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Tattoo artists react to tattoos from PewDiePie, Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, Elijah Daniel, and Monami Frost.
Which HRvidr do you think has the best tattoos? Let us know in the comments!
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8. Ožu 2019.



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Komentari 11 451
Elijah Daniel
Elijah Daniel Prije 11 dana
yes it means PRETTY HOT AND GAY
Kailey Devlan
Kailey Devlan Prije 11 sati
Sofia Green
Sofia Green Prije dan
Elijah Daniel you are Pretty and Hot!
Peoples Choice
Peoples Choice Prije dan
means yes U DUMBASS
Rygirl Urso
Rygirl Urso Prije dan
Elijah Daniel your a goober Daniel, please go get that fixed silly, you were hotter without it. Silly man. XX
Smith Dylan
Smith Dylan Prije dan
FattyKakoon Prije 2 sati
Dude all i wanna know what is the girls @ in the grey shirt with those nice boobies
GameXplay A12
GameXplay A12 Prije 3 sati
wtf is youtube????
Ashlee Peña
Ashlee Peña Prije 4 sati
“What the fuck is a HRvidr?!” 😂
Lexi Black
Lexi Black Prije 6 sati
You guys should check out BegForJay's tats. He's an asshole of a person but has some pretty whicked horror pieces
Huney Bunne
Huney Bunne Prije 7 sati
Nobody: Lady: What exactly is a youtuber, a person who HRvid’s?
So is this who all of the therian/vampire kids grew up to be? :P They carry themselves with such an air of class and superiority yet all of them are cringe inducing morons with the fashion taste of a 12 year old goth girl from Wisconsin. XD The other guys think they're gangsta, which is also hilariously lame.
seigeengine Prije 6 sati
lol, they all have distinct aesthetics which can not be boiled down into two categories. Sounds like you need a hobby that involves positive human interaction...
Photo Booth Start Up
1:53 anyone on set have a mirror?
K Tinoco
K Tinoco Prije 8 sati
A lot of the women in this video turn me on.
Daniel Marston
Daniel Marston Prije 9 sati
Lol more like 17 minutes of tattoo artists holding back on major fucking roasting
I Am The Fifth Horseman
Blond chick was super hot
Nichole Duhe
Nichole Duhe Prije 9 sati
Empty Courage
Empty Courage Prije 9 sati
the blonde lady was very respectful I love her.
Russell Henry
Russell Henry Prije 10 sati
This type of video is more for the people who want to watch the “cool” tattoo artists talk. Nothing really to do with the actual subject matter. Nonsense.
seigeengine Prije 6 sati
Nonsense seems to be a better description of your comments. Amazing how many triggered sluts there are in the comments.
Andrew Bisson
Andrew Bisson Prije 10 sati
Is it bad that I want a Pokemon battle on my back 3v3 mine and friends favourite Mons
marcos vargas
marcos vargas Prije 10 sati
only watched it because jeffree star
a paint brush.
a paint brush. Prije 10 sati
"A shitty tattoo, for his shitty personality."
EpicGamerMoments YT
EpicGamerMoments YT Prije 11 sati
Earth Is A Donut
Earth Is A Donut Prije 11 sati
14:38 what?
Kathryn Lang
Kathryn Lang Prije 11 sati
Jeffree Star does not have sun damage you ignorant bitch.
ventura sunflower
ventura sunflower Prije 12 sati
J.S. kinda looks like Brad Pitt as Jesus to me?
angela sadek
angela sadek Prije 12 sati
who's the guy in the white JESUS
TheZohan Prije 12 sati
2:19 funny i had the same reaction to your haircut
M C Prije 12 sati
“What the fuck is a youtuber” 😂😂💀
Traymer7 Prije 13 sati
What is the name of the tattoo artist with lot of black ink on her? (totally blacked hands with hood all the time) I want to see her tattoos :)
DarlingStudent Prije 13 sati
LOL I think it's retarded that everyone just loves Kurt Cobain. He was a depressed loser who couldn't handle life so he took the easy way out. Nothing inspiring there.
seigeengine Prije 6 sati
He also produced compelling music, which is what people actually care for. And depression and the general vibes there are a common experience, ESPECIALLY for teens, where some 20% of people will experience depression in their teens, and suicide is the second leading cause of death behind unintentional injury for teenagers. Your lack of empathy for other human beings just suggests to me you need to work on your own problems. Oh, and I don't really give a fuck about Kurt Cobain personally. I just don't like smug twats.
Emily Pitts
Emily Pitts Prije 14 sati
Favorite part for me was 3:56 lol
cai PB
cai PB Prije 15 sati
WTF is a HRvidr. Says someone in a youtube video of someone who HRvids. Like really gurl, lmao.
Daniela Banikova
Daniela Banikova Prije 18 sati
15:34 he says almost like prison style: and he looks like he is str8 out of a M13 mexican gang movie
shannon P
shannon P Prije 18 sati
jeffree doesn't know what sun it SPF 40 who
Daniela Banikova
Daniela Banikova Prije 18 sati
the dumb bitch at 0:49 doesnt know what a HRvidr is? Is she like 80 years old or something?
Harriet Alice
Harriet Alice Prije 18 sati
I get total Edward Gorey vibes from Pewd's tattoo, I love it.
Janneke Mensen
Janneke Mensen Prije 19 sati
I only clicked bc i saw jeffree star.
aeromedical67 Prije 19 sati
OMG @ 6:40. The clown show is in town.
aeromedical67 Prije 19 sati
OK, Ashley needs to step away from the tattoo gun. She still has her looks (especially her face). She starts covering that up with more tats, and she going to get hideous real fast.
seigeengine Prije 6 sati
Generally speaking, tattoo artists seem to generally be against facial tattoos, even for themselves.
Alissa Lima
Alissa Lima Prije 20 sati
Whats the name of the tattoo artist speaking at 5:53 ?
yara ismail
yara ismail Prije 20 sati
Omg why is the first 3 mins the same youtuber guys you can do better than this
No name
No name Prije 22 sati
I just come here because i see pewdiepie
Dara Wulan
Dara Wulan Prije 23 sati
“Look at that nipple, i can eat that nipple” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Steven L
Steven L Prije dan
This video is lacking Knowledge, Strength and Integrity 😏😏
Steven L
Steven L Prije dan
“What the fuck is a HRvidr?” Great question They don’t know either Nobody does
Julian Lopez
Julian Lopez Prije dan
Good video
Lust And Lace
Lust And Lace Prije dan
"Homeless looking trash react to actual trash"
seigeengine Prije 6 sati
Pro-tip next time you're leaving a cunty comment: good tattoos cost a lot of money. Some of these people have probably spent more money on tattoos than you make in a year.
Benjamin Carpenter
It didn't have the thorn crown before
Havana Conte
Havana Conte Prije dan
What are their Instagrams?
Liss Prije dan
1:08 he is so FINE.
Foura Prije dan
anyone knows what bag is the guy wearing, the one with 'official' bag lmk pls
Vicky U.
Vicky U. Prije dan
0:17 “let me talk shit about Romeo’s (Lacoste) tats. LMAO so suiting considering Romeo’s controversy rn 😂
Jesus Is0urSAVi0r!
A few of them know about jesus & our true loving God's grace that is giving freely by faith. Threw faith in God's WORD/God gives us GRACE. GRACE to overcome SiN & to get forgiveness of SiNs. Believe in the GOSPEL of Jesus christ & make jesus your lord & SAVIOR! Recieve the free gift of Salvation! Jesus paid everything for us to be able to get God's spirit in us again. Sin was separating us from God. Threw forgiveness of them, we get to be able to be born again back into God's spirit like from the beginning.
Trizzy So
Trizzy So Prije dan
Move on to different tatts quicker, you on stay on one too long. Also you give some people too much screen time. Sounds like they’re rambling. This could’ve been a 10 minute video.
Trizzy So
Trizzy So Prije 6 sati
seigeengine facts!!
seigeengine Prije 6 sati
No, the real issue is there's just too many tattoo artists.
Child of Broccoli
Love the Māori guy
Ash whydoyoucare
Should have done Salice Rose she has really nice tattoos
Star Meyer
Star Meyer Prije dan
Y’all old
Myxel Plix
Myxel Plix Prije dan
I didn’t care for any of the you tubers especially Pewdie 🥧 but the tatts where good.
itsTheOneAndOnlyJunior !!
WhAt tHE FUOk Is A YouTOOber?
Maes -
Maes - Prije dan
Jeffree? Sun damage? Ha
lps TACO
lps TACO Prije dan
They looked at the first picture for 3:43 minutes
MJT Media
MJT Media Prije dan
12:40 what’s her name? A friend wants to know 😂
Maddy Barry
Maddy Barry Prije dan
do another one with scotty sire's tattoos
brookerocks121 Prije dan
that audrey hepburn comment killed me haha it's up to you
Emiko H
Emiko H Prije dan
4:41 he’s hot.
Julia G
Julia G Prije dan
Why does Chris Showstoppr sound like Korg from Thor Ragnorok 😂😂
Matilda Tabor
Matilda Tabor Prije dan
I love the kiwi guy 😂
April_10th_1998 Prije dan
"WTF is a HRvidr?" LMAO
Antonio Murillo
Antonio Murillo Prije dan
For anyone wondering, yes. The bald guy with the beard is on cocaine.
Morgan Marie
Morgan Marie Prije dan
I don’t think that know about the struggles Jeffree has went though
AZ Boi
AZ Boi Prije dan
Hi! How are ya?! - JS Love how Jeffree is probably the only “HRvidr” on here that actually patronages a physical tattoo shop and pays top dollar for the artist’s hard work...He still shouts out KvD on her awesome work.
Jamie Walker
Jamie Walker Prije dan
Am I dumb what’s the play on words in the first one
Northstar Kole
Northstar Kole Prije dan
You guys should do a vid with Athletes or WWE/WWF wrestlers.
Joe Prije dan
I think I'm in love with Alexandra Fische
Gabriella Angelique
12:21 that guys voice in the next scene is hot "I really like Kurt Cobain " dont @ me ik hes old
Akyo Prije dan
That guy roasted Jake Paul so good lmao
George Hernandez
Ryan looks tired. No doubt she is always busy
Paulina Guerrero
I know less than the half of these youtubers
Liz Lemon
Liz Lemon Prije dan
Perhaps the idiotic religious comments should have been edited out. It doesn't make them sound very smart.
DollahCG Prije dan
Norah •
Norah • Prije dan
How does she not know what a HRvidr is!?!🤦‍♀️
IzzyLikesLamps Prije dan
I think Jake Paul’s tattoo would be better in color.
pewdiepie's tattoo is devil inside the church..i don't know why i see just like KKK in their dresscode (i hope i"m wrong) .. I'm sorry for my imagination people..
Georg Prije dan
billl o'connel
billl o'connel Prije dan
Lmao good one, p hag lmao
Kembafan15 Prije dan
Do nba players
Erirb Jehur
Erirb Jehur Prije dan
Show them DanTDM’s tatto
Zela Morre
Zela Morre Prije dan
"He wants attention so bad" - best comment ever.
MaximilianMus Prije dan
Lady: What the f**k is a HRvidr someone that just HRvid’s 0:55 Me: 😑😑. 😂😂
I am real life
I am real life Prije dan
I want to ask each artist what their personal favorite tattoo is, and what is the best tattoo they've ever done. What is their recommendations for the first tattoo.
Lucy Windmill
Lucy Windmill Prije dan
I want to get the windmill island tattooed on my arm when I'm older because of how much it means to me
Parker Kim
Parker Kim Prije dan
Chris Showstoppr is fucking hilarious. He forsure needs his own show or channel somewhere, I don't care where
Ljpips 99
Ljpips 99 Prije dan
These ppl r rarted
MarcinS S
MarcinS S Prije dan
@trashtodd Tattoos react he makes f'ed up tattoos but i think his style is very original and i'd like to see what other tattoo artists think about it
Tiffany Salazar
Tiffany Salazar Prije dan
I came here only for Jeffree star. I saw him and clicked right away.
Logan Bloom
Logan Bloom Prije dan
Less tatooists and more tattoos. Would have been a better video
Packleader Pascha
Reese Wade
Reese Wade Prije dan
I love how she goes “what the f is a HRvidr”?!!!
Car Lee
Car Lee Prije dan
All these tattoo artists are cute asf 😍
Chero C
Chero C Prije dan
12:39 Yess!!! Original content!!
Kaylin Hill
Kaylin Hill Prije dan
"I would expect him to get a shit tattoo with his shit personality"
Peoples Choice
Peoples Choice Prije dan
here for Jeffree offfffcoUrseeeee
dimitris110 Prije dan
0:55 when your living in 1884
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