The Genius Way Tana Mongeau’s Getting Back At her Cheating Ex | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

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Already on a journey to rebuild her reputation following 2018’s disastrous TanaCon, Tana Mongeau reclaims her future (plus, seeks a little revenge) in the midst of a bad break-up and her looming 21st birthday.
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. New episodes premiere Mondays on MTV HRvid.
Licensed media courtesy of Adam22, Amanda Golka, Johnathan Hinman, Lissa Ray, and Michael Weist.


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8. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 7 395
MTV Prije dan
ATTENTION TANA FANS!!! Episode #2 of Tana Turns 21 premieres TODAY, 7/16 at 5p ET on HRvid!! >>>
RAmen ramen
RAmen ramen Prije dan
Lowkey fitting that its a day late. Very tana
cesar and monse beta get back together PERIODT
This is just a reality show.. But the vlog version... more advanced
Darrick Sp40
Darrick Sp40 Prije 32 minuta
Love Tana so so so so so much but this show wasn’t super well done 😞
Mosuda Prije 42 minuta
Should we start a go fund me to buy Ashly a full shirt?
Courtney Powell
Courtney Powell Prije 3 sati
What happened to Bella her bff?
Jessica Woodard
Jessica Woodard Prije 3 sati
M👏T👏V👏........make the episodes longer!!!
ZaRealist Ray
ZaRealist Ray Prije 3 sati
Is it just me or does his eyebrows get me so tight? WHY IS IT SHAPED LIKE THT😂
Brailey Martin
Brailey Martin Prije 5 sati
when tana started to cry i was about to cry
Katie Love
Katie Love Prije 6 sati
I pity her manager lol
Andi Molloy
Andi Molloy Prije 6 sati
OMG the level of savagery with the bye sister 😂👌🏻😭
Andi Molloy
Andi Molloy Prije 6 sati
Is anyone else in love with Jordan 🤔 just me ok 👌🏻
Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor Prije 7 sati
Imari should just have his own show
leroy jenkins
leroy jenkins Prije 7 sati
Her friend the girl is soooo fake it's ridiculous.
Roman Prije 7 sati
The Genius Way Tana Mongeau’s Getting Back At her Cheating Ex | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21
ivi Deszatigny
ivi Deszatigny Prije 8 sati
you can see the envy of the 2 friends ... we'll see soon how they make a "jordanwoods" scandal to tana
tinhisa l
tinhisa l Prije 8 sati
They burned that pillow like those people outside burned 😣😣
Cherry Elliston
Cherry Elliston Prije 8 sati
Why do I not hate this
Kailey the Animal Lover
Lol her manager is the biggest mood
Anais Gouati
Anais Gouati Prije 9 sati
This is a less better version of tana vlogs
alex catherine
alex catherine Prije 9 sati
tana: im not having sex rn jordan: *is wearing jana merch*
Mckenzie Ross
Mckenzie Ross Prije 9 sati
wow tana is actually the worst
melany reyes
melany reyes Prije 9 sati
0:57 holy shoot....THE GLOW UPS😮😂
Anthony Villavicencio
ignores shane dawson
Christie Egan
Christie Egan Prije 10 sati
Ashly is the clear star of the show
Orion Is Here
Orion Is Here Prije 10 sati
I dont hate her for her scandals i sort of hate her for her personality.
Karina Prije 10 sati
are tana and isabella still friends??
Jennifer Barnes
Jennifer Barnes Prije 11 sati
Who tf says "railed me" 🤦
Summer Weakley
Summer Weakley Prije 11 sati
Did she just say bye sister 😅😂💀
kelsey limm
kelsey limm Prije 11 sati
Its so weird watching this when it was Kian and Jcs old house 😭🤣
IGS Prije 11 sati
Is her dog supposed to look like a stick?
Bellita Murga
Bellita Murga Prije 11 sati
Turning 21 but looks 28 😂😂
Leonardo Da vinci
Leonardo Da vinci Prije 12 sati
Who's the brunette guy at 12:32? He's yummyy
P Bang
P Bang Prije 12 sati
She is 20? She looks like she is 30 lmao too much shit on her face
Juliana Varela
Juliana Varela Prije 12 sati
Yesss Tana I LOVE YOUUUU ❤️❤️
ciara marie
ciara marie Prije 12 sati
where is bella tho.,,,,
Laura Beth
Laura Beth Prije 11 sati
They broke up
Keyla C
Keyla C Prije 12 sati
But these arent the actual full episodes correct?
Pari Cocolin
Pari Cocolin Prije 12 sati
How do you watch Tana turns 21 because I can’t find it on mtv app???
Pari Cocolin
Pari Cocolin Prije 12 sati
How do you watch Tana turns 21 because I can’t find it on mtv app???
Ally Jones
Ally Jones Prije 12 sati
where is that hoodie from
Sarah Burgess
Sarah Burgess Prije 13 sati
fan: *forgets sunscreen* *gets burned* fan: TANA BURNED ME
Laura Beth
Laura Beth Prije 11 sati
They were outside like 5 hours
Mateo Argueta
Mateo Argueta Prije 14 sati
You a cool person not sexy
Mateo Argueta
Mateo Argueta Prije 14 sati
Mateo Argueta
Mateo Argueta Prije 14 sati
You sexxxxxyyy
Majestic Kaneki
Majestic Kaneki Prije 14 sati
I’ve already seen all this from Tana’s vlog kinda feels like a recap but with reality TV music playing lmao
Chels Prije 14 sati
Whooooooo Jesus, Tana being disrespectful about her manager’s girlfriend 5 mins in. A big ol YIKES.
Chloe Ganson
Chloe Ganson Prije 14 sati
Why is her eye makeup SO PRETTY😍
Brenda Prije 14 sati
I would’ve bought that Bikini piece, I think it looks hot af
Caroline Poole
Caroline Poole Prije 14 sati
"Ashly and Imari are my hometown best friends and the only people i actually trust in this world. They're my ride or dies" Bella:...and i oop-
overdosesad Prije 15 sati
i guess thats a good relationship to have with your manager?
Casper Jade
Casper Jade Prije 15 sati
this is too scripted? not like scripted (it probably is) but like too much structure I like messy tana