The Roop - On Fire - Lithuania 🇱🇹 - National Final Performance - Eurovision 2020

Eurovision Song Contest
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The Roop won the Lithuanian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with the song On Fire.
Video by: LRT
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15. Vel 2020.



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Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest Prije 2 mjeseci
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Marija Zarinskiene
Marija Zarinskiene Prije 7 dana
Cathy Erba
Cathy Erba Prije 10 dana
the choreography is very similar to that of SIA
Orinta Turauskienė
Orinta Turauskienė Prije 11 dana
@Super Mario u
Marc Rinklef
Marc Rinklef Prije 12 dana
Such Great Song! Is for sure one of the best entries this year! Too bad there is not a real contest this year... will watch it anyway! 🥳😍😘
Linas Stankevicius
Linas Stankevicius Prije 25 dana
Aerkun really g
Natali Kramol
Natali Kramol Prije 10 sati
Love it, but not a hit, sorry
Влада Созонюк
Wow,amazing song
Mirjam Toom
Mirjam Toom Prije 12 sati
Floki from the Vikings meets Nigel Barker from ANTM 12 points!!!❤️
WAKERS MAN Prije 14 sati
the best lithuiana's entry was this... it is a big shame cus of coronavirus... i was waiting for seeing this on eurovision stage... by the way he is so hot... love from turkey🇱🇹🇹🇷
Ellie Lj
Ellie Lj Prije 17 sati
My class like this mucis
FİX GUK Prije 19 sati
12 points from 🇦🇿
tolo er
tolo er Prije 20 sati
Lithuania Vitas love it
Norway ESC
Norway ESC Prije 21 sat
I noticed that people started appreciating not typical Eurovision songs (like the Lithuanian, Russian and Icelandic entries) which is amazing. We need more original and outstanding songs
Ilse Prije dan
This would have won.. so sad
Cillian McGovern
*Good news:* They won the eurovision vote in Germany. *Bad News:* They're not returning next year :(
Ilse Prije dan
salam tv ™
salam tv ™ Prije dan
Sploopi Prije dan
This actually could be a meme song
keivin yepes torres
I hope so they Will be returning next year
Cillian McGovern
They're not, sadly :(
keivin yepes torres
The Best Lithuanian entry in eurovision. Although they didn't performance it in Rotterdam this year. This song is a hit. I hope
[knocker's] Black_Griphon
UNO - круто, но эта пеня ни чем не хуже, LIKE
nimei aliu
nimei aliu Prije dan
Love Iceland and Italy my top uff 1and 2 Iceland or Lituania and Italy
sasha sash
sasha sash Prije dan
Талантлив только солист - остальные просто бездари! Ему лучше одному выступать а эти ломаются- так могут все!
Katrina Ermakova
The stark voice, the best song
Max Prije dan
Can’t tell of people are trolling or if they actually thought this was gonna win?
Michalina N
Michalina N Prije 2 dana
I can't believe that Lithuania won!!!😆
George Prije 2 dana
Fuegooo Eleni 😀men version
Vaida Kelmoniene
Vaida Kelmoniene Prije 2 dana
Tokia gera vieta galejot uzimti tikiuos kitais metais vel dalivausyte jus super the Roop xxx myliu jus man dukryte kurei 4 metukai dar labiau x sanuolis xxx
Вадим Бойчук
Ну тип лан... Первое место
Rojin Dinçer
Rojin Dinçer Prije 2 dana
Hiç beğendim hiç güzel değil bune be iğrenççç lqqnn
Twan Vd Leest
Twan Vd Leest Prije 2 dana
The best song of Lithuania ever. Corona: hold my beer. Eurovision: Next year, another change ‘but’ with an other song😼
Арина Надина
Наконец-то кто-то русский
Евгения Ключинская
Анна Серебрянская
Супер песня!!!)
Stelios Papalexis
Stelios Papalexis Prije 3 dana
thelolzgaming lol
thelolzgaming lol Prije 3 dana
Aww im so sad it got cancled this was a good entry for my country!
Rudy Nardelli
Rudy Nardelli Prije 3 dana
Best performances : Lithuania , Iceland , Italy, Russia, Bulgaria , Romania , Malta and Switzerland . But the level this year was very high . It' s difficult to choose a winner.
Phileas Frogg
Phileas Frogg Prije 3 dana
I'm so disappointed for Lithuania and the Roop. No doubt in my mind they would have won this year. The Chinese flu robbed them of this and us of some great entertainment.
Michael Führer
Michael Führer Prije 3 dana
Ich das Video nicht doof wenn meine Meinung seid schreibt mir einfach zurück 😘👎
Stephanie D
Stephanie D Prije 3 dana
*edit * after keep listening, I take it back!! It's a bloody good all rounder!!! Don't like the song (sorry to the lovers)!! But I loved the dancing, is it performing arts or just a good dance?? Either way good moves!!
hamc76 Prije 3 dana
Era el pais y tema ganador... muy entretenido y bailable. 12 puntos,,, saludos la la la la la la.jijij.
suseal Prije 3 dana
winners for me this year. so sad they didn't get the chance to actually win
August Prije 3 dana
the poop is on fire
Azer Salamzade
Azer Salamzade Prije 3 dana
Amazing. Love from Azerbaijan 1st. LT 2nd. AZ 3rd. RU
Leonardo Rodriguez
Leonardo Rodriguez Prije 4 dana
Definetely the one wich could have won the contest.
Joy Mwela
Joy Mwela Prije 4 dana
The dance is so funny 😂
Oleksandr Zubets
Oleksandr Zubets Prije 4 dana
Чуваки, ви класние
anna savva
anna savva Prije 4 dana
Tural Yusifli
Tural Yusifli Prije 4 dana
Winner.Besser music.Respect from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿
Tural Yusifli
Tural Yusifli Prije 4 dana
Good .Greetings from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿
Helin Taha
Helin Taha Prije 4 dana
antonio chirullo
antonio chirullo Prije 4 dana
Dopo aver sentito la canzone che ,a quanto pare,avrebbe vinto l'EUROPEAN CONTEST SONG,comincio a spiegarmi, perchè L'IMPERO ROMANO CADDE AD OPERA DEI BARBARI DEL NORD_EUROPA
oOf Prije 4 dana
He looks like a Mii
Mario Nicoli
Mario Nicoli Prije 4 dana
Lithuania hipp hipp HURRA 🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🥳🥳🥳
Frank Prije 4 dana
Im confused now, I thought ESC 2020 got coronated?
Juliett Elfik
Juliett Elfik Prije 4 dana
Dat's my ringtone during last 2 months😍 amazing song! Many kisses from Russia!🙏😘
Football TV
Football TV Prije 4 dana
12 points from Israel goes to lithuania🇱🇹
Line-katrine Naley
Line-katrine Naley Prije 4 dana
Ohh what an amazing beautiful and soothing voice 😍😍😍 I love the song 😉😊😍😘🥳💪
Victoria Dullick
Victoria Dullick Prije 4 dana
This is absolutely perfect song for our wold now! He predicted world on fire.
glory to jesus
glory to jesus Prije 4 dana
This man is such a sexy Angel
Ira Korolenko
Ira Korolenko Prije 5 dana
Congratulations 😍🙌 22.05.2020💯
Vladisov TV
Vladisov TV Prije 5 dana
Lithuania vs Russia
SWRfan - Transport & More
_Darkalex_ Dim
_Darkalex_ Dim Prije 5 dana
One of the best ESC songs ever! Congrats Lithuania, Love from Greece🇬🇷
Irascible Prije 5 dana
Im in love, greetings from Italy.
eatmeatleet Prije 5 dana
Resade Qerbeliyeva
Resade Qerbeliyeva Prije 5 dana
My winner😍😍😍 Greeting from Azerbaijan guys.
Kiril Andjiev
Kiril Andjiev Prije 5 dana
Congratulations Lithuenia🇱🇹 jour song shal win of the eurovision wasent canceld. 12 points from north macedonia🇲🇰
guizmo2222 smuler
guizmo2222 smuler Prije 5 dana
Je trouve que la chanson de la Lituanie ne mérite pas numéro 1 et elle est bien en anglais entièrement "le culturel est une question de goût "
Anete Jurgelāne
Anete Jurgelāne Prije 5 dana
Why does everyone think they would have won? This song is so meh, dance makes it worse. Have you heard Iceland' s song?
Инна Чернышенко
Лучшие в этом году, редкую песню хочеться переслушать столько раз. Best this year. With love from Ukraine.
Katy Parker
Katy Parker Prije 6 dana
I would love to go to his Zumba class!!!
Prisioner Prije 6 dana
This song also won the Norwegian ESC show🙂
zeevmon1 Prije 5 dana
Look at my comment below I checked 26 alternative competitions and he wins with 247 points
Minvydas Bisigirskas
The Roop won German ESC, Wiwibloogs contest, EScUnited online contest, Eurovision in Russia... Like it is 100% clear that they WOULD HAVE WON!!
zeevmon1 Prije 5 dana
Look at my comment below I checked 26 alternative competitions and he wins with 247 points
ᴀsᴍᴀᴛɪᴄ ᴛᴇᴀ:3
А чё все про штаны то говорят, у них и танец свой. И у little big тоже есть свой😂🔗Поэтому битва будет сильная, а хотя..... Корона всё отменила😂🗿
zeevmon1 Prije 6 dana
i checked 26 alternative competitions he is the winner of this year with 247 pts swiss second an iceland 3rd
zeevmon1 Prije 6 dana
I went through 26 alternative competitions, from esc united, wiwi, eurojury, ogae intarnational culture, xaz, byla do, infe, esc israel, doz swed, germany broadcsting, esc france, esc sepcs, say euro, euro hub, esc shane, esc marisa, Bulgaria Broadcasting Authority, San Marino, Spain, Norway, Australia, Iceland, Denmark, Finland kan israel this is the resulets : 1. Lithuania 247 pts 2 Switzerland 199 pts 3. Iceland 159 pts 4. Bulgaria 152 pts 5. Russia 146 pts 6 Malta 101 pts 7. Italy 97 pts 8. Norway 96 pts 9. Germany 80 pts 10. Sweden 65 pts 11. Azerbaijan 44 pts 12. Romania 36 pts 13. Greece 26 pts 14 Israel 19 pts 15. Denmark 16 pts 16 Armenia 11 pts 17 Ukraine 10 pts 18 Albania 10 pts 19. Georgia 8 pts 20. France 6 pts 21. Netherlands 5 pts 22. United Kingdom 3 pts 23. Czech Republic 2 pts 24. Spain 2 pts 25. Australia 2 pts 26. Austria 2 pts 27. Serbia 1 pts 28. Poland 1 pts
Tomas Perkunas
Tomas Perkunas Prije 6 dana
This is Art on 🔥
Chen Bonen
Chen Bonen Prije 6 dana
Number 1 for me
Horst Hu
Horst Hu Prije 6 dana
José Manuel Urbano
José Manuel Urbano Prije 6 dana
KIM chan
KIM chan Prije 6 dana
Песня крутая 😀👍
Amanda Prije 6 dana
I feel bad because they would have won if it wasn’t cancelled:( greetings from Latvia:))
Oktay Jabrayilov
Oktay Jabrayilov Prije 6 dana
Клонирование Витаса провалилось, несите следующий экземпляр
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