The Spiders and the Bees

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Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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8. Ožu 2019.



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Komentari 130 241
TheDrawing Marsha
TheDrawing Marsha Prije 8 minuta
One Eyes
—— RyeBreadGacha ——
Why do you kinda sound like MatPat?!!!
Roblox Koala
Roblox Koala Prije 11 minuta
I hate spiders! I have a huge fear of arachnophobia and I actually think bees are cute and I would own some!
Lucygirly 246810
Lucygirly 246810 Prije 26 minuta
I have arachnophobia but I still don’t want to kill them
Alayna Beach
Alayna Beach Prije 27 minuta
My friend found a wolf spider in school and she carried it around until she was able to put it outside We salute this brave warrior
Lucygirly 246810
Lucygirly 246810 Prije 32 minuta
I live in Australia😑
Youcef Loucif
Youcef Loucif Prije 34 minuta
I live in Melbourne Australia, should I be scared lol
nutzoid guy
nutzoid guy Prije 48 minuta
Well... this is different... I don't like it... Sorry james, i love your videos but your art style for this video isn't really what im used to...
Cotton Cat
Cotton Cat Prije 52 minuta
Logic: 11 year old kid loves spider-man,spider-gwen, some spider Still afraid of a very small spider on the edge of the room And that 11 year old is me
XxBliss_artsxX Prije 56 minuta
I’m Australian
Thái Phạm
Thái Phạm Prije 57 minuta
a bee landed on my head and now hes my friend i named him ted the the be or wasp idk
Rares Blue8
Rares Blue8 Prije 58 minuta
James do your part! Pewdiepie needs your help!
TR Aronorn
TR Aronorn Prije sat
Help pewdiepie to beat t series plsssss
Roe Dy
Roe Dy Prije sat
James do a pancake art chalange edit: spell that wrong
Color Storm Fur
Color Storm Fur Prije sat
Holy improvement in quality! damn James your animation is starting to look like it’s from a tv show
Qubaap Is LIT!
Qubaap Is LIT! Prije sat
Save Pewdiepie plz
Skydoeskill YT
Skydoeskill YT Prije sat
joshua mckenzie
joshua mckenzie Prije sat
I have arachnofobia
TheFadeElite Console
Well shit I live in Australia
Thong Kai Yee
Thong Kai Yee Prije sat
panmei theo
panmei theo Prije sat
plz bee funny
dopy fish
dopy fish Prije sat
i saw a bee in the spider web so i kill the spider and save the bee
muneeb saeed
muneeb saeed Prije sat
great vid
Shadowcake Gavin
Shadowcake Gavin Prije 2 sati
The spiders at my house are to fast and big to get trapped in a cup
Yan Marten
Yan Marten Prije 2 sati
i'm not scared of spiders
Nochx Y
Nochx Y Prije 2 sati
Make a New Topic The Wasps
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen Prije 2 sati
Geez 21MILL in a week
aliasmel Prije 2 sati
As an Australian I am highly offended
DerpyPug GAMES
DerpyPug GAMES Prije 2 sati
Sharlet's web
Masreen 77
Masreen 77 Prije 2 sati
Cookie House
Cookie House Prije 2 sati
I’ve been ston 25 times
Ani __
Ani __ Prije 2 sati
I got stung by a bee right at the bottom of my eyelid, coz I just blinked in time ;-;. I’m terrified of bees and wasps and all those type of flying things ;-; but still I don’t want to hurt them .-.
shO.OckedHeads Prije 2 sati
Hey! I just bought your book online and I’m really excited to see what you’ve doodled in your amazing book! If you have time please make another book!
yolo studios
yolo studios Prije 2 sati
I don’t like Bees
Emotional Gamer
Emotional Gamer Prije 2 sati
Honey bees are an invasive species in merica soooo how did we survive before bees
Jonny Maddrell
Jonny Maddrell Prije 2 sati
The world will be better off without western honey bees
Faizal Sohaimi
Faizal Sohaimi Prije 2 sati
*Good job James, * *you killed a spider*
TheOofingNoob - ROBLOX
*like this to get your comment all blacks
The music /gacha tester
ALL BEES ARE EVIL ,USEFUL, BUT EVIL 🐠🐠(couldn't find a bee emoji
J L Prije 3 sati
6:50 when I step on a lego peice
pure1 Prije 3 sati
Did you know that your in a seen in deadpool, your a drawing in the background
Skits Today
Skits Today Prije 3 sati
I want to meet you but I’m English
Romeo Tresvalles
Romeo Tresvalles Prije 3 sati
I'm just wondering why you drew bubbles on the thing when you were taking a bath... Weren't you naked while talking? Tom and Jerry? Lolz
Sirhans Peshin
Sirhans Peshin Prije 3 sati
Jailor: What did they arrest you for? Me: For killing the reply button
Dudo Prije 3 sati
750,000 cough cough
dark link
dark link Prije 3 sati
Fun fact - there are NO venomous spiders in Russia. They just CAN'T bite. We're still afraid af of them
Mikhayla Nicolas
Mikhayla Nicolas Prije 3 sati
He has a point almost every dangerous animals have color in their names
Papra Smurfy
Papra Smurfy Prije 3 sati
James got that You are Champion bois
Deyoona Sivi
Deyoona Sivi Prije 3 sati
Jim Pickens
Jim Pickens Prije 3 sati
aww man now we have to wait another month!
blizzard the omega wolf
One time i was in an action movie fight with two wasos while trying to feed my neighbours cats when they had to leave... There were wasps circling the cat food bowls so i went home and got two spray bottle snd did some action movie walk thing.. And thenhad an epic gunfight with wasps
Soren Kaosz
Soren Kaosz Prije 3 sati
I've been stung over a hundred times by yellow-jackets. Good life experience, man.
Elsie Mason
Elsie Mason Prije 3 sati
James one eyes ONE EYES it’s one eye
Azure Dream
Azure Dream Prije 4 sati
One of the most harmful pesticides for bees is called a neonicitinoid.
Gianna Saad
Gianna Saad Prije 4 sati
I live in Australia...
Dynamite Man
Dynamite Man Prije 4 sati
I ❤️bee’s there awesome I vote against spiders
Toby Lennan
Toby Lennan Prije 4 sati
What the hell I a spider on my room
Nestor Gorospe
Nestor Gorospe Prije 4 sati
His idol is Spiderman?! *PUN*
Hanen Sage
Hanen Sage Prije 4 sati
I wanna be on bee movie 2 pls
MBlahys Prije 4 sati
Well people say spiders come back even if u throw them out... they just come back
FiringBlazes - Minecraft & More
*BEES HAVE DIED WAY MORE IN 2006* Me: *Born in 2006* Welp *points gun* IM OUT *shoots* *Kills every bee alive*
Gabriel Streeter
Gabriel Streeter Prije 4 sati
Duuuuuuuude I live in North Phoenix and I'm deathly afraid of bees but when I see a spider I like to get closer
Dayana Figueredo
Dayana Figueredo Prije 4 sati
The web design joke is everything.
galaxy gacha 1934
galaxy gacha 1934 Prije 4 sati
One time my second grade teacher weared a flower shirt and a bee landed on her also a teacher in staff loved bees a lot so she did not kill the bee
『Min yoongi』
『Min yoongi』 Prije 4 sati
I slapped a wasp and it straight up died.
Camille Dutto
Camille Dutto Prije 4 sati
I watched this at 1 AM, and I regret it heavily
Dug Jonomaire
Dug Jonomaire Prije 4 sati
You're so hot odd1out you're very hot
Dug Jonomaire
Dug Jonomaire Prije 5 sati
I so do get off on you're videos
Dug Jonomaire
Dug Jonomaire Prije 5 sati
I get off on you're videos I want to meet you in person and touch on you're butt
Gemma Prije 5 sati
Insects don't really scare me tbh.. I just don't want them to touch me, but otherwise we're good
SD Bass
SD Bass Prije 5 sati
2:31 That is the most cutest drawn spider, i've ever seen! :D
Summer B
Summer B Prije 5 sati
Ummmm...James I'm broke af so...I am broke I cant by merch...HALP PPL!!!
Broken Prije 5 sati
"What Did We Learn” Not To Piss Off Wasps CUZ OOOOOO~ GURL
PhoenixDragon heart
PhoenixDragon heart Prije 5 sati
I honestly don't mind bees or spiders, I just don't want to get sting or bitten.
HaV0K Hades
HaV0K Hades Prije 5 sati
rip blind spiders
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Prije 5 sati
Broken Prije 5 sati
0:36 Perv Mode Activated Also 0:38 Dat Assssss ;)
FORT TASTIC Prije 5 sati
Last time I saw a bee was in June and it DID LAND ON MY ARM and after this video I thought of that terrifying moment
Kitten The Hybrid [peacetale child]
deleted user
deleted user Prije 5 sati
Im sure that bumblebees will save us beacus they do the same job bees do
Ch3vyGam3z Prije 5 sati JOIN MY DISCORD!, plz i need people in the server
Gloria Castellanos
Gloria Castellanos Prije 5 sati
Empty Cup
Empty Cup Prije 5 sati
You need to date jaiden already your so perfect together also you already said you loved her
Ted TeddyRin
Ted TeddyRin Prije 5 sati
This is kinda ironic for me, because a few days ago, I had a whole 3 hour mental breakdown and a few panic attack’s during that time, over a cellar spider, because larger spiders scare me. Yay.
mr. scout the one who hates spy’s
I live in australia :/ Yay
Richard Does gaming
Richard Does gaming Prije 5 sati
Next video should be: the birds and the bees
Max Peters
Max Peters Prije 5 sati
Richard Does gaming
Richard Does gaming Prije 5 sati
I just kill any insect or arachnid no matter what (if there in my home)
Marco Christian Magno
The Black Widow is the most powerful spider because it can say the n-word.
ShelbiLove Prije 5 sati
"There's only like a 50% chance there venomous." So if I see two spiders in my house, statistically one of them is venomous. Those are pretty big odds sir!
Dinoman 106
Dinoman 106 Prije 6 sati
4:47 LMAO
Adhya Kaka
Adhya Kaka Prije 6 sati
James how do you make money without ads on this Edit:Oh yeah and giving 45% of your ad revenue to HRvid
sergeantwolfe364 yt
sergeantwolfe364 yt Prije 6 sati
You have 3 sisters?
Scary Fam
Scary Fam Prije 6 sati
Rainbow Playz
Rainbow Playz Prije 6 sati
If you see a ant in your house on a paper don’t kill it trap it with ink and just kick it out side
pig of Wonder
pig of Wonder Prije 6 sati
You will win because the shark is out of the water
Scooby doo papa paa
Scooby doo papa paa Prije 6 sati
7:34 when you see that they added a dab on Minecraft
The cat With wings
The cat With wings Prije 6 sati
Ur my favorite white person
Yarali Albisurez
Yarali Albisurez Prije 6 sati
This is so hard for me to watch because i have agoraphobia
Our Cats :3
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