The Cartoon Cat Creature (Animation)

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Cartoon Cat is a hostile cryptid and an urban legend created by artist Trevor Henderson. He is a giant feline creature who resembles a 1930s era cartoon cat, hence his name.
Follow Trevor Henderson:
Hello everybody, I'm The Rubber. Today we’re bringing you one of the scariest urban legends, Cartoon Cat.
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This video, being derived from, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.

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3. Lip 2020.



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Komentari 80
TheRubber Prije mjesec
Cartoon Cat is a hostile cryptid and an urban legend created by artist Trevor Henderson. Follow Trevor Henderson:
a fan of gd and msm
a fan of gd and msm Prije 13 sati
Most likely keter class
Melk Kid
Melk Kid Prije 15 sati
Still this is fakee
꧁ Coconut ꧂
꧁ Coconut ꧂ Prije 16 sati
He also made siren head!
No u
No u Prije dan
@Pootis Blue heavy idk lol
Pootis Blue heavy
Is there the t-pose scp ?🤣
Pink Panda
Pink Panda Prije 2 sati
poor brucko 1 like = 1 cheeze for brucko
maria Lisa Carag
maria Lisa Carag Prije 2 sati
if you see carton cat tell your mom or hide
Amanda Tomasello
Amanda Tomasello Prije 4 sati
My name is braylon and I swear I saw the cartoon cat and it ate my pet rat
Venix GAM
Venix GAM Prije 4 sati
What is photoshop
windel basnillo
windel basnillo Prije 4 sati
Herobrine we die 1 by 1 and my minecraft was deledet
goznhanzilla Prije 5 sati
Oh shit
Bryant Sullivan
Bryant Sullivan Prije 5 sati
Is nobody going to talk about the cute little mouse called brucko who got chomped down on?
Ee Ce
Ee Ce Prije 5 sati
Why was a cartoon mouse and a cartoon cat ate him
Laura yeet
Laura yeet Prije 5 sati
This is why I love cats more than dogs
Steven Universe
Steven Universe Prije 5 sati
What's the video called
Lillian White
Lillian White Prije 5 sati
One time I was going to close my parents door when I heard footsteps go across my house. Then a burning sensation rose on my back. I took a pic on my phone and there was a huge scratch on my back.
Tony Muise
Tony Muise Prije 5 sati
I love cats
pixel boy playz
pixel boy playz Prije 6 sati
Mickey Mouse's sleep paralysis demon
Am i Ded
Am i Ded Prije 6 sati
It really helps if a guy that looks like a Marshmallow explains everything... Like i feel less terrified
(Wynn) Patsawut Jensen
Yes l sor siren head in Pattaya
Sans And Papyrus
Sans And Papyrus Prije 7 sati
cartoon cat's smile almost like sans smile
PANYCACO 38 Prije 7 sati
i feel bad for the poor brucko
this was actually pretty frightening
meowcat:3 meow hello!!
Who os cartoon cat the rubber??? Plss tell me is it felix the cat or tom and jerry idk i have a lot of questions
Mathew Franso
Mathew Franso Prije 8 sati
Are scps real?? I’m
DeviousDald _
DeviousDald _ Prije 9 sati
These are all fake but interesting to watch
ittsy.bitsy.artist Prije 10 sati
Trevor Henderson is legendary.
Kevin Sczruba
Kevin Sczruba Prije 11 sati
has anyone thought ava is a fan of the rubber she has a poster of him
Kevin Sczruba
Kevin Sczruba Prije 11 sati
or just a clever way to add him self in the video
AVARG118 Prije 11 sati
I saw a ghost one time and it was by my moms door it was I was sleeping and then I woke up and then that’s what I site it
lemon tart
lemon tart Prije 11 sati
Can you make a video on Sirenhead?
Logan True
Logan True Prije 12 sati
Trevor hates when people writes extra lore.
Maki Prije 12 sati
4:50 I'm not sure If that's his tail
Calvin Phu
Calvin Phu Prije 12 sati
Make a slendre man story next
may khoshaba
may khoshaba Prije 13 sati
Still not scary movies
jason gaming
jason gaming Prije 13 sati
what about the cartoon dog
Crystalshine 76
Crystalshine 76 Prije 14 sati
People: *walk into the mall* Cartoon Cat: "so anyways i started killing"
SCOTT DREEMURR the god of creation and destruction
For a picture check my deviantart account kingofpain0 art name the thing
rahma hussien
rahma hussien Prije 14 sati
Mr Mike The Gamer
Mr Mike The Gamer Prije 15 sati
I love and hate this video because it came out on my birthday.
SCOTT DREEMURR the god of creation and destruction
Please animate this story so other people can see it it all happened on Halloween night a few years ago i was hanging out with my brother and his now ex girlfriend on are front porch handling out candy i had to go to the bathroom so i ran upstairs on my way back down. I looked in my brothers room it was pitch black except for a strenge light flashing in the corner. Then i see something. I drew it link above it stood up as tall as the ceiling it stared at me it's eye where red and glowing afterwards i went to get my brother and his girlfriend when we back up it was gone i slept that night with the lights on
Anthony Robarts
Anthony Robarts Prije 15 sati
Tom who?
Cryptic Chrome
Cryptic Chrome Prije 15 sati
Rubber talks like he’s giving a presentation in front of the class and is trying his hardest to make sure he doesn’t say something wrong
Spongeboy Studios
Spongeboy Studios Prije 15 sati
Is this a true story?
Santiago Martin
Santiago Martin Prije 15 sati
talk about siren head and jason the toy maker
Cartoon Cat
Cartoon Cat Prije 16 sati
Ok 🐱
Rat Potatoes
Rat Potatoes Prije 16 sati
We 1st video OK I'm gonna face my fears me address any of every voice I'm not I'm scared right there yet this do here
Its Yellowmask
Its Yellowmask Prije 16 sati
What to do if you see cartoon cat irl: /kill @e [type=Cartoon_Cat]
ItzKiara owo
ItzKiara owo Prije 16 sati
Life lesson: Bring the SWAT with you for company when you go to a place like that
DalegendMKY Prije 17 sati
Aye have you heard his song?it slaps
Dino Jesus
Dino Jesus Prije 17 sati
Your voice seems a bit dead, The only reason i didn't like it was because of that, It didn't capture the feelings of the characters nor the mood they were in, I only dislike the video because of that.
Loud Cloud
Loud Cloud Prije 17 sati
apolgy for bad english. when were u wen bucko die. i was at house watching tom n jery when i here carton cet. “bucko is kil.” “no.”
The phantom Gamer
The phantom Gamer Prije 18 sati
Damn, what the hell is Tom smoking?!?
black Skull
black Skull Prije 18 sati
Lunar Moe
Lunar Moe Prije 18 sati
They should've turned on easy mode before coming in
Wolfio Animates and games
moral of the story: don't go to abandoned malls cuz then you know ur screwed
Shrewlemon Prije 18 sati
shayne and ryan
Leisa Foreman
Leisa Foreman Prije 18 sati
Is Iowa's there I'll probably shoot the creature hand off with a Glock 80 and and that creature will be gone
Dominic Persiano
Dominic Persiano Prije 19 sati
I saw a bear but it was a bear it was human had Orange eyes
Polish Onion
Polish Onion Prije 19 sati
bread shibe
bread shibe Prije 19 sati
normally i dont skip through these but i did this time
Chad Alan Tayag
Chad Alan Tayag Prije 19 sati
Do bridge worm
joe yang
joe yang Prije 19 sati
Something in my mom is in dad's Room walking in I don't know this and it scares me sometimes
เป้ Racing club
เป้ Racing club Prije 20 sati
Cartoon cat and siren head
marsh tha creep
marsh tha creep Prije 20 sati
A few years ago I had this nightmare that I had every day for about a month and every time I had it it changed slightly but the story stayed basically the same. So basically it starts out with me waking up (which is probably why it seemed so real) and starting my daily routine and then I start hearing a knocking sound from inside the wall I go to investigate and I see my wall begin to crack then a hole is blown out of the wall revealing some kind of sentient hand and it begins moving towards me at a very high speed and I quickly realize it's trying to kill me and I begin running and I manage to outrun it for a little while then it manages to catch up and begins choking me I somehow escape (I don't know how because it's been years since I had this nightmare) and I'm back to running and I somehow completely outrun it (yet again I don't know how because it's been years since I had this nightmare) and I go back home and eventually fix the hole and everything seems like it's back to normal by then it would be nighttime and I go to bed then I wake up irl and ever since the nightmare has stopped happening I occasionally hear knocking sounds from my walls...
marsh tha creep
marsh tha creep Prije 20 sati
A LOT of bits of the story are missing because it's been so long but that's the basic premise of the story
Aqrawi Aqrawii
Aqrawi Aqrawii Prije 20 sati
Gummball :yup thats the evil me me: oh you evil gummball ;-;
Bionic Banana Man
Bionic Banana Man Prije 21 sat
If it was made by an artist, than how is it a urban legend?
_ PixelatedSmiles _
_ PixelatedSmiles _ Prije 21 sat
Bendy and the abandoned store
Please fix the mouth it’s too bloody
André Höglund
André Höglund Prije 21 sat
Tom the slayer of mouses and demons, and Jerry the mouse!
Mustafa Mohsin
Mustafa Mohsin Prije 23 sati
There where therubber poster
The Rubber has a voice that makes everything less scary
Just Wave
Just Wave Prije dan
I saw a plushie cartoon cat
Minecraft KKP
Minecraft KKP Prije dan
Nobody Absolutely no one Not a single soul Lucas grandpa:sO iF yOu WaTcH tHiS lAd ur gonna love a girl then ur gonna die bcs a fricking cartoon cat will EAT you then u will help da girl but ur gonna die
Patrick Cariaga
Patrick Cariaga Prije dan
1:08 I see you at that picture
Cartoon dog
Ava Fitzpatrick
Ava Fitzpatrick Prije dan
cartoon cat mouth is so small how does he fit the people in his mouth?
SubaGaming Prije dan
Tom finnaly won
KalinoYT Prije dan
Hmm yea the story of tragedy of simp
_Jamie _
_Jamie _ Prije dan
This kinda feel like a Scp story Bruhhhhhhhh
_Jamie _
_Jamie _ Prije dan
This kinda feel like a Scp story Bruh
The sniper wireman
Almost everyday I experienced haunting from figures, voices and tugging on my blanket nothing to harsh...not gonna lie I did get scratched at my old house and I do have a dog but she was sleeping in the living room (I can make a video of me telling the story)
InShOtOutShOt OwO?
I wish anime can be like this so I can just hug a dang cardboard :C
Hype Gogeta • 1500 years ago
So.. They went to a "abandoned" mall at "night" on "Friday the 13th" they made "two lound noises" of course they were screwed
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CARTOON CAT | Draw My Life
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