The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2021 & 2022 (Trailers)
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Included in this compilation are
00:00 Best Upcoming Action Movies 2021 & 2022
00:03 Moonfall
01:26 Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage
03:49 The Matrix 4: Resurrections
06:34 James Bond: No Time To Die
08:51 Spider-Man: No Way Home
11:33 The Batman
13:51 Top Gun 2: Maverick
16:02 The King's Man
17:43 Dune
21:02 Eternals
23:46 Morbius
26:19 Ghostbusters: Afterlife
28:39 The Many Saints of Newark
30:40 Survive the Game

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17. Ruj 2021.



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Komentari 193
Jaehun Jung
Jaehun Jung Prije 13 dana
키아누 리브스랑 탐크르주 형님 이제 몸을 좀 사리실 나이가 아닌가요? 아직도 액션을...
Wally 1970
Wally 1970 Prije 28 dana
Everyone in the Dune movie dies except the boy and mom
Nick Prije mjesec
Yahoo! Matrix 4 !
Ger Prije mjesec
So entirely tired of batman.
malign4nt Prije mjesec
Almost every movie looks fuckin gooood
Simon Beattie
Simon Beattie Prije mjesec
Disaster, aliens, horror movies.. Talk about programming folk. Hollywood is rubbish,, churning out garbage with paedos and satanists as actors
Going Nowhere.
Going Nowhere. Prije mjesec
Batman suit is getting bigger and bigger soon you won't be able to see the person inside it soon. Just be a rubber suit running around.
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Prije mjesec
The MERCENARY Brutal Martial Arts action no woke old school action by former French Foreign Legion 2 REP SNIPER Now on Amazon Prime
Aliancey X
Aliancey X Prije mjesec
All these movies promise to be nothing but mindless and violent crap. Hollywood is still Hollywood.
Snarls Barky
Snarls Barky Prije mjesec
Everything except Bruce Willis movies, he continues to just to dial in his performances
L Sullivan
L Sullivan Prije mjesec
Cgi 😂😂Wow this generation OMG whats that movie the shitest minds this matrix is a silly cash cow that there milking like they do for all once original neo ideas milk those titties😂😂
• Bukitsu •
• Bukitsu • Prije mjesec
Best true to the books is the sci fi channels versions of dune .. this just looks like a big budget flop tbh … no way they can be true to the books in a hour and a half, same went for David Lynch version in the 80’s 😴😴
tony bateman
tony bateman Prije mjesec
This is just part 1, it's 3 hours long nearly, it bored me tbh
Mu0nT Prije mjesec
This looks so bad ...
john taphouse
john taphouse Prije mjesec
@8:56 is this a fantastic 4 hint ?
Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray Prije mjesec
He’s a movie thank you my lord Jesus Christ he’s a movie that’s all it will ever be is a movie
Ekatha Prije mjesec
Moonfall - Maybe all these effects will make it better, but I doubt it... Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage - Hopefully better than the 1st one, but I REALLY doubt it The Matrix 4: Resurrections - 1st in line at the theatre James Bond: No Time To Die - Awesome Spider-Man: No Way Home - Will watch despite whatever the hell they did to Strange's hair The Batman - Interesting, a skinny Batman Top Gun 2: Maverick - I don't care if he's the spokesman for L. Ron, I'll watch the hell out of this The King's Man - Looks good, better than the last one, anyway Dune - OMFG, can't WAIT for this movie Eternals - Will definitely watch this Morbius - very interesting, I'll see this despite not being a fan of Leto Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Nope... The Many Saints of Newark - Yum Survive the Game - Okay, is this a joke?
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez Prije mjesec
The Batman sux….
type 0 negative
type 0 negative Prije mjesec
damn too many ads
King Andrew maize
King Andrew maize Prije mjesec
Matrix 4 🗑️
Jim Hough
Jim Hough Prije mjesec
“Fall collection. IKEA.”
FuntimeFlorian Prije mjesec
I am happy for you and sad for me
tamuz Prije mjesec
The 80s and 90s called. They want their films back. It had to be said sorry.
Andreea Rob
Andreea Rob Prije mjesec
omg omg omg matrix
Black K Star
Black K Star Prije mjesec
Matrix 4 looks crap!
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Prije mjesec
All life would cease to exist a lot quicker than anything like this sniffs at portraying
Proper Pooper
Proper Pooper Prije mjesec
You talking about Moonfall? Lol
weedeater64 Prije mjesec
Moonfall ending spoilers? LMAO, what the actual fuck?
Ven Bayona
Ven Bayona Prije mjesec
Finally, the wait is over. Ive been dreaming of disaster movie like this.. now here's the Moonfall.
Ven Bayona
Ven Bayona Prije mjesec
@KingSchwarzenegger oh great!!
KingSchwarzenegger Prije mjesec
There's like 30 disaster movies exactly like this crap.
Tony Cariello
Tony Cariello Prije mjesec
Wowzer that part where Bat's beats the living turd outta someone looks so menacing yet comicbookie enough to please evárybody.
KingSchwarzenegger Prije mjesec
I wish I could beat up HRvid commenters like that, especially useless ones like yours.
Tridium Master
Tridium Master Prije mjesec
Black women woke bond oh boy can't wait yeah.
Zed Prije mjesec
So excited for these upcoming movies, bring it on asap
Paul Fusitua
Paul Fusitua Prije mjesec
Dune & Matrix. Venom was a great disappointment, so will the next one by the looks of it.
minjjanggu Prije mjesec
Dr Milana Perez
Dr Milana Perez Prije mjesec
See they basically cancel white people in batman I won't be watching that snowflake culture garbage
Fatih Sager
Fatih Sager Prije mjesec
I want see god of war
Pocholo Pocholo
Pocholo Pocholo Prije mjesec
👎💩clip byte🚽
Tufan Yilmaz
Tufan Yilmaz Prije mjesec
A D Prije mjesec
Sooooo almost....fuckall is original
prashant Kumar
prashant Kumar Prije mjesec
Max chelsea
Max chelsea Prije mjesec
Mandy Smith
Mandy Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
I've read every Dune book going... and finally, a movie worthy of its name...
KingSchwarzenegger Prije mjesec
Have you seen it? Do you even know?
Looneyville Prije 2 mjeseci
Dune: I'm surprised they didn't change Paul to Paula.
• Bukitsu •
• Bukitsu • Prije mjesec
Movie was so bad , nothing like the books …. Sci fi channels version is more accurate to the books. This was just an over budget attempt that failed tbh .
Jim Hough
Jim Hough Prije mjesec
But they sorta did…
Kjeld H
Kjeld H Prije 2 mjeseci
the best batman movies was with C.Bale and no one will ever beat them ever!!!! the wil try but the will fail!!!!!
Hermaphrodite Doro
Hermaphrodite Doro Prije 2 mjeseci
matrix 4 without morpheous is out from the matrix original movies,
Cool Dadee
Cool Dadee Prije 2 mjeseci
earthlings: land on moon . moon: and i took that personally
Cool Dadee
Cool Dadee Prije 2 mjeseci
moon: how u like that huh? u guys keep landing on me? now its my turn!
Tony Cariello
Tony Cariello Prije mjesec
Yo weird kid!!..Go explore the river or something just GTF outta the house bud!!
Thomas Hoppe
Thomas Hoppe Prije 2 mjeseci
Wie ist denn John Wick in der Matrix gelandet?
gavin Hh
gavin Hh Prije 2 mjeseci
After all this waiting, ghost busters still giving me goose bumps
Kris Quinn
Kris Quinn Prije mjesec
What?! That's the latest looking one :/
Shermaine Callahan
Shermaine Callahan Prije 2 mjeseci
Why Keanu Reeves looking like John Wick in the new Matrix 4 movie? The movie looks trash!
The Streusel Mafia
The Streusel Mafia Prije 2 mjeseci
The Batman’s looks so awesome.
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins Prije 2 mjeseci
26:00 current state of the "cure is worse than the disease" scenario, globally.
altar7 Prije 2 mjeseci
Gosh Tom Hardy's american accent is so bad
Joey Prije 2 mjeseci
Guy's are u seeing wat am seeing. This is unbelievably wrong, A man sheds a tier only when necessary, well this is just a phrase😂😁 Marvel's has created new super heros. Can't wait to see such beauty. Thanks alot sir for such legit content.
Ferdinand Miranda
Ferdinand Miranda Prije 2 mjeseci
John "NEO" Wick
Joey Prije 2 mjeseci
Matrix are u serious. Ooh yes
Joey Prije 2 mjeseci
Daaaaaam, this is insanely awesome. This December is on point
Mariusz Marzec
Mariusz Marzec Prije 2 mjeseci
Only Matrix 👍👍👍
Doron Cozens
Doron Cozens Prije 2 mjeseci
Matrix meets John Wick 👍👍
Preston Clark
Preston Clark Prije 2 mjeseci
Retreating is a art originality is dead sad
thαílαnd pαrαdísє
thαílαnd pαrαdísє Prije 2 mjeseci
00:03 Awesome...!
Tito Jacksi
Tito Jacksi Prije 2 mjeseci
The ultra meteorology regretfully attempt because peace specifically dust a a agonizing delivery. fearful fearless, phobic singer
גיורא Prije 2 mjeseci
Enough wit the superhiros
DIMMAX Id Prije 2 mjeseci
24:11 the morbius told us the truth, the bat bring the bad concept of DNA, like now. And make the Joker move to Marvel to.. LOL 😂😂
Vojta Atjov
Vojta Atjov Prije 2 mjeseci
Chauvinistic English gantelman replaced by an emancipated black woman... Ian Fleming has to turn in his grave.
Alex Stone
Alex Stone Prije 2 mjeseci
The Eternals and Morbius look pretty good.
Dave Turner
Dave Turner Prije 2 mjeseci
Looks like total bunkum when will we get films for adults again?
Joshua Parker
Joshua Parker Prije 2 mjeseci
So what's the movie to the thumbnail?
King Gook the Autistic king ewgewgwegwe
Literally everything was horsecrap. As is per usual with the "woke" crowd.
Scott Clark
Scott Clark Prije 2 mjeseci
My name is Bond...Mary Sue Bond.
zevlovex222 Prije 2 mjeseci
Dune and Matrix!!!!
Tech X
Tech X Prije 2 mjeseci
Matrix looks 🔥 . Everything else is meh.
Rock Hard
Rock Hard Prije 2 mjeseci
Hollywood is dead . If its not a remake its a carry on . Sad the lefties have no new ideas to make good story's they just rehash the same old same old . Get woke go get fucked
Yeremiah Angeles
Yeremiah Angeles Prije 2 mjeseci
Dune is such a great visual art piece. It's like a moving painting. And when you see that, you know the director did good. 💯
Yeremiah Angeles
Yeremiah Angeles Prije 2 mjeseci
@Qiebi I know right. 😂
Qiebi Prije 2 mjeseci
But the trailer shows the whole movie o.O
brady vanderspank
brady vanderspank Prije 2 mjeseci
The cgi today is going to do matrix so much good compared to when revelations come out.
You mean revolutions 😉😉
strikezero01 Prije 2 mjeseci
Ah... I miss the Battlefield Vietnam Menu theme
Jeffrey Maldonado
Jeffrey Maldonado Prije 2 mjeseci
Definitely I will go to see VENON!
Ryan Roper
Ryan Roper Prije 2 mjeseci
I have been watching the freaking Top Gun, Ghost Busters and Morbius trailers for 3 years now.
M T Prije 2 mjeseci
Covid virus canceled those movies,you will be waiting another 3 years
Kenneth Black
Kenneth Black Prije 2 mjeseci
Newark for me.
B uppy
B uppy Prije 2 mjeseci
And in the one shot the guy may have knocked the rein out of the guys hand
B uppy
B uppy Prije 2 mjeseci
And in the one shot the guy may have knocked the rein out of the guys hand
Rick Hibdon
Rick Hibdon Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh great. Another third rate Bruce Willis movie......
Kevin Millin
Kevin Millin Prije 2 mjeseci
Nice touch with the filling of the glass in venom!
martialme84 Prije 2 mjeseci
Fuck that arrogant asshole playing the batman, though. The sparkling pretend vampire actor...
Christian Stevens
Christian Stevens Prije 2 mjeseci
Its a shame Bruce Willis name is now trash considering all the no name B rated action movies he has been in, I think he is taking a page from Steven Segal.
Evil Lynn
Evil Lynn Prije 2 mjeseci
The more trailers I see of No Time To Die the more I am convinced this is a remake of Dr No. Spectre was a massive step backwards and a huge dissapointment after the superb Skyfall. This is looking to be another BIG step backwards. I am not holding my breath for this one. And if it is what I think it is, its a huge disservice to Daniel Craig's excellent Bond.
Sean Welch
Sean Welch Prije 2 mjeseci
Roland Emmerich?
Grumpy Gramps
Grumpy Gramps Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm definitely going to be a Kill joy, but I could think of a few things to spend all the £ spent on the CGI in all these new 🎥 like a world without hunger, homelessness & definitely without Covid 19
kenji214245 Prije 2 mjeseci
Like 2020 wasn't bad enough and 2021 really hit the drainer. 2012 had end of the world but 2022 even the fucking moon is tired of this shit and takes a swing at us. WHAT DID EARTH EVER DO!!??
harry latham
harry latham Prije 2 mjeseci
the most fruitloops batman ever
james mcmillan
james mcmillan Prije 2 mjeseci
13:15 your not vengeance, your patrick stewart and your ex gf cheated on you.......
rbarbetta1978 Prije 2 mjeseci
Morbius = Marvel's Batman.
ScopeKing1994 Prije 2 mjeseci
"Just why" is my response to all of these!
Kris Quinn
Kris Quinn Prije mjesec
Just when is what I say!
rashmi cp
rashmi cp Prije 2 mjeseci
@Elew 😂😂😂
Elew Prije 2 mjeseci
fun /fən/ noun enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure. "no need to get sore-I was only funning"
MrCheminee Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow, that looks terrible. Even a Bruce Willis one at the end. :D
anonemus person
anonemus person Prije 2 mjeseci
The thundering pike usually smell because bird thankfully fasten via a unbiased literature. quaint, warm support
The Year of the Long Year
Wow that’s so...deep?
Trevor Samuelson
Trevor Samuelson Prije 2 mjeseci
Moonfall looks cooooool!
Richard Zane
Richard Zane Prije 2 mjeseci
Fucking finally!!!!!!!, been waiting like 5 years for the Bond film!!!!!
khyron6 Prije 2 mjeseci
Dune looks like the best one. :)
Goran Kopcic
Goran Kopcic Prije 2 mjeseci
Reboots, remakes, seqels... For how long? How much more of theese shitty movies we have to watch? Is there no more new ideas in Hollywood? How much money you have to earn on Spiderman to finally stop making more of them? There is no good movies from Hollywood for a decade now... Top gun 2? HAHAHA! With grandpa Cruise? Ghostbusters? I was young when the original hits the theatres (I'm 53). Dune? I'll never watch any other remake of that 1984 original (the best version). Batman 17? Transformers 32? Shitt, let's make Halloween 78! There is more room even for Freddy Krueger 26! Give us some more of Cinderellas, Snow whites, let's make Snow white vs. Godzilla! Stop doing this, Hollywood! We are now watching video games instead of movies (because of enormous ammount of CGI in the movies). That's crap. Where are the movies like Shawshank, Gladiator, Green mile, Braveheart, movies with great story, not with great CGI?? I've been a movie collector for a 35 years, and I will stop watching theese new movies, because there are SHITT!
Robert Kayser
Robert Kayser Prije 2 mjeseci
We've been watching the same trailers over and over again for quite a long time. At this point I don't believe the kingsman movie, batman, or james bond are actually coming out.
Rick Hibdon
Rick Hibdon Prije 2 mjeseci
and at this point, who cares?
Jackie Kinner
Jackie Kinner Prije 2 mjeseci
Who cares man. Sopranos movie is the one!
TheFederichmkii Prije 2 mjeseci
Ha! Top gun : maverick tráiler: "june 2020".....
Abraham Hernández
Abraham Hernández Prije 2 mjeseci
Bruce Willis, sad...
Kevin McVann
Kevin McVann Prije 2 mjeseci
Does Bruce Willis Have it in his contract that he must not have more than 4 lines in a Movie ? That is about as Much as He has spoken in his last 5 Movies
Batman Forever
The Dark Knight Rises
Mom Does Everything To Punish