The language of lying - Noah Zandan

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We hear anywhere from 10 to 200 lies a day. And although we’ve spent much of our history coming up with ways to detect these lies by tracking physiological changes in their tellers, these methods have proved unreliable. Is there a more direct approach? Noah Zandan uses some famous examples of lying to illustrate how we might use communications science to analyze the lies themselves.

Lesson by Noah Zandan, animation by The Moving Company Animation Studio.

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3. Stu 2014.



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Komentari 10 991
Typical•Ren Prije 16 sati
ok mom you werent fixing the bed with dad at night. So where did all the bang and slapping sound come from
Stefan Kurlak
Stefan Kurlak Prije 3 dana
Disgraced Armstrong the best example of a dangerous liar
Chee Nou Lo
Chee Nou Lo Prije 5 dana
New way…play Among Us.
Sapphire771 Prije 6 dana
Guys are total liars
DEMare RATS Prije 7 dana
How to spot a liar? Ask them if they’re democrats. Common man ! It’s common sense
Ádám Fehér
Ádám Fehér Prije 7 dana
75.352 politician likes this video.
Ritesh Lama
Ritesh Lama Prije 8 dana
alternate title: how to be a better lier
Charles Kondwani
Charles Kondwani Prije 8 dana
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Ozaydin Furkan
Ozaydin Furkan Prije 9 dana
Now i know why my gf that left me.kept saying my phone died sorry... ;(
Roler Crtaći
Roler Crtaći Prije 9 dana
Супер је, волим кад има превод на српски!!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Prije 10 dana
Alternative title: how to lie better
TheAmbitiousDuck Prije 10 dana
This sounds like how I rewrite an essay when I didn't reach the word count
Travis Romig
Travis Romig Prije 10 dana
People claim we are always talking about our selves so some of us try to avoid using the world I along with talking about our selves. Besides I noticed liars many times just by the words chosen. Everyone, Always, Never, its a fact or lastly "I'm from the Government and I'm here to help."
Hulita Tauveli
Hulita Tauveli Prije 10 dana
Interesting, I can spot a liar just by talking with them 🤨🧐🤔 but when I know they’re lying I just ignore it 😁 #Sometimes I waste my time to further detect the truth lol!
Pipam Prije 11 dana
Ele .Zer069
Ele .Zer069 Prije 11 dana
What About People Like Me Who Hate Everything & Curse Everything How Do I Know Im Lying
Chair Prije 12 dana
well things are really only ever simple or convoluted you cant have neither so that just doesnt seem to be saying anything to me.
Mathematics Prije 12 dana
What about the lies that someone conciders as truth? Also What about the truth that someone condiders as lie?
vignesh sanjay
vignesh sanjay Prije 12 dana
I am ready for the world...
Muhammad Ismail
Muhammad Ismail Prije 13 dana
did you know it's scientifically proven, that if you say "did you know it's scientifically proven", people are 80% of people believe what you say is true That was a lie
JohnathanLeeSprite Prije 14 dana
I run by the mantra "Everybody lies".
Jocelyn Joseph
Jocelyn Joseph Prije 15 dana
201: Raises/lowers or changes voice.
Leonard Gibney
Leonard Gibney Prije 15 dana
Words are used to deceive as much as inform
Luca Prije 17 dana
True: this video it’s a hot mess! 🤭
Priyanshi Khanna
Priyanshi Khanna Prije 17 dana
Just a question..."simple explanation" and "convoluted phrasing" appear to be opposites..., then, How to judge?
Heshani Keladina
Heshani Keladina Prije 17 dana
worst animation ever
Margaret D
Margaret D Prije 18 dana
Another President said: Covid will miraculously go away! As of 9/7/2021, 650,998 Americans have died of Covid. The 1918 Flu killed 675,000 Americans. At the rate people are dying - 1,500/day right now - Covid deaths will surpass the 1918 Flu deaths by 9/24/2021. Wish what the President said would have been true instead of a lie.
Hen ry
Hen ry Prije 18 dana
Lick them and the taste will be different to if they werent
Bugga Prije 19 dana
Thank you. I was able to spot that Red was the imposter
Ken Rogers
Ken Rogers Prije 19 dana
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merry hunt
merry hunt Prije 19 dana
Supposedly we hear 10 to 200 lies a day. I don't believe that. Many people don't even hear 200 ordinary sentences a day.
Colin Tate
Colin Tate Prije 19 dana
10-200. Hahaha, where did you pull that from
Andrew Once
Andrew Once Prije 21 dan
Did you lie? _No, but actually Yes._
Portia Makaba
Portia Makaba Prije 21 dan
im only 15 and my loved ones allways tell me about OCD so i finaly had the right mind set to look it up and i must say litrelly evrey thing u said is the stuff i do so i relly jut what to say thanks alot this really helped me
Gustavo Cauê
Gustavo Cauê Prije 23 dana
the video is still very interesting and informative and well made but it isnt the same with this voice
智商 水貨客
智商 水貨客 Prije 23 dana
5:06 a serious episode to watch and listen
智商 水貨客
智商 水貨客 Prije 23 dana
Nixon seem a real duck
iAM not MARK
iAM not MARK Prije 23 dana
Putangena kaya pala alam ni mama pag nag sisinungaling ako
SOKUN Visoth
SOKUN Visoth Prije 23 dana
I lie more better now thanks ahah good good
InfernoTara Prije 23 dana
the biggest liar i know is named noah, hes my brother
Biaka Hmar
Biaka Hmar Prije 23 dana
1) minimal self-reference 2) Negative Language 3) Simple definition 4) Convaluted statement
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 Prije 23 dana
good now imma go lie
Littlehaven Prije 24 dana
How to spot a liar that's easy watch fox news, cnn, msnbc, etc. oh uh Joe Biden.
ItzAshOutHere Prije 24 dana
"I dont lie, I just dont tell the full truth" Relatable? For Ex- Friend- Wanna play games? Me-No i dont have battery *In reality I dont have battery, but in another device*
ItzAshOutHere Prije 23 dana
Enoch Drebber
Enoch Drebber Prije 23 dana
Say not all not means a lie so... Is good
Ah Chruy
Ah Chruy Prije 24 dana
Counterexample Prije 25 dana
What about hierarchy criteria between those 4? Despite using negative language and simple explanation, Clinton did self reference by saying "I", and did not use convoluted phrasing, which is kinda opposite to simple explanation... Also, why didn't you mention Clinton's name but did so for Edwards?
Noctiluca Prije 25 dana
My father says, when I lie, I become timid. But really, I only become timid when I'm drowning in helpless fear. Says a lot doesn't it?
Jocelyn Joseph
Jocelyn Joseph Prije 15 dana
Gospel reading helps one show courage, thus ending 😨fear.
Raunak Kumar
Raunak Kumar Prije 25 dana
"if you're're lying thats it"
Сука Блять
Сука Блять Prije 26 dana
I'd come here for learning a new language. And I learned... What was that?
Nico Huber
Nico Huber Prije 26 dana
Turns out that having aphantasia, makes you a really good lier. Since telling a truth or a lie, take the exact same amount of effort, when you can't visually imagine either.
Radachel Kollie
Radachel Kollie Prije 26 dana
This was so interesting! I love your videos
FRISHR Prije 26 dana
Society is the biggest lie.
Fake Investor
Fake Investor Prije 27 dana
"I spoke to ...sort of the known head, but nobody was sure, but now I’m sure, and I was sure then when I was speaking to him. And I knew as soon as I spoke to him. And even the introduction, I say ‘Hello,’ and he screamed something very tough. And I then started with him. I said, listen, before we start the longtime conversation and conversations that we’re going to have, I have to say one thing, and I’ll never have to say it again to you. And here’s what I say" - Donald J Trump
p s
p s Prije 28 dana
Comparing lies and in true statements by the same person on the same incident to illustrate language patterns in lies a major flaw in this video. Only part of the difference in language between those two statements can be attributed to falsehood vs. truth. The language one uses to truthfully deny paternity will naturally be different than when one truthfully admits paternity, since the implications and emotional connection for the speaker are very different. The ideal case for illustrating the language of lying, where say the same person lied in one statement denying paternity and truthfully denied paternity in another, is very rare. The next best thing is comparing denials made by similar people in similar situations, where time has borne out that one lied and the other told the truth.
estefany louie
estefany louie Prije 28 dana
this video is a lie
jasper's channel
jasper's channel Prije 28 dana
but what if noah zandan is lying about all these lying tips?
Rice Jovital
Rice Jovital Prije 28 dana
Thanks to Dr. Jibola on HRvid he made it possible for me with his herbal medication I got rid of my HSV2
Merina Begum
Merina Begum Prije 29 dana
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Prije mjesec
You could also lick their sweat
Shenelle Kerr
Shenelle Kerr Prije mjesec
Jesus Loves You All Dearly❤️ Repent and turn to Him while you are alive🦋
Emm Aarr Pee
Emm Aarr Pee Prije mjesec
I don't know in which book you read these. But, what you're saying is only partly true. That would make it partly false. Hence, a lie. You may not be knowing that you're lying. That also happens with pathological liars.
pigeon Prije mjesec
all my family thinks I'm bad at lying because I keep the not so important lies REALLY obvious, and they don't expect anything from me because they already have this huge pile of other "lies"
skitsy17 Prije mjesec
“You sure have some crazy thoughts” cuz u call me liar. Haha🙋🏻‍♀️
Doflamingo Prije mjesec
"Teacher i have done the homework but forgot the notebook at home " The only truth of our life...
Doflamingo Prije mjesec
I am seeing everything lie now... Regret watching this
Invisible Individual
I do.
Herman Gomez
Herman Gomez Prije mjesec
'I always tell the truth even when ı lie.' -Tony Montana
Maroune el Person is how you spell*.* 10 years ago
Thanks! Now I spotted this video was a lie! =D
Lynne Reed
Lynne Reed Prije mjesec
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Jo Piscine
Jo Piscine Prije mjesec
Seems overall a fairly weak analysis.
Jan Allaire
Jan Allaire Prije mjesec
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Haroon Ayub
Haroon Ayub Prije mjesec
Worst lie: I am gonna marry Jungkook!!!
bOt Prije mjesec
Solve Me : I am a liar..... Am I really a liar ???
Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop Prije mjesec
Daniel Prije mjesec
Name a politician who doesn't lie.
R Nedlo
R Nedlo Prije mjesec
I had a mentally ill wife who, I am sure, could have passed any lie detector test. She believed what she lied about.
over07ful Prije mjesec
Their pants are on fire!!!!
Quach My
Quach My Prije mjesec
Cái nền chữ chạy nhiều qa, hơi khó đọc phụ đề 1 tí huhu, với cả, em thấy ví dụ klq lắm đến luận điểm
Phillip Robinson
Phillip Robinson Prije mjesec
Thanks Noah, good work. The biggest lies in history are the so called "Seven Deadly Sins". (Dishonesty isn't even listed!), and similarly, the Seven Cardinal Virtues which ignore honesty. Whoever wrote these thought we could live decent lives without being honest, and incur no penalty for lying. This absolutely disgraceful. Brave topic, thanks again. PR.
Charlesmarcel1972 Prije mjesec
Lying is a part of life👍
Charlesmarcel1972 Prije mjesec
Charisse Sombilla
Charisse Sombilla Prije mjesec
False witnesses, criminals and murderers are probably watching this
nyz一色智史の Prije mjesec
does this mean i'm multilingual? apparently i can speak english japanese & lies
Jennifer Wright
Jennifer Wright Prije mjesec
Another type of word is called being a introvert aka me and everyone I know
Martin Schulz
Martin Schulz Prije mjesec
Spotting a liar takes natural ability. (Some people are better at it than others) and some people are very convincing liars and convince most people including themselves. If you like someone you will tend to believe, and be blinded by them more. If you don't like them, you will scrutinize them more.
Darrius Dieharte
Darrius Dieharte Prije mjesec
me trying to cover my lies using this video 👁👄👁
KatouMiwa Prije mjesec
ah, well see. im always a liar . why? my anxiety disoorder kicks in whenever im questioned. so even if its true it looks like a lie ahaha
Arturo DeLaGarza
Arturo DeLaGarza Prije mjesec
darexinfinity Prije mjesec
Sounds like politicians revert to legal speak when lying.
Stella Bldk
Stella Bldk Prije mjesec
You say that liars use simple descriptions and articulate sentences. Isn't it the same thing?
Dreroyce Prije mjesec
4:59 Troll face intensifies
Scottish American
Scottish American Prije mjesec
I will tell you how! If they vote Democratic they are probably a liar
Main Prije mjesec
Very nice talk.
Hailey Holmes
Hailey Holmes Prije mjesec
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Breakfast Prije mjesec
PrinceCraft_ Prije mjesec
Zuko: "Noted"
Camilla M
Camilla M Prije mjesec
Thats the taste of a liar giorno giovanna
Anita McColl
Anita McColl Prije mjesec
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Ronnie aus Schkopau
Ronnie aus Schkopau Prije mjesec
10 to 200 lies a day ist Kitchen Psychology, a long debunked myth.
Prije mjesec
Biggest lie: “I have read the terms and condition and privacy policy”
Hector Tellez
Hector Tellez Prije mjesec
You calling me a liar, is that what u calling me!
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