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Komentari 60
MetalBuds Gaming
MetalBuds Gaming Prije 23 sati
Those baseball glove seats tho
ReCycle Spinning
ReCycle Spinning Prije 23 sati
Ok, so body design is nice ,, but all the problems it had..
Ruslan Nabiev
Ruslan Nabiev Prije dan
Haha TT, get it? Hahahahahahahahahaha.
Ruslan Nabiev
Ruslan Nabiev Prije dan
Theres simply no way in hell I an allowed to have this according to society.
Steve Lynch
Steve Lynch Prije dan
Throw bigger wheels and rubber on them and the handling improves greatly.
Steve Lynch
Steve Lynch Prije dan
The 1.8 is a tough littke engine and easily worked with chips and bigger turbos etc. My 99 model close to 400bhp on the dyno.
Paul Gwilliam
Paul Gwilliam Prije 2 dana
Nice to look at... Terrible to drive.
Antiochia ad Taurum
Antiochia ad Taurum Prije 3 dana
Dougggg Jesus Christ man, the idea for turning off your engine in a traffic jam is to ease pressure on the engine. An engine runs in a much healthier fashion when there is air rushing into it, at speed. It gets to breathe. Don't shoot the manual down for advising to keep the engine healthy. You ought to watch more Scotty Kilmer, that's how we become true non-experts.
Antiochia ad Taurum
Antiochia ad Taurum Prije 3 dana
Antiochia ad Taurum
Antiochia ad Taurum Prije 3 dana
I think what Doug means by 'hilarious', is 'mildly upsetting', when he points out that not all of the dots light up on the heated seat dial.
Antiochia ad Taurum
Antiochia ad Taurum Prije 3 dana
That steering wheel makes me want to shove my eyeballs up into my asshole. I never thought I'd feel that way about Audi.
Antiochia ad Taurum
Antiochia ad Taurum Prije 3 dana
What if a TT is actually a transsexual VW Bettle, and not a golf at all.
Luis Alberto Pinto Sanchez
I own exactly the same TT identical as the one on the video.
Martin Coufalík
Martin Coufalík Prije 5 dana
Interior is beautiful...but that rest of a car...cmon, thats not nice
Robert Balboni
Robert Balboni Prije 5 dana
It goes 0-60 in 6.6 seconds (2001 model) and it gets an acceleration score of 3 out of 10. What is up with this guy, does anyone know? Also Doug, don’t talk to your audience in a condescending tone. He uses inflection in his voice like he is talking to a bunch of idiots!
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Prije 5 dana
I've always had a thing for the older Audi TT. Seriously great car, and considering getting one eventually.
Lee Yi
Lee Yi Prije 8 dana
cann Prije 9 dana
He really gave the TT an 8 out of 10...
Domenic Localzo
Domenic Localzo Prije 9 dana
I love my 2000 TT Quattro 1.8
Jonathan Edmond
Jonathan Edmond Prije 9 dana
After 3 minutes I had to turn off as his voice and the way he talks is very irritating and he says TT every second word!!
KANTOKID Prije 9 dana
Want this!
Pablo Meza
Pablo Meza Prije 10 dana
I own a 2001 convertible in pristine condition as well!
nosamnella Prije 10 dana
It's not pretty, nor is it beautiful - it's shitty little squashed VW Beetle best suited to Oompa Loompas - How dare you compare to an SLK!!!!!!!!!!
bobo42024 Prije 11 dana
To me it always looked like a VW Beetle without the top. I hate it
Andre Renna
Andre Renna Prije 11 dana
I love this channel! Cheers from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Skyline Rthirtytwo
Skyline Rthirtytwo Prije 11 dana
Why DO you wear two shirts ?? Lol
The Owner
The Owner Prije 12 dana
Original TT had a base engine with 150 PS 1.8T 4-cyl and FWD. At least in Europe. My friend bought it new in 99. (My bad - it was 02).
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Prije 12 dana
At around 18:57 he says that there is a 180hp fwd and a 225hp awd model. This is true, however they did also make a 180 that had awd.
Seeker Prije 13 dana
I always thaught of this car as a weird and ugly car from a gone era - but I never really saw one up close. Now that I watched the video, I really appreciate the well thought-through design. It's quite beautiful actually...
Nicholas Taylor
Nicholas Taylor Prije 14 dana
Great video, i have a 225, i think its a classic piece of design
Richard Vitello
Richard Vitello Prije 15 dana
How many miles were on this TT? I would love to buy one...but I'm a little apprehensive about the turbo and drivetrain. This one was gorgeous.
Dietmar Weissmann
Dietmar Weissmann Prije 17 dana
The radio actually has 26 buttons
matharris100 Prije 17 dana
Love mine
miike.oosterhuis Prije 19 dana
I mean it doesnt look bad on the fat five rims dont think iv seen that before
Sport Cars& Mas
Sport Cars& Mas Prije 20 dana
Love this car! I have one Coupé
Dchan2005 Prije 21 dan
doug be lowkey tryna tell us he likes titties
hrgiyzueghe Prije 24 dana
The Lancia Hyena came out way before this pile of garbage... With much better performance and handling. TT is a bad copy of that car, nothing innovative from Audi (as always).
JL Serkes
JL Serkes Prije 24 dana
I owned a 2004 Quattro. I adored it. Somebody hit me on the 5 going south. He fell asleep and also hit me full on. The car saved my life.
Aykut Aykın
Aykut Aykın Prije 25 dana
Timeless car Auidi TT Audi R8 first versions today they are look awesome again perfect designs
Lachlan grace
Lachlan grace Prije 25 dana
circles and daaaatz
Glenn Prije 27 dana
I agree. It is the most iconic of TT's, but the roadster versions are fuckin ugly, in my opinion. I've owned a Gen 1 TT, I now have a Gen 2 TT, which I like a lot more.
GoodOldBennie Prije 27 dana
Fuel door reminder is useful cause we crammed three in my friend’s tt just the other day
Jacob Eldredge
Jacob Eldredge Prije 28 dana
Fun fact i noticed, the shift boot has 4 rings possibly as a reference to the Audi logo. 🤔
Gabriel1996 Prije 28 dana
Doug you forgot to mention what the little button in the center of the fuel door release and the trunk release is.! Its for the alarm sensor inside the car!!!!!!
Frankie Prokop
Frankie Prokop Prije 28 dana
Red SLK 22:15 . The TT's inferior competitor.
Lennox Games22
Lennox Games22 Prije 29 dana
Or de TT logo on the back is fake of the Quatro is fake the TT loge is red that equal it have 180 HP if it is black it have 240 HP
Tobbe Prije 29 dana
Is it just me or is his moth out of sync
Tobbe Prije 29 dana
This is crazy a 20 year old audi tt has more hp than the subaru brz sti
Feroov Prije 29 dana
muzictherpy Prije mjesec
still one of top best car designs
Andrew Casden
Andrew Casden Prije mjesec
My only issue is that it just feels slightly disproportionate to me. The wheelbase feels too short relative to the body height of the car. If it had a lower height and was stretched out a bit it would look better. Just my two cents
MaCs dRiVe LaCs
MaCs dRiVe LaCs Prije mjesec
C i r c l e a n d d o t s. Oh did I mention the C i r c l e a n d d o t s.
Chaz Prije mjesec
I have a Mk2 TT... and love love love it. I opted to find a hard top and a front wheel drive, for reliability. With some simple mods, you can make this car a ROCKET. Fun review. I love the baseball seats. I just need to get my seat heaters working and I will be happy. 🤪
MikeyBarrs Prije mjesec
rip my soul
Stipee Maric
Stipee Maric Prije mjesec
Honestly this tt looks great I remember them looking a bit weird lol
Jfi Xiong
Jfi Xiong Prije mjesec
Side crash is horrible, that is the reason why I didn't buy one.
The Man's Kitchen
The Man's Kitchen Prije mjesec
I plane on getting a tt
Pete Prije mjesec
I just bought a 2001 Audi TT Quattro 1.8 turbo convertible roadster handles like a Porsche 944 that I had years ago great handling!
100 KA
100 KA Prije mjesec
audi titie
The RANCH Prije mjesec
My grandpa has had so many of these and loves them