The Day Roger Federer's Backhand Was Unstoppable (60FPS)

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This is the day Roger Federer's one handed backhand was the best! He hit amazing winners as well as shots that forced some errors out of Rafael Nadal. This is match took place at the Australian Open 2017 Final.
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3. Ruj 2018.



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charlie chuck
charlie chuck Prije 2 sati
One of The happiest Day of my life. Go Roger 2021!
Serdarix Prije 10 sati
My lucky,this match for my watch Live, Federer king
hulivar Prije 23 sati
when were federer and nadal seeded so low/high depending hwo you look at it?
Marshall Mykietyshyn
11 minutes of unreal backhands and he still barely makes it past Nadal in 5 sets. Just sayin'... :-p
Unos Maps
Unos Maps Prije dan
Time will tell
schumifan78 Prije 2 dana
Rafa 20 slam titles in 60 slam tournament appearances, beating Federer and Djokovic his whole career. Federer 20 slam titles in 79 slam tournament appearances, most of which were won without playing a big three opponent. When he did play a big three opponent, he's a 10-20 LOSER against Rafa/Djokovic on court in slam matches. Rafa slam tournament win percentage 33, Federer win percentage 25. Rafa 10-4 over Federer in slam matches head to head, including beating him in a Wimbledon final and leads 3-1 on hardcourt. Numbers don't lie, Rafa the GOAT. Roger was good at beating nobodies until Rafa and Joker came along and started kicking his arse.
Potti krishna Potti krishna
My favourite players in tennis never any player replace his place
juan cruz
juan cruz Prije 3 dana
Te gusta Greys Anatomy? Sos fan de la serie y sus personajes🤩 Contas con tiempo para divertirte🥳 Te invito a unirte a mi grupo ,no pierdas tiempo ven a conocer gente de diferentes nacionalidades. 🇦🇷🇨🇱🇵🇷🇻🇪🇲🇽🇸🇻🇨🇦🇩🇴🇪🇨🇬🇹
garethonthetube Prije 3 dana
Look at how he disguises his crosscourt at 0.42.
CST Prije 3 dana
6:45 Worst moment to look down ever.. give ME that seat!!!
Karlo Marić
Karlo Marić Prije 3 dana
The best in history!
Mohammad Huraima
Mohammad Huraima Prije 4 dana
Its just delightful to watch
Love Night
Love Night Prije 4 dana
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.
Jim Wallington
Jim Wallington Prije 4 dana
Why are they both wearing pink shoes?
peggy hui
peggy hui Prije 4 dana
Jambonnier CR
Jambonnier CR Prije 5 dana
Fatin Mohamad
Fatin Mohamad Prije 5 dana
Epic moments from both players aside, I just love the outro song!
FlixSkate Prije 5 dana
Great highlights. Obe of the best matches in history
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy Prije 5 dana
This has to be my all time favorite Federer match. I LOVED it!!!
writer684 Prije 5 dana
Im a Djokovic fan ....but the most beatiful tennis is played by Federer and we all wish that this floting, efortless, elegant style was the most efficient as well .......its very close to be but there is a bigger risk with the one haded backhand and the flat forehand ...
Pierluigi Caffaro
Pierluigi Caffaro Prije 5 dana
6:40 this rally is legendary. One day someone will write a song about it
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Prije 6 dana
What is wrong with these commentators?? I want Tony Grieg here. He would much better than these nincompoops. Federer is being God here with those beauties and these guys have the most mundane of things to say. Beats me how they got their job. 😅😅
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Prije 6 dana
Federer is by far the best. Others are not even close. Having said that, he does let the opponent get to his mind and then he gets all conscious and makes unforced errors. Of all the occasions he has lost to Djoko and Nadal, 95% of the times he was the better player on the day but still he ended up losing. He should have had 35 grand slam titles by now only if he had the mental strength of these guys. He is way more talented and is a beauty to watch. These guys - Nadal and Djoko, are just wild maniacs running around till they drop dead. They can never have the grace and charm that Federer has. And yes, there's an asshole called Boris Becker who was Djoko's coach and whenever this ass gets in the commentary box, he just won't say a single good thing about Federer and would keep going blabbering about Djoko or Nadal when they are playing Federer, because deep down he knows no matter what they do, Djoko and Nadal can never be the player that Federer is. #All_time_great
Nahiyan Mahmud
Nahiyan Mahmud Prije 4 dana
by the time you said he would have won 35 gs titles, i understand you were stupid af.
Glory 2 Christ
Glory 2 Christ Prije 6 dana
The forehand down the line at 6:20 from Federer was almost like a copy of the one Nadal did against him in AO 2009
GARYPUSSY Prije 7 dana
Stop with the fcuking grunting ffs😡
rorschach300 Prije 7 dana
This match was an experience
Traffic Light
Traffic Light Prije 7 dana
hafid Ait
hafid Ait Prije 7 dana
Federer have the best backhand in the world 🎾
Spark😍 Prije 7 dana
I get those goosebumps
Daniel Norberg
Daniel Norberg Prije 7 dana
Such great memories from 2017, such an amazing year for Federer fans to remember. He comes out from half year off and completely turns around the Fedal rivalry. No words for it, just amazing. Speaking of Amazing, I watched the fantastic semifinal between Nadal and Dimitrov which turned out to be one of the best matches of 2017, not in my wildest dreams could I believe what was coming a few days later. such a final, such a moment. As a Federer fan you just want to hold on to 2017 year forever.
Allan Jbara
Allan Jbara Prije 7 dana
still nadal is the best player in histrory !
YukSōma016 Prije 8 dana
Ooommgggg🤩🤩😱😱😱😱that outro songgggg
Nam Đào
Nam Đào Prije 8 dana
tennis as its finest
Jay Prije 8 dana
20 grand slam vs 20 grand slam who is the best ?
Salman MK
Salman MK Prije 8 dana
B C Prije 9 dana
Still get goose bumps watching this epic match. It could go either way and RF deserved to win.
Super roger federer
dooboodot Prije 9 dana
No matter how many times I watch that rally, it gets my adrenaline pumping every time!
morrisonien Prije 9 dana
Why isn't anyone mentioning the fact that Nadal almost won in spite of Federer's perfect game...
Kalum Priya
Kalum Priya Prije 9 dana
Super 👍👍😍
James Young
James Young Prije 10 dana
6:45...missed one of the greatest points of all time. I don’t blame her though, I was almost doing the same.
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin Prije 10 dana
Grunting like that makes him sound like a fucking moron.
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown Prije 10 dana
I mean djokovic was still beating him at this time but yeah it was pretty incredible still. Definitely his prime I think. Once djokovic got to his peak there was no other level played like it in tennis history though
KING OF PAIN Prije 10 dana
THE ONLY KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jean-Hugues Aubry
Jean-Hugues Aubry Prije 11 dana
I never get tired of watching this !!
Mr. Gray
Mr. Gray Prije 12 dana
Power vs technique
oldfrend Prije 12 dana
sublime. i need to watch roger play once before he hangs it up. please let them play indian wells next year.
Seven Positivity
Seven Positivity Prije 12 dana
Every point in the fifth set is as epic as War and Peace.
Cashby Prije 13 dana
nothing better than championship sunday at a major, federer vs nadal. where will this sport be when these two are gone...joker too
Mary JLee
Mary JLee Prije 13 dana
RF is a living legend of Tennis for me and will always have my ❤, win or loose. 💕💕
Ashish Bhatt
Ashish Bhatt Prije 14 dana
The day was yesterday, the day before that, and so on.
Masoom Launda
Masoom Launda Prije 14 dana
This match for me is the antonym of 2019 Wimbledon final.
Gregory Dancy
Gregory Dancy Prije 14 dana
It wasn't just this day his BH was Unstoppable, it was also their next match in Indian Wells. Rafa still had no answer for Fed's BH.
k j
k j Prije 14 dana
Long live one handed B-Hand Players!!
Zacho-Web Administrator
Oh man, the crowd should stop booing about the last challenge. Nadal is right to challenge that one, does not matter if it might be the winning shot.
David Zimmermann
David Zimmermann Prije 15 dana
FAB Zigi
moaning pheromones
moaning pheromones Prije 15 dana
A lot of back-handed compliments in the comments . . .
lazios Prije 15 dana
Remember my words (if you understand, sry); if there is justice in this fucking world, he will do this also in Wimbledon because that defeat with Nole it's the most undeserved I've ever seen in 40 years of tennis, paradoxically (since Roger totally deserved this win too) would been more fair the Rafa win here than Djoko in London (40-15! Fuck 40-15). I don't know how given the age and injuries but if there is anyone who can do it, this is Federer, and if it doesn't happen, ok it means that had to go in this way, but nothing change; Roger remains ROGER, the others remain other, champions for sure but "other", and I will never stop thanking RF for the emotions he gave me.
CWWTonymaster Prije 3 dana
That loss damaged Fed, tennis and millions of fans. That said, Wimbledon is now the playing ground of clay court specialists, its slowed down and nothing like it was before.
karthik puvvula
karthik puvvula Prije 15 dana
I wish he comes back with this backhand once again in 2021 🤞🏼
Emmanuel Buenviaje
Emmanuel Buenviaje Prije 16 dana
Exquisite footwork... and how about that BH?
Yare Yare
Yare Yare Prije 16 dana
When 2 monsters collide it does this 😍
William Huynh
William Huynh Prije 16 dana
This is why roger is so hard to play. His back hand is just as much of a bitch as his forehand
David Bailey
David Bailey Prije 16 dana
Mauresmo played Capriati sp? in 2002, & one found Federer. Favorite sportsperson since! First time saw Thiem thought....Is this a younger Federer??
moonalep Prije 16 dana
Trong Tuyen Cao
Trong Tuyen Cao Prije 17 dana
Harrison Maynes
Harrison Maynes Prije 17 dana
I went to this match. Was amazing
jim Prije 17 dana
this nadal is such a gross human being
samy abdulraheem
samy abdulraheem Prije 18 dana
Strong return.. After years
Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas Prije 18 dana
It is the most beautiful
Ass taste ok
Ass taste ok Prije 18 dana
7:20 my right arm is stronger than my left
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson Prije 18 dana
A challenge on match point when the ball is clear on the line can attempt to steal from the moment, but all good
Vincent Bianchi
Vincent Bianchi Prije 18 dana
7:43 friggin nadal...its obviously in...dont be acting like u dont knw
Edwin Esteban Bustamante Gutierrez
Este llorón gano el abierto de Australia xq tu papá Nole estuvo lesionado xq si no ya sabes lo q te pasa
Targon Labasco
Targon Labasco Prije 18 dana
Mirka looking like Pam season 6.
markus mirtti
markus mirtti Prije 18 dana
SHUT UP NADAL, Im trying to watch this masters clip😤😤
Lord Croker
Lord Croker Prije 19 dana
Love that you included Rafa's error at 5:41 haha. This was Roger's time!
Jeff Warren
Jeff Warren Prije 19 dana
I remember this match. I woke up at 3:30 am to watch this live. This was the 2nd or 3rd best match ever(2 of the top 3 are Federer-Nadal).
S R Prije 20 dana
Who were ranked number 1 to 5, loooks like we have no 17 and no 9 playinf
Sebastian Rübesamen
Sebastian Rübesamen Prije 20 dana
Fed in flow - nothing can stop him in this mode!
deviant artist
deviant artist Prije 21 dan
A champion always try to improve!
Sam King
Sam King Prije 21 dan
so good! thanks!
Farmer2492 Prije 21 dan
His the backhand King
Ruben Prije 22 dana
Thiems Backhand ist more stylish... Ironie Off
Shubhankar Patil
Shubhankar Patil Prije 22 dana
Who else watched the ban of blue courts video?
Sandeep Sharma
Sandeep Sharma Prije 22 dana
Whenever he decides to win no one can match his game. And thats why he is all tym great.
Abstar Galaxy
Abstar Galaxy Prije 18 dana
right so im guessing he just didn't want to win for the last 2 and a half years.
beja k
beja k Prije 22 dana
He enjoyed like a maiden grandslam winner. That reflects how much he loves the game
Maxi G.
Maxi G. Prije 22 dana
Don’t forget Nadal played a great match though
Andrew Ma
Andrew Ma Prije 23 dana
Masterful playing by the fed. He is dangerous from both sides. Forehand and backhand.
Mike Muller
Mike Muller Prije 23 dana
Love this match
Bojan Jovanovic
Bojan Jovanovic Prije 23 dana
E, eno ga Tihi!
astro farhi
astro farhi Prije 23 dana
6:20 One of best point I ve ever seen, I was in Zurich airport in the transit/boarding area, the match was played live..everyone in the area jump out of their seat and shout , a woman on a seat in front of me even hugged me...
original samaritan
original samaritan Prije 24 dana
RF's backhand is just AWESOME!!!
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic Prije 24 dana
What unstoppable he had like two backhand winners after two sets
Joe Maslov
Joe Maslov Prije 25 dana
ndarcy Prije 25 dana
Federer's backhand is as if he's playing squash.
Tui Donga
Tui Donga Prije 25 dana
so, twas a day when he overcame the 40-15 issue. LOL
gillan5 Prije 25 dana
I hat these sreamers - can not watch them.
photobearcmh Prije 26 dana
This never gets old. Brilliant play from the Maestro.
Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan Prije 26 dana
Dear Federer, please stop slicing so much and play like this.
planetX15 Prije 26 dana
Top 40 Trick Shots From Federer
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