The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Official Video)

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Official music video for The Weeknd "Blinding Lights" - available everywhere now:
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Director: Anton Tammi
Production Company: Somesuch
Executive Producer: Saskia Whinney
Producer: Sarah Park
Director of Photography: Oliver Millar
2nd Unit DP: Devin “Daddy” Karringten
Steadicam Op: Niels Lindelien
Gaffer: Nizar Najm
Key Grip: Marlow Nunez
Production Designer: Adam William Wilson
1st AD: Kenneth Taylor
Editor: Janne Vartia & Tim Montana
Post Production Supervisor: Alec Ernest
VFX: Mathematic
Colorist: Nicke Jacobsson
Sound Designer: Akseli Soini
3D: Oscar Böckerman
Title Design: Aleksi Tammi

►"Blinding Lights" Lyrics:
I been tryna call
I been on my own for long enough
Maybe you can show me how to love, maybe
I'm going through withdrawals
You don't even have to do too much
You can turn me on with just a touch, baby
I look around and Sin City's cold and empty (oh)
No one's around to judge me (oh)
I can't see clearly when you're gone
I said, ooh, I'm blinded by the lights
No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch
I said, ooh, I'm drowning in the night
Oh, when I'm like this, you're the one I trust
Hey, hey, hey
I'm running out of time
'Cause I can see the sun light up the sky
So I hit the road in overdrive, baby
Oh, the city's cold and empty (oh)
No one's around to judge me (oh)
I can't see clearly when you're gone
I said, ooh, I'm blinded by the lights
No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch
I said, ooh, I'm drowning in the night
Oh, when I'm like this, you're the one I trust
I'm just walking by to let you know (by to let you know)
I can never say it on the phone (say it on the phone)
Will never let you go this time (ooh)
I said, ooh, I'm blinded by the lights
No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
I said, ooh, I'm blinded by the lights
No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch
#TheWeeknd #BlindingLights

Music video by The Weeknd performing Blinding Lights. © 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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21. Sij 2020.



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Komentari 53 870
ok cool
ok cool Prije 20 sati
so we slowly getting the 80's back and i ain't complaining
Ali Mohammed
Ali Mohammed Prije 20 sati
He has to be one of the best singers in the world at the moment.
The Unboxing Channel
The Unboxing Channel Prije 20 sati
Less regueton and more of this!
Master Porg
Master Porg Prije 20 sati
Its really fast running info 90's
Jahanzeb Khan
Jahanzeb Khan Prije 20 sati
i dont want this song to end
You Lik
You Lik Prije 20 sati
Anyone get a joker vibe
Luis Fernando Romero
Luis Fernando Romero Prije 20 sati
Se podría mejorar el vídeo. Es genial la letra
Disco Nigeria
Disco Nigeria Prije 20 sati
This video is a masterpiece.
Ercan Demirel
Ercan Demirel Prije 20 sati
This is the music I need to dance all the time in the unfair world. Every time I start this music, I want to dance. awesome........ the clip is also great.
Amin Fahmi
Amin Fahmi Prije 20 sati
i hope he keeps this 80s synth wave style for a while,really digging it!,looking forward for more!
Allybear 123
Allybear 123 Prije 20 sati
A little clip of what it feels like when ur drunk
Jasa Doncheva
Jasa Doncheva Prije 20 sati
Daniel Sky
Daniel Sky Prije 21 sat
This could be the song of Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, set in Vice City!
Beverly Munoz
Beverly Munoz Prije 21 sat
Ilnur Mirasov
Ilnur Mirasov Prije 21 sat
Super audio!
-strawberri- sapphire
Who hears a roblox death sound in the first 30ish seconds
Jay Willett
Jay Willett Prije 21 sat
1:53 he is swollen a DRIP 💧 yEa BuDdY cocaine for weekend or 💊
Austin Rowell
Austin Rowell Prije 21 sat
Yo this video was so well made though
Mickel Verhoeven
Mickel Verhoeven Prije 21 sat
Imagine Dr.Disrespect being in this video.
karla flamingos
karla flamingos Prije 21 sat
He's such a good actor
Faruk Göcen
Faruk Göcen Prije 21 sat
Heee lookin like a man
Faruk Göcen
Faruk Göcen Prije 21 sat
Martina Lo giacco
Martina Lo giacco Prije 21 sat
sei bruttissimo
classicalmusic26 Prije 21 sat
This song reminds me a lot bout Kenny Loggins... The beat (especially the drums) are heavily influenced by Loggins's "I'm Free"
Mike M
Mike M Prije 21 sat
Holy shit, this song is incredible. An 80's song dropped in 2020. A sound I've been longing for for a long time.
Martina Lo giacco
Martina Lo giacco Prije 21 sat
Julio M
Julio M Prije 21 sat
Take on me?
takeeazy g
takeeazy g Prije 21 sat
Off the cocaine vibe
adesh jagdale
adesh jagdale Prije 21 sat
3:41 gave me mix bag of emotions and also what a acting by abel. Last part showed how happy and depressed he is at same time.
NABAZ #1 Prije 21 sat
Артем Щербаков
shizumachaan Prije 21 sat
That thumbnail haunts me, I bet he chose it on purpose.
Lender Garcia
Lender Garcia Prije 21 sat
Uhhhhhhhhhhh im blinded by the lightssss
Charlie Boy
Charlie Boy Prije 22 sati
The car scencs are way better than Fast and the Furious car scencs
Riy Azuddin
Riy Azuddin Prije 22 sati
I swear when he makes an album he's different. He be like gotta go with the song theme ehh
dylan richmond
dylan richmond Prije 22 sati
This is a better car ad then matthew mcconaughey had!
Carlos Alberto
Carlos Alberto Prije 22 sati
Es genial este disco
partyisnotovver Prije 22 sati
He left Metro Boomin alone! Really HEARTLESS 🖤❤️
Александр Федосеев
Обычный вечер в Уфе. Ничего необычного
ChaosTekkers Prije 22 sati
Loving these Flashdance/Footloose vibes!🔥
ren bix
ren bix Prije 22 sati
Stranger things 4 theme song anyone?
Michael Jourdain
Michael Jourdain Prije 22 sati
If the joker made a music video this would be it Bravo !
Gloria Mahaye
Gloria Mahaye Prije 22 sati
People:MJ. Died a decade ago The WeekND:haha … who told u I died😹
I'll never Tell
I'll never Tell Prije 22 sati
very '80's synthwave sounding.
Kiki knows best
Kiki knows best Prije 22 sati
Why hasn't this song hit 100mil yet??
Samuel Demiss
Samuel Demiss Prije 22 sati
Soundtrack to Wilder-Fury 2.
Suldee 8888
Suldee 8888 Prije 22 sati
Play 0.75
галочка інна
jeffrey Paik
jeffrey Paik Prije 22 sati
I think this is his best song ever
Роман Саитов
Dude, he's a completely different person every year
Adriano Martins
Adriano Martins Prije 23 sati
Taki-Eddine Djemai
Taki-Eddine Djemai Prije 23 sati
Synthwave is the new black 😉
Carey Browne
Carey Browne Prije 23 sati
Is it bad if I listen to this 5 times a day? Lol this song is so good
Dejan Vanevski
Dejan Vanevski Prije 23 sati
Nice song.I like it
lil peep
lil peep Prije 23 sati
Nun ark 4 ever
Pio Ła
Pio Ła Prije 23 sati
Full respect! the Mercedes
Lol Amesra
Lol Amesra Prije 23 sati
Ann Prije 23 sati
He’s not second Michael Jackson. He’s first the Weeknd.
Надя Анохина
Blinding lights 《TOP#1》♤♡◇♧☆▪¤《》¡¿
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly Prije 23 sati
Been neglecting this one since After Hours came out.
Danilo Silva Fernandes
The Duck Song
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