THE LAST OF US 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (Last of Us Part 2)

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The Last of Us 2 (Last of Us Part 2) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes the Intro, Review, Campaign Mission 1 of the Last of Us Part II Single Player Story Campaign for PS4 Pro and PS5 (Playstation 5) later. Thanks Playstation for giving me this review copy. This 2020 The Last of Us Part 2 Story Campaign Walkthrough will be the Full Game including a Review, Prologue, All Story Chapters, OST, Cut Scenes, Cinematics, Missions, Joel, Ellie, Abby, Artifacts, Trading Cards, Journal Entries, Workbenches, Safes, Chapters, Jackson, Seattle Day 1, Encounters and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story.
The Last of Us Part II is an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Playstation 5. Set five years after the events of The Last of Us, players enter the role of 19-year-old Ellie, who comes into conflict with a mysterious cult in a post-apocalyptic United States. The game contains survival horror elements and is played from the third-person perspective. Players can use firearms, improvised weapons, and stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus.
The Last of Us Part 2 is played from the third-person perspective. Players can use firearms, bows, improvised weapons, and stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus. The gameplay mechanics in Part II have also expanded upon its predecessor, The Last of Us. In it the player character can traverse the environment more openly by being able to reach higher vantage points by jumping and climbing while playing as the more nimble Ellie. Players can also crawl in a prone position to evade enemies. Throughout the game, players will have a non-player character assisting them. Additionally, large portions of the game are set in Seattle, Washington.
The game also sees the return of "Listen Mode" allowing players to locate enemies through a heightened sense of hearing and spatial awareness, indicated as outlines visible through walls and objects. Additionally, players can collect supplements to upgrade skills in a skill tree. The three main branches of the tree are Survival, Crafting, and Stealth. Survival upgrades improve health, Listen Mode's range, and throw distance. Crafting upgrades allow for melee upgrades, increase to Ellie's crafting speed, and the ability to craft smoke and stun bombs. Stealth upgrades improve prone movement speed, faster stealth kills, and unlock pistol silencers. Part II also introduces guard dogs that can track the player's scent.
The Last of Us Part II takes place five years after the events of the first game and about 25 years after the outbreak of the Cordyceps Brain Infection began. Ellie, who is now 19 years old, will return as the main protagonist whom players will assume control of, as well as Joel in his mid-fifties. The story will be split into four seasonal chapters, starting with Jackson County, Wyoming, during the winter months. The pair, having settled down in Tommy's settlement, live in relative peace within the thriving community. While there, Ellie has even managed to form friendships with Dina and Jesse. However, the survivors face constant threats from the Infected and other hostile survivors.
Characters include:
Ellie - The playable protagonist of the game. Ellie was formerly a denizen from the Boston Quarantine Zone and is immune to the Cordyceps Brain Infection. She returns from the original game and is now nineteen years old and sports a tattoo over the bite scar on her right arm. She is fueled by hate and is on a personal quest of revenge against unknown people.
Joel - The deuteragonist of the game. Joel is a survivor of the CBI outbreak who returns from the original game, alongside Ellie. He is now in his early to mid-fifties.
Unnamed woman - A stocky woman whom Emily hunted for unknown reasons. Her name remains a secret.
Dina - A young woman, Jesse's ex-girlfriend and Ellie’s associate.
Yara - Yara and her brother Lev were former members of the Seraphites.
Lev - Lev is Yara's younger brother. The pair left the Seraphites for unknown reasons.
Tommy - Joel's younger brother, also returning from the original game. He is one of the leaders of the community in Jackson.
Jesse - Dina's ex-boyfriend and a friend of Ellie.
Emily - A member of a religious cult called the Seraphites, set to wipe out all 'sin' in the world after the outbreak.
Nora - A high-ranking member in the Washington Liberation Front. Ellie pursues her through Seattle.
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theRadBrad Prije 3 mjeseci
Just wanted to say thanks for any and all support you drop on this video. Been looking forward to this for 7 years and I’m glad to have you with me again fam. Update: I'm pretty blown away by the support on this series so far and I just want you to know I appreciate all of you for watching. Update 2: I chose two winners based on the comment and just found two that stood out. Winner 1: Adam Sniffing - Winner 2: The Time Lads - Reach out to my email and I'll get you both sorted out.
Paula Jackson
Paula Jackson Prije mjesec
MARK BENNETT Prije 2 mjeseci
Rad thats what i thought because she's got a bit of a size to her. Kind of hench
99 Prije 2 mjeseci
Congrats Brad on the baby
Forza Juve
Forza Juve Prije 2 mjeseci
I am UNSUBSCRIBE Markiplier and change Sub to Your channel !
MyTownDrunk Prije 3 mjeseci
Bro by far it took me way to long to find your channel 😂🤣😑. On the other hand I love and appreciate your gaming and sharing all these years. You deserve it all. Based solely on your gaming and input on games man. Great dude.
Eric Buys
Eric Buys Prije 5 sati
Imagine in the future them making the last of us 2 remastered
Count Dragula
Count Dragula Prije 14 sati
nope. not watching. until you finally do that AC: Syndicate mission correctly and don't butcher it like you did.
Adam Chebaa
Adam Chebaa Prije 18 sati
Did you play on hdr off or on? I need 2 know
Ninjamime63 Prije dan
that nathan drake joke was funny man nice
Colby Hughes
Colby Hughes Prije dan
I remember first finding your channel from your play thru of the original. Awesome to be watching you play the new one
John Kremin
John Kremin Prije dan
"What's the downside to eating a clock?" For whatever reason I thought this was gonna be a tourettes joke. They do be having a lot of tics.
Carl Howard
Carl Howard Prije dan
Here we go part 2 thank you brad being looking forward to watch this 👍👍👍💙
Ghost_Pepper Prije 2 dana
Ok guys i just got done watching the first last of us series and he said he doesn’t see why there’s any need to come out with a 2nd one i thought wth wdym there needs to be a 2 3 4
TrocitY Prije 3 dana
I like how every trailer I've seen, none of them show Abby. Naughty dog said "you didn't see?" I said see what? Naughty dog replies "deez nuts". I must admit you got me naughty dog.
Reyloaddictxx Prije 3 dana
I found your channel when u were doing the bat man series
Mike's Bike's
Mike's Bike's Prije 3 dana
Ahh lame game!!! No thanks first one was okay. It's a play it once game that's it , how do you play 16 times? 0 free play all scripted go along the trail of the next scene. Drama drama soap op video game. Hello Luke & Laura. Ugh
Lloyd Isaacs
Lloyd Isaacs Prije 3 dana
Man you need to check around more find a lot more items you need playing that way.
LuigiKartStadium Prije 3 dana
I love how he doesnt talk when theres a cutscene and you gotta give respect for that
Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel Prije 4 dana
Heart Of The Forest
Heart Of The Forest Prije 4 dana
During a fit of gaming rage I posted somewhere about this game being shit and what not, now can't find my comment so wanted to make it right. This game is actually fucking Amazing! Contemplating playing it again 👌
RajathTURBO Prije 4 dana
I finished watching the last of us part 1 just now , it's so funny how radbrad used to use the cuss words so often in those videos , and was always talking about ps4 coming out soon , Here , Now he has a daughter and talking about how this game would look on ps5 , and not even a single cuss word . Man , times change .
sinkiy Prije 4 dana
Y’all wanna know what I think? I think there will be a last of us 3 with the Joel we used to know from the first game. Not this broken, softman that has given up on life. They have a chance to win people back over if they do that. They could write a reason he gave up and became this broken man that had no care for anything but Ellie. That Abby could’ve been his way to try and do something good to redeem himself about something but it got him killed. Something along that line. Lou2 could be the very last game and lou3 is where the first one continues. Wouldn’t that be something.
Luke Hodder
Luke Hodder Prije 4 dana
Best game I have ever played this game broke me like no other game personally this game is so underrated and I can’t wait for a third hopefully there is and I recommend this game to anyone who wants a good game Cus this is the best and no game has made me feel so attached but tbh this game change that
Slattt Szn
Slattt Szn Prije 4 dana
Bro too many damn ads
zxcvbnm Prije dan
Who cares man the least we can do to support him is to watch the ads
Slattt Szn
Slattt Szn Prije 4 dana
In the first ten minutes there was two ads like cmon
Luis heller
Luis heller Prije 4 dana
hola!!! la verdad imprecionante video me encanto espero el nuevo material me voy les envio besis gracias
Skyler Wade
Skyler Wade Prije 5 dana
Brad bro I’ve been watching you since silent hill downpour and ever since your videos are the first thing i look for on HRvid
Bharath Kumar
Bharath Kumar Prije 6 dana
Tell your ps4 account
Bharath Kumar
Bharath Kumar Prije 6 dana
I am also join please send your account
Cherry Aesthetic
Cherry Aesthetic Prije 6 dana
So I just discovered brads HRvid channel I watched the last of us 1 on his channel recently and I saw it was 7 years old. This is 7 years later and he has a kid. I’m so proud of him. I think this is a HRvid channel I may be watching for years.
FichDichInDemArsch Prije 6 dana
More SJW bullshit. Great.
FichDichInDemArsch Prije 6 dana
Boring game.
FichDichInDemArsch Prije 6 dana
Ridiculous game with a ridiculous premise.
Tom N
Tom N Prije 7 dana
too many ads man geez
Elizabeth Prije 7 dana
Why does Abby have such giant arms?
Fardin Modz
Fardin Modz Prije 7 dana
Aishreya Hajaree
Aishreya Hajaree Prije 8 dana
Lol I heard s clicking noise and i was like wtf
Piyush Bidhuri
Piyush Bidhuri Prije 9 dana
7 years ago Brad said in his video "Joel's a man's man "and wouldn't sing but i guess he did sing, took him 7 years though !
djCatScanRL Prije 9 dana
ugh, when U watch a PlayStation exclusive vid & an Xbox ad pops up 🚫👎🏼🤮
Eriaxis Prije 9 dana
Who came here after cory didn't finish the game?
TheAntiTrope Prije 9 dana
Jesus Christ I'm old 🤣, Brad has a daughter and her name is Clementine and that's totally a reference. It's been a long journey to here, feel like my war buddy just had a kid and I'm slowly processing that I'm a kinda Uncle. 😢 Damn near of a decade.
FunkyDiabetic1 Prije 9 dana
The rad dad! I love it! Thats so awesome, Congrats! Clementine lucked out in the dad department. I remember back in the first last of us series when you said “I’d rather mess up my carpet than my life.” I’m glad you came around on that. Being a dad is the best.
BlackSheep Prije 10 dana
Holy shit a kid? I found you in 2012. Im in college now
Machete Lee
Machete Lee Prije 10 dana
people hate this game for no reason i mean it’s super fucking sad every single moment you can feel the pain from joel or ellie and that’s why i love this game
YvnglightY Prije 10 dana
Tell me yall hear it when he says I don't know he's sounds like that I 'iDuNnO guy'
Im Not Sure
Im Not Sure Prije 11 dana
yo i seen the last of us when ellie turned 18 a few years ago
Indian Fantail Pigeons
brad is avery good youtuber but not a good gamer, semms to not understand stealth is how you survive in the games
the family channel shoota
His daughter's name is Clementine? AWW When I have a kid I'm naming her that to. But of course that won't be until 10 years.
EQOAnostalgia Prije 12 dana
Naughty Dog are satanic, their agenda is anti family, anti Christian morals and androgyny.
daniel sanchez arguelles
Аким Асланов
I am absolutely convinced that in the second part, the developers definitely should not have returned to the topic that Joel lied to Ellie at the end of the last part. Then everything ended in the final on a powerful note. Yes, Ellie didn't know everything. But she realized that Joel was lying and accepted his lie. The fact that this topic was returned to, the fact that Ellie suddenly wondered what had happened, the fact that she hated Joel for lying, devalues the finale of the last part. Makes it worthless. It would have been a different matter if she had accidentally found out what had happened, but she hadn't told Joel about her discovery, and their relationship wouldn't have soured because of it. And it would highlight to us how important Joel and her relationship with him is to Ellie. Like everything they've been through.
Hamad Al subaiei
Hamad Al subaiei Prije 13 dana
Clementine will remember that
Arjun Mishra
Arjun Mishra Prije 13 dana
Can we play this on pc ?
Arjun Mishra
Arjun Mishra Prije 8 dana
@Machete Lee ok , thanks!
Machete Lee
Machete Lee Prije 10 dana
Chamcha Bacha
Chamcha Bacha Prije 14 dana
How convenient loooool😂
Joe Alend
Joe Alend Prije 14 dana
Automatic hate dina
MT09 MaDnEsS
MT09 MaDnEsS Prije 14 dana
I'm still weirded out by the woman with a dudes body 😂🤣😂🤙
T4LG x King
T4LG x King Prije 14 dana
Brad I have been watching you for 10 years now and holy shit I’ve never expected this congratulations man 🤧😪
Crazy Tw1st
Crazy Tw1st Prije 15 dana
If I make a game I will make sure there is a dog to pet for brad
george jones
george jones Prije 15 dana
this game looks absolutly sick
george jones
george jones Prije 15 dana
he loved her. thats it
itsnenboo Prije 16 dana
brad i love ure vids i foundd ure chanal i think 2018 or 2019
Glossy_ Sunfish5
Glossy_ Sunfish5 Prije 16 dana
Come on let’s get him to 12 mil he’s soo close
Aida Seck
Aida Seck Prije 16 dana
You're my best youtuber
Johnny Rage
Johnny Rage Prije 17 dana
Joel was killed before fathers day check the release date!
Benjamin Gonzales
Benjamin Gonzales Prije 17 dana
Wth he's a dad?
Claudia Tapia
Claudia Tapia Prije 17 dana
I'm your biggest fan I love your videos I'm sorry I got this to you the rad Brad but you're my favorite HRvidr thank you
Claudia Tapia
Claudia Tapia Prije 17 dana
Lil' Dezza
Lil' Dezza Prije 18 dana
The Trans and Lesbians of us 2 sucks
xxsteve rickxx
xxsteve rickxx Prije 19 dana
Gee tar go brrrrrrrrrrr
alsalthree Prije 19 dana
I know you don't make the game and Sony said some may not like the game. I for one do not like homosexual acts. I follow your playing a lot. I went as far as I could in this series (part 5). My thumbs up were for your playing, not the game I'll see ya in Avengers.
alsalthree Prije 9 dana
@Machete Lee We're OK
Machete Lee
Machete Lee Prije 9 dana
alsalthree I never spent anything wrong 🤡
Machete Lee
Machete Lee Prije 10 dana
Ok first of all no one cares for your opinion and second of all your family is prolly homophobic no 🧢
Oinkawa SaltyShima
Oinkawa SaltyShima Prije 19 dana
OMG HE CALLED HIS DAUGHTER CHEMENTINE I SENSE THE WALKING DEAD!!!! man I love brad so much he is so wholesome!!!
Trevor Christensen
Trevor Christensen Prije 20 dana
Hossein Hosseini
Hossein Hosseini Prije 20 dana
why you talking so much in any video ?
Machete Lee
Machete Lee Prije 10 dana
Because it would be boring if he didn’t
Marcellus Dawson
Marcellus Dawson Prije 20 dana
I love it when abby goes and kills an infected person in the house.
TheSnowball Prije 20 dana
13:58 tolerable to hone my guitar skills
progamer 47
progamer 47 Prije 20 dana
You are one of my favorite content creators
Bruce Mwendwa
Bruce Mwendwa Prije 20 dana
Congrats brad you doing something awesome in the gaming world💖
octoberlife Prije 20 dana
im convinced ppl who hate abby are psychopaths and yes that means you too brad
Tejas Srirama
Tejas Srirama Prije 20 dana
I came here straight after watching the 1st game, and I remember him being excited about getting 1 million followers and talking about how his videos had to be short. Now I'm here like, "Well, you have definitely progressed a lot, lol".
anthill. Prije 20 dana
Just finished watching the first game
Gabriel A
Gabriel A Prije 21 dan
You miss loads of things to pick up,duh You're not actually very good at this are you
Tom H
Tom H Prije 21 dan
That send off though... Damn Brad... Going deep
Ger Xiong
Ger Xiong Prije 21 dan
He actually sung a song for her
Sully Prije 21 dan
This game looks great, thank you brad, well done and keep up the work and all the best
Mika Prije 22 dana
I can’t believe I spend 500$ to buy a ps4 that I’m not using right now to play this game that I already played and there’s nothing else to do
Ayuni Nazihah_
Ayuni Nazihah_ Prije 22 dana
I watched your whole series of TLOU P1. Even tho is was frustrating to watch you play, here I am watching you play P2. 😁 You were talking about your corgi back then, now you mentioned you have a daughter. Congrats, Brad.
FUJISAN992 Prije 22 dana
Imagine if you'd look around for pick ups Brad.
Six Man Gaming
Six Man Gaming Prije 22 dana
since metro last light
Chase H.
Chase H. Prije 22 dana
I found you back in the dying light, GTAV, Far Cry 4, days. I wonder if Brad still likes comments anymore...:) it’s been a long ride. :)
Leo Givani
Leo Givani Prije 22 dana
this game looks fun. Ive played the first so I know this one is great
Nick Snyder-Wright
Nick Snyder-Wright Prije 22 dana
I cant even remember when i found brad's channel man. I watched it all though. Im talkin' Silent Hill Downpour, im talkin' Deadspace, Im talkin' Dead Rising, you name it. He's one of the most committed and dedicated youtubers and keeps the vibe right all the time.
Timothy Hayes
Timothy Hayes Prije 23 dana
You should have rewatched and replayed a little of the first so you would be more prepared. But you are doing great.
Timothy Hayes
Timothy Hayes Prije 23 dana
Lol. You missed the bullets on that counter. Saw it pop up as you started to crawl.
siddhant Siju
siddhant Siju Prije 23 dana
the rad brad i had found ur channel 6 days before and i watched the whole last of us series and it was amazing keep up the good work
Salim aRaQ
Salim aRaQ Prije 24 dana
اكو عرب بطياره 😒
Kyree Boyd
Kyree Boyd Prije 24 dana
Is this one co-op split screen?
Hanako-Kun Prije 24 dana
I found your channel in potato
Lauren Levin Joaquin
Lauren Levin Joaquin Prije 24 dana
I switched watching to PewDiePie, Brad really is missing a lot of things which really makes me uncomfortable.
Denbronco04 Always
Denbronco04 Always Prije 24 dana
Zombies should b trying to bite not fight. Crazy rt?
three frogs
three frogs Prije 25 dana
imagine if joel went and told bill that shit
Harry Thotter & The Chamber of Thots
The weapon switching in both last of us games suck... when being attacked it's a nightmare running out of ammo a d hopefully the gun you switch to is loaded or there will be problems.
lowermiddleclassy Prije 26 dana
how much did Taylor guitars pay for that plug? LOL
Rajat Prije 26 dana
Ellie and Diana talks is so cringy, i hate this lesbian drama.
Mythc Rocket
Mythc Rocket Prije 26 dana
i found your channel from watching far cry 4
Maximilian Pennington
Maximilian Pennington Prije 26 dana
RadBrad, I’m so sorry for not watching your videos :( Your still my favourite!
Kulbahadur Magar
Kulbahadur Magar Prije 27 dana
Who else tried to play guitar after intro And actually still sucked! ^_^