Bigshot Knucklebags
Joe Capobianco has the coolest fucking name ever
I swear I read the first one as “phang” 😂
WasSup foO :.
WasSup foO :. Prije dan
I came for jeffree.
Hannah Wilkinson
Pretty Hot And Gay is my new thing
Troll Colate
Troll Colate Prije dan
Change title to "Idiots with tattoos look at other idiots with tattoos and then jerk each others egos off."
Bananatree 902
Bananatree 902 Prije dan
They should have shown the tattos without the names till after.
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan Prije 2 dana
Hastaged with pewdiepie cause you know the views will roll in.
Artistic E
Artistic E Prije 2 dana
What the heck is a youtuber? Someone who youtubes?(famous last words)
anniegeiger1031 Prije 2 dana
Who’s the makeup artist that did Elijah’s “tattoos?” They totally fooled the pros!
sergorti Prije 2 dana
“Im not sure what P hag stands for” 😂😂😂
uzhair air atmosphere
Apollo-Parallel Prije 2 dana
11:15 wtf
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Prije 2 dana
These people are scary and have way too much time on their hands.
Sepiih Prije 2 dana
Who is that guy with the Feather coming out of he's hat
Manasseh Radrodro
Manasseh Radrodro Prije 2 dana
She doesn't know what a you tuber is We're has she been
Unapologetically Curvy
“Look how tiny those nipples are. You can eat them.” 😩😂😂😂😂
TardisInTheSkye Prije 2 dana
7:23 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😂😂
Anthony Castillo
Anthony Castillo Prije 2 dana
Definitely should have put Austin McBroom in this he has some dope ass work
Bari Martin
Bari Martin Prije 2 dana
4:35 ??? Some of these people are kinda dumb you have on here like Jesus some of these videos are ass
Eric Loyd
Eric Loyd Prije 2 dana
There was like 1 probably real person in this whole video and her clip was shorter than anyone elses
Dolsie Mercado
Dolsie Mercado Prije 2 dana
I agree Jeffery Star does have nice tattoos.
nicola shaw
nicola shaw Prije 2 dana
“I’m sure his mom doesn’t hate it.”❤️♥️ I love how every artist is trying their very best to be provide a professional opinion about a piece that is garbage. Kudos to all of them for their sincerity!!
Nyan Tsuki
Nyan Tsuki Prije 2 dana
Some of the Tattoo Artist don´t even have the best tattoos xD You should have shown Kinki Ryusakis Tattoos...but alas she ain´t a youtuber
Tsholofelo Makete
Tsholofelo Makete Prije 2 dana
Chris Showstoppr killed me everyone he opened his mouth.
Sophie Welcome
Sophie Welcome Prije 3 dana
Wow I thought the NZ guy was from England until he said “6”... I’m from NZ 😂
Andre Prates
Andre Prates Prije 3 dana
do they even change clothes???
Arael Abbott
Arael Abbott Prije 3 dana
I love pewdies tattoos especially the church one it’s so sweet ❤️
Imo García
Imo García Prije 3 dana
Yer but Jeffree also had the tattoos because of the scaring on his body
MillyMe Prije 3 dana
#pewdiepie did he see this?
Kayla Nattiel
Kayla Nattiel Prije 3 dana
That girl at 0:55 is a whole mood
Jill Bloom
Jill Bloom Prije 3 dana
I’m sure they’d say a thing or two about that horrendous makeup 😂
killmeh pleZ
killmeh pleZ Prije 3 dana
89 opinions and 4 youtuber also 18 minutes long
Jákup Andrias Jacobsen
what about Chris Heria's tattoos
Catherine Montgomery
That one dude with the "official" pack sounds just like Korg (Thor: Ragnarok)...
Catherine Montgomery
+J K hahahahahaha scene stealer
J K Prije dan
His tattoo store failed didn’t print enough panphlets
Jace Rose
Jace Rose Prije 3 dana
I think he got it removed but for the longest time jeffree star had the words “r*pe me” in the banner under the cobain portrait
Alexis Pacheco
Alexis Pacheco Prije 12 sati
Jace Rose He got it removed because people were offended. Rape me is a feminist song by Nirvana.
Fairly. Queer.
Fairly. Queer. Prije 3 dana
How can these people not know Elijah, our gay dad and former mayor of Hell, Michigan
Francesca Prije 3 dana
“he wants a soundcloud so bad” sent me
Bargain Deal
Bargain Deal Prije 3 dana
The girl with 1993 on her fingers have nice titties🥝🥝
Bargain Deal
Bargain Deal Prije 3 dana
The girl in the black is very cute
Killah Priest
Killah Priest Prije 3 dana
"Black and Gray" you mean values? this is why tattoo artists are subpar artists
RelativExistence Prije 3 dana
I get the vibe that the tattoo community as a whole stans Kurt Cobain correct me if I'm wrong
Alan Bleakley
Alan Bleakley Prije 3 dana
The church is monstrous, oppressive and imposing. I think pewdiepie has some issues with organized religion, good on him.
Red Scorpion
Red Scorpion Prije 4 dana
Michela bottin looks like someone from a sci-fi movie,love it
Hunty Baby
Hunty Baby Prije 4 dana
His name is Daniels, not Daniel
3:47 Is that dude’s mustache thicker on one side? Well played sir!
William Mulligan
William Mulligan Prije 4 dana
2:17 Jimmy neutron
micheal Marie
micheal Marie Prije 4 dana
50 yo jimmy neutron over here, going bowling 🎳
mouloudo Prije 4 dana
6:53 that's why Im hesitating getting a tattoo
TerminallyPerky Prije 4 dana
I adore this video. From the point of a completely bare girl who loves tats on other people- I love to hear everyone's ideas and opinions 🖤
Cheyenne Glz
Cheyenne Glz Prije 4 dana
Only if they knew why jeffree has all the tatts #likeifuknow
hero in
hero in Prije 19 sati
Begging for likes is really pathetic dude
trolows Prije 3 dana
Cheyenne Glz neato
Cheyenne Glz
Cheyenne Glz Prije 3 dana
trolows he has scars all over his body from selfharm
trolows Prije 3 dana
Cheyenne Glz why
Doyou Wannabite
Doyou Wannabite Prije 4 dana
To be artists they're very confused
Marissa Burt
Marissa Burt Prije 4 dana
Aggravated me that you spent too much time on one tat. There is more you tubers
Jessica Prije 4 dana
Who's the guy with the white shirt?
Lillie Camryn
Lillie Camryn Prije 4 dana
Everyone: it’s Kurt Kobane as Jesus so I like it
Lillie Camryn
Lillie Camryn Prije 19 sati
Meh! At The Disco *shit* I misspelled the name of god
Meh! At The Disco
Lillie Camryn *Cobain
HB Laws
HB Laws Prije 4 dana
His nipples are tiny enough to eat I guess. He’s got those grape nipples.
Richard Specht
Richard Specht Prije 4 dana
Tattoo artists with bad tattoos talk bad about others' bad tattoos...
Stephanie Carlson
Stephanie Carlson Prije 4 dana
I was expecting to see Jackcepticeye.
Asher Alcantara
Asher Alcantara Prije 5 dana
Omg Stefano has the same last name as me I’m shook
Cupkkake Lover
Cupkkake Lover Prije 5 dana
I’m mad he said p-hag
Hawtpotato Prije 5 dana
“Tattoo is quite nice....Body shape is quite...good” 😂😂😂
Hemo Prije 5 dana
Jefree : sun damage? Can't relate .
Teddy Prije 5 dana
You guys should've included Ed Sheeran. He's got shit ton of awesome tats !!
Shelby Robertson
Shelby Robertson Prije 4 dana
Teddy he’s not a HRvid tho
Erik R Wagner
Erik R Wagner Prije 5 dana
Michela Bottin is so pretty ☄️
Liberty or Death
Liberty or Death Prije 5 dana
1:59 this bitch look like a gothic trans-gendered Dewy fro Malcolm in the Middle, just saying
AdoraBell Prije 6 dana
They should have had Martina from Eatyourkimchi there. Her tattoos are beautiful.
Haley Cohen
Haley Cohen Prije 6 dana
I need a part two to this video
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