The Champions: Season 2, Episode 3

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Out in the garden, the Premier League teams are trying to relax with a bake off.
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13. Svi 2019.



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Komentari 80
Abeer Kumar
Abeer Kumar Prije 5 dana
If I was British and I wanted to win a trophy That thing really made me laugh 😂 😂
Joker Vlogs
Joker Vlogs Prije 13 dana
O no my anchler o good sod it wouldn’t
Аяулым Бекболат
Роналду Роналду роналду
James Porter
James Porter Prije 2 mjeseci
“We blew it” - man united
Opal Prije 2 mjeseci
2:30 Pochettino: "Oh no!" Poor guy LMAO
Otaku hunter
Otaku hunter Prije 2 mjeseci
Giggs should have got a beatdown real hard
Lucas Oliveira
Lucas Oliveira Prije 3 mjeseci
Slip up in the final kkkkk
Bianca Mullner
Bianca Mullner Prije 3 mjeseci
Who is here after City’s 2-year CL ban? Sucks that we won’t have Pep and Co. for the next 4 seasons unless they leave City.
NickMations Prije 3 mjeseci
Heung-Min:"So, how do we beat liverpool on the pitch?" Me:U dont
Robust TW
Robust TW Prije 3 mjeseci
Include the Europa League house more
Rafli Rizaldy
Rafli Rizaldy Prije 3 mjeseci
buggy D Clown
buggy D Clown Prije 4 mjeseci
you guys have more ressources than i do🥳😂
PKthe Cartoon
PKthe Cartoon Prije 4 mjeseci
oooooh my ankler now I have a soggy bottom or whatever Harry Kane says
R S M Prije 4 mjeseci
*This is me happy face*
Pedro Gomes
Pedro Gomes Prije 5 mjeseci
At the beginning did Kane say GAY message ? 😂
Castle clash
Castle clash Prije 5 mjeseci
Any one here from Egypt
Kinggrave101 Prije 5 mjeseci
Sanchez: oh my god Sterling: it looks like a toilet seat
Matanyani Ian
Matanyani Ian Prije 5 mjeseci
Manchester United are baking a huge mistake
Muhammad Akram
Muhammad Akram Prije 5 mjeseci
2:30 when delle alli slap his face. I love the details
Rehan Ryaaz
Rehan Ryaaz Prije 5 mjeseci
Phil jones is lazarbeam 's clone
El Fernando
El Fernando Prije 5 mjeseci
0:44 oh s**t the only reference to Mexico?
sameera dilanka
sameera dilanka Prije 5 mjeseci
Phill: im not scared ,this is "me" happy face.. that one killed me.. I😂🤣😂🤣😂
firas khan
firas khan Prije 5 mjeseci
Mourinho giving kane an award is why spurs signed Mourinho
swapnil kankute
swapnil kankute Prije 5 mjeseci
It's 3am I laughed too hard My mother is shouting at me But I don't regret watching this 😁😁
Ethan Po
Ethan Po Prije 5 mjeseci
1:40 well that aged like milk
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew Prije 5 mjeseci
Anyone here after Mourinho was appointed Tottenham manager??
Mikkel Aarup Nielsen
Mikkel Aarup Nielsen Prije 5 mjeseci
This is great to watch after José M took over Pocchetinos job
Salo Naidoo
Salo Naidoo Prije 6 mjeseci
2.29 dele doing his eye challenge
Callum Adams’ Toaster
Callum Adams’ Toaster Prije 6 mjeseci
Anyone watching this after Poch got sacked and Jose got the Spurs job?
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Prije 5 mjeseci
Mustafa Ashiwaya
Mustafa Ashiwaya Prije 6 mjeseci
Bro Jose knew of this and took the job. That's why Kane got the ribbon!! Jk
Kris Gordon
Kris Gordon Prije 6 mjeseci
And now Mourinho has Mauricio's job. IRONY.
FÚTBOLAHOLIC Prije 6 mjeseci
It’s going to be weird now that mourinho is the coach in the animations
Mitch Glitch
Mitch Glitch Prije 6 mjeseci
One of the judges is no longer out of work, cough. Cough. Mourinho.
kon dim
kon dim Prije 6 mjeseci
Son is the only one who cares football
abdirahim abdullahi
abdirahim abdullahi Prije 6 mjeseci
the moon and the sun are shaped like football, this massage is for all those whom...
justafrican Prije 7 mjeseci
Wonderbar lol
AJR4 3269
AJR4 3269 Prije 7 mjeseci
Jim Martin who wrote on this show worked for Disney & Netflix
THE PLAYER 1 Prije 7 mjeseci
Can someone tell me the song name that comes in the end
Ayumu Aikawa
Ayumu Aikawa Prije 7 mjeseci
At last heung min son character!!!!.
Jay O'Hara
Jay O'Hara Prije 7 mjeseci
So how do we beat Liverpool on the pitch😂😂😂😂
Rohan Shah
Rohan Shah Prije 7 mjeseci
Utd fans at the beginning- ole's at the wheel... Rival fans - you guys were lucky against PSG and Tottenham away... Utd fans - no it was Ole's genius ..... Utd fans now - oh no it was luck....sack ole Rival fans - we told ya....🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shannon Airport Aerfort na Sionnaine
0:25 lol
Glenn Samuel
Glenn Samuel Prije 7 mjeseci
4:02 music?
Dylan Senior
Dylan Senior Prije 7 mjeseci
So how do we beat Liverpool on the pitch - son 😂😂😂😂
Memes GRANDLORD Prije 7 mjeseci
2:25 I found that way too funny for some reason
Marcos Lopez
Marcos Lopez Prije 7 mjeseci
Im reading this book about spurs, I has not title
Ruslan Nabiev
Ruslan Nabiev Prije 7 mjeseci
Yeah Kevin. Thats the best part. Hahahahahaha.
Puppet the Plush
Puppet the Plush Prije 7 mjeseci
“So, how do we beat Liverpool on the pitch?” Wait a second could it be?!?!... future predicting?!?!?!!!!!! !!!!!!?????!!!
John Ochiltree
John Ochiltree Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m a Barca fan and that Liverpool loss was devastating but goddamn that soccer ball yelling at Messi is hysterical
Daniel Kenderdine
Daniel Kenderdine Prije 7 mjeseci
It says on the note that blew it Manchester
manu M
manu M Prije 7 mjeseci
sure liverpool never finish it, they reach their ceiling which is close but not winning it.
ChingitaThe Prije 7 mjeseci
Love it!
Giovani Avila
Giovani Avila Prije 7 mjeseci
Did anyone see the Chicharito garden at 0:44
Meme Master
Meme Master Prije 8 mjeseci
Ole is so funny
Anas Zafar
Anas Zafar Prije 8 mjeseci
It looks like a toilet seat. Well he’s not lying
Ayush Biswas Gaming
Ayush Biswas Gaming Prije 8 mjeseci
Akarii Prije 8 mjeseci
When is s3?
charbel youssef
charbel youssef Prije 8 mjeseci
1:16 it looks like a toilet seat
Joseph Pardo Torres
Joseph Pardo Torres Prije 8 mjeseci
Algún latino??? JP11
amir gashaev
amir gashaev Prije 8 mjeseci
like hvis i kan dansk
Serhat Firat
Serhat Firat Prije 9 mjeseci
Türkçe altyazi yapin
Freddie Geraghty
Freddie Geraghty Prije 9 mjeseci
My anklee
Wojtek Szutkiewicz
Wojtek Szutkiewicz Prije 9 mjeseci
Do more Sezons
Ethan HANSON Prije 9 mjeseci
2:27 did anyone realise that Dele Alli was doing his hand sign👌
Ashleybradbury Prije 9 mjeseci
Tottenham still doesn't know how to beat Liverpool on the pitch.....I mean take the final of the Champions League for example
Ace BTW Prije 9 mjeseci
You really always do Phil Jones dirty
Fried Miracle
Fried Miracle Prije 9 mjeseci
Am i the only one who knows the intro by heart now?
ꜰ ᴀ ᴋ ʏ ᴛ
ꜰ ᴀ ᴋ ʏ ᴛ Prije 9 mjeseci
Não tem cr7 na capa eu nem assisto mais
aiham shingali
aiham shingali Prije 9 mjeseci 👆
ONYX-_-GOLD Prije 9 mjeseci
Lol Van Dijk and De Bruyne dont give a shit
ozil Prije 10 mjeseci
mane is so cute😂
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin Prije 10 mjeseci
3:59 - 4:03 News Flash, you can't Bottlers
Docter who Showcase
Docter who Showcase Prije 10 mjeseci
PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
duelistmachina Prije 11 mjeseci
Were just so happy to have you on our team! :)
GamerLight Prije 11 mjeseci
Loved how it said “Chicharito Garden” 😂
Andrew Adams
Andrew Adams Prije 11 mjeseci
2:28 look at dele alli
Reus Krispies
Reus Krispies Prije 11 mjeseci
1:38 pure kane sugar
Ammari Yosri
Ammari Yosri Prije 11 mjeseci
Please where is the arabic subtitle
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