The three wombats became the iconic trio for 9 minutes straight

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yes, yes, these three wombats!
the three wombats really stole the show, I mean they're like the best trio ever. I don't know if Ant-Man 3 will happen, but if so, I'd love to see more of their story. Looks like we should ask Baskin-Robbins because Baskin-Robbins always find out.

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3. Vel 2021.



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Komentari 2 392
MHN 876
MHN 876 Prije 3 sati
Wombat crew T.I
Leo Serna
Leo Serna Prije 11 sati
The last one got me with the curb
Batstar Muaz
Batstar Muaz Prije 13 sati
You know. Just back it up. Just baaaack it up
Remang Games
Remang Games Prije 19 sati
They need their own show on D+
calvin cosplay
calvin cosplay Prije dan
7:45 "i cant beleave you split like that i'll smell you later dumby!!" XD
Mast3rl3ssRon1n Prije dan
.......back it up...back it slow.
Apurva Trivedi
Apurva Trivedi Prije dan
These 3 need their own Disney+ show
William Ndlovu
William Ndlovu Prije dan
I like it when Luis narates
Ricky Marasigan
Ricky Marasigan Prije 2 dana
With Ant man and Shang Chi in San Fran could we please have the two crews interact with each other? I’ll be good with that. Luis and Katy together? Is that too much to ask?
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Prije 2 dana
It’s the whole two movies
CrazyMan76 Prije 2 dana
"I am bad zombie"
Lucy Tran
Lucy Tran Prije 2 dana
The 3 wombats can defeat Thanos in a blink
sa KEN ka
sa KEN ka Prije 3 dana
I hope MCU makes a movie(even a low budget minor comedy movie) about these 3.
Collin Heble
Collin Heble Prije 3 dana
The best part of luis' scenes is when other actors have to go through and act during his explanations of things
Arvin Parameswaran
Arvin Parameswaran Prije 4 dana
After watching shang chi i would really love to see luis hanging out with Awkwafina's character katy it would be cool
Hoành Thi Lê
Hoành Thi Lê Prije 5 dana
8:01 "Damn bro" - T.I.
shabbir bunglawala
shabbir bunglawala Prije 5 dana
"He's like human jukebox" 😂😂😂
chg hfd
chg hfd Prije 5 dana
Honestly, the wombats are ready-made for a Disney+ show.
Sarim Prije 6 dana
I have a feeling Baba Yaga is none other than Agatha Harkness
Rajendra Nadarajan
Rajendra Nadarajan Prije 6 dana
Michael Pena is the real star in Ant Man !!!
Dragon Blast
Dragon Blast Prije 7 dana
I want a disney plus show where Luis is the one who narates the previous event like "so you wanna know what happened last episode, well its kinda complicated"
SoyaIvans Oficial
SoyaIvans Oficial Prije 8 dana
Black panther to his people about Luis: and give this man a suit it doesn’t matter if doesn’t have powers this man already is clever and powerful to tell things
Ren3vancePlayz Prije 8 dana
Luis >>> Morgan freeman
gowtham rajasekar
gowtham rajasekar Prije 9 dana
The best video, ever
Aj Rivera
Aj Rivera Prije 9 dana
I’m bummed they won’t all be together for the new movie
CarShop NOTICE Prije 10 dana
Luis whistling it’s a small world has to be an Easter egg 👀
Brian Buasuwan
Brian Buasuwan Prije 10 dana
The gag with Luis is so great I don't think ill ever get sick of it
Kelly Illikainen
Kelly Illikainen Prije 11 dana
Back it up... Back it up... Just back it up
ScrewedUpVisionary Prije 12 dana
Daddy don’t get scared.
Sabakryou Prije 15 dana
big Lolz
TLepageArt Prije 16 dana
I like how the Three Wombats are like the kids Hank probably never wanted 🤣🤣
A T Prije 16 dana
We demand, "what if...." season 2 with Luis narrating the episodes
Roberto Rayo Herrera
Roberto Rayo Herrera Prije 16 dana
I can't hear you I'm wearing towel.
David Ifeionel
David Ifeionel Prije 20 dana
Scotty needs us ain't nothing gonna stop us...... "back it up"🤣🤣
MrJJuK Prije 21 dan
MrJJuK Prije 21 dan
"I'm da boss!"
MrJJuK Prije 21 dan
"Just back it up!"
MrJJuK Prije 21 dan
We need a Luis and Korg team up 😍
BobGolob Prije 21 dan
Louis is the best.
Creation Anomaly
Creation Anomaly Prije 21 dan
I don't remember watching that casino scene lol
Castle guard
Castle guard Prije 24 dana
Love the guy with the Russian acce t
mrcead Prije 26 dana
I also love how Scott is supposed to be the sane one but only by 4 extra points 🤣🤣🤣
Prince Zahard
Prince Zahard Prije 26 dana
I love these guys 😂👍
Thoshith S konpati
Thoshith S konpati Prije 26 dana
Which movie is tis?
Iqbal Assyraf
Iqbal Assyraf Prije 27 dana
My girl left me... My mom died... And my dad got deported... But i got the van 😁 Be like luiz, be positive.
mrcead Prije 27 dana
Whoever put Dastmalchian, T.l., Rudd and Michael Peña together is a genius. I can watch these guys all day 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ansuman nanda
ansuman nanda Prije 28 dana
That scream 'oohhhhhh' when Luis realises that he mistakenly spoke about the business going broke.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
aldirmdn Prije 28 dana
We need Three Wombats show, of course with Scott too
LateNiteAlum Prije 28 dana
Think of the comedy gold if you add Rocket, Groot, Drax, Mantis, and Korg.
Pandora Box
Pandora Box Prije 28 dana
I'm Mexican and my dad doesn't really like superhero movies. But he loved Ant-Man solely because of Luis, he was so disappointed when he didn't appear in the rest of the MCU.
John Oliver
John Oliver Prije 29 dana
"It's not often where you rob a place and get welcomed back" 😂😂 kills me everytime
BeezmanTv Prije mjesec
Well, that did funny for real.... Especially with the *Mexican Drums playing....* 🤭😄😄😄😄
Nelson Adade
Nelson Adade Prije mjesec
Marcelo Castrejon
Marcelo Castrejon Prije mjesec
Not all heroes wear capes
Luzie L
Luzie L Prije mjesec
"You are a very beautiful man" "oh my god" 🤣
Chinoso Jude
Chinoso Jude Prije mjesec
"I let you let me"
SexAsiA PH
SexAsiA PH Prije mjesec
5:40 I don't remember seeing this in ant man 1 and 2. Pretty sure it wasn't on the after credits too. Can someone help lol
yuzu Prije mjesec
I kinda wanna see how a relationship between Luis and Thanos would be forged if Thanos can't use any sort of violence or his powers. Thanos quietly tending to his garden while Luis being his radio.
Sahla. HDP
Sahla. HDP Prije mjesec
The way Luis is excited and everything is great for him, that's how people are supposed to feel!
ryder the hedgehog
ryder the hedgehog Prije mjesec
Scott: "no whistling" Luis: "anyway I started whistling"
Kuma Chan
Kuma Chan Prije mjesec
"So where is scott lang? Literally. Speaking!" "Oh, the woods" "The woods?" "AHHH BABAYAGA" HAHAHAHAHA
v4Soccer Prije mjesec
Babby yaga come at little children sleepy tight🤣🤣🤣🤣
iman ishraf
iman ishraf Prije mjesec
6:40 That's literally a truth serum.
Sang Nguyen
Sang Nguyen Prije mjesec
I need a homie like luis
Ross McMahon
Ross McMahon Prije mjesec
I still love the fact that the company is called X-CON.
voidverse Prije mjesec
Dave: We know our business. We broke into this spooky-ass house, didn't we? Hank: I let you -_- Dave: One could say, *I let you let me* Hank: ಠ_ಠ
Mikias Gebremariam
Mikias Gebremariam Prije 9 dana
I am 7eventh
I am 7eventh Prije mjesec
It is truth serum
Anurag Yadav
Anurag Yadav Prije mjesec
Baba Yaga!!!!
James Muliawan Budilarto
i would like to have Kurt a bigger role in the MCU - like Oracle in DC kinda role/job
Paris! Cuties!
Paris! Cuties! Prije mjesec
The thing i loved about marvel was how lovable the side characters were
alwaysgabriel Prije mjesec
like i love luis man and those three but every time T.I. always gets special praise from me cuz he supports and blends in so well , not wanting to take super spot light like how tyrese does in Fast furious . I use him as an example cuz they both singer rappers lol
火Ray Prije mjesec
They should be glad thats not baba yaga john wick
C 3
C 3 Prije mjesec
I like how Hope has this amused and adorable smile while Luis is rambling about wanting a super suit
Madhossh Khan
Madhossh Khan Prije mjesec
Cast does make a difference
michael garcia
michael garcia Prije mjesec
Best sidekicks of any superhero hands down.
Christian Olivarez
Christian Olivarez Prije mjesec
They should have gotten dashie to play Luis it would have been perfect
Batman vs Joker
Batman vs Joker Prije mjesec
Paul: Do you remember what that iceberg did? Luis: Yeah, it killed DiCaprio. I’M DEAD XD 🤣
jknight413 Prije mjesec
Dude, That's truth serum!
Patrick Nilan
Patrick Nilan Prije mjesec
Just backkkk it up, back it UP!
Dr Watson
Dr Watson Prije mjesec
Poor Kurt has now met Baba Yaga in What If
The Pope
The Pope Prije mjesec
Imagine luis narrating what thanos is saying, oh god
Ghost Ranger
Ghost Ranger Prije mjesec
What If ?...The Three Wombat. Please MCU make this real 🤣🤣🤣
Noorfatima Khan
Noorfatima Khan Prije mjesec
I don't know why but the way Hank said we're doomed was a total mood
Ntando Mabizela
Ntando Mabizela Prije mjesec
Has anyone notice that Luiz does knock out people with 1 punch?
zaggaona Prije mjesec
Look at my hairdo! I'm all business! Favorite line
Maram Al
Maram Al Prije mjesec
8:25 Ava Starr: "the woods!??" Everybody: **screams** Kurt: "BABA YAGAAA" this scene will never not be funny
Scarlett Wanda Witch
Imagine Luis trying to explain WandaVison and Loki and the whole time-travel paradox...
Anne A. Lias
Anne A. Lias Prije mjesec
That Hispanic looking dude is fucking hilarious haha
tomjamapz Prije mjesec
This two Antman movies made my girlfriend laugh eventhough she is not much into Marvel movie.
Panthro Prije mjesec
This is how a real actor works! He went from Shooter, Final Watch and then to Ant Man, I love this guy!
brad56t darius03
brad56t darius03 Prije mjesec
The main reason I love the ANT MAN movies is these 3 guys. The Wombats are HILARIOUS.
Somtui Prije mjesec
Imaging being a one of the most intelligent man in the world and just gotta work with there's guys
Novalyo Barbakem
Novalyo Barbakem Prije mjesec
You have gf? She left me Mom? Died Dad? He got deported Van? Destroyed by a purple alien What more could he lose?
Devon Graham
Devon Graham Prije mjesec
i gotta watch ant man 2 now
Tedjo Hermansyah
Tedjo Hermansyah Prije mjesec
I wish marvel will make those trio into a comic series...
arb Deal
arb Deal Prije mjesec
There was a Rose that saved the day
Joed de Mesa
Joed de Mesa Prije mjesec
Bridget Roa
Bridget Roa Prije mjesec
It's too loud there's a tank I can't hear you 🤣😂🤣😂😂
ra sloy
ra sloy Prije mjesec
Baby Yaga 😂
Kumar Mayank
Kumar Mayank Prije mjesec
Louise should have had an ep in what if
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