The Untold Truth About Disney Princesses

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Dark secrets about the Disney princesses.
Disney has made billions of dollars from the re-telling of classic fairytales and folklore. But, if you are familiar with any of the original stories that have received the Disney adaptation, then you are probably shocked at the stark contrast. This is the untold truth about Disney Princesses. Take the real story of Snow White for example. It is believed Disney’s original Princess and classic fairytale Princess is based on a German Countess. You’ll have to watch the video to see why. We are also going to tell you how The Little Mermaid wasn’t actually created for little girls. In fact, it was a story included in a love letter from Hans Christian Andersen to another man. Then there is the real-life story of the real Beauty and the Beast. Once you are finished watching our video, tell us what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko!
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22. Lip 2018.



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rose animations/rosy
Now when I watch Disney it will never be the same to me but I still love Disney's version
Mala Krishnakumari
Mala Krishnakumari Prije mjesec
Me too
precious comonong
precious comonong Prije 9 mjeseci
Ana Melona
Ana Melona Prije godine
Nisha Walia
Nisha Walia Prije godine
Znj JnJ
Znj JnJ Prije godine
Their every story is copied or ripped from others,, just like Lion King,, very original Disney movie,,lol
S.b Sharma
S.b Sharma Prije 2 dana
in the next video how to make Ariel tail 👍
Vv S
Vv S Prije 4 dana
Obviously they can't just make up a legend about this girl (Mulan) breaking the law. IT'S A LEGEND not a fairytale.
Vv S
Vv S Prije 4 dana
Actually, The legend of mulan is a very important figure in Chinese history. AND there has been a few evidence recorded.
Isra Khalid
Isra Khalid Prije 5 dana
Snow white n’ Cinderella n’ Pochahantas was a bit wrong, sorry-
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You mean there are real princesses in the old old old years?????
Aarav Anand
Aarav Anand Prije 9 dana
I know you don't like Disney princess but we love them and don't make Fake video okay
Simz V
Simz V Prije 11 dana
Thanks for ruining one of my childhood memories.
Munmun Guha
Munmun Guha Prije 14 dana
There is no connection in the cartoon Snow White and the person you are telling real
Yourboylos Prije 18 dana
Is anyone here because of Ms Bedford?
#go girl
#go girl Prije 21 dan
Well i know one beautiful story that was real snow white a book called white as a pearl was the real snow white story the princess of Germany early 1600's princess Charlotte Catherine snow white was the princess of beauty was the real white
Laxmi Shivam
Laxmi Shivam Prije mjesec
Can u upload same video in Hindi
A K Prije mjesec
Mowgli from jungle book, dumbo the elephant, Alice in wonderland's Alice, Peter pan and Christopher robin were real life characters too
Sharla Grace
Sharla Grace Prije mjesec
alot said that the stepsisters of cinderella chop off their excess toes to fit the glass shoes that cinderella had.
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith Prije mjesec
moanna and moui are from all polanejshin legon in cloding new zeland I'm very afened becuase I'm a new zelander I should know ps I'm not this person I am a difirint person my name is ronnie
Vikas Pawar
Vikas Pawar Prije mjesec
Frozen elsa
Fathimath Fazeela
Fathimath Fazeela Prije mjesec
Mala Krishnakumari
Mala Krishnakumari Prije mjesec
Any way I am a Disney fan
Diyar Gamer
Diyar Gamer Prije mjesec
I love prinss Elsa
Shelly Grant
Shelly Grant Prije mjesec
If the shoe fits why did it fall off
Akabo Shohe
Akabo Shohe Prije mjesec
O really?🤐
Violet Time
Violet Time Prije 2 mjeseci
Rabi narayan Behera
Rabi narayan Behera Prije 2 mjeseci
I love Ariel
Shine Grace Canonigo Sings
I think you forgot Barbie
Random Time
Random Time Prije 2 mjeseci
1:19 For Cinderella, that's what they show you in " Into The Woods" with Anna Kendrick as Cinderella.
Màrý Lìst
Màrý Lìst Prije 2 mjeseci
That might be one version of the story, but the Cinderella story trope is one of the oldest. That might be the Grimm Brothers version, but in the Charles Perrault version, which, BTW, is subtitled "Virtue Rewarded", there were three balls, & when Cinderella arrives, unrecognizable by her stepsisters, during the balls, Cinderella goes out of her way to show kindnesses to her stepsister, & in the end, after she married the Prince, she brought them to live at court, & found husbands fir them among the courtiers
Augusta Long
Augusta Long Prije 2 mjeseci
Her name is not cinderella
Augusta Long
Augusta Long Prije 2 mjeseci
Well in cartoons it's not real
B K Mishra
B K Mishra Prije 3 mjeseci
Chloe's Vlog
Chloe's Vlog Prije 3 mjeseci
Anshu Ghutam
Anshu Ghutam Prije 3 mjeseci
My fev is beauti and the best
njxbbyg Prije 3 mjeseci
the Ariel part tho, we stan gay
Cailinn L
Cailinn L Prije 3 mjeseci
Did anyone notice that they said gold slipper instead of glass slipper? Like if you did. 🐁 BTW Te-ka always reminds me of Pele.
Nissa Shams
Nissa Shams Prije 4 mjeseci
I is true
Tim Williams
Tim Williams Prije 4 mjeseci
Wow it’s true the biggest children perverts are Disney ,Hollywood and the Vatican who would of thought.
Carly Gil Dante
Carly Gil Dante Prije 4 mjeseci
The snow queen is in narnia
ĞÃMƏ ŢHƏORÏƏS 00F Prije 4 mjeseci
Hari Bhushan Tyagi
Hari Bhushan Tyagi Prije 4 mjeseci
Who is come here after seeing thumbnail
Gacha Sophia
Gacha Sophia Prije 4 mjeseci
With Ariel her sisters found a way to save her and that was to stab her true live in the heart she refused and when she died she became an air spirit they told her to work with them for 300 years so she could go to heaven
Debbie rob
Debbie rob Prije 4 mjeseci
I want to ask one question how the get the power?
Mukesh Kumar
Mukesh Kumar Prije 4 mjeseci
Sorry but my min it's truely fake
Justin Unasa
Justin Unasa Prije 4 mjeseci
Since when they say that Dee's story's are real made to be fake so the kids can enjoyed it.
pici alla nana
pici alla nana Prije 4 mjeseci
you forgot sleeping beauty, who was actually raped and impregnated (not simply kissed) by a passing prince while asleep under a spell, which is later broken by one of her two newborns.
Tykhan Brunson
Tykhan Brunson Prije 4 mjeseci
Who else was agitated she said gold glass woman GLASS!!!!
Florante Rogelio
Florante Rogelio Prije 4 mjeseci
I see it to the cartoon it was one eye, two eye and three eye
Z A R A L U N A Hana
Z A R A L U N A Hana Prije 5 mjeseci
OMG I saw Ariel boobs naked I'm just not trying to be mean
Abree Gacha
Abree Gacha Prije 5 mjeseci
You forgot the part of Cinderella when birds help her
Phutsa (Isaree) Leesarnsungnern
When it says “The original,In this case” about Tiana is the frog showing the middle finger??
Razi Ur Rahman
Razi Ur Rahman Prije 5 mjeseci
Trix Artz
Trix Artz Prije 5 mjeseci
Oof Ariel got rolls
Milly Simpson
Milly Simpson Prije 5 mjeseci
Sorry but your wrong Maui is from Polinsia and New Zealand
meiling chen
meiling chen Prije 5 mjeseci
Natalie Kamaka
Natalie Kamaka Prije 5 mjeseci
FoxGirl Jarvis
FoxGirl Jarvis Prije 5 mjeseci
Omg i remrmber watching the snow queen when i as little
Nash Mash
Nash Mash Prije 5 mjeseci
You should've included sleeping beauty
Elizabeth Owsley
Elizabeth Owsley Prije 5 mjeseci
you forgot sleeping beauty. this the worst story ever
Steel Sunday
Steel Sunday Prije 5 mjeseci
beast.."my children will never have to go through the inhumane cruelty i went through.....naw just kidding sell them as pets for a couple o quid, we need a new sofa."
kathern_dose_ gacha?
kathern_dose_ gacha? Prije 5 mjeseci
You forgot that Ariel sow's her legs together
Im Røsie
Im Røsie Prije 6 mjeseci
My childhood is ruined
Uni Land Multi
Uni Land Multi Prije 6 mjeseci
You didn't say a lot of stuff like how she has to kill the prince before the sun rises to live and the only reason she got that chance is because of her sisters cut their hair and she was about to kill him but throws herself in to the waters (some version she turns into seafoam and some she is part of the wind heaven or something like that) Oh and everytime she walked knifes would cut her feet and her feet would bleed a lot.
Gacha rainbows
Gacha rainbows Prije 6 mjeseci
Is it strange I have read all the originals but watched all the Disney's and I like the originals better?
Gacha rainbows
Gacha rainbows Prije 6 mjeseci
On the Elsa one I have watched both the real one and the Disney one and the real one isn't dark at all it's actually really good!
Mistica M
Mistica M Prije 6 mjeseci
Hats off to the king. So rude how you could treat someone like that
Mistica M
Mistica M Prije 6 mjeseci
I thought her name was fa mulan
karlito sama
karlito sama Prije 6 mjeseci
Actually, there was a girl, the daughter of an ariki of new Zealand, her name was Moana.....quite familiar huh
Bishar Abdullahi
Bishar Abdullahi Prije 6 mjeseci
julmossie Prije 6 mjeseci
i think that if someone good enouph decides to start making horror films from the original stories,it would be AWESOME!
dubu’s tofu
dubu’s tofu Prije 7 mjeseci
The Truth Untold? You mean bts’ song?😂ㅋㅋㅋ,jk
Ledenilson Fortes
Ledenilson Fortes Prije 7 mjeseci
10:02 Michael Jackson is that you?
Make Boom
Make Boom Prije 7 mjeseci
👰I like the 👸Princess 🏰
Jhumur Gomes
Jhumur Gomes Prije 7 mjeseci
Hey did anyone notice the word 'the untold truth' its a BTS song.😁😁😁
Jasmine Ikua
Jasmine Ikua Prije 7 mjeseci
cinderellas shoe is shiny to imagine that her stepsister is called drizzler
Jasmine Ikua
Jasmine Ikua Prije 7 mjeseci
if anyone messes with me Mulan can just slice you up oh and her sword is extra sharp
SUDIKSHA Gunguly Prije 8 mjeseci
Ana Prije 8 mjeseci
There is a tale titled 'The Frog Princess'. In that story, a man tells his three sons to cast their arrows in 3 different directions. Each son married the girl who found their respective arrows. The youngest son's arrow was found by a frog who was, actually, a princess cursed by her own father. Eventually, the curse was broken and they lived happily ever after.
onee _playz
onee _playz Prije 8 mjeseci
philip 12 from spain!!!!!! it means philippines!!!!!
Chip P
Chip P Prije 8 mjeseci
Welp there goes my childhood
swami nadhan
swami nadhan Prije 9 mjeseci
Debanjali Chakraborty
Debanjali Chakraborty Prije 9 mjeseci
Nice video
That Angel_Zya
That Angel_Zya Prije 9 mjeseci
I some of these from "mga kwentong pambata" a Filipino story channel there's English subtitle there do u guys are safe I'm a Filipino haha
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