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Paris Hilton
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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on HRvid or sign up for HRvid Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: Check out HRvid Premium at: See if Premium is available in your country at:
0:00 Intro
5:20 Paris’ Early Years
12:00 Nicki Weighs In
16:37 A Crazy Lifestyle
31:25 Nightmares
44:28 The Teenage Years
51:08 Bad Relationships
1:09:53 Stories of Abuse
1:20:50 Survivors Reunion
1:30:02 Breaking the Silence
1:37:45 Telling Mom The Truth
1:42:02 Credits

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13. Ruj 2020.



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Emilie Sofia
Emilie Sofia Prije minute
OMG PARIS I AM SO SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO YOU! I am sorry to say this but your family is NOT a supporting one. Your sister says rude things about you here that seem not to be true - dont believe her jealous words. Your family has betrayed you - what you need is a sincere apology from them and to be shown real love and compassion from them, they are the source of these troubles that you still struggle with. BUT Im sorry to say - they all seem to proud to admit their own faults. Their pride overshadows their love. I wish you had been treated better!! And please believe that there are REAL people out there who are worthy of trust -- Who can show you the love you deserve. Dont belittle yourself our who you are (your persona) because I can see that your true soul is a worth of diamonds.
The Eberly Fam
The Eberly Fam Prije minute
That red swimsuit is 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Nicole Deanda
Nicole Deanda Prije 4 minuta
I’m so glad she did this! I used to always roll my eyes at this girl, a bit older than me, acting dumb af...but now understanding why and seeing more of the real her, I LOVE THIS WOMAN! GO PARIS! #RealTalk
Y Matsuda
Y Matsuda Prije 5 minuta
The end roll song “Girls just wanna have fun” is so perfect match for this documentary. The lyric made me cry......wishing if Paris could have expressed herself like Cindy Lauper to her family and friend.
Claudia Zayas
Claudia Zayas Prije 5 minuta
This was a real eye-opener. We all judged her so harshly thinking she was just a dumb socialite trying to get attention and had no idea she was going through so much! Keep your chin up Paris! I'm sorry for misjudging you :/
Rose Brown
Rose Brown Prije 6 minuta
Your telling me Paris made Kim kardashion
T0ny Prije 7 minuta
I just want to apologize, too bad I can't do it in person but for most of my life I always though that you are a spoiled rich person who is famous for no reason. As I was growing up I started realizing things like how money works or that a lot of times we pay the price for our parents' mistakes. I definitely have some traumas too and those changed me a lot as a human and a lot of times I had to pretend I was someone I'm not. We all do mistakes and when we are not happy and confident with ourselves then we can't be ourselves. I'm sorry I was completely wrong about you, you are a beautiful and strong person!
HN Prije 8 minuta
I hope her sister is putting on a role or sth bcz she is toxic ewwwww
Patty Mendez
Patty Mendez Prije 10 minuta
Its nice to see the real you Paris. I really wish you the best. I hope you can find peace and love. Just be happy Paris. You deserve it. Sending you a big hug.
Algernon Campbell
Algernon Campbell Prije 12 minuta
14:13....can't watch anymore....too shallow
Lipsticknpistol Prije 13 minuta
Her parents are lucky she even talks to them AT ALL! Paris is such a forgiving person.
Michelle Prije 15 minuta
i'm sorry for what you've been through paris!! you're an awesome and beautiful person and this is a great documentary. thanks for opening up about your life and your story. i've always felt that many people read you in a stupid and inaccurate way. you seem to me to be loving, sweet, funny, intelligent, and deep. i'm still in the middle of this, so i'm not sure how it turns out, but i hope you get effective help for the insomnia/nightmares/trauma, and that you feel emotionally supported. lots of love
Charlton Botha
Charlton Botha Prije 15 minuta
you paid for your gentel kind heart and beauty ...hard to find real people when you have all that needed was real love ...and to be allowed to just be you much respect for you girl always had beautiful
Sascia Van wyngaard
Sascia Van wyngaard Prije 16 minuta
Paris reminds me so much of myself trauma aint a joke .
Rose Brown
Rose Brown Prije 16 minuta
Never judge a book by its cover
Lili Brown
Lili Brown Prije 16 minuta
« Nul ne guérit de son enfance »
Ify Obiesie
Ify Obiesie Prije 18 minuta
Liza Villalta
Liza Villalta Prije 23 minuta
She scared me when she dropped the rabbit
Sophie Girard
Sophie Girard Prije 24 minuta
wow wasn't expecting this at all
Irina Dunst
Irina Dunst Prije 26 minuta
I hope the quarantine helped her to get some rest and a sense of reality. She needs to see inside of her soul to cure her pain.
Angel Craft
Angel Craft Prije 26 minuta
1:45 is the real most beautiful Paris Hilton. I think and I feel the real you in those look relieved that you've said what you wanted to say.
Anthony Chulo
Anthony Chulo Prije 27 minuta
I honestly respect her so much more. Not only did she go thru all this. But she was able to make a name for herself and be successful. Yes she’s a Hilton but She isn’t just Hilton she’s THE PARIS motherfuckin hiton
kari bear
kari bear Prije 27 minuta
The film “My brother Jordan” deserves this many views
Adelheid Prije 30 minuta
Don’t change!
Algernon Campbell
Algernon Campbell Prije 33 minuta
...I would be completely speechless if I went on a date with such a bimbo....what do you say to someone who is so stupid?
Ewa Szeremeta
Ewa Szeremeta Prije 33 minuta
Beautiful and honest documentary ❤️
Don A
Don A Prije 34 minuta
Paris you made me cry with your sister...i wish you all the best. You are not a celebrity your a person.
Algernon Campbell
Algernon Campbell Prije 35 minuta
...Her voice sounds like that of a Nigga's....not very charming
Lumovest Prije 35 minuta
Behind the glamour is full of sweat, loneliness and pain.
Roxy Prije 36 minuta
Paris parents need and should apologize to Paris! Nicky Hilton asking Paris have you apologized to our parents obviously hasn't been listening. This is heartbreaking, I never really cared for Paris Hilton and now I admire and respect her more than any other celebrity out there.
Hauwa Sami
Hauwa Sami Prije 37 minuta
Sometimes all you need in situations like this, is accountability from your parents. Them acknowledging the trauma they have caused you. Knowing you are not crazy, and them saying sorry to at least give you some sort of peace or freedom....
Juaa C ravani
Juaa C ravani Prije 38 minuta
Did she won a Nobel prize? or any Literary prize? like Kim Kardashian, who is interested in this crap?
JenJen Sanz
JenJen Sanz Prije 39 minuta
Respect & Love !!!! Thank you for sharing ... I love you even more
Da4k Fo7est
Da4k Fo7est Prije 42 minuta
She looks like lauren southern at times.
Majse Razz.
Majse Razz. Prije 43 minuta
Denmark loves you Paris; in fact the whole world loves you
Ceri Mullen
Ceri Mullen Prije 43 minuta
Wow , what an amazing insight into your life Paris ,I applaud & praise you 🙏🙏🙏. your drive to succeed is explained , your not a privileged rich girl🙌, you earned your privalige.xx❤️❤️❤️
Goingby20s Prije 44 minuta
Lmfao at that kid trying to catch the penguin with a rope, that's so 80s.
E U C A L Y P T U S X Prije 45 minuta
Hmm, London Tipton looks a bit different here..
Rose Brown
Rose Brown Prije 45 minuta
Paris acts 15 look 25 and is... 49 😭🤯🤯wtf bruh
Sharon Quintanilla
Sharon Quintanilla Prije 46 minuta
Enjoli Prije 47 minuta
All I can say is WOW. This documentary was amazing. We learned so much about Paris we didn’t know. I pray she finds the peace she is looking for. Great job Paris. You did a great job.
Devon Barber
Devon Barber Prije 47 minuta
can't blame her at all for always wanting sunglasses with all them flashing lights :/
Esmeralda Rios
Esmeralda Rios Prije 52 minuta
Praying for you Paris! No more nightmares!! You’re so brave to speak your truth and seek justice!
Michael Sampat
Michael Sampat Prije 52 minuta
Paris is trying to look like Kim K.
MangoTango Prije 13 minuta
Paris was BEFORE Kim k. Kim k is trying to look like her
IN HOC SIGNO VINCES Prije 53 minuta
Its a fact, and they should have known better when you lock up your kid in their teens..the minute they go to college, they get involved in sleeping around, drugs everything you didn't want them to do, and then they get an overwhelming amount of guilt and put on weight and come home 30-40 pounds overweight, You have to balance their activities and reward them with more responsibility as they grow...and it's not easy..
S a r a
S a r a Prije 59 minuta
She has more respect for people than some you tubers with 100k followers...
Frances Rabaca
Frances Rabaca Prije sat
Thank you. Never ever thought we had anything in common. I was in MacLaren Children's Center in El Monte, CA it gave me trauma fear of abandonment, low self esteem, fear of being controlled, claustrophobia from solitary confinement, fear of not being heard, and acceptance of abusive relationships.
Sunshine Prije sat
I like how Paris never said a bad word for anyone, her near and dear ones outed themselves. I couldn't watch this in a single sitting, it became painful 😭. Your endurance and the way you have protected yourself is commendable. More power to Paris❤️
pinkyhotmessx69 Prije sat
Wow her sister wants her to apologize for being a normal teen? AFTER going thru physical and mental abuse? Her mom should beg Paris for forgiveness as so should her sister. Poor Paris
NurAisyah MunawwarahAbdullah
You make me cry .. Tq Paris i love you..
Ton Tom
Ton Tom Prije sat
Thanks so much for this Paris, you’re so inspiring and strong 😔 know that we’re always a click away from you. We’re here
ヘザー Prije sat
"I'm speaking out because no child deserves to be punished for expressing their feelings" 😭
lenora cox
lenora cox Prije sat
Well done Paris!!! Thank you for sharing your story💖💖💖💖 💖 You deserve the best.
Sara Musst du nicht Wissen
Love you girl
Le Phong
Le Phong Prije sat
i look up the provo canon school!! so many people suffering from that school. All the reviews are like 2 years ago and more...
Dina Shwartz
Dina Shwartz Prije sat
Thank you Paris for this movie, for your sincerety, for your bravery and courage! I must admit I was never into stars or celebrities....I just had a hunch to watch your movie and.... I feel you girl. Sending you love, blessings and tons of hugs. May you heal your precious heart ❤ And it is so now. AMEN
bitch xo
bitch xo Prije sat
When she said, "My mom just wanted me to be Hilton, and I just wanted to be Paris." I felt that.
Devin Gorton
Devin Gorton Prije sat
That was soo good..I cried with her.. Paris you are soo strong and I have soo much more respect for you
Roxann Lopez Roxy
Learn how to say no or not today‼️ and you’ll be alright
mysct Prije sat
I figured it out... The confusion...Anxiety... Self-realization... It is a princess transitioning into a queen.
nizhadz Prije sat
Dont judge the book by its cover 🍀 now I see ... hope you save alot of children ❤️
John Smith
John Smith Prije sat
control freak
Jessika Tejeda
Jessika Tejeda Prije sat
Cant even begin to say how thankful I am for this! I am the only person I know who was sent away to a school like this and it took so much from me... and I dont think you can understand unless you have experienced it... Thank you thank you thank you for shedding light on how this hurts people.
massie block
massie block Prije sat
I feel so much empathy for you, Paris. I loved you from day one when you came onto the scene. And I love you even more now. I feel like you and I have so much in common. A lot of people just telling us superficial stuff just to make it through the day. You are a strong woman. You can get through this. And there are A lot of people out there who have been through what you have been through. Definitely speak out on this. You will bring to light what so much people are afraid to talk about. Love you! Stay strong! You have a very huge fan base that will be behind you no matter what! And a lot of your fanbase has been through a traumatic times like that.
xViper_ Prije sat
Her mom is so dismissive when Paris spoke up..... even her hand to her forehead seemed so orchestrated.... I feel so bad for Paris... 😔
vialthiansiam Ngaihte
She is still responsible for all the stupid dumb blond people she's created.
Dalida Shaggy
Dalida Shaggy Prije sat
Paris truly has an amazing heart especially after everything & still talking to her parents after them sending her off :(
Freddiecelia Dela Cerna
We love you Paris, hope I can get a heart from you
Jay Dub
Jay Dub Prije sat
That was boring AF!
Yugo Beppu
Yugo Beppu Prije sat
.......................................... Ok
Hadjah Kromah
Hadjah Kromah Prije sat
Honeyboy Des
Honeyboy Des Prije sat
What a wonderful reunion
Honeyboy Des
Honeyboy Des Prije sat
I totally get what Paris went through at Provo. I went to boarding school too, from the age of 6!! It did make me strong.
angels forever
angels forever Prije sat
I think the real Paris got cloned and replaced as a kid
Emily David
Emily David Prije sat
I am glad I watched this and well done Paris
abegael loberiza
Love you my Queen 👑
bunteninawelt Prije sat
Oh Paris, if you need to get out for few days, call me.
areyaka phom
areyaka phom Prije sat
there are so many other bad things that are happening out there in the world. but it sucks so bad for a person to endure so much pain, to lose themselves, to lose trust in everyone, and everything in their world. it’s so devastating for someone to wake up and for the same thing to happen again and again, not knowing when it’s going to end or where to get help. when Nicky Hilton said “they say, trauma, the mind may forget, but they body never” it’s so heartbreaking. and the fact that there are still people in residential treatment center that may be doing through the samee car thing it’s so heartbreaking. #savethechildren
Ray Eduard
Ray Eduard Prije sat
She seems so empty. Like... Everything is such a lie. It's depressing just to watch, even harder to imagine how sad must be. Feel bad for her.
Zoe Connor
Zoe Connor Prije sat
This made me feel so emotional. I can relate to the feelings with suffering from ptsd myself and it's so brave to actually speak about it so publicly. Should be proud x
Nicole Kerr
Nicole Kerr Prije sat
Paris you are amazing Ive always admired how smart and strong business woman you are but to survive this you are a million times stronger than yoU realise
Dascha Emanuela
Dascha Emanuela Prije sat
26:33 wich Song??
Rod Vincent Castro
I can't imagine how she's lived the kind of life she's in. I pray that your mind'd be free from all the anxieties and fear. I love you more Paris!!! Your beautiful inside out and it shines thru everyone. ps can't stop crying whenever I see the tears falling from your sparkly eyes. #takecare #livelong #livelovelife
M C Prije 2 sati
Przydka .odpychająca .nieciekawa kobieta...taki trans właściwie zero kobiecości .ciepła żadne pieniądze tego się nie szczęśliwą też nie wygląda
Purnima Chaudhary
Purnima Chaudhary Prije 2 sati
I do not know why but I always feel like Paris Hilton created a monster in the name of kim kardashian she is always money thirsty, have zero values and a narcissist. Oh and also kim created kylie.
Matthew Robbins
Matthew Robbins Prije 2 sati
No one cares, you wanted to be famous for having a rich family and you got it. The only person who doesn't know you paris, is you. Booo hoooo.
Júlia Prije 2 sati
Creo que triumfaria más y sería más feliz si empezara a mostrar como es ella de verdad, poco a poco porque entiendo que es muy dificil para ella. Pero ahora se busca ser uno mismo, no el papel de Barbie que a creado.
Josh Jones
Josh Jones Prije 2 sati
I was glad I got to see that you aren't the ditz they portray in the media. You are a tough lady. Blessings to you.
Honeyboy Des
Honeyboy Des Prije 2 sati
Her boy friend was being a prick before she went on to do her set. She didn't need that. He could have kept it for later touchy prick!!
Sean E Cash
Sean E Cash Prije 2 sati
What a ride and she’s only lived a 3rd of her life so far...
Anthony Breighner
Anthony Breighner Prije 2 sati
Starseed. Your abuse was not in vain. Your story is going to change the lives of so many.
Wroger Wroger
Wroger Wroger Prije 2 sati
I don't hate you Paris, but your life comes across as an incredible waste of time, money and resources.
Nerfers Magic
Nerfers Magic Prije 2 sati
we love you Paris
hireika Prije 2 sati
Where’s the apology from her mom?? I don’t believe the part where the mom says that she’ll be in that school to save her, when they’re the ones that actually put her there. I really hope Paris will have peace in her heart. She deserves to be.
Rachel Ling
Rachel Ling Prije 2 sati
Paris hun. I think you have ADD linked to your childhood trauma. Me too babe. Our thoughts control us rather than help us. Being organised it hard. Making decisions can be flustering. Finding peace seems impossible. Learn to breath and take small moments of your day out to better regulate your nervous system. Happy to chat with you about it if you wanted connection. Peace and love to you and all the other trauma survivors.
Dusan Isakov
Dusan Isakov Prije 2 sati
Paris is a such a pure soul. She deserves so much better. I hope u get to put this provo thing to rest. Cant wait for her to be happy all the time because that is what she deserves.
Adetola Ryan
Adetola Ryan Prije 2 sati
Wow Paris,, thank you for the honesty and bravery.
Lonzo Ball
Lonzo Ball Prije 2 sati
Is it me or does she look better now that she is older?
Paige Broderick
Paige Broderick Prije 2 sati
Wow this was really well done. I hope Paris can find peace one day and this documentary raises awareness for others
Tarida Simanjuntak
Tarida Simanjuntak Prije 2 sati
I wanna give her a big hug
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