Dad, how do I?
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I just wanted to send out a quick thank you video to everyone.

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19. Svi 2020.



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Komentari 80
Vreni Achatz
Vreni Achatz Prije 7 sati
He is soooo cute ❤❤❤
VOYDXX Gaming Prije 7 sati
It took me 3 yrs to get 200 subs this guy wrecked youtube
Caz Prije 7 sati
Thank YOU. These are just nice videos for anyone who never learnt these things!
Ken H
Ken H Prije 7 sati
y'all not gonna talk about how the video is 420
Ayushi Nair
Ayushi Nair Prije 8 sati
Omg so pure❤️
Matt Graziano
Matt Graziano Prije 8 sati
I think you focus too much on the negativity yet there is so little of it!!! Please just keep your head up we love you
Matt Graziano
Matt Graziano Prije 8 sati
This man is a damn saint
Daisy Joaquin
Daisy Joaquin Prije 8 sati
Ima be honest, I have a Dad but I’m still watching lol 🤔😂 but it’s cool yk 😎
Erica Robertson
Erica Robertson Prije 8 sati
I lost my dad at 19- later than some here but like most teenagers, I didn't sit down and learn things from him because I thought he'd always be there... 'i don't need to know how to change a spark plug/oil dad will do it for me', 'I don't need to learn how to tie down things on the back of a ute/truck dad will do it for me', ... huge regrets about that now. thankyou for uploading these videos, they'll do a lot of people (me included) a lot of good.
Aya Mohamed
Aya Mohamed Prije 9 sati
348 dislikes are dads who abandoned their kids and don't know how to show their frustration
Cooper Rayburn
Cooper Rayburn Prije 9 sati
Imagine disliking any off these videos
Remco Bravenboer
Remco Bravenboer Prije 9 sati
Please don't go out to buy milk
Armando Jimenez
Armando Jimenez Prije 12 sati
I appreciate the Dad jokes 🤍
Amanda Guerrero
Amanda Guerrero Prije 12 sati
I love the dad jokes!!!
Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown Prije 12 sati
My G right here no 🧢
انا اميرة
انا اميرة Prije 12 sati
Lucy Sellers
Lucy Sellers Prije 12 sati
You’re such an incredible human, the world needs more people like you. Thank YOU 🥇🤍🤍
myra reyes
myra reyes Prije 13 sati
Your videos are great! Appreciate all of it. New subscriber here from the 🇵🇭!!!
Z The_Boxing_Cat
Z The_Boxing_Cat Prije 14 sati
The people who have disliked these vids are taking the poison themselves 😉
Sergio Prije 14 sati
I would do anything for him to be my dad
Mafe X_O
Mafe X_O Prije 14 sati
I appreciate u ur a amazing human been I wish the best 💖💖💖
Corrine Chavez
Corrine Chavez Prije 14 sati
Could you do a dad how do i install my air conditioner (portable one and window one) thank you
CrAzY Gamer
CrAzY Gamer Prije 14 sati
I also just realised he only made this channel 2 months ago and already has over 2 million subscribers! So impressive and it’s nice to see that HRvid is still capable of containing wholesome content
KriddaLu Who
KriddaLu Who Prije 14 sati
What a wonderful channel this is and what a wonderful man you are ♥️♥️♥️
CrAzY Gamer
CrAzY Gamer Prije 14 sati
He is literally so wholesome :)
thendino1 Prije 15 sati
I really needed this! Thanks "Dad"
christy harris
christy harris Prije 15 sati
I wish I had a dad like you ❤️ mine disowned me at 18 and blamed me for it and I find it very humbling that you mentioned how you have messed up but quick to fix it with your kids that’s so important
Edith Prije 15 sati
We appreciate your sincerity! Pat brought me KEEP UP YHE GREAT WORK !!👍
FCG Games
FCG Games Prije 15 sati
This man is an inspiration, I didn't grow up with a dad because mine was being a deadbeat. I feel like I missed out on so much knowledge and life advice being the oldest male with a single mom. I didn't know how to change a tire or had a hard time talking to females and had alot of things that were hard to share with my mom so I would just keep them to myself (my mother sucks with advice) but this is helpful for young teens and kids growing up with no father so thank you!
My Silly Channel
My Silly Channel Prije 15 sati
*_When you say "THANK YOU" and get a million views_*
Brooke Michal
Brooke Michal Prije 15 sati
I found you when I was on vacation last week with my mom. I cried because you remind me of the dad that I wish my dad would be. Unfortunately, he is extremely self centered, and my step dad is of no help either. Thank you for doing this amazing thing ❤
وصفات وتكات عالم دينا
Every one needs to send you cards for father's day
James McCrickard
James McCrickard Prije 16 sati
I'm 64 and lost my Dad last month. It was unexpected and I miss him every day. Your channel makes my heart feel a little lighter. Thank for bringing some much needed light into our lives.
Sydney C
Sydney C Prije 16 sati
Thank you for reminding me that good people still exist 🥺
ItzS34n Prije 16 sati
This is the dopest channel on HRvid 💯
John_Seymore Prije 17 sati
Hey, my names George, you don’t have to reply to this, and you probably get too many comments like this but still, hi, thank you for everything you have done, you have helped countless people (including me) who don’t have that father figure to turn to, thank you for being one of the last wholesome people on this planet, you give me hope in humanity
Nicole Armstrong
Nicole Armstrong Prije 17 sati
You’re amazing! I’m a single mother of a 14 year old girl and I grew up without a father and sadly so has/is she. I recently used your “how to unclog a sink” video and we both did it together 😊 thank you for what you’re doing! ❤️
Barbara H.
Barbara H. Prije 17 sati
You move me to tears. Thank you and take care.
YupItsMadi Prije 17 sati
a week ago over 400k today 2.02 MILLION omg congrats :D what a wholesome channel
MissTeresa Lombrana
MissTeresa Lombrana Prije 17 sati
Hello, has your wife thought of doing a Mom, how do i channel. Alot of girls need that.
Ignas Muliuolis
Ignas Muliuolis Prije 17 sati
He has 2,02mil subs 5/28, tomorow i'll come back to see how fast he grows
rachel Prije 17 sati
Fieldmice Champion
Fieldmice Champion Prije 18 sati
Haha that's great pops I'm glad there are dad's like you still alive, wish you well an God bless America for people like you ,❤️🙏👍💪😎
Aidan O’Boyle
Aidan O’Boyle Prije 18 sati
You have 2 MILLION NOW
rust cohle
rust cohle Prije 18 sati
4:20 nice
zach strasinger
zach strasinger Prije 18 sati
Not only is dad super helpful but he also somehow learned it all without one of his own
AYCHMENG Prije 18 sati
I had a father unfortunately he was more of a scholar than a handyman, and I never learned this stuff. Thanks for all you do, and congratulations.
Charming nowhere to hide
figure like you while growing up Thank you for creating this channel and giving us another chance to experience something many have missed out on :)
GoldenMare Prije 18 sati
The comments..are showing how many hearts and lives you are touching with teaching..God bless you, too
GoldenMare Prije 18 sati
Ha ha..yep..being a parent is learn as ya go adventure
Juan Cadenas
Juan Cadenas Prije 18 sati
Hopefully your doing well keep up with the good work and stay happy dude
The DamnIt
The DamnIt Prije 19 sati
It's 2 million now, so proud of you man
Charming nowhere to hide
What an inspiration!!!
Jeremy J
Jeremy J Prije 19 sati
Some of us have never even heard our parents apologize or acknowledge their mistakes or times we have been hurt, so just you saying you have made mistakes is heavenly in and of itself
Kendra Schembri
Kendra Schembri Prije 19 sati
Thanks for being the Dad I've never had ❤ I don't even need to fix my toilet but watched all your videos anyway just to feel what it's like to have a father teach me something. Can you make a video on how to hang shelves? Using anchors? I know it should be such a simple task, but I was never shown. Thank you for being everyones Dad!!
IrishTeaMaker Prije 19 sati
He said he had 400k subs, 1 week later he has 2 million. You have such a big heart, you deserve this
Cooking with My Friends
Thank you!!! We have a special campaign going on right now to show thanks to special people who are making a difference just like you! We would love to send you a card to "Thank you for Being YOU!" Click the link to tell us where to send it PS we're sure you're very busy now so if anyone else knows where to send it, please let us know. You can also send thank you cards to any of your friends or loved ones!
Miss Moxley
Miss Moxley Prije 19 sati
Keep up the great work and shine your light bright. Blessed be Man 💜
galactock Prije 20 sati
Yep, be the change you wish to see in the world! Peace n Love ~
Mika Armfield
Mika Armfield Prije 20 sati
I lost my dad 3 years ago, I'm an adult but there's still so much I don't know and need him to tell me. Thank you for bridging that gap x
Jason's Travel Chronicles
Congrats! Keep it up...
Lunx Music
Lunx Music Prije 20 sati
The only man with more subs than views
There Is No Spoon
There Is No Spoon Prije 20 sati
Not 400,000 anymore :)
Geovanni López Rik'O
Geovanni López Rik'O Prije 20 sati
Te felicito por tus vídeos. Me pareció una idea excelente. Continua haciendo más videos así. Eres increíble y te admiro por eso. Saludos desde México. Deberías de poner en tus vídeos subtítulos en español, para aquellos jóvenes que no dominan tu idioma. Así, mientras les enseñas como planchar una camisa, estarán aprendiendo un segundo idioma. Sigue así, éxito!!!
Sarah Gebauer
Sarah Gebauer Prije 20 sati
Thanks for beeing dad 💖
mahmoud hassan
mahmoud hassan Prije 20 sati
i lost my father when i was young ,i felt like i lost something more than any thing ever i lost the feeling of safe you look like him some how you managed to make me feel a warm feelings that kept me happy and waiting your next video to just watch you stay safe and thank you very much i hope you keep recording your videos for ever
Lexi Riddell
Lexi Riddell Prije 21 sat
What an inspiration!!!
Games World
Games World Prije 21 sat
New games channel, subscribe to the channel to receive all new
TheTerrorShow Prije 21 sat
Yaacov Prije 21 sat
*400k...a few days later over 2M!*
SeanPFord Prije 21 sat
Tyson Prije 21 sat
Valuetainment brought me here subscriber good hearted man ❤️
Yaacov Prije 21 sat
Found you from Patrick's channel. *Who else did too?*
Don Akala
Don Akala Prije 21 sat
Thank you sir from the black nation of miami dade
Kazingram Dialogue
Kazingram Dialogue Prije 21 sat
This man is the human of the year!
Soufiane Msayah
Soufiane Msayah Prije 22 sati
How about you run for the office?!!
Theresia Tristini
Theresia Tristini Prije 22 sati
I can feel your sincerity
Johnny Hot Rod
Johnny Hot Rod Prije 22 sati
Phoebe Eryn
Phoebe Eryn Prije 22 sati
M Robles
M Robles Prije 22 sati
No thank you.
M Robles
M Robles Prije 22 sati
Where were you when I was raising my children. As a mom and a dad had to deal with mechanic, construction, friendship, tutoring, and work in the financial industry.
I am proud of you!
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