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8. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 12 306
I bet I can suck better peen then you But
“Can you give me the ice cream I paid for” Turkish ice cream vendor: “well yes, but actually no”
I am Turkish.
Fedora_ V
Fedora_ V Prije 3 dana
Is 4 a lot? It depends on the context. Dollars? No. Number of people bamboozled? Yes.
Just an Icecream sandwich
I love those! It’s good.
Ege Karataş
Ege Karataş Prije 4 dana
I am Turkish xD
anotherkat4u Prije 4 dana
i wouldve shot him
NightmareBriZ 05
NightmareBriZ 05 Prije 23 minuta
Who else thought that the cat’s foot was a snake? 0:42
LouMasterFlex3 Prije 53 minuta
1:29 so basically you’re going to be eating cones that other people touch
Thetatical peng
Thetatical peng Prije 56 minuta
2:09 Americans when a Vietnamese farmer comes to America
d sanders
d sanders Prije sat
hieu ng
hieu ng Prije 2 sati
2:10 i'm from vietnam lollll
Mackenzie Knittel
Mackenzie Knittel Prije 3 sati
0:52 That dog might be having a partial atonic seizure.
Israel Shakir
Israel Shakir Prije 3 sati
Is that gremlin
AriLaylionz & Ducks
AriLaylionz & Ducks Prije 3 sati
Aww, I want a sleeve monster😿🙀😽
Agustin Rosa
Agustin Rosa Prije 5 sati
0:22 I like to move it move it. WE LIKE TO MOVE IT!!!
Yummy Memes
Yummy Memes Prije 5 sati
2:09 *bugs are trembling*
Stuckey kid
Stuckey kid Prije 5 sati
The sleeve monster looks like Eminem
Justin Ansako
Justin Ansako Prije 5 sati
Maybe his balls just itches
sam caccavallo
sam caccavallo Prije 6 sati
in Vietnam we have earth quaks
Paige Bartram
Paige Bartram Prije 8 sati
Omg the little boy and the women 😭
Claph Prije 8 sati
and it's also common to find people in trees in vietnam
Queen Chaos
Queen Chaos Prije 8 sati
1:50, been to one of these and my older bro strait up slapped the cone out of the servers hand.... and that concludes my story time
I D K Prije 9 sati
Me in Vietnam Chillin *sees a river of ducks* wat has happened to my life
I D K Prije 9 sati
Lol icecream man is funny
I D K Prije 9 sati
Cat me can no walk with legs Soooooo I slide and walk and run with front paws
Captain Venical
Captain Venical Prije 9 sati
Americans when the trees start speaking Vietnamese: Oh Crap Vietnamese when the streets start speaking duck: meh.
Sophia Snellenberger
The dog at 1:04 probably has a skin condition and he is itching it. But idk🤷‍♀️
KJ Rist
KJ Rist Prije 10 sati
Imagine a tall big momma duck is at the front
Diamondsrule1 Prije 10 sati
Vietnam Soldier 1: are the trees speaking? Vietnam Soldier 2: nah 1: (teleports in front of 2 and rips off his mask to reveal a tree) wrong
Diamondsrule1 Prije 10 sati
*oh no*
deprofundis Prije 10 sati
Glad to see that special needs cat can move so fast! ❤️
Cranaculas Prije 12 sati
At first I thought the title was: "The slave monster" And I fuckin clicked so fast. But turns out this was better.
Shyam Malasani
Shyam Malasani Prije 14 sati
Aint tryna be a hater, but your not supposed to help a newborn animal out of its shell
Damian Smit
Damian Smit Prije 14 sati
2:08 look at al those chickens
Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson Prije 14 sati
0:26 they see me rollin they hatin
Molly Stevenson
Molly Stevenson Prije 15 sati
penelopethellama is a small youtuber just starting out. it would be great if you could check her out :)
dino king of the isle
dino king of the isle Prije 18 sati
O:18 so cute
Ethan James Chen
Ethan James Chen Prije 19 sati
At 0:35 i though he broke his fit while he was jump in the skate that scares me at all
oof oof
oof oof Prije 19 sati
Olivia Lowe
Olivia Lowe Prije 22 sati
3:14 Everyone hates mondays!!!!!!!!! Could not be bothered!!!!!!
Olivia Lowe
Olivia Lowe Prije 22 sati
Thats a whole lot f ducks!!!!!! Thank you (:
ShadoWolf Prije 22 sati
I do not think they pretend to be injured, I think they are simply dehydrated.
Claire Gorsch
Claire Gorsch Prije 23 sati
I want the sleeve monster
Joey Q
Joey Q Prije 23 sati
Look at all those chickens
K T GaMeS Prije dan
The cat almost made me cry
Eris Rivera Galán
The dog wasn't faking the injure he was yost scratching.
Cube the Squid
Cube the Squid Prije dan
2:20 look at allll thoose chickens
The lighting Dude
2:13 when you are the only black man on the room
Venkaah Prije dan
2:09 look at all of thoose chickens
____mcr Prije dan
2:16 Vietnam flashbacks
Kevin Len
Kevin Len Prije dan
When you have a disabled arm, "Become a Pirate."
Aiden Hall
Aiden Hall Prije dan
0:14 what is that
Marblez Prije dan
whoah this guy should make a youtube channel
0:34 Me: Is he gonna fly away? 0:37 Me: *AHH* Also Me: *Wait.. he didn't fall it was a paper? Smart paper.*
Hussain Al-musawi
Hussain Al-musawi Prije 9 sati
He’s flat Stanley but in his 20s