The FNAF Animatronics Are PSYCHIC! | The Science of... Five Nights At Freddy's

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We've explored so much about the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise on this channel that you'd think there was nothing left to cover. You'd be wrong! What if I told you there is proof that the FNAF animatronics like Foxy, Chika, and old Freddy Fazbear himself... are psychic? Hear me out! Or rather, listen as Austin explains the SCIENCE behind the psychic powers of FNAF animatronics.
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28. Srp 2020.



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Komentari 60
Why This Is becoming To much Educational Then our favorite theories Which we are solving through out The year and ends as education😐😐😐😐😑
Lemon Squid
Lemon Squid Prije sat
I'm terrified °-°
Lily Congdon
Lily Congdon Prije 2 sati
that autotuned EveEnt at 2:03
Taj Beatty
Taj Beatty Prije 2 sati
Is anyone else a Greg like me. Greg army?
GreenToast Prije 2 sati
This would also, the way the code of the universe works theory, would be how the matrix was created. Maybe the man who made it had a vision knowing that it worked
Andrew Carns
Andrew Carns Prije 3 sati
Maybe that kind of manipulation is what convinced the original guard to stay in fnaf 1 I mean, with that kind of paycheck, it's always been a mystery why the guard stayed in the first place.
E Y Prije 3 sati
i don’t understand a thing but it sounds like manifestation. i love the video tho
Peter Pettigrew
Peter Pettigrew Prije 4 sati
Can anybody dumb that down for me? 😳
Lata Bajaj
Lata Bajaj Prije 6 sati
his here his there his everywhere who ya gonna call Psychic Friend Fredbear!!!!
Hăzel Băzel
Hăzel Băzel Prije 7 sati
Yea he so casually says "And killing his girlfriends"
rhain3 Prije 7 sati
i have one question: what?
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Prije 5 sati
i feel like scott just leaves the lore to the ones who can solve it and then he'll pick up some info of that back into the lore and the people will solve it again and scott will add ne
Nathan Higgins
Nathan Higgins Prije 7 sati
1:42 I see red owl eyes in the leaves
Smicc Prije 10 sati
Der scoot mc cartylen me do scoonence
Richard gaming Gameing
Darko TheEverything
Darko TheEverything Prije 10 sati
I like MatPat more🤨
Pheonix 102
Pheonix 102 Prije 11 sati
Hey!!! It's JUST MONIKA!!
Rorik one- eye
Rorik one- eye Prije 12 sati
so have you just abandoned shoddycast?
Tinu Ivu
Tinu Ivu Prije 12 sati
Vee Prije 13 sati
Music theory > Food Theory
Jojo DiAc
Jojo DiAc Prije 13 sati
This is the most interesting nonsense I’ve heard Austin teach me
Kimran Mamadvafoev
Kimran Mamadvafoev Prije 13 sati
Wait so if the title on the thumbnail is blue... ... that means its Austin?
Kenan Mitchell
Kenan Mitchell Prije 14 sati
You know what I hate about the American school system? When he was talking about the RNG, I immediately understood. I was able to correctly calculate the seed before he told us. But because I had two teachers that I didn't understand and because I typically learn the best through failure, I was "bad at math."
mary's world
mary's world Prije 14 sati
me: *sees notif* yey! a new fnaf from mat! austin: *appear* me: oh... yey!
30 subs with no videos Challenge
Big brain Austin
Ganesh Alifadito
Ganesh Alifadito Prije 15 sati
Scott intensely watching
Nikita Kudumula
Nikita Kudumula Prije 15 sati
Yup, I did not search for this yet I watch it anyway.
Kim Eunjoo
Kim Eunjoo Prije 15 sati
my small knowledge of coding actually paid off and i understood a small part of this video
Kim Eunjoo
Kim Eunjoo Prije 15 sati
i feel like scott just leaves the lore to the ones who can solve it and then he'll pick up some info of that back into the lore and the people will solve it again and scott will add new ones again that is actually the solved lore but in a different form like "ah! i have an idea that is unrealistic but then someone said it was possible in reality, i'll add some of it and make it even more unrealistic!"
Froyen Zaster
Froyen Zaster Prije 16 sati
What about when Micheal Reeves drove a car with one of those star wars mind reading thingy
mr funny funny
mr funny funny Prije 17 sati
The dog's name is not fetch the dog's name is Sparky it fetches things
mr funny funny
mr funny funny Prije 17 sati
It's funny how you say FNAF universe when Freddy Fazbear's pizza is in our universe
Badgamer2000 Prije 18 sati
this really hurt my brain
F*ck coleslaw
F*ck coleslaw Prije 18 sati
You should have the patrons put a bit more clearly it’s really hard to read the names at the bottom of the screen Maybe just explain The text so it kind of looks like one of those on video ads?
Asianeyes007 Prije 18 sati
Ah..Zero point energy...don’t worry, I’ve heard of this before *Smirks menacingly in Syndrome*
Snips - Skuguy
Snips - Skuguy Prije 18 sati
Me: no you can’t post more that theories my brain will burst Mat Pat: Hahahahahah fnaf theories how brr brr
Hahathatisfunny Bro
Hahathatisfunny Bro Prije 19 sati
Game theory should cover cod zombies
12hen Prije 19 sati
mat should just make a whole new channel just for FNAF
The only thing I understood is that I did not understand anything
Sabrina_bean_life Gacha
so I have a theory that may have been said already but oh well (sorry its so long) My theroy is that mangle is not an after version of ft.foxy, but rather a before version. Like some sorta test before the final product was made, Evidence? 1: mangles design is different than ft.foxys. Now you can Mabye right this off as mangle just "being broken down" but its not just that... mangles entire head shape is different, so are the ears and mouth. It seems unlikely that the shape of ft.foxys head would change. 2: The colors are different. If you take a look at mangle you can she it has red cheeks like the other toys (excluding chica and JJ) where as ft.foxy has pink light pink cheeks (the same color as the rest of theyre body) Why would someone paint over mangles cheeks to be red if they were broken? 3: Mangle dosent have the ability to open her face like ft.foxy (or any if the fun times) If you look at mangles design, it dosent have the face plates therefore its cant open its face... If Mangle is just a broken ft.foxy... why wouldn't it have a seperated face???? BUT THERE'S MORE AND ITS BASED OFF OF THE THEROYS HERE ON GAME THEORY!! 4:If it was said that mangle was Willaim Aftons experiment with remnant,and he used Suzies dog then how would ft.foxy be able to speak? I mean they don't speak in Sister location directly but they do have a voice in UCL while as mangle can only make radio-like noises.. Now it may be argued that its because mangle is broken but you (MatPat) I belive also mentioned that the funtimes most likely contain the souls of the original kids (at least I think I haven't watched the timeline videos in a while so I may just sound like an idiot) and if that's the case then it wouldn't match up with Mangle unless Mangle was a test animatronic to see if the remnant along with the funtime animatronics were a plausible idea... well if you made it to the end congrats! I know that you probably wont see this and that this theroy has probably been mentioned already but I want to see if you along with others belive/agree with me! (take some cookies for making it this far) 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
VaradoX Prije 20 sati
2:01 random EvEnT generation
Teo Waage
Teo Waage Prije 20 sati
Matpat is the guy that makes the gametheories an Ostin ruins evry game for you using sience
Elizabeth Kimbley
Elizabeth Kimbley Prije 22 sati
Austin is dying He can't S P E A K
motto like dem chunky
So if I was to find the phsudorandom in Fortnite I would get a gold scar in every game
MeneerBernie Prije dan
actually a seed of 5 would give you a output of 86, not 98. just saying
Tamer Mohamed
Tamer Mohamed Prije dan
WHERES MAT huh we need mat
kolim jone
kolim jone Prije 23 sati
He's there he's where he's everywhere phsyicic friend fred bear
Ghost Ruby02
Ghost Ruby02 Prije dan
I watch this cuz I like it and the intro
Ghost Ruby02
Ghost Ruby02 Prije 22 sati
I'm the man goes crazy if people asks me questions
kolim jone
kolim jone Prije 22 sati
Who are you and what did you do with mat pat! Tell me or I will call my friend who likes to be called.... THE MAN BEHIND THE SLATER!
* Cotton the weeb *
Do a chucky cheese furby theory now
João Pedro Pipinel
So if William Afton learns that, he would do many things and his life would be much easier
Aaron Gallardo
Aaron Gallardo Prije dan
My thesis: exists Scott vs the Game Theory gang: *that is not enough to what we been through*
SkyLizardGirl Prije dan
Nano technology...
ToucanAsaurus Prije dan
Shower thought time I have not seen any African American or Mexican in fnaf yet. Why?
bug with a shotgun
austin: luckily this doesn't exist in real life 2020: mwahahahahahahaha mwahahahahahahahaha oh so you think
Caleb Prije dan
i thought this was a good old matpat theory
FlingYourself Prije dan
I literally got so freaking scared when it wasn’t matpat
Monika Prije dan
I swear to god a DDLC video is coming soon MattyPatty shall return
Monika Prije dan
@Mini Furious Well go and assist her I have the pamphlets to sort out
Mini Furious
Mini Furious Prije dan
HE SHALL RETURNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN oh, also, i think natsuki needs help with the cupcakes.
CosmoConqueror Prije dan
"Zero point fields sound very complicated but are actually very simple......" "𝙨𝙤 𝙞𝙣 𝙦𝙪𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙪𝙢 𝙥𝙝𝙮𝙨𝙞𝙘𝙨"
Strawberry- Cookie-
Mom: go do homework Me: watching this. Mom: are you doing your homework? Me: yes l watch this video
The Couch Brotato
A week too late but matpat telling austin about scott cawthon is like the younger brother telling the older brother about the bullies and the older brother stamding up for him.
ximzei Prije dan
-deletes all of austins videos-
Muhammad Rifqi Abdillah
Looks like this is the Science episode where Ah couldn't even know what'd Austin talked about