The Spiders and the Bees

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Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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Komentari 100
sir.patok 0.2
sir.patok 0.2 Prije 2 minuta
Que paso con los subtitulos en ingles
Amber Distasi
Amber Distasi Prije 5 minuta
We SHOULD BE AFRAID OF WASPS🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝
Khi6667 Prije 6 minuta
I got. Stung bye a whole wasp nest.
Brayzey :D
Brayzey :D Prije 10 minuta
oh and its like this rn at my house 2:40
jaccen33 Prije 10 minuta
You forgot the spiderman poster
Brayzey :D
Brayzey :D Prije 11 minuta
right now I'm very scared btw rn its very very very rainy as in so close to tornado
SoyBeanz Prije 13 minuta
Holy frick
SpilledBeans24 Prije 14 minuta
James, why was Harry the moth 3rd?!? WHY ISNT HE 1st
megan mcpeak
megan mcpeak Prije 18 minuta
Where I live there’s bees everywhere! There is no getting away from them!!!
Lpsfan123 4
Lpsfan123 4 Prije 20 minuta
I stepped on I bee befor because it was the same thing u did
ShadoqWolfz Prije 29 minuta
@ " and just YEET it back iinto the wild!!! >:)
jeremy foust
jeremy foust Prije 30 minuta
Oh I will BEE the first bee to be a youtuber
Turtle Master 24
Turtle Master 24 Prije 32 minuta
Wasps sting people for no reason. And they leave the stinger behind! One stung me on the hand twice for not being a statue!! We need to murder all wasps. 1 like= 1 more wasp dead I'll get things moving.
Christina Wittick
Christina Wittick Prije 32 minuta
I've never been bit by a spider or stung by a bee but I have been stung by a STUIPID WASP! And the bad part about it is I didn't do anything it just flew into my head and stung me I just cryed a little
crumpet bro.
crumpet bro. Prije 33 minuta
Why dose matthew sound like matpat from game theory
Robbie hanak
Robbie hanak Prije 33 minuta
I agree with James
Zoe Whitecotton
Zoe Whitecotton Prije 37 minuta
I was riding a roller coaster and I wasp flew by so I had a panic attack then I fricken landed on my knee so I just slapped it off and we were to fast for it to come back
the quantum one
the quantum one Prije 40 minuta
7:33 when you have 999,999 subs but you lose one
Michael Sattinger
Michael Sattinger Prije 41 minute
I don't kill spiders in my house and I let them roam around.
Vegas Prije 42 minuta
Spiders are ok but roaches are fucking disgusting
AidenTRP 2
AidenTRP 2 Prije 45 minuta
But hey thats just a theory a bee theory
-Masumi- Prije 55 minuta
*_TRAPS SPIDER_* I tHiNk We ShOuLd ReSpEcT sPiDeRs
UrBuudWill Prije sat
Anyone else read this in the book?
Garfield Is Dead
according to splatoon fanart you are apparently gay with an inkling
Lil Johnny
Lil Johnny Prije sat
I have spiders cuz I'm too scared or lazy to take em away
Nerdyplayz _
Nerdyplayz _ Prije sat
The white shark is called great but the black one is called a killer
Convo Grade
Convo Grade Prije sat
I have arachnophobia is because I had a nightmare where I was chased by a huge spider through my house and I woke up so scared and crying I couldn't sleep that night
Jessica Eberts
Jessica Eberts Prije sat
big cungus and lol gaming
1:38 me : why are you talking about shark 🦈 i thought your talking about spiders 🕷
Dickhunter41 Prije sat
Faith Xiong
Faith Xiong Prije sat
I read this as "The Birds and the Bees"....
Koen Wildeboer
Koen Wildeboer Prije sat
Oi one crawled on my head while I was trying to sleep I was scared shitless
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato Prije sat
The mom spider reminds me of Toriel 0.0
Jasmine Palacios
Lol I hate spiders cuz like I just found out I’m allergic, doesn’t feel great 😂 and I actually like bees idk
Monica Andrejko
Monica Andrejko Prije sat
hey auntie one out there's another kid that makes HRvid videos he has like yellow hair knee makes funny videos about sports like you do and he was wondering if you can noticed him I don't know why it's just creepy I just wanted to tell you so you know please notice 10 asking me
Master William// Jonathan Comedy
2:19 top ten anime deaths
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Prije 2 sati
I GET 8 times spiked by the Bee’s
Tricity Nicole
Tricity Nicole Prije 2 sati
Once apon a time I saw a spider in my room and it jumped at me then I cupped it then I was about to set it down nicely outside but then it started crawling around in the cup so I yeeted it Ya I did that | \/ each like is a sorry to the spider
AbysmalAce139 Prije 2 sati
Honey bees dont do all the pollinating
XxDezDino15xX uwu
XxDezDino15xX uwu Prije 2 sati
We should be afraid of *ROACHES*
Holy Sugar Demon
Holy Sugar Demon Prije 2 sati
Yesterday my friend found a small cute spider on a tree leaf!
Mireily Rivera
Mireily Rivera Prije 2 sati
.~. I thought this was made in 2017
Xhorder66 Prije 2 sati
STOP fucking showing me this shit for once.
Tiger dork 1231
Tiger dork 1231 Prije 2 sati
How are you feeling Good Ok Bad Terrible Not feeling so good
Half Sanwhich
Half Sanwhich Prije 2 sati
Video was the BEES knees I searched this on the WEB
Zaya Moone
Zaya Moone Prije 2 sati
1:04 I see what you did there-
Nataly Grewell
Nataly Grewell Prije 2 sati
Reference to room mates vid Do you you see all the cards. 2:15
Edward Ramos
Edward Ramos Prije 2 sati
Gamer Siblings
Gamer Siblings Prije 2 sati
2:22 yeah... feel like I’ve seen that movement and words before...oh no wonder my sister always does it with a bug My sister TOTALLY can relate to that
Whipcreamys Lol
Whipcreamys Lol Prije 2 sati
I’ve been bit by a brown recluse
Ms Granola Face
Ms Granola Face Prije 2 sati
I'm sorry do I need glasses, I keep on finding spelling mistakes(does James know that arachnophobia is the most conman phobia
Lillian Ramos
Lillian Ramos Prije 3 sati
I hate bees and wasps and beetles well I haven’t got bites of them
a boi
a boi Prije 3 sati
Funny thing, blind creatures (including blind people) don’t see black all the time, they just see nothing. What would that look like?
Charlie Good
Charlie Good Prije 3 sati
2:03 Harry the moth
Michael Hutchinson
Michael Hutchinson Prije 3 sati
I was bit by a spider 1 week ago
play time
play time Prije 3 sati
James : it's a 50% that there poison's Me : sees a regular spider Me: wut Sister: AHHHH Me: rllllllllly Like if u would scream and like if not XD
Luis Augusto Rodrigues
#teamspider cuz im not a big fan of mosquitoes,moths or flies
GachaBoss 123
GachaBoss 123 Prije 3 sati
I like fluffy spiders but i won't touch one.....and bees too...
Cyrus Nietrzeba
Cyrus Nietrzeba Prije 3 sati
He is wrong the daddy long leg is the most poisonous spider in the United States
Gamer Cat
Gamer Cat Prije 3 sati
Best life story channel
Koffel Prije 3 sati
I have never been stung by a bee. I saved a bee during winter it was freezing
HyperRick Prije 3 sati
You can’t open your eyes to wide
gacha yuri
gacha yuri Prije 3 sati
Uhhh... I have allergy to bees.Sooo yes...
Bob ross 24/7
Bob ross 24/7 Prije 3 sati
FoxZero Gaming
FoxZero Gaming Prije 3 sati
Wasp, like if you agree.
Calynne Quercia
Calynne Quercia Prije 3 sati
That's tone 6
Jane’s Corner
Jane’s Corner Prije 3 sati
I live in Alaska and we have Brown Recluse and I thought I got bit by one once but it was a mosquito bite lol.
Squirrel Yoshi
Squirrel Yoshi Prije 3 sati
Toby Anthony
Toby Anthony Prije 3 sati
North America is safe now cause Black widow is dead hehe
mythic bacon
mythic bacon Prije 4 sati
Bees arnt important
mythic bacon
mythic bacon Prije 4 sati
Film theory
Sparkle Bunnys
Sparkle Bunnys Prije 4 sati
What's your drawing program?
J T Prije 4 sati
I prefer birds and the bees *lenny face here*
Gray Family
Gray Family Prije 4 sati
7:58 i learned NOT no throw rocks at wasp nests...
taco lord
taco lord Prije 4 sati
7:34 ahhahah lol
Im A Bee
Im A Bee Prije 4 sati
What do you mean none of us are HRvidrs?
PvlCZ Prije 4 sati
7:16 me too
Claire The Diamond Falls
Dont spiders eat their children sometimes?
Xx FALLEN xX Prije 4 sati
Well i hate spiders beecause the only room they live in is my shower
Rafal Świniarski
Rafal Świniarski Prije 4 sati
My teacher hates spiders
Kyra Akers
Kyra Akers Prije 4 sati
I’m only Scared of bugs when they’re on me but otherwise I’m OK with some big buddies
Long Duong
Long Duong Prije 4 sati
James.... you know some people are blind too right?
Juan Ortiz
Juan Ortiz Prije 4 sati
Im afraid if of spiders because of ther creepy crawly legs. )
T3ddy_plays :3
T3ddy_plays :3 Prije 4 sati
I'm not scared of spiders bees uh they scare me a bit
Ioana Komartin
Ioana Komartin Prije 4 sati
Hello James this is a vid for you by some guys on HRvid btw I don't know them
Grimdrome Prije 4 sati
I sure hope blind people don’t listen to this video
Paul Foley
Paul Foley Prije 4 sati
James:so what do you do for a living? Me:what do I even do for a living? 🤔
Penguin Pengu
Penguin Pengu Prije 5 sati
Im Afraid Of Bees
Da Stupid Bunny
Da Stupid Bunny Prije 5 sati
7:58 That wasps are bad and we should throw rocks at them
Flip it round
Flip it round Prije 5 sati
I know what else pollinates every other plant, butterflies, bats, and LOTS more
Clarissa Colbourne
Clarissa Colbourne Prije 5 sati
at 0:59 it looks like the dude has boobs
Henry Kemps And Smiap gaming
I might live in Australia 🇦🇺 Maybe so your telling me that I’m gonna die soon
Rimina Buchanan
Rimina Buchanan Prije 5 sati
Another reason that has caused the Bee population to drop is that they're over their carrying capacity
2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250
I'm SUPER apiphobic (fear of bees). It's hard to be rational when you're freaking out. But WASPS though... WASPS can go screw themselves.
Michael Character
Michael Character Prije 5 sati
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Michael Character
Michael Character Prije 5 sati
REASONS TO HATE GUNS they kill people
Austin Weppler
Austin Weppler Prije 5 sati
pug life17
pug life17 Prije 5 sati
When i was 7 me and my friends were throwing rocks at wasps and they stung my friends in the nuts
Aaliyah Springfield
Aaliyah Springfield Prije 5 sati
Our Cats :3
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