The five major world religions - John Bellaimey

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Explore the intertwined histories and cultures of the major religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.


It's perfectly human to grapple with questions, like 'Where do we come from?' and 'How do I live a life of meaning?' These existential questions are central to the five major world religions -- and that's not all that connects these faiths. John Bellaimey explains the intertwined histories and cultures of Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

Lesson by John Bellaimey, animation by TED-Ed.

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14. Stu 2013.



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Komentari 36 109
CosmosHFA88 Savant
CosmosHFA88 Savant Prije 44 minuta
Religitardation is the most widely accepted form of Mental Disorder in our society,
ps Prije 2 sati
4:11 it's Palestine not israel 🇵🇸
ps Prije sat
@Swenska ThéraIt was Palestine, it is and it will be forever my country 🇵🇸
Swenska Théra
Swenska Théra Prije sat
It was Palestine. Today its Israel. Nothing to argue about.🤷🏼‍♀️
Anas Siddique
Anas Siddique Prije 11 sati
Toast And bagel 1000
Toast And bagel 1000 Prije 14 sati
I am Jewish ✡️🕎
First Las
First Las Prije 17 sati
3:03 is the dude's robe supposed to look like a face?
Nicholas Turner
Nicholas Turner Prije 22 sati
A man of great virtues? Maybe so but wasn’t he also an illiterate warlord who married a 12 year old girl.🤔
yesenia quinones
im in a ap world history class and this really helped :)
my music
my music Prije dan
What makes some religion sounds like story in fairy tale or myth ist about there is so many god and goddes...its so funny in in fact no one ever seen and talk to god they said rwligion comes from god. I think rwligion is the truw way to make us beibg a good human thats all and peoole make all religion cause we beleve somethung bigger beyond us...
Lex Prije dan
Ignore I need this for class Judaism 2:22 Christianity 6:26 Islam 8:26
Zecka Prije dan
Can ♬
Can ♬ Prije dan
Hinduism: we are one All the exo-ls around the world : wha???
Mftah Anaeri
Mftah Anaeri Prije 2 dana
الحمد لله على نعمة الاسلام ♥🤲
GAME HACK Prije 2 dana
its iluuminati
anand Bungla
anand Bungla Prije 2 dana
Hinduism is a way of living ... without any restrictions..
G V Prije 2 dana
I grew up Christian but why does Buddhism make the most sense 👀
Raman Goswami
Raman Goswami Prije 40 minuta
@Short Clip 🙏😂tryna convert people through comments huh..very nice.. good.. u need numbers high as possible
Short Clip
Short Clip Prije 5 sati
Buddhism is nothing more than a set of practices. It's not a religion and it doesn't claim to be the true one. If there'd be a religion that'd be true and not christianity, it will be Islam. You may want t look into that.
Raman Goswami
Raman Goswami Prije 7 sati
Buddhism isn't a religion but people often make religion out of everything.. also Sidharth gautam is said to be the reincarnation of loard vishnu like krishna and rama.. the video also didn't mention he was a hindu brahmin 😹
nizen vvl
nizen vvl Prije 2 dana
I don't believe in religion tho but what to do since I am a Buddhist and my gf is muslim we have decided to become Christian lol😂
bgrvidz Prije 2 dana
4:17 das me
Gabriel Jr
Gabriel Jr Prije 2 dana
Hate to break it to you guys but all religions cannot coexist
Chirag Agarwal
Chirag Agarwal Prije 3 dana
I'm Mumbai, and I respect all the cities
Proud Wumao
Proud Wumao Prije 3 dana
Religion is toxic
Alejandro Fernando
Alejandro Fernando Prije 3 dana
"There has been nearly 3000 gods so far, but only yours actually exist. The others are silly made-up nonsense. But not yours. Yours is real." - Ricky Gervais
Short Clip
Short Clip Prije 5 sati
Ok angry atheist
Maur Prije 2 dana
well, Islam gave a criteria of god in surah Al-Ikhlas chapter 112 verse 1-4 basically saying 1. say hes Allah one and only 2. Allah the absolute and eternal 3.He neither begets nor is born 4. Theres nothing like him. if one of those 3000 gods fits in this criteria all Muslim have got no objection in accepting that god as our god
Vedant Prije 3 dana
I respect all the religions you mentioned here, except one.
Infestation Korps
Infestation Korps Prije 2 dana
What is it
Not Verified
Not Verified Prije 2 dana
Should respect them all
Saranyya Chatterjee
Saranyya Chatterjee Prije 3 dana
Okay, hold up... Hinduism dates farther back than Krishna
Greg Miller
Greg Miller Prije 4 dana
..there is a season turn turn turn....
K Prije 4 dana
gurpreet kaur
gurpreet kaur Prije 4 dana
Sikh religon is also magor religon
Imma just a normie Cool Boii
In Hinduism, we have most number of holydays and festivals in a year ( every year ) 😀
Raman Sharma
Raman Sharma Prije 5 dana
I think the reason why some muslims turn bad is that they derive their own interpretation of shahadad instead of believing that everything is one they want all others also to beleive that god is one and his name is allah this just makes life harder for normal muslims who really do follow shahadad beleive in one god but dont force others
Chris Williams
Chris Williams Prije 5 dana
Everyone is born an athiest, then fed with religion. However, they have a similar message of love & respect.
A Stranger
A Stranger Prije 2 dana
Did you copy that from Islam? As Islam believes everyone is born Muslim except what they choose when they grow up and decide, that's why Islam believes all children who have not reached maturity go to heaven even if they are born in non Muslim home.
khang Prije 5 dana
Ppl in comments: my religion is best because I believe in it!!!
TAOSIN Prije 5 dana
Islam all time best
Khalid Rhys Yemani
Khalid Rhys Yemani Prije 6 dana
Khalid Rhys Yemani
Khalid Rhys Yemani Prije 5 dana
@COOL😎 Ok God 4 You! Jesus is always King of Kings, Lord of Lords Regardless😊
COOL😎 Prije 5 dana
Ex Christian , Allah is god of jesus
Shahid Rasul
Shahid Rasul Prije 6 dana
QURAN ALGORITHM - confirms every verse and chapter, CANNOT BE CHANGED!!! Do it yourself. IS THIS HUMANLY POSSIBLE? Remember- the Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad over a period of 23 years! Use EXEL for ease of calculation. 1st column 1 to 114 (number of chapters) Column 2 write the number of corresponding verses in each chapter. Column 3- add column 1&2. Column 4 even numbers of column 3. Column 5 odd numbers from column 3. Note here 57 entries each in 4&5. (The book is balanced) Now add all entries in column 1. Column 2 and then 4&5. SEE AND BE AMAZED!!! THE ALMIGHTY HAS PROTECTED HIS BOOK FROM CORRUPTION!!! You cannot add or remove a single verse or chapter!!! THE ALMIGHTY IS GREAT- ALLAHU AKHBAR!
0000marcin Prije 7 dana
It's a lie. The Israelites were not slaves in Egypt. The Israelites attacked and enslaved Egypt. Their power was overthrown and they were banished. Fleeing the rebellion, they took a lot of treasures
Max Prije 3 dana
Me Prije 4 dana
Who told you that?
Craig Mckenzie
Craig Mckenzie Prije 8 dana
Study of Pagan mysteries will show you nearly everything you need to know about the THREE Abrahamic religions.
Altair Alt account
Altair Alt account Prije 9 dana
By the power of bugga I shall eat a breadshnu then when I finish I will play some brallah stars and then sleep on my bruhommed bed
Altair Alt account
Altair Alt account Prije 9 dana
Buddha is not a god, he was a real person
Mike_Aruba Prije 9 dana
Surprised Zoroastrianism didn't make the list.
Prije 9 dana
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo toooooot
VS SPORTS Prije 10 dana
ß Prije 10 dana
8:38 Wait ! Depicting the form of angels is forbidden in our religion! And the Zakat is 2.5 percent of the net worth ( every one lunar year )
COOL😎 Prije 5 dana
We know the science in which a father beheaded his son and replaced his head with elephant head and worship cows , snake
COOL😎 Prije 5 dana
Satan dharam
Am Za
Am Za Prije 11 dana
There is no truly worthy God but ALLAH and Mohammad PBUH is his prophet and Messenger.
Asma Abbasi
Asma Abbasi Prije 11 dana
alhumdulillah i m a muslim...i wish Allah shows all of u the right u all
Balletshoes59 Prije 11 dana
I am the the way, the truth and the life- John 14:6. Jesus is the only one who performed miracles and was resurrected from the dead, the death that happened due to him sacrificing himself for our sins. Anyone who is unsure about their faith PLEASE go to an evangelist church and you will feel the love of Jesus. Your father who died for you. I am speaking as a former Muslim, my life has never been the same since giving my life to Jesus, and I am truly grateful and blessed that by grace I was brought towards the righteous path, my spirit has never felt so full, and I have never felt so much joy.
Duygu Yilmaz
Duygu Yilmaz Prije 12 dana
Thanks for not showing the face of our prophet Muhammed sav. 🤍
Iago Mota
Iago Mota Prije 12 dana
The message ofChrist is first love the Lord with all your heart AND love your neighbor. Just as someone sins if they say they love the Lord without loving their neighbor, so does one sin when loving only his neighbor and not God.
Iago Mota
Iago Mota Prije 12 dana
God didn’t save Israel with the help of Moses, Moses saved Israel by the guidance of God.
Divyansh Rajput
Divyansh Rajput Prije 12 dana
India is the land where origin of two greatest religion can be traced i.e. Hinduism ans Buddhism.
Divyansh Rajput
Divyansh Rajput Prije 5 dana
@COOL😎 budhha only borned in nepal. But he attained in niravana in bodh gaya india Gave first sermon in Varanasi India. He also died here.
COOL😎 Prije 5 dana
Buddhism was originated in Nepal
Akhmad Rifky Rinaldi
Akhmad Rifky Rinaldi Prije 13 dana
respect all
Raj Rudraksha
Raj Rudraksha Prije 13 dana
No beginning no ends we all ONE....Sanathana Darma. Which in western they called (Hinduism). Simply to say different colours, different Beliefs, different followers, different way of life but we all ONE that's Sanathana Darma. Just believe we all ONE including Nature, Animals, Birds, insects, hope I didn't miss any you can name it.
zin lynnzaw
zin lynnzaw Prije 13 dana
Buddhism does not grow out of Hinduism. Hinduism just picked up Buddhists ideology to make itself popular
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar Prije 13 dana
My parents used to believe in Hinduism, that's why I also believe in this religion, but I see all religions equally, so I request all of you to treat people of all religions equally.
Anush Gudimetla
Anush Gudimetla Prije 14 dana
Hinduism, Buddhism and other Indic/dharmic religions seem to be the only religions that allows you to be an atheist too. The main thing of indic/dharmic religions is to be Dharmic/Righteous.
Phoum Prije 14 dana
I've learned a lot from Ted ❤️❤️❤️❤️
R R Prije 14 dana
You can tell a Jewish person wrote this piece.
Infestation Korps
Infestation Korps Prije 2 dana
How is that?
Éire Flag Animations
Éire Flag Animations Prije 14 dana
L Prije 14 dana
lol they make “Jesus “ sound like a snake oil peddler…oh ..wait.
Alameen balogun
Alameen balogun Prije 14 dana
Islam is the true religion!
Infestation Korps
Infestation Korps Prije 5 sati
@Short Clip it is said in the Quran that if you kill non Muslims you will be rewarded right?
Short Clip
Short Clip Prije 5 sati
@Infestation Korps And don't confuse geo political rebel groups with religion
Infestation Korps
Infestation Korps Prije 2 dana
In terms of suicide bombing a civilian population, then yes
If you don't like it, please just ignore.
Michele Moore
Michele Moore Prije 14 dana
Some helpful explanations of 5 religions. One important widespread religion is missing - ANIMISM - the worship of places, animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handiwork, and words.
Herticate Prije 14 dana
Quran remains unchanged til' today, free of human corruption and edits.
If you don't like it, please just ignore.
Mustafa AlNuaimi
Mustafa AlNuaimi Prije 14 dana
The 2 billion Christians ia BS maybe 200 milliom, the rest are atheists regiatered as Christians
MajesticalMike Prije 14 dana
One thing about Islam that many don’t address is that even the most learned Muslim scholars can’t understand 25% of the Qur’an. It has stories without proper beginnings and endings, and directly contradicts the others holy books of Islam, The Torah and the Christian Bible (the Old and New Testaments I mean). Also, there is no place in the Qur’an that says the Bible has been influenced by human corruption, despite many Muslims saying so. I would definitely search videos about “Christianity vs Islam” or “The Bible vs the Qur’an” as I got most of not all of the previous facts from one such video that was about an interview with an evangelist to Muslims
Rafid Syauqi
Rafid Syauqi Prije 15 dana
9:22 Congratulation brother, you said it... So you are a Muslim right now, right? 🤣👍
Joel L
Joel L Prije 15 dana
Well done
Araz Mirzeyev
Araz Mirzeyev Prije 15 dana
I started learning english last year and this videos which you prepare help me in this way Thanks ,TED-ED.
Krunalsinh Vaghela
Krunalsinh Vaghela Prije 15 dana
You can't describe Hinduism like this there is hundreds of different school of thoughts within Hinduism and secondly shri krishna is just another part of hindu school of thought, And there is other school of thoughts that believes in addvaitvad and dvaitvad Overall you can't describe Hinduism or sanatan culture in one video You have to be lost in this system to understand it and at the end you will find yourself
James Marshall
James Marshall Prije 15 dana
He doesnt want to spend 5 years on it dumby
Abhoy Dutta
Abhoy Dutta Prije 15 dana
Sanatana dharma is older then krishna
Duy Thuận
Duy Thuận Prije 15 dana
Thank to this video, I realize that I have a big passion to discover the difference of the religions all over the world.
Sam Castrejon
Sam Castrejon Prije 15 dana
I am Jewish Christian. I love that all religions are respected and explained well here. Shalom to you all!
izhaan Mushtaq
izhaan Mushtaq Prije 15 dana
Love the fact that it didn't show Kashmir as the part of India
Zayan Prije 16 dana
Athiesm is the real way to peace
If you don't like it, please just ignore.
NPC #666
NPC #666 Prije 14 dana
How does a belief that we all have no purpose in existence and are just a random result out of nothing being peace?
Vulnicura Prije 14 dana
Right. I'm a devout atheist.
James Marshall
James Marshall Prije 15 dana
Zayan Prije 16 dana
Fck pisslam
Zayan Prije 16 dana
Religion separates us more than unites
Eduard Pirlea
Eduard Pirlea Prije 16 dana
A small correction: God gave Moses only the Ten Commandments, the other hundreds were made by men.
Asantha Bandara
Asantha Bandara Prije 16 dana
As a Buddhist Buddah has allowed us to celebrate other religous festivals and to respect all religions. I love my religion
Asantha Bandara
Asantha Bandara Prije 10 dana
@V.K No,we don't we had a war in the past but now we live in harmony
V.K Prije 10 dana
@Asantha Bandara Oh. I'm a Tamil. I hope our races do not hate each other in the future and live peacefully.
Asantha Bandara
Asantha Bandara Prije 11 dana
@V.K Yep I'm a sri lankan
V.K Prije 11 dana
Orient JewelHeart
Orient JewelHeart Prije 16 dana
Religion will not save people, but Christ Jesus will if you Accept you're a sinner and repent. Believed that Christ Jesus died for you. Confess Jesus Christ as your Lord God, Savior and Redeemer.
Montaser Prije 16 dana
Ironically. Jesus himself had a religion.
दीपक नागर
Your karma decide your future. God never interfere in world. If you done bad works than no one can help you it's your karma you have to face it's result
Shehsawar Malik
Shehsawar Malik Prije 16 dana
The video was very good & informative. However, I want to highlight 2 instances where correction is required: 1. 'Joseph' was not the husband of Mary. 2. As Zakat, Muslims spare 2.5% of their wealth (not 2% or 3%). Be Blessed!
If you don't like it, please just ignore.
Yassine Elboukili
Yassine Elboukili Prije 16 dana
Just to make things clear: Although the comments are peaceful ,but I must explain something , religion is a thing , and the followers are another thing ... If the religion has a book that contains all the information, you gotta judge this religion based on the book not based on the people , but if the religion has no book then it might be a problem for you because there is a high chance that opinions are different from one follwers to the other ...
दीपक नागर
In my religion people have freedom to choose ways to live their Life. There countless texts in hinduism made for different scenarios. There is athiest school of philosophy as well in hinduism
DWM Prije 17 dana
Christianity is the only true religion
Me Prije 4 dana
@James Marshall Did anyone ask you to be here? No.
James Marshall
James Marshall Prije 15 dana
@दीपक नागर ok
दीपक नागर
@James Marshall he wrote that Christianity is true Religion so I replied Budhhism is best. I donot write budhism is best everywhere for no reason 😂
James Marshall
James Marshall Prije 15 dana
@दीपक नागर yes but no one asked, just like no one asked the christian guy
दीपक नागर
@James Marshall it's reality.
T 1600
T 1600 Prije 17 dana
Fck Pisslam🤢
Syaiffuddin Aminuddin
Syaiffuddin Aminuddin Prije 17 dana
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy Prije 17 dana
Humans owe their successes as a species to cooperation and learning from the experience of their fellow man. We are weak as individuals, but incredibly powerful as a group. I have always felt that religion is a story that reinforces this strength, by acknowledging that our individual power comes from our belonging to a group greater than ourselves, and provides the "rules" that ensures we work in concert with our fellow man. Faith in the community is the essence of spiritualism.
Asude Prije 17 dana
I am Muslim but I respect all these religions
If you don't like it, please just ignore.
James Marshall
James Marshall Prije 15 dana
Christian and same
Samsung Home
Samsung Home Prije 18 dana
You couldn't describe Hinduism more inaccurately.
Judge1982 Prije 18 dana
Religion 🤣🤣🤣
chiecken man
chiecken man Prije 18 dana
Are you sure the comment section is peaceful? Check again
James Marshall
James Marshall Prije 15 dana
Yeh it is
Thiên Minh
Thiên Minh Prije 18 dana
From spider man: "You want forgiveness? Get religious!"
Imector Forever
Imector Forever Prije 18 dana
10:26 what is with all the statues having boobs
Mark Graham
Mark Graham Prije 18 dana
Very nice summaries.
bonlux gamer
bonlux gamer Prije 18 dana
I am terroists and I respect all dis believers equally 😅😅
Buddha Prije 20 dana
I’m Buddha and I respect every religion
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Prije 20 dana
@Krishna as Jesus, me five
Krishna Prije 20 dana
@Prophet Muhammad as Krishna, me four
Prophet Muhammad
Prophet Muhammad Prije 20 dana
@Moses as Muhammad, me three
𝙉𝙤𝙤𝙗 𝙨𝙖𝙞𝙗𝙤𝙩
@Moses please shut up
Moses Prije 20 dana
As Moses, Me too
Jack Mc breen
Jack Mc breen Prije 20 dana
Theresa K
Theresa K Prije 20 dana
This is one of the most unbiased things I've ever encountered on HRvid
James Marshall
James Marshall Prije 15 dana
Miss Robot
Miss Robot Prije 20 dana
Er... That's awkward... I'm Buddhist and we are a non theist religion.
दीपक नागर
Hinduism Budhhism Jainism Are good Religion
𝙉𝙤𝙤𝙗 𝙨𝙖𝙞𝙗𝙤𝙩
@Miss Robot why you leave :( your going away from god and entering doom
Miss Robot
Miss Robot Prije 20 dana
@Montaser I was Christian for years. Until I discovered Buddhism during my darkest time and decided to join a Buddhist community. Finally found my answers there. Nothing against Jesus though. It wouldn't be very Buddhist of me to criticize other beliefs
Montaser Prije 20 dana
Have you given a thought to become theist?
Min Khant Win
Min Khant Win Prije 21 dan
I am a Buddhism.
Ahmed Lemin Dah
Ahmed Lemin Dah Prije 21 dan
sérieusement cette vidéo contient beaucoup de Ment, et des fautes informatiques.
The Number
The Number Prije 21 dan
Please research history where bhaudha was born Where he was born where he lived? Specific place palace name ? Please search for Truth It will be unfair to claim That the bhaudha origin was in India Think twice before you post about something You ever visited where he was born
दीपक नागर
He was born in Southern Nepal. But his mother language was Prakrit which is mother language of India
Sebitas-V Prije 20 dana
Bruh shut the freak up he is human he made mistakes
The Number
The Number Prije 21 dan
Please delete this video or recreate This is not the truth If this channel is saying this it totally Favoritism
The Number
The Number Prije 21 dan
Please research well then only post It so unfair to claim that bhaudha was born in India how can you s Lie so proudly I like this channel untill this video
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