The Inside Crew Reacts to Kawhi Leonard's Historic Game 7 Buzzer-Beater | NBA on TNT

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Shaq, Chuck, Kenny and Ernie react as Kawhi Leonard sends the Toronto Raptors to the ECF with an incredible shot at the buzzer.
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12. Svi 2019.



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Komentari 80
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm Prije 2 dana
We only count swishes in my neighborhood
Sean Esguerra
Sean Esguerra Prije 3 dana
It's a travel
R Factor
R Factor Prije 6 dana
The championship ya
Randy Bell
Randy Bell Prije 7 dana
I love how Ernie tries to reign everything in constantly while everyone else wants to put in their 2 cents
Lus S
Lus S Prije 9 dana
Kawhi deserved a championship after that fadeaway
Fredrik Dahl
Fredrik Dahl Prije 10 dana
I think everyone in the world just became a Toronto raptors fan , after that legendary game winning shot. I think it is the only game winner in a game 7 in nba playoffs history
pack ball
pack ball Prije 13 dana
To all superstar players don't mess with this guy. Take giannis as example. He will dunk, post fade away, perimeter, 3s, crossover while locking you down.
H DLT Prije 17 dana
unodosyes Prije 18 dana
3:00 Travelling
James Galbraith
James Galbraith Prije 4 dana
Edan Negrin
Edan Negrin Prije 18 dana
This is the greatest NBA shot of all-time. Change my mind.
VictoryPixel Prije 19 dana
Ahhh man I love 76ers fan
Bigge Bingo
Bigge Bingo Prije 21 dan
So would the bucks have to hear the warriors were hurt to or are y’all just salty @warriors fans
Marius Poulsen
Marius Poulsen Prije 23 dana
Number 1.000.000
Dojya —aan
Dojya —aan Prije 25 dana
"What a great day and night of NBA hoops"
something clever
something clever Prije 26 dana
Barkley on Kawhi... "He didn't have a good game" One of the dumbest things I've ever heard in my life. If you're only looking at his FG's you're an idiot. He played under control the entire night. (43 minutes) He didn't take any bad shots, and he controlled the tempo of the game.
Lil shevy Gaming
Lil shevy Gaming Prije 27 dana
I hate football
I hate football Prije 12 dana
@Lil shevy Gaming Yeah we know. But still won the chip nevertheless 🤷🏽‍♂️
Lil shevy Gaming
Lil shevy Gaming Prije 12 dana
No he took 5 steps
I hate football
I hate football Prije 12 dana
MrDecember91 Prije 27 dana
Quarantine binge watching Leonard dominate the 18-19 playoffs
Mikes Prije mjesec
Ben Simmons would have stopped that shot.. maybe blocked but most likely made it so difficult he would’ve missed. I know he knows 🤭 but it is what it is. Congratulations the klaw. My second favourite player 🙃🙂
Iraj P
Iraj P Prije mjesec
What is the highlight music? PLEASE
Los Tres Gods
Los Tres Gods Prije mjesec
Kawhi's last shot was a travel if you pay close attention
Joao Pedro Teofilo
Joao Pedro Teofilo Prije mjesec
🤣 “you can’t be afraid.. if you afraid, get a daaaawg!” Sir Charles
GoodGolly MsMolly
GoodGolly MsMolly Prije mjesec
7:44 the best game 7 we’ve ever had America. Happens in Canada
Fanfully Prije mjesec
The shot heard around the world!
justin persad
justin persad Prije mjesec
Philly fans WORST nightmare
M T Prije mjesec
There's no crying in basketball
Raw2929 Will
Raw2929 Will Prije mjesec
Still saying the same thing now 😂😂😂😂🤣😂
Steven Isaac
Steven Isaac Prije mjesec
I can watch this shot all day everyday
Vxule2k Prije mjesec
He travelled tho
D Holloway
D Holloway Prije mjesec
Still hurt
Tye James
Tye James Prije mjesec
And nobody noticed that he traveled for the game winner
Angel Rivas
Angel Rivas Prije mjesec
Shaq is such a fool
Bolofex Prije mjesec
It was a travel though
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard Prije mjesec
My miracle shot
Darin Fairbanks
Darin Fairbanks Prije 2 mjeseci
Who else wishes Kawhi had stayed?
Abu Lahab
Abu Lahab Prije 2 mjeseci
Greatest shot in NBA history
wsk 24
wsk 24 Prije 2 mjeseci
6:10 sam cassell and robert horry rolling over in their grave? Lol aren't you supposed to say that once their dead
Kionta Hawkins
Kionta Hawkins Prije 2 mjeseci
It would’ve been a nice game winner . . . BUT . . . Kawhi TRAVELLED !! 😂😂😂
Susan Martin
Susan Martin Prije 2 mjeseci
kbkturtle Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s a travel and a moving screen on that game winner. Shouldn’t have counted
Kevan Jackson
Kevan Jackson Prije 2 mjeseci
Where?🤔👀 you blind fool?
Hubert Semeniano
Hubert Semeniano Prije 2 mjeseci
I can't be the only one to watched this again after the NBA posted the full game
Chairofthebored Prije 2 mjeseci
Who's here watching this after the live replay today? March 23, 2020
Maulen. IDC Florez
Maulen. IDC Florez Prije 2 mjeseci
Can't watch basketball with the season being delayed. Time to watch some highlights.
Cory Prije 2 mjeseci
So many salty Americans 😂
Frankie Read
Frankie Read Prije 2 mjeseci
🔥🔥🔥 *wondefull* 0:36 🔥💖 👇👇👇👇💓
Raul Wise
Raul Wise Prije 2 mjeseci
🔥 *very nice* 1:11 💜💝🎬 👇 👇 👇🧡
Envy San Diego
Envy San Diego Prije 2 mjeseci
Imo, it’s the greatest shot of all time. And this is coming from a Lakers fan. You could argue that several Kobe shots were better, but I don’t think any shot by Kobe, Jordan, Lebron, or anyone else was as good as this. I’m already a huge fan of Leonard (same college.) The Raptors’ fan base is so deserving of this, and it was just so exciting to watch.
PoorAttemptAtHumor Prije 2 mjeseci
Yo Thats A Travel
Zac Griffiths
Zac Griffiths Prije 2 mjeseci
🔥🔥🔥 *nice action* 1:12 💚🖤💚 👇👇👇👇👇❣
Life And More
Life And More Prije 2 mjeseci
🤣🤣 embiid crying.
Tom Sugars
Tom Sugars Prije 2 mjeseci
@ 3:35 harris looks abit salty under the rim
Dr360Wave Prije 2 mjeseci
Good times what a legendary game
JJ - 06MR - Great Lakes PS (1476)
Legit no one: .. Me: Now think about what Demar is thinking about ☠️💀💀
tyler martino
tyler martino Prije 3 mjeseci
being a sixers fan and watching this at 2am = sad boy hours
Steve Cormier
Steve Cormier Prije 3 mjeseci
Excuses. Just admit raptors are a better team
Grime is Alive
Grime is Alive Prije 3 mjeseci
wow watching this back you realise how much they under appreciated the value of Kawhi Leonaid...
Nelson Bermudez
Nelson Bermudez Prije 3 mjeseci
Looks like he travelled when he got the ball.
Eric Andreen
Eric Andreen Prije 3 mjeseci
Charles Shaqs trying to tell you how to win a ring
Jason Popp
Jason Popp Prije 3 mjeseci
That was a kobe shot
Michael Prije 4 mjeseci
When your team's 7-footer is taking 3s, you know you are in trouble.
agetori77 Prije 4 mjeseci
Chills still
BEEFCAKE 306 Prije 4 mjeseci
2020 anyone? Where's my Canadians at 🇨🇦
donald paluga
donald paluga Prije 4 mjeseci
That's why we have a ring and you don't, Chuck-The North #WeTheChamps
Lifxzvb Prije 4 mjeseci
I will tell my grand kids about this and they will tell there’s about is years later
Tyr Loki
Tyr Loki Prije 5 mjeseci
JEFFMAN90 Prije 5 mjeseci
Wrong hater
Sam Welsh
Sam Welsh Prije 5 mjeseci
I like that it wasn't a 3 pointer
denniszenanywhere Prije 5 mjeseci
If the coach review option was in effect here, it would be called a travel but I like that Toronto won anyway
R C Prije 5 mjeseci
I’m still watching this in December.
pramey tripathi
pramey tripathi Prije 6 mjeseci
2:28 I've seen that before he took the last 20 shots 😆😆
Kevin Joss
Kevin Joss Prije 6 mjeseci
An incredible shot, Embiid nearly lands on a set of towels ( 3:05 ), left on the floor by the girl watching the shot.WE THE NORTH
Michelle Qureshi
Michelle Qureshi Prije 6 mjeseci
2040: Ok kids open your history textbooks (Kawhi Leonard)
Kicks1981 35
Kicks1981 35 Prije 6 mjeseci
So glad nba dont have fiba rules
Zhongyi Ding
Zhongyi Ding Prije 6 mjeseci
That shot is incredible....!
Rhino Houdini
Rhino Houdini Prije 6 mjeseci
methinks the Raps will win it all again this year
aporchmonkey Prije 6 mjeseci
Chuck does nothing but make excuses, you can tell he's a hater. So much ish talk.
Sam Welsh
Sam Welsh Prije 6 mjeseci
shaq knew he was wrong that's why he said the series is over.
rico pesos
rico pesos Prije 7 mjeseci
He hit them with the famous Jordan switch hand layup from baseline smh then a fadaway from the side line by the bench Micheal Jordan taught these elite players how to shoot and win.
67061912 Prije 7 mjeseci
That was a historical shot that will live forever.
Joseph Rolinski
Joseph Rolinski Prije 7 mjeseci
If Cheap Shot Petro? didn't purposely injured Kawhi, The SPURS would have beaten the warriors...
Kaleb Loshbough
Kaleb Loshbough Prije 7 mjeseci
If you haven't cried after a loss you shouldnt be on the field or court
4 mat
4 mat Prije 7 mjeseci
JEFFMAN90 Prije 5 mjeseci
Best Buzzer Beaters of All Time
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