The Complete Story and Lore of Apex Legends and Titanfall

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Apex Legends Lore and Titanfall 1 and Titanfall 2 Complete Story. Timestamps in Description! Covering the events before Titanfall 1 through Apex Legends Season 10. Stories from the Outlands.

Apex Legends Lore includes the Origin of the Apex Games, EverySeason, Ash, Blisk, Octane, Wattson, Crypto, Revenant, Loba, Rampart, Horizon, Fuse, Valkyrie and Seer. Special details for Apex Predators and ARES Division in Titanfall 2.

Including Apex Legends and Titanfall original soundtrack theme music and Apex Legends Trailer music. Games: Titanfall 1, Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends

▶ The Entire History of Apex Legends:

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0:00 The Story of Apex Legends and Titanfall
0:46 Before Titanfall 1
3:49 Titanfall Pilots
6:00 Titanfall 1 Story
8:41 Titanfall 2 Story
10:33 Apex Predators, Ash, Blisk, Loba
15:44 ARES Division
26:42 Before Apex Legends, Bangalore
27:37 Apex Legends Lore and Story
31:54 Pathfinder Lore, Story
34:31 Bloodhound Lore, Story
35:16 Caustic Lore, Story
36:07 Crypto Lore, Story
36:47 Fuse Lore, Story
37:34 Gibraltar Lore, Story
38:20 Horizon Lore, Story
39:10 Lifeline Lore, Story
39:33 Mirage Lore, Story
40:22 Octane Lore, Story
41:07 Rampart Lore, Story
41:42 Seer Lore, Story
42:30 Valkyrie Lore, Story
43:20 Wattson Lore, Story
44:01 Wraith Lore, Story
44:54 MRVN Lore
45:25 Apex Legends Titanfall Weapons
45:35 Nessie
45:43 The Entire History of Apex Legends

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Here's the Entire History of Apex Legends:
Reliving BT again just hits hard
Titanfall 1's atmosphere was so underrated. Everything from the menu music to the first person animations, the game's world-building was so perfect, almost everything in TF1 set the stones for future events and content. For example Crypto destroying Repulsor in Season 2 was just like how the Militia took down Airbase Sierra by targeting the Repulsor Towers, the Boneyard map (Skull Town in Apex) and Leviathans returning among others. Even Runoff was an almost 1:1 recreation of the same map from TF1.
G. Rathbone
It’s interesting, looking at the war between the Militia and the IMC, it’s a lot more complex than titanfall 2 makes it seem on the surface. It’s not just as simple as one side being the good guys and one side being the bad guys. They’ve both done some pretty horrible things in the name of war and both have their ideologies. The IMC are more controlling, but the argument can be made that they needed the resources from the frontier to feed the growing population of the core systems. The militia are right to be angry at the IMC imposing on their freedoms, but by fighting a war against their expansion, they cut off the core systems from resources they could need to survive. It’s a pretty fascinating and layered conflict, even if the IMC are more often the more villainous entity in the Titanfall universe, the lore does a fairly good job of showing why characters like Bangalore could side with them, even if they’re arguably worse than the militia.
meerkat jmc [GIJoeMeerkat]
Two things I would like to add is that wraith actually finds out who she is because Mirages mother worked for the IMC and had her file. Her name is Renee Blasey, and she was actually a Senior Science Pilot who worked on phase shift technology. She got amnesia when one of her experiments went wrong and got the power of phase shifting, in which her coworker then performs harmful experiments on her.
I'm pretty sure the inspiration for Octane was the speed runner who did the fastest time on the training course thing in a Titanfall game. Used grenades to help with movement in the run I believe(blown up legs). I remember this being a thing.
"Yeah the only problem I have with Titanfall is that it's kinda ripping off Apex Le-"
The Titanfall 2 campaign was so good. And the Multiplayer even more. Loved the game as much as Black Ops 2. An absolute legendary game.
Bloody excellent, might have a couple corrections though
Overcommon 7
This is extraordinarily well done. I can see the countless hours taking notes and making a comprehensive script.
Unimportant Person to the Plot
“and no, these aren’t the sweat lords you play against in ranked apex.”
Imagine if Jack Cooper Joins the games with the ability to wall jump and his alt is the smart pistol
When wattson was working on the ring she actually burned down the old kings canyon map (that’s why the forest is burned down on the original map) and she passed out and was saved by wraith while looking for information on her past sneaking around.
Also another thing you forgot to mention with Wraith. Supposedly the Wraith in the Apex Games isn’t actually from that dimension. Voidwalker Wraith is actually from the Apex dimension and went to Apex Wraith’s dimension to look for Dr Singh. When she gave Apex Wraith her phase tech and she left, Apex Wraith actually went back into Voidwalker Wraith’s dimension which is the Apex Dimension we know.
Gradey F
I love how the TitanFall story made the lore of this universe so awesome and then all Apex had for lore was new characters being introduced and destroying the Apex arena over and over again. We need a TitanFall 3
low quality
Phase shifting and time shifting is different, any old simulacrum pilot can phaseshift but time shifting is wayyy different
The Soul of Cinders
that last line...
Imagine a movie series or tv series going all the way through titanfall into the apex games. I’d be locked in
God of Pizza
In the beginning of titanfall 2 BT downloads himself into your helmet so you can communicate, at the very end your helmet flickers indicating something is happening inside, BT Lives!
The Entire History of Apex Legends