The Dark Side of Tennis | When Players' Disrespect GOES TOO FAR

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The Dark side of Tennis , When tennis players go too far with the umpires... some of the most controversial tennis incidents / crazy moments & Disrespctful Moments featuring Roger Federer , Serena Williams , Nick Kyrgios, John Mcenroe and more...
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Komentari 100
Kris Kuti
Kris Kuti Prije 5 sati
serena, the only one guy with balls
Mateopit Prije 7 sati
No entendí que paso con williams
Omar Ali
Omar Ali Prije dan
Reece hittin the Piece
Hi make it simply review every close call. If you time for worthless ish than you have time for reviewing
Bucino Ulje
Bucino Ulje Prije dan
respect for denis shapovalov. incredible reaction in the moment
M DR Prije dan
Kyrgios cuckoo as usual
Raman Sapkota
Raman Sapkota Prije 2 dana
disgusting serena and nick
Nayeli Tejeda
Nayeli Tejeda Prije 3 dana
I understand them, I played tennis for 15 years and its so stressfull that sometimes you just cant contain yourself, the most important thing here is that after that you acepted and most of this tenis player apologies after.
John J
John J Prije 3 dana
Let's face it. Generally, there is no sport which has more primma donnas than tennis. Almost all of them come from country club backgrounds of privilege, and everyone one at the top levels is used to having smoke blown up their asses every single day. They behave like children because they've never had to grow up.
Colin Bench
Colin Bench Prije 3 dana
I realize she really said I will kill you. and some people in there are saying "yes you did" in encho sound and i feel embarrassed in them
Colin Bench
Colin Bench Prije 3 dana
guys lets understand them you know how it would feel like when your a tennis player ofcours you will put a lot of efforts in it and strategy and strenght for hitting the ball and twisting their body so that's why sometimes they are getting frustrated and going crazy because they practiced it they give all of there strenght just to improve there skills. please understand them. But me yes I was shocked to their behaviors but once again i always think that dont be so quick to judge people because it will ruined your life
A. Prije 3 dana
Tennis is gay anyways
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG Prije 3 dana
Did Serena Williams said I will kill you? If she said I will eat you id be worried
Giftick1 Prije 4 dana
actually the scene at 7:16 was not disrespectful from Pliskova. It was disrespectful from the umpire. What she did to Pliskova in the game was highway robbery. She decided the game on her own.
Chris A.k.a. PandaGayBro
It's okay to show emotion and outrage, but a temper tantrum is NOT proper decorum in any sport.
Ginger Blade
Ginger Blade Prije 4 dana
Serena when about to lose attitude is the worst! 🤬
Tony Bekhazi
Tony Bekhazi Prije 5 dana
Serena Williams and Nick Kyrgios should be in a league of their own: The whiners.
iireply Prije 5 dana
I hate serena Williams, fucking bitch. Drama queen.
Matthew Kinsey
Matthew Kinsey Prije 5 dana
All of them bunch of tits
Samsung 321
Samsung 321 Prije 5 dana
Happens in all competitive sports, politics and academia. Yet some still whine about kindness, sportsmanship and "levelling the playing field". It is what it is.
Irmeen Habeeb
Irmeen Habeeb Prije 5 dana
sports but no sporting spirit.:(
Nick LikesFitness
Nick LikesFitness Prije 5 dana
5:54 it was at that moment he knew...he done effed up
Kairav IYER
Kairav IYER Prije 5 dana
Serena williams would be trash at poker
Christopher McAuley
Christopher McAuley Prije 5 dana
Notice that most of these are Americans? 😂
Mohamed Yusoof Ali
Mohamed Yusoof Ali Prije 6 dana
S.williams service foot fault
Ceramic Wheat424
Ceramic Wheat424 Prije 6 dana
Wow so many morons, those players are just showing human emotions, and crowd just doing “boo” for this.
Snow Rider
Snow Rider Prije 6 dana
Black chicks are syco
dmonarre dmonarre
dmonarre dmonarre Prije 6 dana
That judge at 1:42 with Williams is such a little system-dork. Running to the authority like a little minion. Ugh, just brush it off winnie. She was totally a little snitch to the teacher, asking for "extra homework," in her elementary days.
fbprof2 fbprof1
fbprof2 fbprof1 Prije 6 dana
Serena's a bitch nothing new
Rajendra Nadarajan
Rajendra Nadarajan Prije 6 dana
Big powerful angry black woman screaming and waving a racket towards that little asian lady. She was frightened for sure !! But to disqualify Serena for that was ridiculous
Moi H.M.
Moi H.M. Prije 7 dana
Crossbow1987 Prije 7 dana
I’m calling “wang” on that Williams dude.
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson Prije 7 dana
Serena is an embarrassment.
Carlos Ch
Carlos Ch Prije 7 dana
You won’t find Nadal aka “the goat” in here.
patrick doucet
patrick doucet Prije 7 dana
What happen with Serena
Ali Kula
Ali Kula Prije 7 dana
i feel sorry for serena,some matches she played with migrane now i understand her tantrums,,, poor girl
Okan GÜL
Okan GÜL Prije 7 dana
serena fuck you
Henri Henry
Henri Henry Prije 7 dana
Noooo.. There to use to getting there own way...
I know it all. I know it all.
It's strange that this behaviour is excused away by some people.Years ago tennis players would have been ashamed to carry on like this.
Maddie S
Maddie S Prije 8 dana
sometimes i feel bad for the ball boys/girls the players like don’t even show respect they just chuck the ball to the side like the kid is a servant or something
Saint Just
Saint Just Prije 8 dana
Tennis was aristocratic game once. Today the commoners like that break into the office and drink the ink.
pedrolo Prije 8 dana
What a bunch of divas.
Young Dro
Young Dro Prije 8 dana
You're not ready at all for Benoit Paire if you think this is dark
Henry Wong
Henry Wong Prije 8 dana
Serena might have 23 titles but she deserves a few Emmys for the crybaby acts she been putting on. Lmao u can't be talking abt racism and be racist to someone else at the same time
Zyzakov Prije 8 dana
Pliskova shloud destroy it. Umpire was so bad
WittenCityChilla Prije 8 dana
I feel like Tennis is a pretty bitter sport
Tashya Ranadipura
Tashya Ranadipura Prije 8 dana
but sometimes some umpires did not fair too tbh
saleh mansour
saleh mansour Prije 9 dana
Bunch of reach fucks thinks they’re better than normal people
Jerzy Feliks
Jerzy Feliks Prije 9 dana
So Kyrgios behaving like a spoiled brat again? What a surprise.
anthony mazy
anthony mazy Prije 9 dana
Kygrios is fucking hilarious
Ander __h
Ander __h Prije 9 dana
I love when situations like this happens😂😂😂
Ander __h
Ander __h Prije 9 dana
I don't think that throwing the 🎾 is bad. Just let Kyrgyos and the rest get out their unger a little bit.
Dice Blue
Dice Blue Prije 9 dana
8:38 was justified, wtf - why even play if they aren't going to keep score
Orions Eye
Orions Eye Prije 9 dana
McEnroe, better be happy his pink ass played in the 80's. He had zero sportsmanship🙄 so all you pink people, judging Serena, shut the 🖕up.
Reimi San
Reimi San Prije 9 dana
Lol Serena is little bit...chy
srinitaaigaura Prije 9 dana
The umpire who was threatened by Serena received death threats in the coming days. America's becoming toxic mental health land. That one incident literally represents all that is wrong in the Western world...
Ite Then
Ite Then Prije 9 dana
Tennis player: shows human emotions in the heat of a tense moment. Crowd: boooooooooooooooo
Mosali Mostafa
Mosali Mostafa Prije 4 dana
@Prinz Beutaux god
Soyän CHD
Soyän CHD Prije 4 dana
Being able to respect the empire and don’t act like a spoiled kid is also the mark of great champions. As for the refs, even if you disagree with a call, you own them respect.
Chief Prije 4 dana
Do you see olympians throwing a hissy fit when then lose. Usain bolt would’ve been the only man to ever win 3x gold medals in the 100 meter dash 3 olympics in a row but had a false start. He was clearly upset but he didn’t throw a temper tantrum.
ste** Best
ste** Best Prije 6 dana
@Lael Queen tell me about it man, those 5 year olds get really worked up if they think someone took their space.
Lael Queen
Lael Queen Prije 7 dana
Yet 90% of the crud acts like 5yr Olds over a parking spot
de Lara
de Lara Prije 9 dana
Williams, King Kong
Jovi RoraMA
Jovi RoraMA Prije 9 dana
Timothy Wattrus
Timothy Wattrus Prije 9 dana
That woman serena was playing had a match point. She most likely was going to win the match, serena took that joy away from her
DCS Prije 9 dana
Yet the GOAT, Don Rafael Nadal, has never EVER broken a single racket
Alli harris
Alli harris Prije 8 dana
he broke seven after he lost a match
Alli harris
Alli harris Prije 8 dana
uh yeah he has
Vladimir Vasic
Vladimir Vasic Prije 9 dana
Fucking snob assholes! ALL OF THEM!
vivek pillay
vivek pillay Prije 9 dana
The last one was best
Ben Faulkner
Ben Faulkner Prije 9 dana
'Other people have said worse' seems to be Serena's go-to excuse for bad behaviour...
Teo Ghemea
Teo Ghemea Prije 10 dana
I tried to drink it end it slipped out of my hand,it slipped out of my hand lmaooooo 🤣😎😂
Teo Ghemea
Teo Ghemea Prije 10 dana
I tried to drink it end it slipped out of my hand,it slipped out of my hand lmaooooo 🤣😂🤣😅
Richard ter Veen
Richard ter Veen Prije 10 dana
Yeah you did
Ais Creme
Ais Creme Prije 10 dana
👏Don’t👏mess👏with👏the👏Goat👏 ( roger )
Ron Pillar
Ron Pillar Prije 10 dana
Just because she is Black and American she thinks she is entitled and can do what she wants. Never did like her and I never watch any of the games she is in
v savage
v savage Prije 11 dana
Requiredfields2 Prije 11 dana
Except it wasn't a foot fault and Serena was right and got ejected because some one doesn't know the rules.
dev Prije 11 dana
I don't think the umpire would have made the call vs. Troicki f he would have known how Troicki would have reacted 😁
Knappa22 Prije 11 dana
Federer losing his cool was kinda cute!
Joe Maldonado
Joe Maldonado Prije 11 dana
We all lose our grip from time to time, but we should never denigrate another person.
Michaël Nadeau
Michaël Nadeau Prije 11 dana
some of these kids aren't used to hear ''no'' for an answer. Daddy always gave them whatever they wanted. Must be hard to realise that in real life the world doesn't turn around you
FAMOSA SEA Prije 11 dana
How is Sarena even allowed to compete and left alone be sponsored by, racism against Asian is absolutely ok I guess
Cyr Sep
Cyr Sep Prije 11 dana
I love the way, when lines woman wait for a few seconds, then she reliesed what Serrina told her (I'll kill you) then run to reported to umpire.
Polis Prije 11 dana
Psychopaths, all of them.
Xenia Martin
Xenia Martin Prije 12 dana
I feel if you hit the umpire like that, you're bound to lose your whole career, not just the match.
Tommy Soprano
Tommy Soprano Prije 12 dana
spoiled brats
Shealin Banta
Shealin Banta Prije 12 dana
this is crazy
SooperFlye Prije 12 dana
Tennis, by far, is the most violent sport there is. I can barely watch it sometimes.😆
Edge HODL Prije 12 dana
serena said she was protecting womens rights, i dont understand, can someone explain to me how you protect anyone rights by screaming at someone for no reason?
Carlos Fermín
Carlos Fermín Prije 13 dana
le gritas al juez, a cualquiera de los asistentes de cancha,rompes la raqueta , le das con toda las fuerzas ala pelota ,pegas gritos expulsado de inmediato del partido y una tremenda multa en euros ,pa que se les acabe la mariquera !!!
Eddie Avinashi
Eddie Avinashi Prije 13 dana
Let's be honest though. *Federer has always been a bit of a hothead*
Supernatural Prije 13 dana
heat of the moment. not right, but we all know it happens sometimes to all of us.
jp man
jp man Prije 13 dana
As much as GS winnings Serena has during her career, to me she alludes classlessness and uneducated. She should learn humility and decency.
IReadWhatILike Prije 13 dana
Serena is a fuckin GOAT! Greatest of All Time athlete in any sport. Here she was disrespected and fought back. I don't know how ANYONE can claim to love this sport and not respect her as the best player, you don't have to like her or her be your favourite but if you truly love tennis you can recognise greatness in it.
matt t
matt t Prije 13 dana
Threatens the life of the lines person.... then plays innocent victim. Dang this is the dark side of tennis
SolidRock InclearWater
Could it be that Serena ,,,from her revolt attitude,,,is dragging the oppression complexe of her ancestors to far into modern times ?
Roy Barrows
Roy Barrows Prije 13 dana
I saw no disrespect on the part of Serena Williams.
Lonk The Great and Powerful
What do you mean? She literally theatened someone's life!
Jester Boykins
Jester Boykins Prije 14 dana
Well, I mean, she’s black. She’s allowed to say and do whatever she wants right? Just how it is.
Raul Garfias
Raul Garfias Prije 14 dana
4:50 One day I didn’t ear the alarm and arrived at work like two hours late. And even that wasn’t as late as Del Potro’s call.
abel nicolae
abel nicolae Prije 14 dana
Serena is just the worse type of spoiled brat. She is a bully that turns to victimism when bullying doesn't work, but not any type of victimism... the american one, where apparently you get out of trouble with insults "Are you crazy?" When that fails, she plays the feminist card, so damn hilarious for somebody who just said "I will kill you". Finally, she walks over to her opponent looking for an ally handshake, as in "Did you see what they do to us players, girl? Gimme five, homie. Yeaah". Some tears later, she finnaly gives up but DAMN what a show.
Inge von Schneider
Inge von Schneider Prije 9 dana
You nailed it.
Zain Shiraz
Zain Shiraz Prije 9 dana
@Lemon yea, but people played in the superbowl. They don't threaten the ref or call him sexist.
Lemon Prije 9 dana
Kakashi Hatake you had played but you weren’t on a grand slam final, you weren’t the number 1
Zain Shiraz
Zain Shiraz Prije 9 dana
@Lemon i played different sports in the past but I never disrespected the ref, or the opposing team. Its called good sportsmanship.
Zain Shiraz
Zain Shiraz Prije 9 dana
@Lemon a life of a spoiled brat
cmf cmf
cmf cmf Prije 14 dana
Success brings pride
Andrew McNeil
Andrew McNeil Prije 14 dana
Serina's excuse for everything is "other people do it" "others have done worst" "men don't get penalties". She sounds like a petulant teenager not getting her way. Pathetic.
T Tanksley
T Tanksley Prije 13 dana
When Fabio Fognini mouthed off IN ITALIAN to a female umpire on a match about the same time at the US Open (part of BJK's efforts to force feed feminism to everyone), they disqualified him, fined him heavy but beyond that, they kicked him out of the doubles which penalized his completely innocent partner Bolleli.
Ognjen Davidovic
Ognjen Davidovic Prije 14 dana
Svaka sudiji cast dobili je 1 minut slave...
SHANNON SA Prije 14 dana
Serena is such an aggressive dude
Smoothie Nation
Smoothie Nation Prije 14 dana
Rich spoiled entitled people who can't enjoy what they do.
Jane Hyder
Jane Hyder Prije 14 dana
She is a loud mouth jerk
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