Tana Mongeau Gets Back At Her Cheating Ex | Episode 1 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

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Already on a journey to rebuild her reputation following 2018’s disastrous TanaCon, Tana Mongeau reclaims her future (plus, seeks a little revenge) in the midst of a bad break-up and her looming 21st birthday.
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. New episodes premiere Mondays on MTV HRvid.


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8. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 7 915
MTV Prije 22 dana
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Trevor Michaud
Trevor Michaud Prije 19 dana
This show is trash just like tana hoegeau... shame on you and the mtv scumbags for even AIRING this shit.
Selena Fadika
Selena Fadika Prije 2 dana
Tana could have such a bomb show y’all did her dirty
Ringo Chia
Ringo Chia Prije 3 dana
Tana is a bish ⬇️
Michael Hurd
Michael Hurd Prije 3 dana
I would rather rub hot greasy cum in my eyes than live in this world anymore.
Kenzlie jarreau
Kenzlie jarreau Prije 5 dana
8:17 what is that is that even a mammal I mean poor animals I don't even know what that is
Samuel Uribarry
Samuel Uribarry Prije 7 dana
For some reason I want a tow missile just hit her cart and then a A-10 hitting her apartment and house sou she could start from the beginning and become humble for ones and stop be a thot am sorry I got carry away 😅
FreshHoney Prije 7 dana
This just makes Tana look like a stupid bitch and honestly just made ME see her like a toddler
spongebob me boy
spongebob me boy Prije 7 dana
Also this boring as helllllllllllllll
spongebob me boy
spongebob me boy Prije 7 dana
Her ashley friend looks soooo weird now, doesn't even look like the same chick tbh
Paula West
Paula West Prije 8 dana
Wears her own face on her shirt this is All hype BS for the dumb young masses to buy products ! Her clothing line what Why ?
Paula West
Paula West Prije 8 dana
That thong photo makes your ass look deformed not a sexy pic at all disgusting I know sexy !
Doni Dona
Doni Dona Prije 9 dana
kittylover 23
kittylover 23 Prije 9 dana
Remember when mtv used to be good? The good times
Tiffany Rose
Tiffany Rose Prije 11 dana
I hate her so much omfg.
Ace Champ
Ace Champ Prije 11 dana
She got a foul mouth and I like it 😛😂
Eidrep Gwapo
Eidrep Gwapo Prije 11 dana
is this thing on?
Eidrep Gwapo
Eidrep Gwapo Prije 11 dana
Dakota Reed
Dakota Reed Prije 11 dana
That wasnt 20 thousand people...maybe like 4 or 5 thousand
Sumon May
Sumon May Prije 12 dana
Stsgfsv retire d
Amanda Ga
Amanda Ga Prije 13 dana
Is anyone actually a fan of hers? I just discovered her channel and her personality is just awful, tf she got so many followers?
Roxanne Leonard
Roxanne Leonard Prije 14 dana
Tana doesn't look like Michael Jackson with brunette hair. SHE LIED TO US AGAIN.
Wesli Moura
Wesli Moura Prije 19 dana
Elena Alexandra
Elena Alexandra Prije 19 dana
She’s 21?! And she’s already huge hypocrite and disrespectful to everyone except herself opinion and And MTV supports and promotes this?! WHY?????
Jonas Ark
Jonas Ark Prije 20 dana
blondes in a district 13 would not fight eachother however when in contact with other races they r alufe and accept that they will be destructive to others. In short the point im getting to is blondes r racist and only respect aryan folk. Beware next time u meet one.
Maggie Prije 20 dana
god what a load of crap such dull stupid people, got through 4 mins
Farrell Deebach-Carpenter
Bwahaha "she'll fist her knees off..." 🤣🤣
Tara Parks
Tara Parks Prije 25 dana
No affense but she is already a whore because of the fact that she peed on Shane Dawson if you haven't watch that video go check it out at...Tana paul's channel😂
My name is JEFF
My name is JEFF Prije 25 dana
what’s she talking about jake
d w
d w Prije 26 dana
Jonas Ark
Jonas Ark Prije 29 dana "Hill discovered that child marriages occur in California because, like in many states, there was no minimum age to wed, and in still other states, the laws set the age below age 18, even if one spouse is years or decades older." No minimum age to wed. Understand? Pedophilia Boycott Usa.
Chichi Lynn
Chichi Lynn Prije mjesec
I fkn love Jordan
Kyle Durkach
Kyle Durkach Prije mjesec
losers. wow people that watch this are bigger losers
Satyam Tiwari
Satyam Tiwari Prije mjesec
I love you tona
Cyrsclin Prije mjesec
*They started giving reality shows to HRvidrs?*
19852017 Prije mjesec
Boo. Just boo.
Ellanie Jay
Ellanie Jay Prije mjesec
I wish i had a friend group like that to be honest
lulla by
lulla by Prije mjesec
I am re Binge watching this season for de billionth time! Cmon MTV We need season 2 like.RN!
Gabe Anzek
Gabe Anzek Prije mjesec
shes like so old
Natural Life
Natural Life Prije mjesec
Right we've already seen all of this footage in her vlogs lmao
belly idol
belly idol Prije mjesec
Does that one Ashley girl have any normal shirts lol all she wears is bras. Tits not that good
Spoon Bear
Spoon Bear Prije mjesec
Why are we making these people famous.
b grl
b grl Prije mjesec
girl tana has always been R rated and that’s how we love herrr r
Brionna Leigh
Brionna Leigh Prije mjesec
We all would have worn that she was just jealous that she’s too fat to fit in it and made you lose on some money because she couldn’t buy it herself and look good that makes me mad as hell she knows damn well that would’ve went OFF tans
josemanuel fe de vida
how are you tuday
Gahgae Prije mjesec
brown dog looks like a rat
Nadia Todorovski
Nadia Todorovski Prije mjesec
why did tana want to make a whole damn reality show? 😂
Joy Mboya
Joy Mboya Prije mjesec
Omg tana an bucket hats 12:28
Kiana Dyson
Kiana Dyson Prije mjesec
I need a Jordan in my life. Like seriously.
Luka M
Luka M Prije mjesec
Jordan is so hot wtf
Anna Fenina
Anna Fenina Prije mjesec
This could be better this aint it MTV
CJ Schmitt
CJ Schmitt Prije mjesec
there mere fact that there are so many views to this trash is a testament to the downfall of society
Rachael C
Rachael C Prije mjesec
ashley looks so hot in every single scene ngl
Roda Gayle Rañada
Roda Gayle Rañada Prije mjesec
Where are HER PARENTS?!?!?!
chey cat
chey cat Prije mjesec
Alibye Baby
Alibye Baby Prije mjesec
She is so mean. Omg
Nevaeh Melcher
Nevaeh Melcher Prije mjesec
The dog is so skinny
lindsay&andrew g
lindsay&andrew g Prije mjesec
God shes so annoying
Alonzo Johnson
Alonzo Johnson Prije mjesec
she right alot of teens wear see through clothing
Maddie McGhee
Maddie McGhee Prije mjesec
The way tana sounds at 9:10 ...... I fucking can’t
Morgan Moore
Morgan Moore Prije mjesec
This is my first time watching anything tana related and I am confused lol
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