The Apex Legends Tier List (Season 9)

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Now that there are 17 legends and a ton of changes, it's time to rank them again! So here is my Tier List for Season 9!


Thumbnail and chibi art by Noush:

The Outro song is "Bone Theme" by Michael Wyckoff:

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22. Svi 2021.



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Lifeline Ultimate buff idea: Included weapon inside the care package, a legendary Mozambique
Jakub Warenich
Respawn: Let's buff mirage and make him the strongest legend out there.
Hakeem TheDream
Lobas shop should be able to pick up banners if they are in range
Niall Farrell
"bloodhound needs competition"
“We as a society have outgrown the care package”
It would be really cool if mirage could switch positions with his double, making him more offensive and pull of some hard pushed
Macro’s ideas for buffs: turn everyone into a recon legend
Camus Reviews
“The only way to deal with the Gibby ultimate is Gibby bubble”
Beamer the memer
Macro: Bloodhound isn’t OP, they need competition
I does feel like he has a point with Wattson. I think she just needs a slight buff in her shield regeneration and her fences. She has the potential to be a great legend.
I taveled through time just to post this comment
Fuse shouldn’t be immune but resistant to his own explosives like a 90ish percent so it would be like octanes stim
Mason Carpenter
Mirage should make the person that’s rezzing him invisable instead of just when he’s rezzing
Massive buff for Crypto: His drone changes skins with him
EcHoZ Hunter
I think I finally figured out how revenant could be less powerful with mobility character, and I’m sure someone else has thought of this. Have his totem be all proximity based. Instead of having to tap it to activate, have it automatically activate for all teammates, but only work within a certain proximity, so that you can’t just octane pad away with it or Valk ult.
Ginny rework/nerf idea: instead of stopping bullets the shield would slow the bullets and reduce damage
Snowkip 2
“Mirage has no support utility”
I always wanted lifelines drone to be able to heal both health and shields like you can toggle. I think it would be good if shields took longer than health to heal you.
Macro: Talks about several legends' problems and disabilities
You forgot to add ur videos to S tier Macro. Definitely OP 🔥😉
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